tagRomanceInterlude 20-77

Interlude 20-77



As had become their usual pattern, it had been several weeks since their last encounter. They both enjoyed the sexual energy that built during time spent apart, particularly as they teased one another relentlessly through the magic of sexting.

One night she decided to ask him (electronically) about something she wanted to try. Considering their last encounter and the mutual enjoyment it had produced, did he have any secret sexual desire that they had not yet explored. The thought of him spread eagle on the bed, bound and blindfolded was very inviting, she snickered to herself.

His reply was simply that he loved it when she took over during sex, that it was nice to occasionally be controlled/used. So, this became her theme for planning their next carnal outing together.

Her first task the very next day was to do some research. She typed in few keywords on her Nook and found some books that might be helpful. One was called The Family Jewels. "Maybe I can learn some new tricks about what's between his legs," she thought. The book was downloaded, and she spent the rest of the work day anxiously wanting to open it up and begin her research.

That evening, over a glass (or three) of her favorite berry wine, her mind began to open as she read page after page. It didn't take her long to realize she was obviously much more naïve than she had previously imagined! Cock and ball torture, seriously? Certainly there were a few men she'd love to haul off and put a boot into their nuts (one particular boss came to her mind immediately), but he wasn't one of them!

She texted him that night she had been researching the role of a dominatrix. "Interesting" was his only reply, and that was after several minutes of delay. Obviously, he was either contemplating what she was saying, or having second thoughts. She followed up with, "If you want me to wear leather though, you will have to buy it."

His reply was rather adamant that leather and whips were not his thing, and "I sure as hell don't want my balls punched," he exclaimed. She asked him, "But you will be my slave, won't you? You want to be owned and used as a sex toy, don't you? C'mon ... admit it! Remember, I did it for you, now it is your turn."

"You have to commit to me that you will do whatever I say, when I say it, without question, and with enthusiasm. If you don't promise me that, then we're not going to do this. And by the way, if you say yes and then back out, you can say goodbye to my pussy for a month or two." She ended the message with a smiley face.

Oh sure, to that he responded "Will you talk dirty to me?" and added a smiley face with horns to his text reply. Still no real hint as to what he really thought about this. She was going to have to set the hook in his mouth a bit more before reeling him in.

So the question became how could she totally turn him on, taking over in a dominating fashion, without the torture she had been reading about? Slowly a plan came together in her mind.

She made the hotel reservation and sent him an email telling him where to meet her the next Friday at 7pm. "Do not be one second late!" she added to the note, just to be a bit bossy from the start.

The email he received gave him the location of a swanky casino not far away, but this time he was to knock on the door of their room. Odd, normally she would leave him a key at the desk. "What is she up to this time?" he wonders to himself.

Exactly at the appointed time he knocks on the door of the upscale suite. When the door opens, she reaches out and grabs him by the lapel of his jacket and pulls him into the room. The door is slammed closed behind.

She pushes him up against the door with her body, pinning his arms up against the door, then giving him a long lingering kiss. Her left hand slides down to his beltline, and then lower. She feels his manhood respond immediately through his pants. She squeezes its growing mass through the fabric, eliciting a moan/whimper from him.

While he is still recovering from the surprise attack entrance, she leads him to a chair in the middle of the room, turns him, and pushes him down into it. He starts to get back up, but she stops him with her left hand planted firmly on his chest, while the right hand wags its index finger back and forth, indicating that was a 'no-no'.

He smells the fragrance of her favorite scent for their rendezvous' from Body & Bath called Sensual. She liked to put the oil in her bath, and spray the sheets with the scent. Normally, the scent was understated, but tonight, it is a powerful presence. It is as if she was making a statement to the effect that this was her playground, not his. He notices there are also several candles lit around the room, providing enough light to see everything, but not so much as to make everything clear. There is a soulful jazz tune playing, one he does not recognize.

She bends over in front of him, placing her hands on his shoulders. Her hips gently sway in rhythm with the music. She runs her hands down across his chest, nails extended and dragging across the fabric of his shirt. The hands continue down to his waist, down the top of his thighs, to his knees. Stopping there, she slowly squats down in front of him. Her knees are spread wide apart.

