tagNovels and NovellasIntimacy With Friends Ch. 11

Intimacy With Friends Ch. 11


They arrived that afternoon to find Donna and Doug in the apartment. They had already moved in. Donna had just made another pot of coffee to serve everyone. Eric noticed they seemed right at home. They sat around the first evening together to become more acquainted. They talked about the bathroom being a bottleneck and decided on some procedures. At night during study time, each person would take a turn for the shower and prepare for bed. Everyone could keep working at their desk until it was their turn for the bathroom, then go back to their desk. By actual bedtime, every one would have their lessons done and be in their night clothes. Since Donna did not have lessons to prepare, she said she would do more of the housework and she liked to read..

That night everyone was very careful to be decently clothed going back and forth to the bathroom. Soon everyone was in bed. Eric and Joan knew the bedroom walls were thin so they tried to be as quite as possible during sex. Doug and Donna were not aware they could be heard. Eric and Joan could hear all their vocalization and even what they said when they talked in a normal tone of voice. They heard Doug describing how he was going to fuck Donna and when he was going to cum. Doug seemed to do a lot of talking while having sex. They heard her moan a lot and then she often emitted a mixture of a yell and scream combined. Eric and Joan thought it was rather humorous.

The next morning, Donna was off to work while the other three went to classes. That night after dinner, the ritual started with the showers and studies, then it was time again for sex. Everyone was well covered up with robes that night while they were around each other in the living area.

By the end of the first month, their friendship was blossoming. They no longer were concerned with robes and uncomfortable clothing after their showers. The two guys roamed around in just their pajama bottoms and the girls both wore nighties which usually left little guess work about their shapely bodies. Eric often saw Donna with a bright light back of her which allowed him to see through her legs. She had one nighty that just about exposed her nipples. He knew Doug could see Joan the same way. Eric assumed the girls knew it and didn’t mind. The guys were enjoying the view.

Eric and Joan went shopping one day to buy Joan another nighty to replace her old nearly worn out one. Eric insisted she should get a short one to show her long shapely legs. Joan agreed because she liked to look sexy, but insisted it could not be see through material because she would be wearing in it front of Doug.

That night after Joan’s shower, she walked in the living room to show off her new purchase.

Doug had to whistle and jokingly said, “How do you expect me to study when you are wearing that?”

Eric was proud of her sex appeal in her new outfit. Donna said she must get one too. That night after going to bed, Eric and Joan could hear Doug making more noise than usual.

Eric whispered to Joan, “See what you did to Doug by wearing that short nighty? It probably really turned him on.”

A few nights later after everyone had showers and was about ready for bed, Donna said, “Oh, I forgot to go to the store today. We need to buy some things for breakfast.”

They always grocery shopped during the day, now it was night. Either Eric or Joan always went to the store with Donna to pick out what they wanted. Eric said he would get dressed to go with Donna to keep the thugs from bothering her.

Now Doug and Joan were all alone in the apartment in their night clothing. Doug looked longingly at Joan sitting at her desk. Her short nighty had ridden up on her butt and he could see all her shapely legs. Her breasts were pushing out her nighty. He was undressing her in his mind. He cock became very hard. They had lightly touched or bumped into each other during the past few weeks, but nothing ever suggested sex. Eric and Donna had been gone for quite a while and he expected them back momentarily.

Joan got up to get a drink of water in the kitchenette. There was a bright light in the kitchen which allowed Doug to see between her legs all the way up to her crotch. He couldn’t resist and went to join her standing in the kitchen. He walked up beside her to put his arm around her waist.

He said, “Joan, I don’t know if you know it, but you are driving me crazy wearing that nighty. It makes me want to feel between your legs.”

He squeezed his arm around her waist a little tighter. There, he had said it. Would she slap him? Would this break up their friendship?

She turned to face him, “Doug, I’ve had several men feel between my legs in the past. If that is what you want to do, then do it. I don’t mind.”

Doug was expecting the worst and could hardly believe she said that. She tilted her lips up to him to share a sexy kiss. She could feel his hard cock punching her body. He moved one hand down to feel her pussy. This turned him on even more. Joan was juicy which allowed him to easily enter a finger. He rubbed her clit causing her breath to become irregular.

She softly said, “That feels good, but Eric and Donna will be entering the door any time now. We have to quit.”

Joan suggested they sit back down at their desks as if nothing had happened. She wanted the other two to see them that way when they came in the door. Joan asked Doug if he and Donna had ever shared sex with another couple. He said they did with some good friends a few times, but they graduated and left. Joan told him maybe they can work something out. Doug was ecstatic to think he could get in bed with Joan. He thought she was super sexy.

That night in bed, Joan told Eric what had happened while he and Donna were gone. Eric admitted he had been looking at Donna in her scantily clad body at night and wished he could explore her body too. He was eagerly willing to share sex with them.

The next morning everyone was up and the rush was on for the bathroom and breakfast for everyone to leave. Nothing was said about last night. Joan and Eric did wonder if Doug had discussed the situation with Donna.

