tagMind ControlInterns Ch. 03

Interns Ch. 03


*All sexually active or sexualized characters are at least 18 years old.

There is humiliation, name-calling, unprotected sex, and mind control in this story. The first three should only ever occur in real life between well-informed, consenting adults and the fourth one doesn't even exist in real life! So please treat this fiction as the fantasy that it is.

As always, chapters that are part of a larger arc are enjoyed and understood best if read in order.*


A part of Will expected it to be Friday again when he woke up. As if the surreal events he remembered had no other explanation except for being part of a dream. He felt equal parts relief and excitement when the date on his computer confirmed Saturday. On one hand, it meant that the new intern at work, Liz was in fact the powerful, terrifying person with unfathomable powers that he had feared. Yet it also meant that he still retained the lesser version of those powers that she had inexplicably passed on.

Sure, Liz made it incredibly clear that she was the one in charge, but Will's sexual experiment on the dim and busty intern, Lauren T yesterday showed that he definitely had personal satisfaction to gain from this.

Will sat up in his bed and rested his head against the wall. It was still a lot to take in. As a staunch defender of science and logic, the past few days were incredibly counter-intuitive to him. Still, he reminded himself, science often required entirely new ways of thinking.

Perhaps more troubling than the unknown elements - of which Liz had commanded him to not discuss with others - was how quickly Will had been willing to use them on another human for his own sexual benefit.

Sure, Lauren T was vapid and annoying, but that didn't make her less of a person. Yes, Will had been able to erase her memories of the lewd titjob she performed on him in the soundroom, but that didn't appease his conscious. Plus, why was his first act of mind control a sexual act? Sure, that's all Liz seemed to use it for, but she never listed that as a restriction.

Will tried to think of other ways in which he could use his newfound abilities, but all his ideas were simple, selfish, and largely sexual. Was this another command of Liz's? Was it the nature of the mysterious power itself? Or, worst of all, was all this far too telling of Will's personality?

He got tired of thinking so hard so early in the morning and he sat at his computer chair and restored the browser he had kept minimized all night. It opened to Meagan's Facebook profile. Oh, right. He had jerked off to her again last night. She was the original intern to occupy Will's thoughts before all this supernatural Liz business. He felt resentful of Liz for distracting his life from his feelings for Meagan. It was a silly sentiment, but Will had really started to have deep feelings for the tiny redhead. He hadn't felt that way about a girl in a very long time.

Will constantly told himself that he should be thankful for his powers. But that line of thinking made him uneasy as well. Nothing about Liz made Will believe she should be trusted. She seemed to get pleasure out of controlling and humiliating Will and then somehow making him feel grateful for it.

Will closed Facebook out of guilt and frustration. Then he felt that dark feeling rise that he had felt in the soundroom the day before. The feeling that enabled him to ignore his guilt and command Lauren T to jerk him off with her giant breasts. Will remembered that Liz's arbitrary restriction was only set for Friday. He was free to come inside a girl's mouth now. The realization caused the dark feeling to consume even more of Will.

He spent a minute staring into space, thinking about who he should convince to suck him off and using which methods, but he was somehow able to shake himself off. It wasn't right. Liz must be trying to corrupt him. Maybe that's why she gifted him the powers in the first place.

Ignoring the dark pleas in his mind, Will instead opened up his porn stash on his computer and rifled through his favourite models. As mostly a boob guy, the majority of the girls featured exaggerated breasts. Still, he settled on the comparatively proportionate April O'Neil - ignoring the fact that she looked like a less scary version of Liz - and jerked off to settle his libido.

The morning passed uneventfully after that. Despite working afternoons and evenings during the week, Will tended to wake up fairly early on weekends. He watched some TV, dicked around on the internet, and made himself a late breakfast. It was only one in the afternoon when Will got bored of his apartment and decided to head to The Lazy Bean, his favourite independent coffee shop a few blocks away.

Will had no issue with the bigger chains, but The Lazy Bean had a better sense of community. Fewer employees worked there and he knew them all very well after living in the area for a few years. As he threw on his jacket and got in his building's elevator, Will did his best to pretend like he didn't hope Sophie was working. Or, more accurately, he pretended that he wasn't almost certain she was working. Because of the small staff, the schedule was pretty easy to work out and Sophie always worked weekends.

