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Interracial Surprise


I was trying to surprise my wife. I had been away in Chicago on business and I manage to wrap things up a day early so I caught a flight from O'Hare that arrived at Regan National around 8pm. Traffic was light and I rolled into my Northern Virginia driveway a few ticks before 9pm ready to enjoy some alone time with my wife.

There was an unfamiliar car in front of the neighbor's house but that wasn't unusual since they were always entertaining, even on Thursday nights. The lights were out downstairs as I entered the house but I could hear the television on upstairs in the bedroom.

I could hear voices as I approached my bedroom door and the unmistakable sounds of sex. I assumed Cindy had dipped into our stash of porno DVDs for some alone time of her own.

'How to handle this,' I wondered. I quietly stripped my clothes off in the hall and silently cracked the door to peer inside.

I expected to see my wife alone in bed diddling herself to Jenna Jameson or Belladonna but what I saw was something very different.

My short chubby eastern European wife was naked on the bed. Her thick alabaster legs were spread wide with her knees up by her ears as a large milk chocolate colored man plunged his dick into her.

I wanted to burst through the door and announce my presence with authority and anger but I froze. I watched with a keen interest as my wife had sex with another man.

Cindy looked so sexy in the throws of passion. Her big 36c cup tits bounced as her lover thrust his cock into her pussy. She panted and moaned as he thrust his dick into her at a dizzying pace. She cried out a series of unintelligible words and her body quivered.

"I'm cumming," my wife groaned loudly as she dug her nails into the wide muscled back of her dark skinned lover. He slowed his pace and let Cindy ride the waves of pleasure as he continued to fuck her.

I reached down and touched my dick. It was almost achingly hard and I wrapped my fist around it as I watched them.

My wife's climax subsided and her chocolate lover resumed his relentless attack on her wet pussy.

I could hear the squishy wet sounds as his dick pistoned into my wife's cunt.

"Harder," Cindy panted, "don't stop."

My wife's lover pounded his cock into her pussy as she approached a second orgasm. Cindy had never had multiple orgasms with me and in fact I had never been able to make her cum without rubbing or licking her clit.

"Yes baby," Cindy hissed as another powerful orgasm shook her body. She wrapped her legs around his muscular ass and pulled him deep inside her as her body quivered and quaked. His big dark hands mauled her pale while tits until her climax subsided.

Cindy's chocolate lover didn't miss a beat. He pulled his dick from her quivering pussy and pulled her to her knees.

Cindy wrapped her small hands around his cock as I secretly watched them. His dick was enormous and it dwarfed my wife's hands. She lowered her mouth to his eight inch rod and licked her juices from the glistening shaft.

"Clean my cock," he ordered. His deep voice boomed with a thick Jamaican accent.

Cindy noisily sucked and slurped on her lover's massive cock. She tried desperately to stuff it all down her throat but gagged from her attempt.

I stroked my dick as I watched my wife noisily lick and suck her juices from her lover's cock.

"You like tasting your cunt on my dick don't you?" He asked in a deep baritone. His words were coarse and vulgar and my wife appeared to enjoy them.

"Mmm hmm," Cindy moaned, "but not as much as love swallowing your cum." Cindy had never swallowed my cum in 15 years of marriage and I was shocked to hear her desire.

Cindy's lover turned her around and rubbed his big drooling cock over her swollen pussy lips.

"You want it?" He asked.

"Yes," Cindy hissed.

"You want it bad?" He teased as he continued to smear precum over her needy pussy.

"Yes, I need it," Cindy begged as he sank just the head of his huge 8" monster into her wet pussy.

"Please, fuck me," my wife begged her dark muscular lover.

He plunged his dick deep inside her and slapped her ass hard.

"Oh god," Cindy grunted, "I love your cock."

Cindy's lover fucked her hard, doggy style, as he repeatedly slapped her big white ass. She never liked when I slapped her ass but when her big black lover did it she seemed to love it.

I stroked my dick as Cindy's lover fucked her hard and fast. She buried her face in her pillows. "Fuck meee," she cried out loudly as she came a third time.

"I'm getting close," he grunted as sweat dripped from his dark skin. "Where do you want it?"

"Cum in my pussy," Cindy hissed as she pushed back to meet her lover's powerful thrusts. I knew she wasn't on the pill and her plea scared me.

"Fill me up baby, cum inside me baby. I need to feel your hot cum in my wet cunt," Cindy pleaded.

My wife's black lover grunted and groaned as he came inside her. He buried his giant dick deep inside her womb and deposited his thick creamy seed as I watched.

He pulled his big dick from my wife's pussy and she quickly spun around. Cindy took his dripping cum glazed dick into her small hands. She enthusiastically licked and sucked his cock until she had cleaned every drop of juice off his big black fuck stick.

The sight of my prim and proper wife licking cum from a muscular athletic black man's cock was wildly erotic and couldn't hold back anymore. I bit my lip to stay silent as I dropped a huge batch of man goo onto the carpet outside my bedroom. I continued to watch them as I quietly put my clothes on.