She is wearing a white button down blouse. The buttons are open down to her midsection, revealing her bra and an ample amount of glorious cleavage. The top halves of the cups are sheer black lace, with green satin forming the underside. The center of the bra is laced up with black ties, and diamond like crystals shimmer in the candle light. The construction of the bra and the underwires push her bosom up and together, forming a beautiful valley between her girls.

Her nipples are barely concealed under the lace. Pink areola stand out in contrast against the pale white flesh of her tits. He can clearly see them straining against the fabric.

The short black shirt she is wearing is a silky knit that slides up her thighs easily as she as she moves. Between her legs he can see that nothing covers her pussy. Even in the low light, he catches glimpse of light reflecting off of her labia as she squats. She is already wet for his cock.

She is wearing stockings, of course, and the shoes he bought her during their last shopping adventure. 4-inch black heels are made of alligator skin, with a peep toe. He can see her toes, polished with her favorite shade of hooker red. He is pretty sure she had visited the Vietnamese girls for a footgasm and nail treatment earlier. She knows how he loves how the high heels showcase her beautiful, slender feet. He can be turned into melted butter at the sight of her peds encased in smooth nylon and beautiful spikes.

His attention snaps back to her hands, as she removes a stocking from the waistband of her skirt. She holds it up for him to see, letting it unfurl to expose its length. She then bends down a bit and ties his left ankle to the chair with the stocking. So it WAS going to be payback for the spanking he gave her last time, he chuckles to himself. Pulling another nylon from her waistband, she repeats the procedure with his right ankle, securing his feet to the chair. Certainly, he could free himself if he wanted to, but she thinks to herself that the prospect of him trying to get away was pretty damned remote.

She runs her hands up the outside of his thighs, then tracing a path across his crotch and up his chest. She then rises from her crouching position, making sure to push her tits forward toward his face as she stood. Then she moves around to the back of the chair. He was a little nervous as she pulled his hands behind the chair and tied his wrists together with another stocking.

Her hands find the back of his neck, and begin to massage the muscles there and in the shoulders. She leans over, and breathes into his right ear, and then lightly traces its outline with her tongue. Goose bumps instantly appear on his neck, a sure sign that her intentions are effective. She then moves back around in front of him. She takes one step back while turning her left side to him, then slides her hands down to her thighs as she continues to gently move in rhythm to the tunes playing in the background.

He is hypnotized by her slow movements, his attention drawn to her every curve and hand movement. She gently rubs her hands across her bra, stimulating the flesh beneath the cups. Down across her stomach to the naked, hairless V between her legs, and then to the top of her nylon encased thighs as she slowly arches and rocks her body to the music. She pulls up against the skirt, sliding it up over her thighs as she turns to show him her ass.

As she turns he can see that the stockings she is wearing are his favorite seamed variety. He longs to feel their silkiness. He desperately wants to run his hands up her thighs, to feel the smoothness of the fabric, and then to touch her warm, wet pussy.

He can see the black garter straps framing the ivory skin on her ass as she bends over from the waist, pulling the skirt up over the cheeks of her ass. Bending at the waist and grabbing her legs just above the ankles gives him a great view of her pussy. She can't stay in the position long, for she is not a pole dancer and doesn't have the skill set necessary to balance on the spikes like that for long. Silently, she congratulates herself for pulling that maneuver off without ending up flat on her face. Oh, she would never live that down!

She straightens back up, swaying her hips gently from side to side. Backing up until her legs find the edge of the chair between his legs, she drops to her knees. Fortunately, the carpet is well padded, so her knees don't suffer. She then arches her back, bending backward to put her head into his crotch. Her long dark hair, with the customary glint of red was flowing all over his lap.

Feeling his shaft poking her in the back of the head, she smiles up at him. Moving her head from side to side slightly, she grinds the mass of long black hair into his crotch. Her hands slide up her belly, finding and cupping her breasts. Squeezing them and pushing them together, she kneads the soft, pale orbs. She can feel the throbbing of his member, and forces her head back into it more forcefully.