Will blasted music in his ear to keep his mind as clear as possible to feign innocence and hold back the moral part of his brain. His stride was faster than normal and he was nearly at a jog by the time he got inside. Although he tried to ignore it, his heart sank when he didn't see Sophie behind the counter. It was Jeff, the manager. A nice enough guy not much older than Will, but way more by-the-book than Will would have expected from a small coffee shop.

"Hey Will! The usual?" Jeff beamed and didn't even wait for an answer before moving to the espresso bar.

"Thanks, man," Will replied. He pulled out his wallet and stood by the cash.

"Sophie will ring you in in a second. She's just putting the new order away."

"Alright," replied Will coolly while his heart jumped.

Sure enough, the tall Japanese girl strode out of the back room a few moments later. Her height and confident way she held herself led people to believe she was stuck up, but that perception often evaporated when she spoke.

"Ohmygawd, hey Will! Where have you been?" Sophie's voice was projected across the cafe, but was silky enough to not disturb the customers. Will couldn't help but beam back at her.

"I was here last weekend, Sophie. I'm never here during the week."

"Oh yeah! D'uh. I'm such an idiot."

Sophie was socially ditzy, but Will knew from past conversations that she was actually an incredibly sharp and witty girl. She was studying to be a chemist and from what he could tell, she was acing her courses.

Will had never asked her out because - despite her stunning appearance - he never felt like she was his type romantically. He liked ambition in the women he dated, but Sophie's interests didn't mesh with his. Also, to be blunt, he was incredibly intimidated by her. He felt the darkness rise inside him again. He thought about how easy it would be to have a one-off sexual escapade with Sophie. They lived in practically different worlds. He could make her forget about it, nothing would come from it except for an amazing fuck.

No! Will shoved down the darkness again. This was a friend whom he had respect for. Sure, they only knew each other through the cafe, but they had gotten to know each other quite well. There was just something wrong about taking advantage of her and her incredibly long legs and sharp attractive features and slim figure and small, proud bust.

But his power felt like a force of its own needing to be fed. He couldn't just put this phenomenon to waste. But Will hadn't lost all reason. Sophie was at work and it would hardly go unnoticed if she disappeared for a time without explanation. Logic finally won out and Will suppressed his desire to see Sophie naked. But he had to make sure he still had the powers, he had yet to test them since he woke up.

'You will only charge me for a small coffee instead of my usual,' he thought while concentrating on Sophie. She seemed taken aback at his stare, but turned away the moment the command was issued, and rang in exactly what Will had ordered her to.

"So that's just a small coffee then," Sophie said with a wink. Will winced knowing he should have made additional commands to make the transaction silent. It was too late, Jeff walked over with the drink he had just finished preparing and placed it on the counter while looking pointedly at Sophie.

"No, this is the large mocha with extra whip that Will always gets. Always. You know that. Why would you undercharge?"

"Um, I dunno, I just thought..." Sophie looked incredibly confused as she stammered at her boss. Will felt overcome with guilt. It would be one thing if Sophie had chosen to give him a discount of her own volition, but here she was defending an action she took without really knowing the reason why she did it. Panicked, Will shot his attention over to Jeff.

'You are no longer upset about the undercharge, and you will pass off your reaction as a joke to both Sophie and me,' Will thought into Jeff's mind. Jeff instantly responded.

"I'm just kidding, Sophie! Don't look so scared," Jeff's change in tone was so instantaneous that Will was just as surprised as Sophie even though he had issued the command. "Will's here all the time, of course he can have a discount once in a while. Sorry for scaring you."

Will felt relieved, but he could sense Sophie's confusion and didn't feel comfortable sticking around to chat like he normally would. He muttered something about needing to be somewhere and got out of the cafe.

Will sipped his drink as he walked down the sideway, his heart thumping, his earbuds back in his pocket. It had been so easy yesterday. Will made a vapid, busty intern his to play with for twenty minutes, and then had her forget the whole thing. That was way more morally grey than saving a few bucks on a coffee, so why did he feel more upset now?

