tagSci-Fi & FantasyIntergalactic Courtesan Ch. 04

Intergalactic Courtesan Ch. 04


"Is everybody ready?" Veronica Franco stuck her head into the three girls' room. "We have no time to waste."

Desirée finished making her bed before tucking her sandy-blonde hair into a ponytail. She straightened up, walking quickly towards the door. Veronica looked elegant and fresh as always, no sign of last night's activities in her face or demeanour. She tapped her watch significantly as the three girls quickly got into line behind her.

Kalyani, still wearing the borrowed t-shirt and wraparound skirt, gave Desirée a shy smile. Desirée smiled back: she could see a tentative friendship building there. As for Bridget, deliberately moving slowly in order to maintain some hauteur, Desirée had pretty much written off the blonde aristocrat.

"Sometime this year, people," Veronica said sharply as she led the way down the hall. Desirée scrambled to follow.

The woman led them through a maze of corridors to sick bay. Once there, she took them into a small waiting area, painted in neutral colours.

"What are these?" Bridget looked scornfully down at the large ball-like things strewn around the area.

"They're smart chairs," Veronica replied. "Their fabric is designed to analyze your body structure and contour itself to give you the most comfortable seating arrangement possible."

Kalyani touched it tentatively, then jerked her finger back. With a sniff, Bridget gingerly lowered herself on the ball-like thing, then squealed with surprise when it suddenly shifted underneath her, making itself into a comfortable chair.

Veronica smiled. "If you'll come with me, Desirée, we'll get you to your physical."

The teen followed her headmistress across the bay, trying not to gawk at the strange contraptions and even stranger beings that populated the room. Veronica led her to a curtained area, which held an examination bed. Buttons and readouts twinkled on the bed.

"You can change into your gown," Veronica said, pulling the curtain to give them some privacy. "An attendant will be with you shortly to administer your physical."

The older woman slipped through the drawn curtain, and was gone. Desirée looked around. She saw the smock she was supposed to wear, tied in the back like every other hospital smock she'd ever seen, but in a burst of perversity, she decided to wait until the attendant arrived before she changed. She looked around the curtained room, her arms folded under her breasts, trying to contain her nervousness.

"Hello, there. You must be Desirée."

Desirée's first thought when she saw the attendant was "Devil Girl." The female creature had black hair that fell to the middle of her back, and blood red skin. Yellow eyes, slitted like a cat's, regarded her and heavy breasts and hips filled out an otherwise shapeless pale blue attendant's outfit.

"Hello, I'm Meljahza," the attendant said, flicking back her curly black hair. A pair of small horns protruded from her forehead. "I'll be giving you your physical, and outfitting you with your UTD."

"A pleasure to meet you," Desirée said through a suddenly dry mouth. She wiped her sweaty palms on her jeans.

Meljahza smiled, showing pointed teeth. "Likewise." Her voice was low and smoky. "I'm glad to see you haven't changed yet. That's all right: I'll need to take you to another area for your physical. This room lacks the necessary facilities for what we need."

With that, the attendant tossed Desirée the smock, and turned towards the door. "Coming?" She grinned.

Desirée smiled back, following the red-skinned woman.


Ssurhuk-T'at was walking along one of the corridors when he saw Desirée walking behind an Asmodii female wearing the uniform of a sickbay attendant. He nodded to the Asmodii and smiled at Desirée. The human teenager smiled back but he could see her face redden in what humans called a 'blush.' He coughed to hide a grin; he remembered that Desirée had watched him have relations with Veronica last night. He nodded politely to her again and continued on his way.

Something made him stop. He blinked his three eyes, then his tongue flickered out, tasting the air. He stared back at the Asmodii leading Desirée towards a bank of elevators. He turned around, moving casually towards sick bay, tickles of suspicion running along his spine.


"Here we go." Meljahza closed the door to the examining room and locked it. "I'll get things ready while you change."

"All right." Desirée looked for a screen to change behind but there was nothing there. No matter: the red-skinned woman was busy setting up some machines, her back turned. Desirée quickly slid out of her jeans and top, thankful that she had been able to shower and shave this morning. She grabbed the smock, holding it in front of herself.

