tagNovels and NovellasIntimacy With Friends Ch. 06

Intimacy With Friends Ch. 06


Week after week of the summer was going by. Clara gave Eric her work schedule so he would know which days she was not working. He would mow her yard and visit her during the day for sex. John would be at work while Clara and Eric could enjoy leisurely sex in private. Joan was still working five days each week. Eric was seeing her most every evening except Friday evenings when she was visited by her older man friend. Sometimes Eric stayed overnight with her.

Eric always went over to Clara and John's house each Saturday evening. John insisted on bring Joan even though he knew Eric and Joan were practically living together. By picking her up and bringing her back to the house gave him the excuse to later take her home and spend more time with her in the apartment. Eric was not happy about that, but Joan was going along with John's desires. John felt he wanted to be in private with her to tell her how beautiful and sexy she was. He would tell her in so many ways he wanted to have her as his private mistress. He felt he was really in love with her, but never did say it directly. Joan was always appreciative of his feelings for her. She liked the many complements about her sexiness, beauty and character. All these things John could not say in front of Clara, his wife.

The summer was over. College was about to start. Eric and Joan packed their belongings and drove to the college town to move into the apartment. Eric's roommate, Phil, was already in the apartment when they arrived.

Eric said, "Phil, this is Joan, the girl I told you about."

Phil smiled, "Gosh, how did you get such a beautiful girl like her? She is welcome to live here with us. I've taken my old bedroom, giving you yours."

The apartment's floor plan didn't give Joan much chance for privacy. There was one large living room combined with a kitchenette. The living room had desks for doing homework. There was no hallway as the two bedrooms and bath doors all opened from the living room. When Joan or anyone else went from the bedroom to the bath, they had to walk through the living room. Homework was necessary each evening and all three would be in the living room at their desks. Eric and Joan usually took showers before going to bed. That meant Joan would undress in the bedroom and be scantily dressed going through the living room for the shower and back again. Eric and Joan had sex nearly ever evening before going to sleep. They had to keep their noise level down to keep from disturbing Phil.

During the first couple of weeks, Phil made joking comments about hearing them having sex. Eric and Joan laughed with him about it. He also said he got so turned on he had to go whack himself before he could settle down to continue his homework.

Joan always told him, "Go find a girl for yourself, then you wouldn't have to whack it."

One time Joan had gone to the shower and forgot her towel. She opened the bathroom door and asked Phil to hand her a towel. She opened the door wider than she should when he handed the towel and saw her naked. Another time when she walked through the living room, she had an article of clothing wrapped around her and dropped it. Phil got another eyeful.

One evening Eric and Joan had sex and both were scantily dressed to go the bathroom to clean up. As they came back out of the bathroom, Phil jokingly told them he heard them have sex and he had to whack off again or go crazy.

Joan said, "Did you ever find a girl."

"No, I'm so busy with my studies and I work part time, I don't have time to date."

She could see a big bulge in his pajamas even through he was sitting down.

Joan responded, "I feel sorry for you. You seem to be such a nice guy. Eric and I like you and we three get along good together."

Eric was wondering where this conversation was leading.

Joan smiled as she looked at Eric, "What do you think?"

Eric now realized what she was asking him to consider. They both liked Phil and he needed relief. He knew it must be hell for him to hear all the sex noises in the apartment and see Joan half naked walk to the bathroom to clean up. Eric then gave Joan an affirmative nod.

She looked at Phil, "Alright Phil, we've caused you to get excited and whack off many times. We're sorry. When you whack off, are you thinking of me?"

Phil blushed and meekly said, "Yes".

"Are you visualizing any particular position we're in when you do?"

Phil was so embarrassed he didn't answer.

"What I mean is, are we in a position where you have your cock in me or am I doing you with my mouth?"

Phil looked at Eric and back at Joan, then said, "I'm sorry, I meant no harm to you when I think of you. You are so beautiful."

Joan paused and looked at Phil, then at Eric, and back to Phil.

"I'm going to make it up to you for all the misery I've put you through."

