tagSci-Fi & FantasyInstructions Pt. 03

Instructions Pt. 03


Morning came. My room got brighter and brighter until bright light was shining through the only window. I stood up and looked out, squinting in the bright sun. It was the first time I've seen the sun. I knew what it was from my basic programming but never seen it before. Kind of like the man's penis. I felt the warmth through the window on my naked body. Outside there were trees and grass, I didn't see any humans or any other houses.

While I was looking out the window I heard the door to my room open. I fully expected it to be Ted, and for him to fuck me in the anus shortly but when I turned I saw it was Mandy. She was dressed in the same robe as I saw her in last night. She stepped in, looking at me.

"The sun shining through your hair is stunning. You're stunning," she said.

"Thank you, I performed maintenance last night," I said.

"I see, so you don't need to bathe?" she asked.

"No, not really. My container keeps me brand new."

"Oh, well I was going to suggest a shower. I thought you might want one, but I guess you don't need too. Can you get wet?"

"I can, I'm water proof. I can swim, bathe, whatever you desire," I answered.

"I see, well then, please join me, Tami," she said.

I followed her out and down the hall. As we passed their room I saw Ted sleeping in the large bed. She kept walking to another room I hadn't been in before.

"We'll use this bathroom so we don't wake Ted. He needs to sleep; it took him forever to finally settle down."

She let me in the large bathroom, shutting the door behind me. She disrobed, turned on the shower and closed the glass door. She stood in front of me, naked waiting for something. Her nipples hardened when her robe came off and I smiled presently at her, not knowing what she was waiting for. The glass in the shower started to fog up, and this was when she reopened it and stepped in, leaving it open.

"Come on in, the water is warm," she said.

I joined her, feeling the hot water spray off of her body onto mine as I passed her to the back of the shower. She was under the water, getting her hair wet. She looked different with the water on her body and her hands in her hair. The pose raised her breasts, making them rounder and look firmer. Her nipples were darker because they were erect and the visual information my brain received made me tingle. She added shampoo and washed her hair, rinsed it and then handed me the soap.

"Will you wash me?" she asked.

"I don't understand wash. I need more information," I said.

"Oh right, you need instructions. Tell you what. I'll wash you and then you'll know how."

"That will work," I responded, handing her the soap.

"You need to be wetter first. Change me places and get under the water. Wet your hair and body."

I switched her places, our breasts touched as I slid past her, stimulating my body even more. The hot water felt good on my flesh, a new sensation for me. I backed into the water and used my hands like I had seen her do to get my hair wet. I moved around in the water, letting it run down my body. I watched her for more instructions.

"That's fine. Now stand in front of me and I'll wash you with the soap," she said.

Leaving the water, I stood facing her. She had lathered up the soap while I was under the shower head. Reaching forward she placed both hands on my shoulders, rubbing back and forth. The soap made her hands slippery, sliding across my shoulders easily. She moved them down my front, washing my breasts, over to my arms and down to my hands. She went back to my breasts, using her palm to swirl around my nipple and under my breasts, pushing them both upward only to let her hands slide over them. The sensation was wonderful. Being washed was very nice.

"Turn around and I'll do your back," she said.

I obeyed, and she washed my back and continued to my bottom, legs and then back up the inside of my legs. With a hand on each side of my body she washed my pussy and ass at the same time. I thought the sensation on my breasts was good but this took the pleasure to a whole new level. The moan escaped my lips on its own as I felt her fingers spread my vulva and enter my vagina slightly.

"Yes, that feels good. It should," she said, finding my growing clitoris.

Her slippery hands spun in a circle around my clitoris, sending an intense sensation through my body. I began to shake and quiver under her hands. When I felt her finger enter my anus I was taken aback by the sensation. My body spontaneously tightened up, squeezing her finger, forcing it back out.

"Oh my. I wasn't expecting resistance," she said, removing her hands altogether.

"I'm sorry, it just happened," I said, apologetically. "I wasn't expecting that. Please if you want continue. I'm sorry for resisting?" I said very worried.

She started to laugh, "You acted naturally, just as a normal woman would have. I should have warned you but I didn't expect you to act normal. But I see they have made you as life like as possible."

