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Welcome back to yet another exciting meeting of the Interracial Female Wrestling Competition, folks. Tonight, reigning IFWC Champion, Howard University student Jessica White takes on her rival, Boston College student-athlete Rachel Brendan in the most anticipated rematch in IFWC History. It's the match fans have been waiting for. Who among these two lovely and powerful young ladies shall ultimately prevail? Well, that's what tonight's wrestling match is here to determine. We promise you a truly exciting show, folks. You can always count on only the best of female wrestling entertainment from the IFWC. And that's a bloody promise!

Here goes nothing, folks. A six-foot-two, blonde-haired and blue-eyed, 250-pound Boston Metropolitan Irishwoman versus a six-foot-tall, 241-pound proud Black woman from the town of Washington D.C. The match started brutally, as fans worldwide expected. Rachel Brendan hasn't gotten over her defeat at the hands of Jessica White during the first-ever televised wrestling match of the Interracial Female Wrestling Competition. And the Boston Irishwoman wants revenge on the young Black woman who defeated her. Three days ago Rachel defeated the gorgeous mixed-raced fighter Alexandra Sanchez, and now feels confident enough to go up against her old nemesis.

That is not an easy task. The Interracial Female Wrestling Competition is fairly new but Jessica White has distinguished herself as the only undefeated wrestler in the fledgling league. Lots of young women of African-American, European, Asian, Hispanic and Arabic descent are joining the Interracial Female Wrestling Competition. And it's getting to be really tough out there. As the undisputed champion of the Interracial Female Wrestling Competition, Jessica White has a price on her head. The young Black woman knows it. And she stays three steps ahead of the competition by training really hard.

The two young women grappled fiercely on the mat. They're evenly matched in strength and endurance. Neither wants to give in to the other. Jessica White taunted Rachel Brendan as they fiercely wrestled against each other. Silently the Irishwoman fought on, ignoring the taunts coming from the young Black woman who previously defeated and humiliated her. This time, Rachel chose to rely on technique rather than brute strength. She had vowed never to underestimate any opponent ever again. And amazingly, it paid off. She saw a flaw in Jessica White's technique and exploited it. The Irishwoman dove for the Black woman's legs, knocking her off her feet and catching her completely off-guard.

Rachel Brendan grinned victoriously as she pinned Jessica White on the mat. The young Black woman tried to flee and tried every wrestling move she knew but the Boston Irishwoman held her firmly in place. The seconds ticked by. The ref came and raised Rachel Brendan's hand in victory. Around Boston, the Irish exulted in their victory. And in Washington D.C. the proud African-American Metropolis grimaced as its stalwart Black superwoman tasted the agony of defeat. Such is life. Nobody wins them all.

Rachel Brendan ordered Jessica White to undress. The young Black woman complied, revealing her curvy brown-skinned body from under her wrestling uniform. Rachel Brendan admired the Black American Princess's curvy body, wide hips, big breasts, thick legs and big, round ass. Once again Rachel was moved by how naturally beautiful Black women were. Hot damn. The sight of Jessica White standing naked before her simply amazed her. Jessica White was beyond lovely. She was like an ancient African goddess come to life. And Rachel couldn't wait to fuck her.

Rachel Brendan whipped out her strap-on dildo and ordered Jessica White to suck it. When Jessica White hesitated, Rachel Brendan smacked her hard across the face. The young Black woman blinked in surprise. Rachel smiled nastily as Jessica began sucking the strap-on dildo. Ah, the sweet taste of victory. Rachel intended to savour it. Ever since Jessica White initially defeated her, she had been obsessed with taking her down. Watching the once-proud Black woman obediently suck her strap-on dildo turned Rachel on like you would not believe. The young Irishwoman's pussy was so damn wet and the action was just beginning.

Jessica White sucked Rachel Brendan's dildo, still stunned by what happened. The strong Black woman was surprised to find herself kneeling before the tall White woman who defeated her on the wrestling mat, against all odds. How in hell did Rachel Brendan manage to defeat her? All that mattered is that she did. And now Jessica White had to resign herself that she was about to get fucked by a White woman. Damn. This just wasn't right but what else could she do? The rules of the Interracial Female Wrestling Competition were crystal clear. Disobeying them meant getting thrown out of the IFWC. There were absolutely no exceptions.

Rachel Brendan ordered Jessica White to lick her pussy. The blonde-haired Irishwoman spread her creamy White thighs for emphasis. Swallowing her pride, Jessica White began licking Rachel's pussy. Rachel smiled as Jessica White began working her magic on her. How times had changed. More days ago Rachel Brendan had been forced to eat pussy and gotten fucked by Jessica White's strap-on dildo. Now it was her turn to get fucked and eat pussy, though not necessarily in that order. Jessica slid her tongue into Rachel's cunt and began licking and probing her pussy like her life depended on it. Rachel grinned broadly. This is what a queer Irishwoman's victory tastes like. Having an uppity Black slut who thought she was all that kneeling before a tall White woman and licking her cunt.

A few minutes later, Jessica White found herself on all fours, face down and ass up. Rachel Brendan knelt behind her and happily spanked the young Black woman's big round ass. Rachel absolutely loved Jessica's big brown butt. Black women were truly blessed physically. With their cute faces, gorgeous bodies, firm breasts, spectacular bottoms and killer legs. Why did they obsess with their hair? Rachel was sexually attracted to Black women. And she could care less about a Black woman's hair. The queer Irishwoman was too busy checking out their truly gorgeous butts. She spread Jessica White's ass cheeks wide open and pressed the dildo against the young Black woman's puckered asshole. Jessica froze. Was Rachel truly about to fuck her in the ass?

Rachel Brendan gripped Jessica White's hips tightly and thrust the dildo into her asshole. The young Black woman screamed as the Irishwoman penetrated her ass with the strap-on dildo. Laughing, Rachel held Jessica firmly into place and fucked her hard. She wanted to make Jessica pay for having such a gorgeous ass and also for being so damn arrogant. No better way to tame an arrogant woman than to fuck her in the ass. Men and lesbians the world over will testify to that. Rachel grabbed Jessica's long hair and pulled it while fucking her in the ass. The young Black woman screamed. Her screams were music to Rachel's ears.

Rachel flipped Jessica on her back and plunged the strap-on dildo right back into her ass. Jessica's screams rose to a whole new pitch. Rachel pinched Jessica's nipples and repeatedly smacked her face. The young Black woman was stunned by the Irishwoman's skill and erotic brutality. Rachel laughed and continued ramming the dildo deep into Jessica's asshole. Until the young Black woman had at least three orgasms and begged her to stop with tears in her eyes. When all was said and done, Jessica cleaned Rachel's dildo with her tongue and then the Black American Princess eagerly sucked the Boston Irishwoman's toes in front of everyone. This was definitely a first, even for hardcore interracial lesbian action fanatics like the IFWC fan base.

After this match, Rachel Brendan moved up in the ranks of the Interracial Female Wrestling Competition. We're also quite puzzled by the fact that she and former rival Jessica White have become lovers and now commute to each other's campuses, flying back and forth between Washington D.C. and Metropolitan Boston. How about that? An interracial lesbian couple that met as rivals on the wrestling mat. Now you've officially seen everything. We have all kinds here at the IFWC. And plenty more where that came from. Stay tuned for more hot, interracial lesbian catfights on the wrestling mat, folks.

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