Apparently some things were the same all over the universe. The pale blue smock fitted badly and there were only three ties holding it together. After spending a few seconds agonizing over whether the ties should go in the front or in the back, she opted for sliding her arms through the smock, and trying to figure out how she could tie the damn ties without turning into a pretzel.

"Please remove all your clothes," Meljahza said without turning around. "The physical is quite extensive."

Desirée gulped. She undid the hooks of her bra, and fed it through the left arm hole in the smock. Then, taking a deep breath to gather her courage, she slid her thumbs inside the waistband of her cotton panties and slid them down her long legs. She quickly picked them up and turned around to put them next to her jeans.

A hand touched the skin of her back. Desirée jumped.

"You dropped this," Meljahza said, holding out Desirée's old wallet. She hadn't even heard the red-skinned woman move. Her two horns shone under the lights.

"Oh. Thanks." Desirée took the wallet. Their fingers touched. Desirée dropped her eyes. She could feel the attendant's hot breath on her naked back as she leaned over to put her wallet back in her jeans pocket. The hairs on the back of her neck were trying to rise and her face felt hot.

When she straightened up, Meljahza was back by the testing station, pulling out a blood pressure cuff. Desirée padded across the room in her stockinged feet.

"Hop up on here," the attendant said, patting the testing bed with one hand. Desirée slid up on the bed, careful of her smock. Meljahza slid the cuff up the teen's left arm, wrapping it several times around her bicep. Desirée suppressed a quiver when Meljahza's long fingernails lightly scratched the inside of her elbow.

"Sorry," the attendant said, smiling. She quickly wrapped another probe around Desirée's left index finger. She knelt at the end of the bed, taking out another monitoring device.

"I'm afraid I have to remove your socks." Her yellow eyes stared up at Desirée. "I have to check your body composition and that's the only place I can place the monitor. Is that all right?"

Desirée nodded, not trusting herself to speak. The attendant slowly rolled down the teen's white socks, taking her time stroking her calves and ankles. Desirée knew she should protest, but the attendant's hands were leaving trails of warmth wherever she touched. Desirée's hands clasped the side of the bed, her body enjoying the sensation. Her nipples grew nearly half an inch under the smock.

"There we go." Once the monitor was in place, Meljahza straightened up and punched the large green button on the monitoring system. The machine beeped obediently and the arm cuff started expanding. "I'll be right over here if you need anything." The attendant walked towards the desk on the other side of the room. Desirée watched her swaying ass for a few seconds and then looked away, trying to control her breathing.

Several seconds later, the machine beeped again. Meljahza stalked back across the room, her hips swaying, her eyes intent upon Desirée. The teen stared back, her face unaccountably flushed. Between Veronica and this sexy alien, Desirée was seriously beginning to reconsider her earlier belief that she wasn't attracted to other females.

"The first part of our physical is done," Meljahza murmured, removing the finger monitor and unwrapping the arm cuff. She pressed another button, and a printout started sliding out the side of the machine. "My," she said, quickly scanning the symbols on the page, "you really are in excellent physical condition."

"Thank you," Desirée said softly.

"No, thank you," Meljahza replied, slipping on a pair of rubber gloves. "It's always a pleasure seeing results like this from a marvelous specimen like yourself. Now, if you would lie down for me, we can start the other half of our physical."

Desirée obediently lay down on the bed, the paper rustling underneath her head. She could feel her pulse getting louder in her ears, the familiar warmth occurring south of her belly.

"Very good." Meljahza's voice was soft. "Now, I'm going to check the area around your armpit. Let me know if you feel any discomfort."

The teen tried to keep her breathing steady, trying not to look at the beautiful creature stroking the soft flesh of her inner arm. Then the pads of Meljahza's fingers pressed against her armpit, flickering out to momentarily touch the side of her breast.

"Very good," the attendant said, removing the gloves. Desirée could see a bead of what looked like sweat trickling down from Meljahza's right horn. "Now, I'll need to examine your mammary glands, if you don't mind?"