Since this was Friday night and there was no school tomorrow, the books were set aside for the evening. Doug talked to Eric in private and told him that Donna was willing to share. She felt as if Eric was no longer a stranger but a true friend she could be intimate with. Eric noticed Joan and Donna in the kitchenette in a low voice talking to each other and assumed they were doing the planning.

The two girls walked in the living room area and said they had an announcement.

“First we are going to prepare a light dinner with wine. You guys go out and buy the wine while we prepare dinner. After that we’ll have more to drink and let the evening progress.”

The guys agreed and went out the door.

While walking to and from the wine store, the two guys gave each other tips on what their girls liked. Eric explained that Joan always liked to explore a man’s cock with her mouth, especially if it is the first time she is with the man. Otherwise, she liked a variety of positions and usually had two orgasms in one evening. He explained that Joan liked complements while having sex and tries extra hard to satisfy her lover.

Doug explained that he usually determined the position to take, but Donna liked positions she could be in control such as riding his cock. Orgasms came easy for Donna and she often had several in one evening. Licking her clit was like a bolt of lightening to her. She liked him to talk to her while having sex. Use explicit words telling her what you are doing and you want her to do. It seems to turn her on more. Eric remembered hearing Doug through the wall talking to her.

The guys returned to see the girls had changed to a blouse and skirt. They looked much sexier showing their shapely legs than wearing old jeans. Evidently they had removed their bras because their breasts bounced when they walked. The guys wondered if they had removed their panties, too. Eric assumed the girls had told each other about what kind of sex their mates liked.

They served wine while the girls were putting the finishing touches to dinner. Doug proposed a simple toast, “May we always be good friends and may our intimate relationship be pleasurable to all.”

After dinner more wine was served. They sat down with the guys pairing off with the opposite girl. Eric put his wine glass down and placed his arm around Donna. He pulled her to him for a kiss. She opened her mouth wide for their tongues to fully mesh. They held it for a long time as their tongues continued to search for sexual bliss. That was one of the sexiest kisses Eric had in a long time. His cock was now very hard. He reached under her blouse to feel her breasts. He thought they were a little larger than Joan’s breasts. Doug had watch the other couple and now was kissing Joan and feeling her breasts. He remembered having his finger in her yesterday and was eager to do it again. Doug moved his hand onto Joan’s legs, then slid on up to feel her pussy. Yes, she had removed her panties. Joan was very wet as his finger slid right in.

Joan said, “I like for us to be clean before we get in bed. Before we go any further, let’s shower.” She got up and tugged Doug to his feet to lead him to the shower. They quickly shed their clothes and prepared to step in the shower. The bathroom door was wide open for Eric and Donna to see them naked. Eric indicated that he and Donna should take a shower too after the others got out to dry off. While they were waiting, Eric removed each article of Donna’s clothes and then she helped him shed his. Eric was now looking at her shapely naked body. He moved his hand to touch her clit causing her body to quiver.

She slightly moaned, “Be careful with that, I am very sensitive to your touch.”

Doug and Joan were soaping and washing each other. This was the first time to be this intimate and they seemed to want to fully explore each other’s body. As they stepped out of the shower, Eric and Donna got in the shower. This left plenty of room in the bathroom for Doug and Joan to towel each other off.

Doug took Joan by the hand to lead her into his bedroom. Joan reminisced, she had been in this bed only one time and that was when she gave Phil an all night graduation gift. Now this was her second time and she was with another man for the first time.

Eric and Donna took plenty of time to soap and wash in the shower because no one was waiting to get in. Donna took special care to wash Eric’s cock and commented she liked it. Every time Eric touched her clit, her body trembled or flinched and she moaned a little. He had to be careful. After they had dried off and went into the living room, they did not see Joan and Doug. They went into Eric’s bedroom. Eric knew it would be difficult for the four of them to be in one of the standard size beds.

Doug kissed Joan’s mouth and breasts when they first got on the bed. Then Doug remembered that Eric told him Joan would like to explore his cock with her mouth. He rolled her on top of him in the six nine position. Joan was hoping they would try this position early. Now she had her hand on Doug’s cock right in front of her eyes.

Doug’s cock seemed to be very hard. She licked on the head to taste him. She was pleased with it so far. Then she licked all around the head and top part of his shaft measuring the size. She liked it. Then she went up and down the full length of his shaft from the head to his balls. That was nice too. She lifted his balls in her hand and ran her tongue around on them. Very good she thought. She sucked part of his scrotum in her mouth. Then she summed up her thoughts and decided she had a real stud in bed with her. She was going to enjoy the night with him.

While Joan was exploring Doug’s cock, he was licking and kissing her pussy. He liked the feeling she was giving him down below, but he was enjoying playing and licking her pussy. He ran his finger up and down the crease of her ass, then entered one finger. He left it in her ass as he continued to lick and suck her pussy.

When Eric took Donna in his bedroom, he took her in his arms and kissed her. He thought her wide open mouth kisses were very sexy and wanted more. Their tongues kept prodding and rubbing against each other as they seemed to devour each other. Since she liked to kiss like that, he wondered what she would do to his cock with her mouth. He decided to find out.

