Interview With The Bimbo Ch. 04


"So a bimbo's thoughts originate from a completely different part of the brain to other people's?"

"It's ironic isn't it? That to live as a bimbo actually requires using more of the brain than to lead a normal intelligent life."

"What else did they find out?"

"My blood is different also?"

"How Different?"

"It contains chemicals not present in blood like yours which is again due to secretions from the brain; it is how my body is able to be permanently under the control my bimbo mind. The Venus scientists carried out some tests injecting my blood into mice and found that both males and females began to elicit highly sexualised behaviour soon after, however it naturally wore off after a few hours. To cause permanent behavioural change required isolating the chemical in the blood and injecting it directly into the brain."

"So they created bimbo mice?"

"Not just mice. Further tests showed similar effects on dogs, monkeys and people."

"They used human test subjects?!"

"There are always women waiting to be made into bimbos in Chrystal Heights. You just put out a few fliers offering free tea and chocolate to anyone wanting to try out a new bimbo drug and the next morning there were applicants queuing up outside. Nobody ever asks any questions about why this is the case.

"The point was though that they discovered that an injection of my blood had temporary bimbifying properties due to it containing trace amounts of the chemical my brain secretes to keep me under control. Once the doctors were able to isolate and manufacture this chemical, they found that the resulting formula's effects were much more permanent."

"So in trying to cure you, Venus Industries only succeeded in creating newer ways to make more bimbos?"

"Not Quite. Three years into my time there, they were to make one major breakthrough: A vaccination."


"Yes. Venus's Scientists were able to create a counter-reactant that could effectively immunise and protect the bimbo-receptive part of the brain, if administered before the subject had had any contact with what they dubbed the 'Bimbo Hormone'.

"So they could prevent bimbification but not reverse it?"

"Exactly, once an unvaccinated subject is injected with the Bimbo Hormone the effects on the brain are permanent short of high-risk brain surgery and personally, as bad as my situation may be, I would always take mindless slut over brainless zombie any day of the week."

"So even though you never found a cure, it looks like you helped achieve a lot of good at Venus Industries."

Annabelle saw Lulu's expression change. So far and despite all of the horror stories she had retold, Lulu had remained cheerful in her demeanour. For the first time, there appeared to be an air of sadness in the bimbo's voice.

"I wish I could say that. Sadly there is a fine line between love and obsession. And obsession proceeded to destroy all the good we had achieved in the first three years of research."

"What happened?"

"We fell in love."

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