Desirée shook her head, unable to speak. Meljahza undid the ties around the teen's neck and slowly slid the smock down her body, stopping just below her navel. Desirée's breasts were pale and soft in the light, the aureoles flushed with blood and the nipples fully erect. Her taut belly heaved from the tension mounting within her.

Meljahza bit her lower lip, sliding her long fingers up the teen's belly, around her rib cage to cup her swollen breasts. She began slowly kneading them, rubbing her thumbs over the nipples. Desirée moaned on an intaken breath, her eyes fluttered closed as she arched her back in a voluptuous motion. Her entire focus was on those magical fingers stroking and caressing her soft flesh.

"Would you like me to kiss them?" Meljahza whispered in her ear. Desirée moaned her response. She heard soft laughter, then the feel of a warm tongue lashing her right nipple.

Desirée's arms rose to cup the attendant's head, running her fingers through the long, black hair. Meljahza took her time, teasing with her tongue, tormenting with the scrape of her teeth and tantalizing with every brush of her lips.

After what seemed an eternity, Meljahza's lips brushed her ear again. "I need you to stand up for me," she said, her tongue flicking Desirée's earlobe for emphasis.

She didn't think her legs could bear her weight, but there was no way she could refuse the red-skinned woman whose touch filled her with such delight. She swung her legs out and stood up. The smock slid to the floor. Her arms wrapped around Meljahza's shoulders; her legs unable to carry her weight. Desirée's eyes were level with the other woman's lips. The teen stared up at the attendant, her violet eyes alive with lust.

They kissed, their tongues dancing, Meljahza sliding her fingernails down the teen's bare back. Desirée moaned into Meljahza's open mouth, rubbing her body against the red-skinned woman's, trying to get the contact she craved. Her fingers blindly hunted for the fastenings on Meljahza's outfit, trying to remove it.

"No yet, little one." Meljahza gripped her wrists with surprising strength, turning her around. "I still have to do one more task as part of your physical."

She led Desirée to the end of the examining table, bending her lengthwise so that her breasts and belly were in contact with the bed. Desirée, unable to move, stared back at her alien lover as she positioned herself by the teen's hip, left hand pressing against the small of Desirée's back.

"Does this give you pleasure?" Meljahza teased, three fingers lightly touching Desirée's intimate folds. The girl whimpered at the gossamer touch, her hips writhed from the sensation. Meljahza was surprisingly strong, her single hand keeping the teen pinned to the examination table.

"So hot," the alien attendant murmured, still teasing the girl with her delicate strokes. "So wet." She continued caressing Desirée's labial folds, running a fingertip along her slit, lightly brushing her clit, making the teen whimper. It seemed to go on forever, the attendant teasing and caressing her patient.

Then, just as Desirée thought she couldn't take any more torment, a single finger entered her pussy. Desirée moaned, arching her back. She blindly pushed, trying to get more of the woman's finger inside her. Meljahza pulled out slightly until the tip was barely inside her, then slammed hard inside. Desirée squealed, the sudden movement bringing on her first orgasm.

Meljahza fingered the teen through her ecstasy, teasing her into another climb. She stroked Desirée's inner walls until she gasped with need again, craving release.

"Now we must perform another cavity examination," the woman smiled, removing her fingers from Desirée's starving pussy. Her horns seemed larger, her yellow eyes alight with hunger. The teen squirmed, desire making her lose control.

Desirée could feel long fingers sliding up the crack of her ass until they found her other hole. She shivered from the sensation: she didn't want to be penetrated there, but her body was crying out for more of the attendant's touch. She could feel Meljahza's fingers stroking her pussy, taking lubrication, and then the sudden pressure on her puckered sphincter. Desirée groaned, fighting the invasion of her inner depths. It was the first time anyone had ever touched her there. Panic seized her, and she fought to get free.

"Sssshh," the red-skinned alien soothed her, massaging the small of her back with her other hand. "Let it happen. You'll be glad you did."

