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Interracial Frat Party


Hi, my name is Tiffany. I'm 19 years old and I like doing all the girly things a girl likes to do! I like to dress up and go shopping, and of course, I like to go on the Internet. I'm just a girl, curious, sexual... and I like black cock!

I have a secret I would like to share with everybody, I'm a slut for black cock. Here is a story I'm about to tell that I never told anyone before, except for some of my best girlfriends! It's sort of a traumatic story in some ways, but you can say I got over it. (Yeah Right!)

This story takes place at a frat house, (what a surprise) I had gotten invited to a party with my friends and I really didn't know what kind of party it was. But like any other girl I got excited and my friends and I decided to go shopping to buy something to wear for the party.

We (my girlfriends and I) like to shop at Wet Seal. The clothes are so cute! I think it's sexy and cute at the same time that shows some skin but not too much. Girls are competitive when it comes to clothes so my friends and I didn't want to buy the same exact clothes so we were competing to get the skimpier clothes for the party.

After like, 2 hours of fitting clothes, I bought a really tight pink tube top that showed my pierced belly button. (It was really, really cute!) Now that I think of it, it could have been a little too tight.:( I finished the outfit with a pair of denim cut off shorts (also really cute) and 3 inch pumps.

I thought I looked like a slut in the mirror. My friends ending up wearing a sheer black see through nylon piece with a black bra underneath and my other friend wore a white tank top that was cut really low and had no back. I guess we all looked pretty slutty but we were excited to go to a party.

If I knew what kind of party it was, I would have thought twice about going. But anyway, the next day my friends came over to pick me up. They got here early so that we could paint each others nails and do each others hair. We were being silly and fooling around, we were so happy without a care in the world. We just wanted to have fun at the party.

My friends and I finally finished up with the make up and I must say we looked hot! My friends, Alyssa and Jennifer, looked like total sluts! I couldn't wait to see how many guys would hit on us. Around this time the competition rose, because we stopped complimenting each other on how we looked and we didn't tell each other what sluts we looked like.

Clearly our nipples were pointing out from our tops and my shorts rode up so that the bottom of my butt cheeks showed. I guess now would be a good time to tell you how we look like. You can tell how I look from my picture, but not my friends! Only if you could see me with this outfit, I have 34 C cup boobs, a thin waist and flat stomach,:) and a cute butt, too! My friends all have pretty big boobs actually and we like to show off, Alyssa and Jennifer are blond, Jennifer has really big boobs! Alyssa's hair is cropped and shoulder length and Jennifer's is long and straight. They're really cute, too!

Well, it was time to go so we left my place to go to the frat house. Alyssa and Jennifer kept saying they were going to get wasted tonight. I felt a little insulted since Jennifer was driving and she was going to drink (a lot!) how were we going to get home? I could drive but I didn't want to just because Jennifer was going to responsible for herself and her friends.

Anyway, the frat we were going to was something Omega something, I don't know, they all sound the same. But we didn't know what kind of party it was or who was going to be there because the frat was not as recognized as others.

But frat parties were always fun, a lot of people and a lot of dancing. We were fashionably late (as always) and we were ready to have fun!

When we got there I was like 'Oh my god!' there were a lot of black guys, I mean a lot. (I would be saying that a lot all night long.) It was funny because Jennifer said the same thing. She said it kind of loud though and some guys turned around to look at us. I think we stood there for a while before we decided to go get some drinks. The music was all hip hop and the lights were low, a lot of black guys dancing with a lot of white girls.

'This is a weird party,' Alyssa said. We were all thinking the same thing. I looked around the room. All the girls were dressed like sluts, it looked like a rap video! I don't think I really cared for black guys and neither did Alyssa or Jennifer, but I wanted to dance so I just started moving towards the dance floor.

Those black guys were vultures! They were dancing around me in no time. I was a little scared and disgusted around these guys. They just started bumping and grinding me. (Gross!) I just wanted to dance.

Luckily Jennifer pulled me away from them, I felt grateful to her. She was my best friend and she looked out for me. There were a lot of other girls dancing and drinking and even more black guys crowding around them. Very soon we had our own group of black guys crowding around us trying to make us drink.

It was weird because Alyssa was easily accepting drinks from these guys even though it was totally obvious that they wanted to get her drunk. But there were like 6 black guys between me and her so I couldn't go over to her.

These black guys were huge. I mean, they were like big and bulky, some where fat but some where like body builders. The scene was definitely something out of a rap video.

We were there for maybe an hour and already I felt hands trying to get freebies on me. I felt little pinches here and there but I couldn't tell who it was, and even if I did, I don't think I would have done anything about it.