"Like this? Bet you wish you were squeezing these gorgeous titties. Am I right? Bet you'd like it even more if I turned around and sucked your cock. Like that, would you?" she teases while looking him in the eyes.

"Oh yes, please. Either one, but please do something," comes his pitiful reply.

"Not a fucking chance," comes her stern reply.

Just as a sax solo starts up in the background, she pulls herself back up into a standing position, and slowly turns to face him. She smoothes her skirt down, and straddles his right thigh with her legs as she slowly unfastens the remaining buttons on her blouse.

Her hands find the tops of his thighs as she arches forward. Her deep cleavage finds its way to an inch or so in front of his face. She drops her head down and away from him as the blouse falls off her left shoulder.

Her eyes are closed. He can see that she is feeling the slow rhythm of the music and movements she is performing for him. Her shoulders roll back and forth with her hips. Her mouth is open slightly, lips licked unconsciously as she dips and sways to the music.

The blouse slides off her right shoulder as she moves back away from him, taunting him with the movement of her body. The blouse then drops to the floor around her feet, and is forgotten.

With her legs close together, she hooks her thumbs into the waistband of her skirt, pulling down against the fabric. First one side then the other, wiggling it down slowly and deliberately over the hips. Her garter belt slowly becomes visible, the black and matching green satin panels peeking out from under the skirt. Back and forth the skirt moves down in time with the music until the waistband is over her hips. Her upper thighs offer no support for it, especially with the slick nylon encasing them, and the skirt drops to the floor of its own accord.

Hands move up into her hair as her body flexes and undulates in waves, like it would while riding on top of him like a cowgirl. His cock strains against the fabric of the boxers. He is quite certain that he might to shoot his load without another touch if she kept this up.

Stepping toward him again, she turns her back to him as she moves between his legs. Sitting back, her ass settles on and then pushes against his lap. She feels the hardness of his dick through his pants against her skin, can feel the outline of the mushroom head between her cheeks.

She doesn't know how long she could keep this up, how long she can keep her hands off him. She wants desperately to put her lips around that monster between his legs and suck it, to feel the combination of soft skin and rigid thickness moving between her lips and tongue. However, she is determined to tease him to the breaking point this time! Tonight is about her pleasure, not his, and it certainly was delicious to see him squirm like this!

As he watches her ass grind in his lap he wants so badly to grab it. He wants to run his hands over her smooth skin, and tease the flower of her asshole. His fingers long to trace the garters across the milky whiteness, to grab the waistband of the garment and pull her savagely back onto him. Unconsciously he pulls against the stocking holding his hands behind the chair -- but not too strongly.

His cock feels her rubbing against it, deliberately teasing him. It felt so fucking good. What he wanted right now though was to get these damned clothes off and ram his dick into her wet pussy as hard as he could! However, tonight is her game, and he must comply or suffer the dreaded 'lakanookie' disease for a while.

She continues to rub her ass in his crotch as she reaches behind her back to unfasten the bra. She moves up out of his lap, lets the bra fall off to the floor, and then turns to face him. With her legs apart, she bends over from the waist and rests her hands on his shoulders.

She pushes her chest toward his face and shimmied the tits, just out of the reach of his lips. He watches the mounds of flesh bounce back and forth. He could easily tell she was just as horny as he was by her puckered areola and nipples that were screaming at him "suck me." He tried to flick her nipples with his tongue, but she keeps them just out of his reach. It is a difficult task for her, for she so desperately wants his mouth sucking hard on them.

Catching him a little off guard, she straddles his legs and sits down across his thighs. She then reaches around behind him just as the music in the playlist ended. She unties his hands, and guides them to her breasts. Her breath comes out in a moan, as she feels the pleasure of his touch on her mounds.