"Yes, I'm sorry. Are you mad at me?" I asked, remembering her hurting me the first night.

"No, I'm not mad. We would never intentionally hurt you. If we do please make us aware of this so we can correct it. Ted and I are not accustomed to Sexbots having the ability to hurt or cry. You are so real it's a bit strange for us or me at least.

"I understand, I'll make you aware of any hurt, but I can shut it off if you would like that better," I said.

"No, don't. Ted likes it. I'll just have to remind him to treat you as he would me. He might get carried away with you and not realize it."

"Like fucking my ass, for example?" I asked.

She looked shocked that I had voiced this, hesitating before saying anything.

"Yes, exactly like that. How did you know he wanted to do this?" she asked.

"I can hear you talking when I'm in my room. You told him he could fuck my ass in the morning."

"I did, yes. Well, he intends too so we better prepare you somewhat for the experience," she said putting her hands on me again.

She found my clitoris again and placed her finger at the entrance to my ass, rubbing her finger around it but not pressing in.

"Now I'm going to insert my finger slowly into you bum and I want you to relax and let it in. Do you understand?" she asked.

"I do, relax and let your finger enter my bum."

She didn't respond with voice but her finger began to penetrate me. I was calmer this time, letting her slide in slowly. My heart on the other hand was pounding in my chest. The soap made her finger enter much easier than mine last night. She moved deeper, still rapidly playing with my clitoris. The combination was very nice, making my legs shake and feel unstable. My breathing increased, and a sense of euphoria rushed over my body.

"That's it, just let it in, enjoy the sensations it causes," she said. "I'm going to insert another, tell me if it's too much or if I hurt you."

I felt her pull her finger almost all the way out and then add another one, pressing both of them into my anus. It was tighter, filling me, giving me a sense of fullness I hadn't experienced even when Ted's penis was in my vagina. It didn't hurt, and wasn't uncomfortable, just odd. I realized that she had stopped playing with my clitoris and it was much different without it. Almost like reading my mind she started again, sending the euphoric sensations back into my body. I really liked the combination of her in my bottom and rubbing my engorged clit.

"How are you doing? Is it hurting? Does it feel good? What is your experience?" Mandy asked.

"It doesn't hurt and I like it, especially when you rub my clitoris."

"Ah, yes, that adds to it immensely, I know," she said. "You are very tight, and my two fingers are not near the width of Ted's penis. Do you think you can handle him?"

"I was created for this purpose," I said.

"Right, well okay. I'm sure you'll do fine. Now let's see if we can get you to cum."

Her hand sped up on my clitoris and she began to move in and out of my anus with her fingers. The added movement caused the desired response she was looking for. The wave of pleasure began to grow and grow the faster she stimulated me. I felt my body shaking on her hands, the shower seemed to spin and I started to convulse.

"Pinch you nipples," she said.

I obeyed, riding the wave of my orgasm. The nipple pinching only increased my elation. I cried out in pleasure as another wave hit me. My anus squeezed her fingers in convulsions but she forced through them, thrusting away. My nipples were rock hard, as I pinched and pulled on them. Her hand was rapidly playing with my clitoris and my pleasure was originating from it, coursing outward all over. My shaking became uncontrollable and I lost my balance, falling into her.

She caught me but in the process had to stop her actions.

"Whoa, you were really gone. You have no problem climaxing," she said, holding onto me.

"Must... be... in my programming," I said breathing heavily.

"Excellent code writing because it might be the sexiest thing I've ever seen," she said.

"Thank you," I responded.

"Can I let you go? Are you okay now?" she asked.

"Yes, I've regained my balance."

"Good, because it's time for you to clean me," she said handing me the soap.

The knock on the door startled her. She looked at me, grimacing before talking loudly to Ted.

"We're having some girl time in here. We'll be out in a while."

"No fair! I want to come in, unlock the door," Ted's voice called back.

"No. Go eat some breakfast, and leave us be," Mandy said back.

"Fine! Don't be too long," he said, with the angry tone I've heard before.

I looked at her worried with my hands all soapy. "Don't worry, he can wait."

"We could let him in. It's not a problem."

"It is for me. All he'll want to do is you and I want some time for myself. Now start washing."