Just then, a fingertip popped through the ring, opening her up. Desirée gasped and moaned, writhing between pain and pleasure. She was both disturbed and aroused from this new violation. Her hands clutched the bed, her fingers white-knuckled from the tension.

After several seconds, the finger pushed in even harder, then slid out until only the tip remained. The teen gasped for air, sweat popping out all over her body from the incredible tension she was under. Waves of warmth rippled from her violated sphincter, making her shudder. She thrust her hips back, pushing the woman's finger deeper inside, her puckered opening clutching at the woman's finger as it slid in and out. Meljahza increased the pace, burying her finger in the sandy blonde's bowels, pulling it out until she begged for more, pumping harder and faster.

Desirée's whole body tightened, the veins in her neck stood out like cables as she screamed her second orgasm at the walls. She slumped against the examining bed, her hands gripping the cushions so that she wouldn't fall to the floor. She panted, heaving breaths causing the sweat-soaked hair draping her face to rise and fall. She could feel the attendant slide her hands up and down her back, squeezing her ass cheeks before pressing her palms into the pit of her lower back, massaging her quivering muscles. Desirée' moaned with the sensation.

"You are exactly what I require," Meljahza purred. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the red-skinned attendant strip off her clothes. "Would you like to give me the same pleasure I gave you?"

"Yes," Desirée moaned. "Yes, please."

"That's what I like to hear," she said. "Now turn over."

Despite her exhaustion, Desirée somehow managed to roll over onto her back, Meljahza arranged her so that her ass was on the bed, spreading her legs so she was open to her sight and touch. Desirée stared up at the naked woman looming over her, lust cresting like a tidal wave. The teen's hands stroked herself, writhing with lust.

Meljahza stretched her arms, the movement lifting her large breasts. Her abundant chest tapered to a narrow waist, then flared out to a large set of hips. Lean muscles rippled under her bright red skin, and her eyes glowed yellow. She bent over Desirée, baring her teeth in a seductive smile

"See something you like?" she asked with a low chuckle. Desirée lifted herself from the examining bed and the two women kissed each other hungrily.

The teen moaned into the woman's open mouth; Meljahza's kisses burned her lips but they felt so good. The woman's fingers pulled Desirée's hair, forcing her chin to rise. Meljahza kissed up and down her neck, biting just under her ear, licking the pit of her collarbone. Desirée's fingers traced her lover's spine, feeling the muscle under the silky skin, sliding down to caress her hard rump. Just above the crack of her ass, her fingers found something long and thin.

Meljahza moaned. "Oh yes," she hissed in pleasure, pulling back slightly. A long red tail curled around from behind her back. The tip was barbed, like a scorpion's. Desirée gasped: she had never seen anything so beautiful in her life.

"You like it?" Meljahza asked, gently catching the young girl's wrists. Her tail languidly waved, like a snake dancing. "Do you want to feel it inside you? All you have to do is say so, and it will make us both very, very happy. Would you like me to do that?"

"Yes," Desirée moaned. "Yes, please."

"Are you sure?"


"Are you . . . positive?" Her yellow eyes were cruel.

"Oh God, quit teasing me!"

"Then lie back."

Desirée obediently lay back on the bed, quivering with anticipation. Meljahza slid her fingers along the teen's legs, then lifted her thighs, pushing them up and away from her. Desirée ran her hands along her body, squeezing her breasts, desperate for any kind of bodily contact. She could see the scorpion tail slide around and cock itself, ready to drive right into the teen's gaping depths. Desirée's chest heaved, her pussy begging to be filled.

Meljahza bared her teeth in a smile. "You have no idea how happy you will make me."

The door ripped open. Meljahza recoiled, then flew backwards as a blue beam hammered her chest. Desirée, looking back, saw Ssurhuk-T'at and Veronica at the smashed door, holding long black pistol-like objects. Screaming, the teen scrambled to her feet, trying to protect Meljahza. Her lips pressed together in a thin line, Veronica turned her gun on Desirée.

"No! NO!" An invisible fist slammed into Desirée's stomach; a black curtain descended over everything.

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