They lay back on the bed as my wife idly fingered her cum filled pussy.

"I love feeling your cum inside me," my wife said softly.

"You'd better take a morning after pill tomorrow or you might end up with a little black baby in nine months," her lover mused. "That might be hard to explain to your husband."

"Fuck him," Cindy said sharply, "That cheating little dicked fucker. I'd love to see his face when I squeeze out your black baby. That'd teach him to keep his little pecker out of those young sluts."

Her words stung but they were true. For eleven months I'd carried on a torrid affair with a woman ten years my junior. When I had ended it the 25 year old girl called my wife and told her everything. Cindy had taken me back but the road to recovery had been long and three years later she had finally appeared to trust me again. Why she trusted me was suddenly clear.

I quietly slipped out the front door to contemplate my next move. I drove around the corner at sat in my car. My mind was racing. The visions of my wife being fucked by a well endowed black guy were amazingly erotic and I felt blood fill my spent cock. I wanted to jerk off again to the images of my wife fucking her black lover.

An hour after I left my house I saw Cindy's lover's car drive away. I waited another twenty minutes and drove home.

The house was completely dark and I could hear Cindy sleeping as I walked into my bedroom. I quietly pulled my clothes off and slipped into bed next to my wife.

Cindy woke up as I spooned up behind her. "Hey baby," she mewed, "you're home early." She was a smooth liar and I wondered how long she'd been unfaithful.

"I wrapped up early and caught a 7:30pm flight out of Chicago," I replied. Images of Cindy in bed with her big strong lover flashed through my mind and my cock began to grow. I slid my arm around my wife and moved my hand down her thick curvy body.

Cindy tensed as my fingers slid over her freshly shaved recently fucked pussy.

"No," she whispered, "I'm sleepy."

I kissed her neck and eased my fingers into her sloppy pussy. "You're so wet," I said excitedly.

"Mmm," Cindy coo'd as my insistent fingers rubbed her clit. She parted her legs granting me unfettered access to her cum filled pussy.

I rubbed her clit as my 5 1/2" dick pressed against the small of her back.

Cindy rolled onto her back. Our lips met in a soft kiss. I started to move on top of her but she stopped me. "Not yet," she moaned softly, "first I get mine."

I knew exactly what she wanted. It was a running joke between us that unless I licked Cindy's clit before we fucked she didn't get to climax.

Cindy sat up and guided me onto my back. It was also her contention that she came hardest when she sat on my face.

The idea of fucking my wife after I had just witnessed her fucking her big black lover was a turn on but I certainly didn't want to lick her cum filled pussy. I had no way to back out short of admitting I had watched her fuck another man and I cringed as Cindy straddled my face.

I couldn't see much in the dark room but I could smell her arousal as she lowered her pussy to my mouth.

"Oh baby," Cindy coo'd as she ground her cum filled pussy against my mouth. "I am so wet."

My tongue flicked out and I tasted her pussy. It was certainly different than usual. It was saltier but it was not unpleasant and I started to lick with more enthusiasm. I felt a gob of thick goo fall into my mouth and I quick swallowed it.

Cindy came fast and hard as I flicked my tongue over her swollen clit. Cum continued to spill from her hole into my mouth as I ate her pussy. She ground her wet pussy against my mouth until her climax subsided.

Cindy flopped down on the bed and I rolled on top of her soft, thick body. My cock slid effortlessly into her sopping wet pussy.

I thrust my dick into Cindy's stretched out wet hole as she lay silently beneath me. I could feel my cum boiling in my loins.

"I'm gonna cum," I moaned as I passed the point of no return.

"Not inside me baby," Cindy said firmly. "Cum on my tummy."

I pulled my dick from her sloppy wet cunt and wrapped my fist around it. I stroked it furiously until I started to cum.

"I saw you," Cindy said and cum flew from my dick.

"What," I stammered as my dick continued to spew hot cum onto my wife's chest and stomach.

"I saw you in the door watching John fuck me. Did you enjoy watching him plow my cunt with his great big cock." She spoke slowly and emphasized the last three words.

I didn't know what to say so I said nothing.

"Don't sit there with that dumb assed grin on your face. I saw you in the door watching John fuck me and I know you jerked your dick while you watched."

"Uh, yeah," I stammered.

"Did you like licking his sauce from my pussy," Cindy teased. "He tastes good doesn't he?"

"What," I asked. I was dumfounded and in shock.

"You ate my pussy and it was full of his cum. Not just from the time you watched us either. He fucked me all week. Twice today. He's stopping by tomorrow morning before work too," Cindy continued. "So you will either have to leave before he gets here or hide in the closet. Judging by the enthusiasm you showed eating my cum filled cunt you are probably used to being in the closet."

Cindy continued to deride me until she grew tired of it and rolled over. 'I'm going to sleep. I need my rest for my morning fuck."

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