I obeyed, following her 'hands on' instructions from earlier. I washed her shoulders, and arms. She raised them for me so I could wash under her arms and then to her breasts. They were not nearly as firm as mine, but the nipples reacted very similar. She seemed to love the sensation of me using the soap to twist and pull on her nipples letting my fingers slide off the ends. She moaned, closing her eyes as I covered her chest with white suds. I was about to move on and go lower but she grabbed me and smashed her breasts against mine, moving them around in a circle. Our breasts mashed against each other, sliding with the soap. It was very erotic especially when she used her nipple to tease my own. Pulling me into her again she said, "Follow what I do and do it to me."

I felt her hands run down my back and followed her example washing her buttocks as she lathered mine. We pulled ourselves into each other grinding our legs into our pubic mounds and stiff clits. We both moaned, all soapy and slippery grinding on each other and pulling our butt cheeks apart only to squeeze them together again.

"Just roll with it, use your imagination and play with me," she said.

I stopped copying her exactly and went with what I had learned, using the knowledge to change it in different ways. I would grab her harder, move faster, or slower, varying my technique like she asked.

"Perfect, you learn so quickly," she said starting to breathe harder.

My hand found her anus, running my fingers between her cheeks. I went further spreading her vulva and inserting a soapy finger into her hot vagina. Her insides were more slippery than the soap. Three fingers easily slid into her and she grinded down on them. I used my smallest finger to enter her bum and she didn't stop me. Instead she cried out in pleasure and urged me deeper until my entire pinky was buried in her tight ass.

"Fuck me, fuck my pussy and ass with your hand!" she screamed.

I moved to the side of her and used my other hand to play with her clitoris, remembering how much I liked it when she was in my bum. As soon as I started rubbing up and down on her clitoris I felt her body convulse on my fingers inside of her. A large let down of hot liquid squirted out all over my hands. She screamed in pleasure and I dug into her deeper, thrusting in and out like she wanted me to. She told me to fuck her pussy and ass with my hand so that's what I did, just like Ted did with his penis. My hand was a blur on her clitoris as was my other pounding into her holes. She started to freak out, screaming and yelling that she was cumming and not to stop. Her entire body shook and spasms rocked her. She didn't have any problem climaxing either.

I didn't stop, not until she fell over, shaking uncontrollably into me. I held her up, feeling her breathing very hard and vibrating from the orgasm.

"Oh my... that was outstanding. How did you move your hand so fast," she asked.

"I don't know I guess my makers made me that way."

"It was unbelievable! Humans can't move that fast."

"I'm pleased you are pleased," I said.

"Very, I need to sit down, before I pass out. Turn off the shower would you please?" she asked.

I turned, keeping one arm on her and turned the water off. I helped her out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her and helping her to the closed toilet to sit. Dripping on her floor, I stood next to her, making sure she didn't fall over.

"You should dry off, use another towel," she said.

I obeyed, drying myself and holding the towel when I was finished. My hair was still dripping down my back when Mandy stood up and finished drying herself. I watched her bend over and wrap her hair into the towel. When she stood back up straight it stayed on her head. I tried to duplicate her movements but the towel fell out and down to the ground.

"Here, let me help you," she said, laughing.

She showed me how to do it better, before putting on her robe. She unlocked the door and opened it to let in some cooler air. Both of our nipples hardened as the air hit them but mine most of all since I didn't have a robe.

"Ted's probably getting impatient we should find him," Mandy said.

We found Ted in the kitchen, naked. He was sitting in a chair at a table, finishing his breakfast. He looked up when he saw us enter.

"I can't believe you wouldn't let me in. I guess I get some alone time with her now," he said.

"Fine, I'm satisfied anyway. But I need to talk to you first, alone," Mandy said.

When Ted stood up his large penis was semi hard and he smiled at me when he saw me looking at it. He left the kitchen with Mandy into the hall to talk. I don't know if they meant to be far enough away that I couldn't hear or underestimated how good my hearing was but nonetheless I heard every word.

"She can hear us talking in our room when she's in hers," Mandy began.

"So, she's not real, remember. Judas you act like she's a person with feelings and shit," Ted said.

"As she is now, she is. She can hurt; feel sadness, pain, anger, all of it because that's how you wanted her to come. She can turn it off but I told her not too. I told her you liked it."