She was wearing a thin nightie and was carrying a towel to help cover her. She dropped the towel. She leaned over to pick up the hem of her nightie. As she did, her breasts were exposed to Phil. She pulled up her nightie over her head to be standing in front of Phil completely naked. Phil stared and his jaw dropped. He could hardly believe what he was seeing.

She said, "Alright, Phil, take off your pajama bottoms and come over here by the couch."

She got up on her knees on the couch facing the back. She bent over to expose her pussy and ass to both Eric and Phil.

She said, "OK, Phil, here it is for you. I'm already juicy, so you should easily get it all the way in."

Phil quickly dropped his pajama bottoms letting his rock hard cock stick straight out and up. Eric watched Phil walk up behind Joan and enter his cock. With one long plunge he was all the way in. She was very juicy since Eric had just deposited cum in her. He started pounding her as she braced herself with her hands on the back of the couch. Phil plunged a half dozen times then yelled and shot his cum in her. Eric handed them some tissues to catch the cum so that it would not soil the couch.

Joan said, "That didn't take long and now you don't have to whack yourself tonight. Isn't that much better than whacking while thinking of me. Before you start whacking tomorrow night, let me know."

Phil went to bed in his room. He tried to sleep but kept thinking about his encounter with Joan. He had to pinch himself to know he was not dreaming. Sleep would not come. He kept remembering the event that just happened. He remembered how surprised he was to see her bare butt waiting for him to step forward and enter his cock. He should have taken his time and eased it in and slowly went back and forth to make it last longer. He could have looked down to see his cock spreading her pussy lips. He rushed too much and it was all over in a minute. Next time, if there was a next time, he would go slower to enjoy it more. While he was thinking of this, he was feeling his cock. He knew he could never get any sleep with it this hard. He decided there was no alternative but to whack it.

The next morning the three were out of bed, in and out of the bathroom, and sat for breakfast. Conversation was normal and nothing was said about last night. They all left for classes. Phil had a difficult time concentrating on the professors' lectures. His mind drifted to what happened last night. He remembered she said something like, "If you need to whack it, let me know." Did she mean he could fuck her most anytime he got a hard on and needed relief? She can't mean that because he would want her all the time. What does Eric really think about the situation? Eric seemed to get a thrill from watching him fuck her. He remembered he said he thought of her when he whacked. Her response was to ask if he dreamed of his cock in her or in her mouth. Did that mean she would be willing to suck him off? He knew if she invited him again, he would take his time and enjoy it more. These thoughts were going around and around in his mind all day.

That night all three were busy with homework. Phil kept glancing at Joan. She finally put her books away, went to the bedroom, then walked through the living room to the bathroom. She usually had herself fairly well covered, but this time she was practically naked. She had decided there wasn't much use in going to the trouble of covering up anymore since her encounter with Phil last night. Phil's eyes nearly popped out as he watched her walk across the floor.

After her shower she dropped all pretense in covering up and smiled at Phil as she walked naked back to the bedroom. She liked the idea that her nakedness would turn him on. That way he would be very hard when she was ready to satisfy his sexual needs. He watch her shapely bare breasts jiggle as she walked. His boner was really hard. Eric showered and joined Joan in the bedroom. They had sex and decided it was not a problem to make all the noise they wanted. Phil heard the moaning and the final loud climatic noise. He had his hand on his cock and needed relief in a bad way. He wondered, were they trying to torment him, or would she come out to see him. Joan and Eric walked across the room to the bathroom to clean up.

She looked at Phil and said, "You are next."

A big relieving smile came across Phil's face. He watched as she came out of the bathroom completely nude.

She said, "I'm nice and clean, but you haven't showered as yet. That's all right, we'll do like we did last night."

She moved over to the couch to position herself like she did the previous night. Phil stepped out of his pajamas and went to her.

Eric just smiled at him, "Go ahead, give it to her."

