tagLoving WivesInternet Options Ch. 01

Internet Options Ch. 01


“Do you really want me to?”

“Sure honey,” Dave assured his wife of fifteen years. “Look, if I didn’t want you to, I wouldn’t have asked you.”

Jill gazed at her husband. She loved him more than ever. Her senses tingled at the mere thought of it all. After spending six-and-a-half hours browsing chat-rooms followed by reading more than fifty emails, they had narrowed it down to four possibles: Scott, a 6’ 2” tall, 25year-old Scotsman from Aberdeen; John, even taller at 6’6”, 30year-old Londoner; Mike, a social worker in his early 30’s from Bristol and Julian, a 22year-old African-American and USAF pilot, boasting a ‘10” dong’, his email said.

“I love you so,” she almost sang, trembling as Dave eased his hard muscle into his wife. He could feel her getting wetter as they discussed the next stage of their plan.

“We’ll sleep on it overnight, then decide first thing in the morning who will be the lucky guy,” he finished, his cock beginning to increase pace.

Jill felt his urgency as Dave fucked her pussy with his hard cock. She had lost her virginity to this man on her seventeenth birthday, and although she had fucked two other men during their fifteen years, she wasn’t unfaithful. Rob and Tom were Dave’s best friends and one drunken night two summers ago, the three fell asleep in the same bed. Jill awoke to the touch of her husband’s hand on her breast. They made love, and in doing so, they woke Rob, then Tom. One thing led to another, and before they knew it, Rob and Tom had shared Jill’s body. The act was loving and tasteful; it was never repeated, even though the couple spoke often about the episode and the couple had had many frenzied nights of torrid sex, fantasising about Jill taking other men, and Dave other women.

Jill and Dave’s fantasies drove their sex life to new heights, peaking when they discovered the Internet and Literotica.

Dave finally plucked up the courage to ask his wife to take another lover. Their fantasy had made him harder, ‘so why not make it a reality’ he thought as he contemplated what to say to Jill. Jill agreed immediately, thinking it was another fantasy that Dave wanted to enact. But eventually, realisation that he was serious made her take his proposal seriously. Two nights later, Jill agreed to investigate the possibilities. They spent several evenings, searching various web sites and chat rooms. Scott, John, Mike or Julian, Jill couldn’t decide.

“How about we invite all four?” Dave suggested. “They can stay here, we’ve got plenty of room. We’ll invite a couple of those slappers you keep talking about, from the office.”

“Okay,” Jill said, laughing at Dave’s choice of adjective for her co-workers. “When?”

“Next Friday. If you like what you see, perhaps you might want one or two to stay over for the Saturday too.”

Dave hit the ‘Enter’ key and one email was sent instantly to four strangers. “There, all we need to do now is wait.” Jill squeezed his arm nervously as she stood next to him, both glaring at the computer monitor.

“You have mail” the computerised voice said as a highlighted text message flashed across the screen moments later.

“It’s from Julian. He’ll be here for 7-ish.” Another ‘You have mail’ announcement and Dave opened the electronic envelope. “Mike will be here between 7pm and 8pm.” Jill trembled as she realised that what was once a dream was now becoming a reality.

No more new mail messages arrived that evening. The couple ran a hot bath, lit several scented candles, and then opened a bottle of red wine and celebrated in the bath together.

There were no replies from Scott or John. By Thursday evening, they had resided to the fact that they’d meet only Julian and Mike.

“I’ll call the girls and tell them it was a wind-up and not to come over, they’ll probably give me some stick, but they’ll make a joke about it next week, back at work.” Jill picked up the phone and dialled the first number.

Friday night came and the doorbell rang. Julian stood in the doorway clutching a small bunch of flowers and a bottle of wine. His teeth looked whiter than white contrasted against his dark brown skin. Dave invited him in and poured Julian a drink.

“Make yourself at home,” he invited his guest. “Jill is powdering her nose. She won’t be too long. She’s been looking forward to this all week.” And if truth were known, so too was Dave.

“Yeah, sure buddy,” Julian replied in a deep Southern States accent, ‘probably a Texan’ Dave thought. “This is my third time, and I’m still a little nervous.”

Dave thought it ironic that this hulk sitting on his sofa was nervous. After all, it was Dave and Jill’s first time… they should be nervous, not Julian.

“Don’t worry mate, Jill will soon ease our nerves,” Dave lifted his glass and the two toasted the night ahead.

Jill had decided to wait until both guests had arrived before going downstairs to greet them. Time was moving on and already it was well past eight o’clock. Dave came into the bedroom, “Doesn’t look like Mike is going to turn up babe.”

“Okay. How do I look?”

“Like a million,” Dave answered with a smile and a gentle kiss on her glossed scarlet lips.

Julian stood when Jill entered the lounge. After some formal introduction via Dave, Jill took a drink and sat on the sofa next to Julian; Dave set some soft music playing on the hifi, then dimmed the lights and lit several scented candles to soften the atmosphere.

Jill stood and invited her guest to dance. Wrapped in his huge hands, they slowly smooched around the room, Dave watching every step. Jill, dressed in a black leather mini, stockings, black patent heels and plunging silk blouse (no bra), looked up at the giant black man, holding her firmly to his hard body. She loved the deep drone of his American accent that vibrated through her shell. She felt her pussy dampen as her thoughts began to wander and she found herself thinking about what Julian looked like without his white shirt and black slacks.

