tagBDSMIntercepted by a Pygmy Ch. 02

Intercepted by a Pygmy Ch. 02


If you started reading my story at this chapter, I should help you catch up!

My name is Peggy, but my dormitory friends all call me Pygmy. It's a play on my name of course, but it's funny because I'm so small. I'm four feet -- ten in stockingfeet and weigh less than 90 pounds.

A hormonal problem kept me from developing normally. Oh sure, at age 19 I'm sexually mature, but I didn't hit puberty until I was sixteen, and even now I look very young.

After intercepting a vibrating butt-plug and a digital camera belonging to my mentally-ill roomie, I decided to use my Lolita looks to make some serious cash on the Internet. If I didn't imply an illegal age, I knew it was legal. The dirty old men who get off on the Lolita thing would pay big bucks to see my hairless cunny, see my flat little chest with it's tiny pink nipples and hear my juvenile voice.

I had enlisted my geeky friend Jerry to do my first photo and video shoot. It started out calmly enough but quickly got creepy when Jerry started stuttering, advancing toward me carrying a pair of handcuffs, the gleam of rape in his green eyes.

I had signed up at my old dojo to start studying Akido again. My sensei was the kindest man I had ever met. Mr. Nakano was not only patient. More importantly, he was tiny, like me. Sensei showed me how to disable a person twice my size. Under his careful instruction, I learned a lot, really quick. It bummed me no end that I couldn't continue at college, but I had faithfully done my katas all through my freshman year.

When Jerry began to tremble and stutter, coming toward me on the bed with the handcuffs I quickly leaped to my feet. He grabbed me with surprising strength, but a quick sidestep while breaking his grasp pushed him back a foot. He lunged and I grappled his left arm and spun, his hip arching over my right hip. He spun on the way down, slamming his shoulders into the floor, his head snapping forward.

Soon Jerry regained consciousness, but by then I had him secured to the bed. Not only were his hands cuffed over his head to the headboard, his ankles were tied to the top bar, pulling his bare ass into view.

Despite his gekiness, Jerry is a pretty good looking guy. His naked beauty surprised me. Jerry was blessed with a small cock, perhaps only three inches erect and very narrow. He was shaved down there, maybe he thought it would make his junk look bigger. I giggled. He looked like my cousin Billy, whose nine year-old dickie I saw last summer Jerry had taken all the photos and video I needed for my website. I could start the cash train anytime, but I still hadn't accomplished my second ggoal. I still hadn't seen the big black inflatable butt plug in action. I wondered how Jerry would like it.

"Jerry, you were going to tie me to the bed and rape me, weren't you?" I glared at my prisoner. "Answer me!" I slapped him hard on his hairless little sac.

"y-y-y-yes." Oh great. Jerry was stuttering again.

"Good, honest answer." I tried not to sound mean. I gave him my best babydoll pout and gently ran my finger up and down the back of his baby dick. "Jerry, we've been friends since we were in fifth grade. You didn't think you could just ask me? Maybe I would have said yes." I spanked his balls again, this time much more gently. I crawled onto the bed and again gave my captive a wicked little pout. He gazed at me with a mixture of lust and fear. "You should be afraid Jerry. Think of all the nasty things I could do to you while you're all tied up?" Jerry began to say something, but I grabbed his balls really hard and warned him to keep quiet. "I was talking, Jerry. Say another word before I tell you to and I'll rip these off!" Jerry nodded his head and whimpered.

"As I was saying, Jerry. You have a very cute body. I especially like your butt. Is your butt sensitive Jerry?" I tickled his butthole with the tip of a pink fingernail. He moaned loudly. "We're gonna oplay with your ass, Jerry!" I sang, then I walked over to the camera and started recording. I focused between Jerry's legs so you couldn't see his face, and I moved in from an angle, so you can see both Jerry's little package and my Lolita face, no makeup, my little-girl giggle and my victims sounds of lust. This would make me a lot of money.

I found the tube of K-Y I had bought at the drugstore and began to rub a big glob of it around Jerry's winker. I played with his stuff and got him really hard and panting. I smiled gleefully into the camera, and then I put my knees on either side of his head. We were in the 69 position and he was looking straight up into my bald little poonanie. I locked my eyes with the camera and began to give the first blowjob of my life.

He forgot to return the favor. That was okay with me, because I wanted to concentrate on him. His thin little dick didn't grow any longer, but it did thicken a little as I worked on him.

I worked my finger into his butt! He squirmed around, but I continued to push my finger into his hole. I stopped long enough to giggle at the camera, "Jerry's got a tight pooper," before resuming my oral intentions. All this was new to me. Of course I'd seen lots of porn, so I knew sort of what to do. I could feel him opening for me, relaxing. There was a lot of K-Y on him, so while sucking on his little dick, I lubricated the big plug and jammed it in before he could react. He yelled into my pussy and then remembered what it was there for, and he began to lick my pussy! Wow, it felt incredible, better than my fingers, even better than the little vibrator I'd used on my clitty during the movie shoot.

I gave the bulb two firm squeezes, and Jerry moaned loudly into my cunny. Again I grinned at the camera and resumed slurping on his little dick. He began to really thrash around, but I locked his face between my thighs and gave the bulb another pump. I knew that the balloon around the hard plastic plug was really invading him, stretching the inside of his rectum. I turned on the vibrator and he moaned again into my sweet, hairless pussy.

I could feel his orgasm coming fast, so I gave the pump one more squeeze and turned the vibrator to full speed. Jerry began to shoot thick ropes of sperm. I pulled away just as the first shot spewed out of his cock, catching the full load on my face and chest. I gave my best little girl giggle, and sighed "Ooh little brother!" as I smeared Jerry's cream all over my face. Then to my surprise, I was cumming. When I watched the video later, I was amazed at the beautiful expression of sweet surprise on my cum-covered face. Yeah, this video would be worth a lot. I climbed off of Jerry, found a towel and cleaned up. Then, I deflated the wicked anal invader and removed it from my pal's butt, wrapping it in the sticky towel.

"Jerry, here's the deal. We can have this kind of fun once in awhile, when I feel like it. If you pester me for sex, we're done forever. If you can stay cool and keep your mouth shut, we can be 'friends with benefits.' Do you agree?" Jerry almost whispered yes, and I freed him from his bondage.

With my eleven year-old looks, my adult age, and my newfound kinkiness, I knew that my future as a porn starlet was bright. I gathered up the videos and Jerry's memory card and kissed him goodbye as I went home to load the materials onto my hard drive. I also took the big black inflatable vibro butt plug. It looked like Jerry had a lot of fun, and I was quickly getting brave enough to try it on myself!

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