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Interactive Crossdresser...Dare Me


In here my name is Porsche and my other name you'll never know. I have two bedrooms in my condo, in one I am the normal man of the house however down the hallway I am in Porsche's bedroom. In Porsche's bedroom I wear sexy thongs and boyshort panties, matching bras and always garter belts with sexy thigh high nylons and stockings. I have a 36d chest, 30 waist and 34 hips. I use silicone inserts to give me those beautiful titties. I am very athletically toned. I wear dresses or skirts and sexy revealing tops and only the highest heels.

I take dildo's and butt plugs and sometimes vegetables up my tight little asshole. Sometimes I try to see how much I can take up there, I have this 8" realistic purple dong that vibrates and I slide it oh so slowly into my ass and then let it vibrate while I rock back and forth on it. When I cum in Porsche's room I must swallow all those juices so they don't get all over her room.

I thought I would try to write a different story where you the readers give me scenarios or tasks or dares or whatever and I do them, then write about it in a story. I'll give you an idea.

One night I wandered into Porsche's room naked after just getting out of the shower. I went into the dresser and pulled out my new pair of panties, they were white with pink embroidery and pink lace. I slid the sexy thong up my legs and into place nicely up my tight ass. Then I strapped on the matching bra and pulled over my luscious 36d breasts. I clipped on the matching garter belt and slowly slid white thigh high nylons up my legs and attached them to the garters. Not feeling like wearing anything else that night I sat at the computer and logged on to a chat channel.

After sometime I connected up with a couple that were chatting from Australia. The male was a cross dresser and the female wore the strap on. After a long chat that was very intriguing I was hot and horny. I just had to slide a dildo up my waiting asshole, it felt so nice there while I chatted. In the end they gave me this idea to start this type of story. They actually dared me to go to the grocery store and find a fairly large cucumber and steal it by sliding up into my ass.

I thought this was crazy but I was so turned on that I immediately went down the hallway, still dressed in sexy lingerie, I put on a pair of pants, socks, bulky sweatshirt which hardly hid my 36d breasts and left for the supermarket.

It was later at night so not too crowded. I ventured to the vegetables and found some great cucumbers. I finally settled on one that was fairly long and straight and pretty fat. I guessed in was close to 7 inches and my hand couldn't quite get around the width.

Now how would I slide that fat cucumber up my ass. I went down an isle that was kind of in a corner and slid it into my mouth and got it as wet as i could. With no one in sight I opened my pants up, slid down the zipper and pulled them down just a little. I put the cucumber down the back of my pants and moved aside the fabric of my thong with my other hand.

I lined up the cucumber with my hole and squatted down. Slowly it was forced into my tight little ass and it started entering me more forcedly as I squatted more. I was afraid of someone seeing so I went a little faster. Oh god it spread that tight asshole but just kept pushing up there as I squatted more. It was getting close to being in and I didn't think I could take any more but was scared someone would see me so I pushed it up there. Oh god I felt so full. I stood up and situated myself and slowly walked out of the store. God I felt naughty and the whole ride home it felt so amazing as the cucumber slid all around inside me. I got home and logged on and told them all about the adventure.

The next week I logged on and talked to the Australian couple again and they told me all about how they made love all night and what a turn on it was thinking about me in the supermarket. I wasn't Porshe at the time and I was getting very horny so I went to my room and took off all my clothes. I walked back to Porshe's room and started talking to the couple again. They told me they had another dare for me and they wanted me to get dressed and log back on.

So I went to the dresser and picked out a sexy, lacy pair of black boyshorts and slid those on. Then I picked out a lacy black bra and put that over my big tits. I then slid up each smooth leg black fishnet stockings with a stay up lacy band.

I logged back on and listened to the dare from the couple. They told me what to do and what to wear and I said I will do it and come home and tell them all about it.

So I put on my black Fredrick's wide length pants and black closed toe sandals with no heal. I put on a corset but then covered it all with a puffy jacket. I went to my tanning salon, got set up to tan and went into my room. I took off the jacket, shoes and pants and stood there for a moment in my sexy lingerie. God I fealt naughty and so horny. I took off my lingerie and went to my little bag I brought. I took the lotion and rubbed all over my body. Then I took out my vibrating butt plug and licked it all over to get it nice and wet. I turned on the bed and got in.

I took the big butt plug, arched myself way up and lined it up with my tight hole. Slowly I started pushing it inside as I lowered myself onto the 8 inch plug that got to 5 inches at the base. I was so lubed and wet that it kept sliding in pretty easy until 6 inches were inside me and I was at the large base. I kept pushing down and it stretched my tight ass so much. Then it pushed in and I started the vibrator. For 15 minutes I had to let it fuck me. God I didn't think I could last. The sensations of the big vibrating plug and the warmth of the tanning bed was intense. After what seemed like an eternity I reached down and stroked my hard cock till it came all over my stomach. The bed turned off and I scooped up all the cum and licked it off my hand, swallowing every last drop.

I got out of the bed, cleaned up a little, took out the vibrating plug and replaced it with one that didn't vibrate. Then I put back on my sexy black lingerie and my sexy Fredrick's pants and corset, my sandals and jacket and went home. It was a nice ride home with the butt plug up inside of me.

I got home and logged on still fully clothed with the plug inside me and told the couple all about it. They thanked me and told me they couldn't wait for more.

It was so sexy, and now I want to do it more. Please email me at porshekaru@gmail.com or reply to this story. I look forward to hearing from you all.



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