They sat when the music stopped. The two-second silence between tracks appeared to last for twenty. Jill decided to make the first move, although she wasn’t sure if it was the right one. She leaned forward and kissed Julian firmly on his lips, thanking him for the dance. She felt his strong hands on her shoulders as he responded to the feel of her tongue as it glanced across his, probing into his mouth. Her blouse, loose, slid down her shoulders and Jill felt the relative coolness of the room caress her firm 34”C-cup breasts; her nipples stood proud of her aureole. She knelt in front of Julian, still locked onto his thick, soft lips. Her thoughts were now focused on one point; she wanted to see the large cock that Julian had boasted about on the Internet. Jill’s hands slid down his shirt front and rested in Julian’s groin. She felt firmness, not hard, at least as thick and long as Dave’s.

Suddenly she pulled away, conscious of what she was doing and realising that she had somehow passed a point that she never dreamed of passing. Even earlier in the day, when she frigged herself to orgasm thinking of the night ahead, she never really thought that she could go through with it. But here she was. Dave sat on the chair, watching as she kissed and fondled a stranger, not just any stranger, but an African-American stranger. As she pulled off Julian, his head dropped slightly and he took her left nipple into his mouth, gently nibbling on the firm button. Jill felt a tingle as her nipple responded to Julian’s tongue and teeth. She closed her eyes and let herself fall into the unreal fantasy that was quickly becoming reality.

She felt Julian’s hands slide slowly up her thighs, his fingers touching the bare skin at the tops of her stockings. Then, his hands focused on her firm ass as she let out a slight groan of pleasure.

“That looks really good, honey,” Dave whispered as he watched his wife succumb to Julian’s attention, black hands contrasting against white silky thighs.

Jill’s long brunette hair reached halfway down her back as she tilted her head back, allowing Julian to change nipples. His hands now found the elastic of her g-string. She felt her panties dropping down her legs and she stepped out of them, leaving the silk material in a small scrunched pile on the rug. Julian massaged her ass for several moments as he sucked hard on Jill’s nipples. Then, she felt his right hand slide under her, exploring her dampness, a finger running the length of her slit from anus to clitoris, back and forth until, with a gentle push, Julian inserted one, then two fingers into her vagina.

Jill gasped as she felt his penetrations; her knees buckled as she lost herself in the intense pleasure. Jill felt her mini-skirt rising to her tummy, then, Julian dropped his head down to allow his tongue to probe her shaven pussy. He found her clitoris immediately and began to stimulate it, causing it to harden as Jill’s first orgasm erupted through her body.

Jill almost collapsed at the intensity of her orgasm. Dave could see her knees shake as his wife came on the stranger’s tongue. Dave was hard now and wanted to join his wife, but he decided not to and watch a while longer.

Jill, now coming down from the giddy heights of her first orgasm, wanted to see Julian’s cock. She knelt in front of him again, but this time, unzipped his slacks and inserted her hand. Julian wasn’t wearing any underwear and she found the firmness waiting just inside the material of his slacks. She extracted his muscle and gently kissed the glistening tip, tasting his pre-cum, salty and yet sweet. He wasn’t fully hard and already his cock was a good eight inches. Jill felt the heaviness of his manhood and struggled to surround it with her fingers. She began to panic about not being able to accommodate him, but at the same time, wanted to take him there and now.

Jill opened her mouth as wide as she could and slipped the tip of Julian’s cock into her mouth. Her tongue dampened the full length of its shaft. His balls were shaven, something Jill had never experienced before, and something she liked - the feel of the baby-soft skin of his scrotum on her face and in her mouth.

Julian was hard now, and his claim proved to be true. His cock stood erect at almost ten inches and Jill wanted it inside her. She stood and straddled his groin. Then, slowly, she lowered herself onto his manhood. She felt the tip of his cock nudge against her opening. Her folds of skin, now wet and slippery with her juices and Julian’s saliva, aided his cock’s entry into her. She felt herself being stretch like never before. Jill felt him fill her vagina, the tip of his cock now pressing hard against her cervix and still, there were several inches more to swallow.

Jill looked down and watched as Julian’s thick black cock sank into her pussy.

Jill then watched Dave stroke his hard cock as he watched her fuck her first black cock. Up and down, Jill slowly allowed the cock to pump into her. With each stroke, it gained a little more depth until eventually she felt Julian’s pelvic bone hit the cheaks of her firm ass.

Jill’s pussy was screaming at her. Completely stretched and full of cock, her juices ran freely down Julian’s shaft and balls, causing a growing damp patch on the leather sofa.

Dave could hear the slapping sound grow louder as Julian’s pounding and Jill’s grinding became more vigorous. He could see his wife was about to explode in another orgasm and he could also see Julian’s eruption was quickly approaching.

Julian’s scrotum tightened as his fluids began to rush through the tubes in his body. Semen exploded deep into Jill’s pussy, oozing out with every thrust and running down his balls to join the large damp patch on the sofa. His groans of ecstasy became moans of discomfort as his cock became super-sensitive to Jill’s crushing vagina as she too came to another intense orgasm.

Jill fell back onto Julian’s chest, both silent and still, taking in the sensations of their fuck. Dave knelt between their legs and offered his cock to his wife’s soaked pussy. He pressed it against her opening as Julian’s cock slid out, softening with every pulse. Dave penetrated his wife’s now slack pussy and began fucking her. Jill soon began to cum once more. She felt her husband’s cock slide in and out of her wetness, Julian’s semen leaking out of her and sliding between her buttocks and onto Julian’s flaccid cock and Dave’s hairy balls. The very thought took Jill over the edge once more and she shuddered, her vagina clasping and milking her husband’s cock as Dave erupted inside her.

Jill’s fantasy had come true. She never thought it would have ever been a reality or that she would have had the nerve to go through with it, but here they were, the three, spent and drained.

Julian stayed for the weekend; Mike never showed; Scott and John passed on their apologies for not logging into their email accounts until it was too late to join the fun. But, Scott, John and Julian did make the following weekend, and that’s another story to tell.

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