"I do, it's damn sexy with her so innocent."

"Well, I wanted to talk to you and warn you she knows you want to fuck her in the ass and she's expecting it to hurt, since she's so tight. I told her I'd tell you to be gentle like if you were with me."

"Again, she's a toy, a machine made to be fucked in the ass. What's with you?" he responded.

"I'm just warning you she might freak out and cry on you if you ram your huge cock in without her being ready for it."

"Fine, whatever, I'll be careful with my toy, if that makes you feel better," he said and turned back to the kitchen.

He entered soon after and smiled at me. I was standing in the middle of the kitchen with the towel still on my head and my hands to my sides. Mandy didn't appear and I had no idea where she was.

"So did you enjoy your shower with Mandy?" he asked.

"Very much, she taught me a lot," I responded.

"Doesn't look like she got around to shaving you," he said looking at my pubic hair.

"No, she didn't seem to mind I'm different than her there."

"Well, we might have to change that some other time," he said walking directly in front of me.

My heart quickened with him so near. I could smell his musty aroma and feel the heat from his naked body radiate to mine. Both turned me on.

"Mandy, tells me you overheard us talking, and you know I want to fuck you in the ass."

"Yes, this is true."

"Are you frightened?" he asked.

"I'm nervous, yes. She told me not to turn off my emotions or pain sensors for you."

"Yes, I like you as natural as I can have you. But don't be afraid, I don't intend on hurting you. On the contrary, I intend to pleasure you beyond anything you have experienced before."

"I await your instructions, Ted," I responded.

"Suck me," he said.

I looked down from his face and immediately noticed his penis was fully erect. It must have been the talking about fucking me in the ass that got him excited. He was already oozing and throbbing. I dropped to my knees and took his long shaft in my right hand and enveloped his head with my mouth. His juices tasted divine again and instantly aroused me. My clit grew as did my nipples as I took more of his member into my mouth and began to slowly stroke his shaft. He put his hands on the towel, unwrapped it and dropped it on the ground. My wet hair cascaded down my back, sending a cool chill through my frame. I kept sucking and stroking him with the knowledge I had learned already. He moaned and used his hands to push my head deeper onto his cock. Grabbing my hair he forced me much deeper and I started to gag from his shaft so far in my throat. I tried to pull away but he held me and rammed his member further, causing me to panic and struggle under his thrusts. He finally let me up and I coughed and tried to catch my breath. He was laughing, looking down at me when I looked up at him in alarm.

"Did you like that, Tami?" he asked smiling.

"No, I did not, I couldn't breathe," I said.

"You don't need to breathe, you're a machine, remember?" he said laughing.

"I may be a machine but I'm programmed to be real, act real and respond accordingly," I said, angered.

"I know, and I love it!"

"You said you didn't intend to hurt me. You lied," I said.

"I lied to a toy, what does it matter?" he asked. "You'll be fine, now keep sucking."

I had no choice but to obey, moving quickly to take him back into my mouth. The anger was still there and the hurt he had caused but I had to obey instructions first and foremost.

He didn't force my head again; instead he let me do what I wanted. I think he desired to see my reaction and the power he had over me. Mandy talking to him probably made it worse. The reaction his penis had on my body as I sucked and stroked soon overcame any thoughts of anger and fear. I got into a zone and rhythm on his member and put my skill to use until he had to pull away before he ejaculated. I knew I had him very close. He was rock hard and his balls were tight against his shaft.

"Shit, that was excellent; you are a very fast learner."

"See, I can please you without you being mean to me," I said.

"Yeah, whatever. Layout the towel and lie down on it," he said.

I obeyed, lying on my back and looking up at him. His shiny wet penis swung back and forth as he came closer to me and knelt down below my feet. Grabbing them he spread my legs and bent them at the knees, pushing them over my body.

"You are already so wet, you must like sucking my dick," he said as he spread my lips and forced two digits in.

The sensation was wonderful; I didn't have the air to respond. With two fingers in my pussy he used his thumb to rub my secretions around my tight anal opening. Then he did what I expected and slid his thumb into my bum. It went in easily since I had learned what to do with Mandy.

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