tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIntercepted by a Pygmy Ch. 04

Intercepted by a Pygmy Ch. 04


If you have begun reading my story at this chapter, there are a few details you ought to know. My name is Peggy, but my college friends all call me Pygmy. I'm not just petite; at 19 I'm darn near child-like. I decided to use my Lolita looks to make a pile of cash on the Internet with some interesting results. For one thing, my Dad has horned in on my business and has set me up in an apartment completely tricked out with multiple webcams. Fearing for my safety and my cash, I enlisted my pal Jerry, a total geek to help me protect myself.


I was thankful that his almost-forgotten Army meeting had interrupted a very scary situation with Daddy dearest. He had already paddled my 19 year-old ass with his big hand and had finger blasted and eaten me to four screaming cums. He was my fucking father! The weight of what had happened over the last week finally began to settle on me. "Don't cry!" I gritted my teeth around the whispered command to myself. "Never forget the cameras."

Daddy had forced himself into a partnership with me and had set me up in a webcam-equipped apartment. My name Pygmy became a trademark, and now the world at large could watch me pee, brush my teeth, study, shower, jerk off and whatever.

My blessing and my curse, and the basis for this little Web porn empire is that I'm 19 but look years younger. My titties are nothing more than little pink mosquito bites, my tiny pussy is naturally hairless, and my voice is very young. An intercepted sex toy and a "borrowed" digital camera started me on this road; Iwasn't sure at that moment where it would lead me. I got up from the desk, grabbed my purse and headed out the door. Only when I was far away from the cameras and the microphones would I call Jerry. I locked the apartment with the keys my Dad had left on the foyer table on his way out the door.

I grabbed a local bus to make the short trip to the campus. It was a nice day to walk the mile, but I was in a hurry. I had used a prepaid cellphone that my Dad hadn't managed to discover during the move to my new voyeur's dream of an apartment. Jerry was already on campus, doing something in the computer lab. He agreed to meet me. If I was going to fuck up dear old Daddy and keep his hands off my wealth, I'd need an ally.

Jerry and I brainstormed over ice cream cones at the Baskin-Robbins near campus. I was relieved by Jerry's reaction to the story of my father's intrusion into my pussy, my lucrative business and my life. He looked thoughtfully over his cone, then smiled grimly. "First thing is to funnel all the video cameras simultaneously in real time to a server your Dad doesn't know about. You can make sure that he can't edit the content, if he doesn't know where it is." I didn't understand what that would accomplish, but Jerry continued to explain. "If your Dad does anything nasty to you, and I'm pretty sure he will, you'll have photographic evidence that could destroy his Army career and his contracting business too." He looked directly into my eyes and said, "Peggy, I'm scared for you. Your Dad went from a normal Dad to a incestuous rapist. Like overnight. There's no telling what he wants to put you through, just to get more online cash."

"Come on," I said as I stood to walk out of the ice cream shop. "We've got work to do."

Jerry was counting on the fact that my Dad would be involved in his meeting and wouldn't be able to watch us. I hoped he was right. Jerry worked feverishly, and soon I could control content from a remote computer, which would also store all the sounds and images captured by all the cameras and microphones. He grinned, demonstrating the "Magic Loop" feature he had installed "We can override the live cams with a loop of assorted mundane scenes, pre-recorded sex, whatever. The elapsed time and frame numbers will always be correct and in sync, so if Pops has a couple geeks on his side, they won't know the difference. That way, you can move around without Big Brother watching you." The video cameras will still be feeding a computer, but it won't be this one. Oh, BTW, the backdoor password for Daddy is 'olivedrab.' I thought he'd appreciate that."

I then showed Jerry the dungeon. "Shit," he breathed, then ran back into the computer room. Sit in front of the TV in your underwear. Do it!" I ran into the living room and took off my gym shorts, revealing my white cotton panties. I sat on the sofa and flipped on the TV. Jerry clicked the mouse. "Loop," he explained. He then grabbed his toolkit and went into the dungeon. I heard a little electric tool grinding and scraping, but soon Jerry was finished. I had been watching the TV, bored, switching through the channels. I had been on camera for exactly 51 minutes. "Perfect," Jerry grinned. "The dungeon cameras stayed off, you're recorded on this machine and have been added to the loop queue. I'm good."

"Yes you are, boy..." I took jerry by the hand. "Turn on the living room cams. Time to make another loop.

I told Jerry to take off his pants and boxers and to sit on the sofa. I stripped down to my panties and knelt on the sofa next to him, taking his stiff little cock into my mouth. I lost track of time as I teasingly worked up and down his baby-smooth shaft, tightening my lips hard around the head of his dick, then licking up and down, my spit going all over his prick and balls. I liked Jerry's taste. It was sweet and a little salty.

I bobbed my head up and down on his miniature cock, relishing the high-pitched little moans escaping his lips. He reached a hand across my body and began tickling my pussy and butthole from behind. It drove me wild, and soon Jerry and I rushed together into orgasm, my pussy coating his fingers and his juice filling my throat.

Without looking into the camera beneath the coffee table, I moved my face from Jerry's lap and into the camera's view. With my eyes closed, I opened my mouth to permit a string of Jerry's juice to drool onto the glass surface of the coffee table.

"This is a lovely scene." My father's deep voice echoed from the foyer. "Who's your little pal, Pygmy?"

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