Phil kept his eyes on her pussy as he slowly stepped forward with his cock in his hand. He moved it up and down her slit, then slightly entered her hole. He backed out and went a little deeper to watch her pussy spread. He looked down at her ass and felt like he wanted to insert a finger. He didn't dare, because he didn't want to upset her if she didn't like it. He could see her juices shining on his cock as he pulled back. Then he rammed all the way in. He had his hands at the side of her butt, but decided to lean forward far enough for his hands to reach her breasts. They felt so nice as he massaged them and tweaked her nipples. He straighten back up to clasp her butt as he started back and forth movements. He didn't want to rush, but he didn't want Joan to be too bored waiting for him to cum. He fucked her as long as he dared, then speeded up to shoot several spurts in her. Joan wiggled her butt to make it feel better for him.

When he pulled out, she said, "I think you really enjoyed that more than you did last night. It took you longer. That's alright, I want you to be satisfied."

Phil went to bed, but not to sleep. Before he could sleep, he had to whack off while he reminisced about watching his cock going back and forth in Joan's pussy.

The next day in classes, Phil had a difficult time keeping his mind on the class subject. He wondered what she meant when she said she was clean and he had not showered. He had fucked her without his body being blended into her very much. His front had just bumped up against her butt. If he had a shower, would she melt her body into his. Maybe she would suck his cock if he was clean. He decided he would take a shower while Eric and Joan were having sex, then he would have a clean body if she should decide to have sex with him.

The evening ritual went as usual. Eric and Joan had showered. Joan showed off her naked body as she went to the shower and back to the bedroom. Phil took a shower while the two were having sex. He was back in the living room sitting on the couch with just a towel over his shoulder. He heard the final groans and moans coming from the bedroom. After Joan and Eric cleaned up in the bathroom and came in the living room.

She smiled at Phil, "Guess you heard what was going on. I see you have showered tonight. I like cleanliness. Looks as if your manhood is showing ready for action. I'll see what I can do about that."

She got down on her knees on the floor in front of him and took his cock in her hand.

"This is the first time I've really seen what you have. This is nice. Your head is much bigger than most I've seen and I like that. It should be a big mouth full."

She leaned down and swirled her tongue round the big head, then took the head in her mouth. She let his cock slip out of her mouth as she said, "This is nice. I like it."

She cupped his balls, licked up and down the side of his cock, then took it in her mouth as far as she could. Phil's cock jerked a couple times in response to the feeling. She started working back and forth, occasionally pulling back to lick around the head. Phil wanted to make it last as long as he could but he knew it wouldn't be long before he would explode. Explode he did with his cock jerking and jumping as he filled Joan's mouth with cum. She pulled back with just the head in her mouth and used her hand to jack him until she had drained him. Phil and Eric watched while she continued to consume his cum.

Eric, Joan and Phil were getting along just fine living together. They had sex nearly every night. After a couple of weeks, Phil was getting used to the idea that he could fuck Joan on a regular basis. He could now settle down to concentrate on his studies. Joan made herself available to satisfy Phil. They didn't go in for kissing and foreplay. She either sucked him off or let him deposit his cum in her. She did have an orgasm with him occasionally, but usually Eric had already given her enough orgasms to satisfy her before Phil fucked her. She just wanted to keep him happy in their small apartment where there was very little privacy. The weeks went by until it was nearly Christmas.

Eric and Joan said goodbye to Phil as they packed their car for the Christmas holidays. Eric's parents were glad to see them when they arrived home. His parents knew they were living together at college and agreed they could share his old bedroom together. Joan's parents were not that open minded, but they did visit with them during the holidays. Clara heard Eric and Joan were home and came over to see them. When Clara had the chance, she whispered to Joan that they should come over to visit them tomorrow night at eight. Joan said she and Eric would like that.

The next night, Eric and Joan walked next door. Clara and John invited them in. John gave Joan a big sexy kiss which didn't surprise her. Joan knew that John was fascinated with her. She remembered he once wanted her to be his own private mistress. She liked John and she liked sex with him too, but she could never be just his mistress. She expected he would like to have sex with her in private tonight. She didn't mind because he always complemented her on her beauty and sexiness.

Drinks were served and small talk was made. After the second drink, John took Joan's hand and pulled her to her feet. She knew what he wanted. He started leading her to the hall way.