She lets him play with them for a few moments. His palms cup their mass and push up against them, mashing them into her chest. Gently, he circles his hands, pushing against the flesh. Her chest warms in response, the mammaries starting to tingle as his fingers manipulate the creamy flesh. His hands move away a little, her tits falling back into their natural position. She shakes her chest just a little, causing them to jiggle. His hands move back to them, thumbs and forefingers gently pinching the tips of the nipples. Rolling his fingers, he tweaks the nips. They would be getting hard under normal circumstances -- but they are already as hard as they can possibly be. He stops, and moves his hands around her torso. With a powerful move, he pulls her into his face, his open mouth eagerly accepting her left nipple. Mouth wide open, the nipple, areola, and a good portion of the breast disappears inside. He sucks the tit hard, and grinds his face into it.. Her head falls back, eyes closed, mouth slightly ajar, lost in the sensations radiating out from her sensitive mammary.

Her hands wrap themselves into his hair, and pull him into her breast even harder. He can't breath, the mass of the breast has completely encased his face. After 30 seconds or so, he has to pull back to catch his breath, and then switches to the right side. That tit now gets the royal treatment.

Her clit is throbbing, desperate to get some of the attention currently being given to her chest. She wants to give in and jam herself down onto his cock, but she isn't through torturing him yet. She pulls away from his lips, looks down at him and smiles, and then teasingly wets her lips with her tongue. The implied message is that she is about to suck his cock. His eyes grow wide, and his hips thrust his member up further towards her. She feels the advance, and wags her right index finger at him again, silently saying 'Not yet."

She drops to one knee and unties his ankles. Phase 2 of his pleasure/torture was about to begin. She giggles to herself softly as she takes his hand, and leads him to the bed. Turning him so his back is to the side of the bed, she moves in close, nipples barely brushing his chest. In a low, husky voice, she commands "now sit here and be a good boy if you want to enjoy me anytime tonight. That means keep your hands on the edge of this bed, no touching me, and no playing with MY cock while I take your clothes off. Yes, I said that is my cock, until I tell you otherwise." Placing her right hand squarely in the center of his chest, she pushes him back onto the bed.

Slowly, while holding a lock on his eyes, she unbuttons his shirt. Finished with the last bottom button, she pushes the garment off his shoulders. She bends down and slides off his shoes and socks. The top button on his pants is next, followed by a slow, deliberate pulling down of the zipper. Hooking her fingers into the waistband of both the pants and his boxers, she forcefully yanks then down to his ankles. He lifts his feet, one at a time, and kicks the garments off to the side.

Looking down into her beautiful face, he can see she has taken extra care with her makeup for him. Her ivory skin looks flawless, with big black eyelashes accenting her slightly slanted eyes. The shape of her eyes had always intrigued him, unique and sensual. They are brown, but if you look closely there were also green flecks in the iris. The green glitter eyeliner she wore to match the satin in her lingerie really makes the green details stand out.

Her lips wear the 'hooker red' silky lipstick he liked. It made her lips look so alluring and luscious. She never wore the lipstick or the outrageous makeup in her everyday professional life. He enjoys that there were things she did exclusively for him.

At that moment, though, all he can think about was the way she worked magic with those lips on his dick. God, he loved to watch those lips and her tongue as she moved them up and down the shaft. His cock desperately wants to be sliding in and out of her face.

"Here, put these on," he heard her command, as he is jolted back to reality. She hands him a pair of Manview black mesh boxer briefs. "This will give me something to look at while holding him in check for a bit longer," she said with a devilish grin, and pointing to his dick. He complies, having to maneuver his hips a little to seat the unfamiliar underwear around his package.

She kicks off her heels, and places her right stocking clad foot between his thighs. Another command, "Remove the stocking." He does as he was told, unclasping the stocking from the three garters holding it up high on her thigh. Gently, he slides his hands inside the stocking band, with his thumb hooked over the outside edge. Careful not to damage the delicate material, his hands slide in unison down her silky smooth leg.

When he reaches the foot and takes the stocking from around her foot, she shifts and repeats with the left foot between his thighs. She presses against his dick with her foot and caresses it lightly. Looking him in the eyes, she smiles, and licks her lips seductively once again. God, he has to be about ready to bust, she thinks to herself. Left foot now nude, she tells him to remove her garter belt. He hesitates a little, thinking she would turn around so he could find the clasp. Not moving, she forces him to reach around her to find hooks, not coincidentally burying his nose in her belly button while doing so.

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