The place was crowded. I guess I was in the living room of the frat house, because there was a hallway and stairs but way too crowded to move.

I was dancing with Alyssa and Jennifer, but we weren't really dancing because it was too crowded. We went back to the bar because we thought dancing in the crowd was getting too hot.

Alyssa and Jennifer ordered cocktails but I just asked for a cranberry juice. I swear the black guy put something in my drink but there were so many distractions I couldn't really tell. Plus, he was being really slick when he said the drinks were on the house. I drank my spiked cranberry juice and returned to the dance floor.

This was when things turned out bad. I lost track of time and even worse, I lost track of Alyssa and Jennifer. I was just dancing and almost didn't notice the black guys I was dancing with.

Other than being completely black and massive, they were completely forgettable. My head started hurting and I started stumbling around, I think I was calling for Jennifer. The black guys held me up and started moving me to the hallway.

The cranberry juice was really strong I thought. (How silly.) I was losing focus fast and my head started really spinning. I swear the black guys got brave and grabbed my boobs to hold me up. I couldn't concentrate though, I could barely speak let alone fight them off.

I remember going up some stairs and then landing on a bed. I was conscious, I just didn't know what was happening. I also felt really weak.

I heard the door slam and a bunch of black guys started chuckling and snorting. I couldn't tell what they were saying.

The very next thing was big hands groping everywhere on my body. I kept calling for Jennifer. Something was on my mouth. I thought it was a hand, (now I know it wasn't) but it pushed into my mouth and it was really big. I guess they wanted to shut me up.

I could see hazily a big black guy standing over my head and I looked at what he put in my mouth. Obviously it was a big black cockhead. I saw his massive cock sticking out of my mouth and I realized I was sucking his cock.

'Oh my god!' I thought. There were hands all over, on my butt, my thighs, between my legs, my stomach, and of course, my breasts. Squeezing, groping, and fondling my boobs and pinching my nipples, I realized what they were going to do to me, but I couldn't do anything about it.

The next thing I knew I was holding onto 2 black cocks and I was naked. I didn't even know when they undressed me or when they took off their pants. I felt hands holding my ankles up in the air and something rubbing my pussy.

'Oh my god, I was about to have sex with a black guy!' I thought to myself. Actually I was going to have sex with 6 black guys.

I felt my pussy spread for his cock. It was a fat cockhead at my pussy was really tight. I mean, it was really, really thick. Oh my god was it big.

I could feel the bass thumping downstairs and it gave me a bigger headache. For some reason I liked sucking on his big cock. It was like sucking on a big Popsicle. I was getting really wet too so it felt good when he slid inside me.

All of a sudden things changed. They got rough with me. They started squeezing my nipples really hard and they forced me to swallow more cock. The black guy fucking me was doing it hard and rough, and it hurt.

The next thing I knew he was pumping in and out of my mouth, I was choking and coughing on it.

I don't know how but the big thing managed to slide down my throat. My gag reflex was suppressed and my cervix was being poked at on the other end. I couldn't believe I had black cock in my mouth and another one in my pussy!

The guy in my mouth felt like he was getting bigger and then he came in my throat. I had to swallow his cum but I couldn't taste it. It was thick though.

I was stroking two other cocks with my hands. When he pulled out of my mouth another cock started slapping my face. He was much rougher and grabbed my head and started pushing into my mouth hard.

The big black cock fucking my pussy was pumping harder and faster now and soon he came. There was a lot of cum, I felt hot inside. They flipped me over onto all fours and they lowered me on top of one guy.

In the back of my mind I imagined anal sex with big black cock and at the moment I thought I was going to get it. Some guy had his cock behind my butt and I knew I was going to take it up the ass.

'Oh my god, I was being fucked in my mouth, my pussy, and my ass!' I couldn't believe I was taking 3 black guys inside me and 3 more guys stood stroking themselves and groping and fondling me.

These guys had really big cocks, I felt so full from having one of each in my pussy and in my butt. I saw KY jelly on the nightstand so the guy must have put some on before he put it in my ass. Things got pretty sloppy.

I came really hard from the gangbang. I think I passed out at one point but that didn't stop them from fucking me. I was filthy and filled with cum and I was sore everywhere. When I woke up no one was in the room. I quickly cleaned up in the bathroom and got dressed. When I got downstairs people were still dancing as if nothing happened. I guess I wasn't the only one in those rooms.

I still felt lightheaded but better than before. Somehow I found Alyssa and Jennifer, and they told me they were looking all over for me. I told them I was just sitting down in the back.

When we finally left the party I cried and told them what happened. Let's just say they told me some things as well.

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