She turned around and said to Eric and Clara, "We will see you in a little while. You two have as much fun as we will."

Clara and Eric watched them go down the hall and into the master bedroom. This is what they used to do.

Once in the room, John said, "I've missed you so much. I want to kiss you and possess you even if it is just for a short time. You are the most beautiful girl and the sexiest girl I know."

John started removing Joan's clothes one article at a time. She liked the complements and kissed him long and sexy. After he had removed her last article of clothing, he stood back to view her.

He commented, "You're gorgeous. I want you."

He laid her on the bed and put his head at her crotch. She moaned with pleasure as he licked and sucked her pussy. He moved back a little so that he could insert one, then two fingers. He finger fucked her and occasionally sucked on her clit. He got up to remove his clothes. They were in bed for a long time having sex in a variety of positions. He continued to tell her how much she meant to him and complemented her on her sexiness and beauty. She loved to hear him say these things. There was something about John wanting to possess her completely that turned her on. She wanted to please him anyway she could. Whatever he wanted to do to her, she would try her best to comply. She completely submitted her body to him.

Eric and Clara watched their mates disappear in the master bedroom. Clara said, "Have you been seeing any naked girls lately, except for Joan?"

"No, I haven't, but I remember you were the first completely naked girl I ever saw. I want to thank you again for that. I will always like to see your naked body, you can really turn me on that way. You have such a beautiful shape and your breasts are so nice."

She responded, "Thanks for the complements. I like to give you a good show. Take a good look at my breasts as I take off my blouse."

She quickly removed her blouse and was not wearing a bra. Eric leaned toward her to kiss her breasts.

She said, "I'm wearing a short skirt without panties. I like to do that so I can show off."

She got up to sit in a chair opposite Eric. She sat in a position with her short skirt riding up high on her legs. She uncrossed her legs and crossed them the other way. Of course, she hesitated long enough before she crossed them again to give Eric a good show.

She commented, "Did you see my pussy? I like to do that in restaurants and cocktail lounges. I notice men will watch and hope I will change the crossing of my legs again."

Eric responded, "You are a beautiful exhibitionist. I like to see you completely naked. Let's go in the other bedroom for you to give me a show. Eric stripped off and got on the bed while he watched Clara unsnap her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She posed and watched Eric's cock grow hard. She bent over and backed her butt toward Eric to show him her pussy and ass.

She reached around to spread her pussy lips and said, "Wouldn't you like to put your cock in this?"

He said, "Come over here and give me a kiss."

Their lips locked in a long sexy kiss. They moved into a six nine position to stay that way for quite a while. They played around with some other positions until they both had orgasms.

After they sat up in bed, she said, "John still likes privacy with Joan. I don't understand why, but as long as I have your hard cock, he can have his privacy with her."

They heard the commode in the master bedroom. Eric assumed Joan was cleaning up the cum John had deposited in her. Clara and Eric went into the bedroom to join them. John was sitting on the side of the bed, his cock very soft. No doubt, Joan had done wonders to his cock because he looked well satisfied.

Eric looked at Joan as she came out of the bathroom, "Are you alright?"

She smiled, "Yes, I'm alright, John and I just had fantastic orgasms."

She looked at John and his small cock, "I think I satisfied him for right now. I believe he really likes to fuck me. I'm flattered. Give him a few minutes and I'll wear him down some more."

Everyone laughed. The two girls got on the bed together. Clara said, "It's been quite a while, hasn't it Joan."

Joan and Clara held a long kiss. Joan turned around and started kissing Clara's breasts. Joan's breasts were right in front of Clara's face for her to kiss. Joan moved on down to kiss Clara's pussy. Clara rolled Joan up on top of her to continue the six nine position. Both John and Eric remained quiet as they watched and listened to the two girls now and then make sucking and slurping noises. John's cock was beginning to rejuvenate and Eric's cock was rock hard while they watched the girls. The girls finally gave each other orgasms along with a lot of vocalization. John could hardly wait to get Joan on his side of the bed for more sex.

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