Maybe it was how surreal the experience had been yesterday. At the start of the day, he didn't believe in the existence of mind control, but just a few hours later he had been using it himself to get a topless intern to pleasure him. Maybe it was because all the supernatural experiences Will had up until that point had only happened at work, as if weird things could only happen inside the old TV studio. Bringing his newfound powers away from work on a brand new day when he had not seen Liz felt like enough little things to feel like a big thing.

Plus, he still felt selfish. Will was sure he should be able to discover ways to use his powers for the greater good. But the harder his brain struggled, the more it was filled with thoughts of making girls perform sexual acts with him. His attempts to come out the bright side of his moral quandary just made him hate himself more.

Will realized he was so inside his head that he had been looking down at the sidewalk ever since he left the cafe. He looked up in an effort to use the sights to distract from his quibbling mind.

As fate would have it, he chose the exact moment when he was passing by the hottest girl he had seen in days. A dark instinct in him instantly shot a thought into her mind.

'You realize that you're very intrigued by the boy you just passed. Ask to talk to him.'

Will didn't even look back to see if his command landed, he just maintained his pace. Sure enough, a few seconds later, he felt a hand on his shoulder, and a rich confident voice entered his ears.

"Excuse me, so sorry to bother you, but I just had to talk to you. Wanna chat?"

Will turned around and feigned a surprised expression, "Yeah sure. Want to walk with me this way?"

"Er, I actually have to be somewhere, I thought maybe you could walk this wa--" the girl started.

'You have time,' Will thought to her.

"...You know what? I can make a little time," she finished. "Where are you going?"

Will hesitated for a second when he realized that he wasn't walking in the direction of his apartment, "er, to the mall, I guess."

"A'ight," the girl responded. She seemed to be a little confused as to why she was so interested in a guy who appeared to have nothing interesting going on, but joined Will as he walked. Will decided to set some ground rules.

'You will answer honestly to any question I ask you,' he thought to the girl, 'you will not care when I check out your body. In fact, you will be flattered.' That was enough for now. He continued out loud.

"So what's your name?"


"Pretty name."

"Enh, it's alright."

Will took the opportunity take a proper look at Carnise during their small talk. Her curly black hair framed her beautiful rounded features. She had huge brown eyes, big soft lips and a little rounded nose. Her milk chocolate skin was incredibly smooth and Will's eyes followed it down her face until it jutted out in front of her. Will resisted his instinct to pull his gaze away after a glance and took in the glory of Carnise's cleavage. Her waist was impossibly thin considering the bust it was holding up. Her giant mounds must have been an F cup, Will concluded. Insane. A figure like Carmen Bella.

He finally ripped his eyes away from her huge tits bouncing inside her simple tight white tank top to look at her rear end. Carnise certainly upheld the stereotype there with an ample amount of attractive extra padding. Her body was almost cartoonish in its exaggerated proportions, but Will was too attracted to her to truly find it ridiculous.

Carnise blushed at Will's overt leering, but the expression only lasted a few seconds before she scrunched her face.

"Why are you going to the mall by yourself on a Saturday? Sounds kinda lame," she said. Will felt a wave of guilt wash over him for what felt like the millionth time that day. Two different voices must have been waging war in her head. The initial command had left her undeniably intrigued by him although she would have obviously had nothing to do with him otherwise.

This triggered Will's own internal battle yet again: his conscious versus this new darkness that had become so powerful so quickly. Just as he was convincing himself to let the poor girl go, he took another glance at her incredibly generous chest, exposing himself to his greatest weakness. Will was mesmerized by the proud jiggle of the expansive valley of her cleavage. It was times like this when he would think that boobs looked best contained inside a bra and shirt. It reflected their firmness, struggling against the fabric containing them, but also reflected their softness, visible in the ripples each step made in Carnise's titflesh.

Although it wasn't the direct intention of his stares, Carnise was put more at ease because of them; forgetting her question. The gratitude she felt for his attention certainly wasn't her typical reaction, but it was still overwhelming enough to fog over her conflicting feelings.

Will's darkness was rising close to the point of no return. The more he stared at Carnise's exaggerated chest, the more overcome he was with lust. He pictured her lying on top of him, her massive mammories dragging on his chest. He pictured being smothered by them; his entire face and both hands completely overflowing with her huge and young brown tits. He pictured fucking her on her back; her face pained with pleasure, her giant tits shaking around her chest like mountains of pudding.

That was it, he had to have her. As an olive branch, Will decided to make sure he wasn't keeping her from a job interview or anything that would really mess things up for her. He almost didn't bother when he noticed how flushed she had become from his non-stop gaze on her chest, but he somehow forced himself to provide the courtesy.

"So where were you heading off to before you joined me?"

"Meeting my boyfriend for a late lunch."

Will lost his stomach. How had he not even considered that possibility? Will's lust had sunk as far as his stomach and he became filled only with guilt. Without looking at her, he spoke softly.

"I'm sorry I made you waste your time, Carnise. Please go meet your boyfriend."

Carnise looked equally confused and grateful.

"Thanks," she said without inflection, then kissed him on the cheek; her breasts pressed against his arm. Then she ran back in the direction they came from. Will turned around to try and catch her expression, but she was moving too fast. Will took the chance to admire her fantastic ass.

After she was too small to make out, Will walked to a nearby bench in a daze and sipped his nearly empty drink absent-mindedly. Why had he been so willing to go through with that? How was he so able to detach her from the reality of being a human being with a life and experiences and commitments and preferences? Why did she show signs of affection when she left? Was it some weird form of short-term Stockholm Syndrome? Or maybe the command to be intrigued by Will was informed by the command to feel flattered from his leering.

This gave Will pause. He never thought of the commands as being anything but static before. Was it possible they could evolve and spill over into genuine feelings? If he could change people's feelings with a command anyway, was that any different? What did this mean for Liz's commands over him?

He had never expected his newfound mind control to be so full of philosophical questions. With more stealth than usual, the darkness entered the conversation. People's minds changed all the time, right? What was really the difference between their minds being altered by their experiences and their minds being altered by his new supernatural gifts?

Choice, said another part of his mind. They evaluate the experiences and make their own decisions based on them. This would normally seem obvious to Will, but the darkness twisted his basic logic.

Will looked around. Why HAD he been walking toward the mall? He must have had a reason. Maybe if he continued in that direction, it would jog his memory.

As if his brain were a movie, his mind performed an extra-long crossfade. Soon the reason he was going to the mall was extremely clear and it was if he had never forgotten. He could finally use his powers free of Liz's restriction that had been placed on him for Friday. And what better place to make that happen than in one of his - albeit clichéd - fantasy spots: a changeroom.

Will managed to hold his resolve on this decision without falling into another moral dilemma. However, when he finally got inside the mall, he found himself shaking. His excitement mixed with his fear based on how crowded the mall was. It was the sick feeling in his stomach, not his conscious that almost made him turn back.

Still, he pressed on and entered the first store that had both a changeroom and a men's section. He pretended to look at jeans while scoping out the territory. There appeared to be three employees working. All female, and one of whom Will found to be particularly attractive. She appeared to be about a decade older than him, with wavy brown hair and a confident stride. Will admired her tight curves accentuated by her black dress pants, striped dress shirt and slick blazer. Will got hard just picturing this sexy, older woman on her knees in front of him.

He tried to find a good moment to send a thought to her. The store seemed to be too busy, however. All three employees were constantly running around helping out customers, ringing in transactions, and grabbing stock from the backroom. Will was not nearly confident enough in his new powers to try and send commands to the entire store to bend the situation to his liking, so he moved on to another location.

He ran into similar situations, however. Stores were either under-staffed, far too busy, or even far too slow. The most painful example was a practically empty shoe store. Will thought he hit the jackpot when he saw no customers and a girl with jet black hair and a voluptuous figure behind the counter. She was heavy-set, but had a beautiful face and incredibly full lips. He even got as far as commanding her to honestly answer his perverted questions.

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