He remembered she liked to be talked to, so he said, “Turn around, I want to see your pussy and ass. You can suck my cock.”

Eric had never talked to any girl like that before and wasn’t sure that was what Donna wanted. She quickly turned around giving him access to her pussy while she took his cock in her mouth and tried to swallow it.

He added, “Suck it good.”

Now he was staring at her pussy. He moved his tongue up and down her slit and avoided her clit. Then his tongue touched her clit. Her body quivered and she pulled back off his cock to moan. He decided to continue sucking her clit. She started moaning rather loud. A few seconds of licking caused her to half yell and scream as her body went through a jerking and surging orgasm. Eric remembered hearing her through the thin bedroom wall make these noises several times in one night. Now he realized she was having an orgasm each time. She had to quit sucking him when she had an orgasm. Probably if she still had his cock in her mouth, she might have bitten him. Eric was learning fast about this sexy gal.

Doug and Joan heard Donna’s vocalization.

Doug said, “That’s her first orgasm. That is just the beginning.”

Doug and Joan were enjoying the six nine position. He wanted to complement her. He told her she was very sexy and she was giving his cock an extra good thrill. When he told her that, she started vigorously going up and down. Then she deep throated him as far as she could. Doug realized that was the key to get Joan to make sex extra good for him.

Doug told Joan to sit on his cock. Once in that position, Joan settled all the way down. He reached up to fondle her breasts. He complemented her on her beautiful breasts and her hair. He mentioned his cock felt so good in her. She then started pulsating her pussy muscles. He told her that her pulsating pussy was the best he ever had. She was now giving him her utmost attention and would do anything for him. He told her she could probably make him cum this way better than other girls. She started wildly fucking him.

Joan was now building up to an orgasm and Doug started groaning. He was pushing up to her with his cock starting to spew cum in her pussy. Her orgasm started quickly as she continue to gyrate on him. She slumped over on his chest and laid still for a long time. She did pulsate on his cock now and then. Even though his cock was becoming smaller, he could feel it and complemented her on her technique.

Donna already had her first orgasm, but Eric wanted her to suck him off. He told her to get busy and suck his seed. She started loving his cock with her tongue and mouth, then started going up and down faster. Eric spurted in her mouth as she continued up and down to drain him completely. He was going to suck her clit again when she took her mouth off his cock. He didn’t want to give her an orgasm while her mouth was on him. When she had sufficiently consumed his cum and had removed her lips from his cock, he licked her pussy again. She was withering in a sexy dream world for about a minute when she started yelling and screaming again through another orgasm.

Joan was still resting on Doug’s chest. He said, “There goes Donna the second time.”

The two couples were now resting at the same time. Joan had a pussy full of cum so she went to the bathroom to clean up.

On the way back, Joan stopped by Eric’s bedroom door to say, “Hope you two are have as good a time as we are.”

Donna answered back, “We’re having a great time and the evening isn’t over as yet.”

Joan decided to revive Doug’s cock by putting it in her mouth. He had already cum in her pussy, now she wanted his beautiful and hard cock in her mouth again to taste his cum. She moved on the bed sideways from his body and took his half hard cock in her mouth. She played with his balls and could feel his cock becoming hard, very hard. He told her get on top of him so he could see her pussy. They took it slow for awhile to savor the feeling for a long time. Again they heard Donna yell and scream. Joan was expecting Doug to say this was the third time, but he didn’t. He was concentrating on Joan sucking his cock.

Joan and Doug were in no hurry and rested several minutes to take time to just play with each other’s sex organs. He complimented Joan on having a nice trim butt and a real cute pussy and ass. She thanked him and started sucking on his cock again. He became vocal as he shot several spurts in Joan’s mouth. He sucked vigorously on her clit until she groaned and moaned through her second orgasm for the night.

Eric had kissed Donna’s clit to give her three orgasms by now. He want to sink his cock in her.

Eric said, “Get up on you knees so I can fuck you like a dog.”

She was up on her knees as he maneuvered to get behind her. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit. Each time his head touched her clit, she quivered and moaned. He then shoved it all the way in and started slowing fucking her. Soon he was pounding her and groaning. Somehow either his balls or the base of his cock was rubbing against her clit and she started yelling and screaming through another orgasm. Eric blasted to fill her pussy with cum. His cock jumped and jerked for quite a long time it seemed while Donna’s loud noises were winding down to just whimpers.

As Eric’s cock slipped out, Donna fell over exhausted. Cum was running out of her on the sheet. She laid lifeless on the bed with her butt lying in a pool of cum where it had run out of her. In a few minutes she got up to head for the bathroom to wash. Eric changed the sheets since they couldn’t sleep in the wet ones. She came back to bed with Eric where they cuddled and went to sleep.

Joan and Doug hadn’t heard any noises from the other bedroom lately, so they decided to stay together in bed and get some sleep. Once during the night, Donna’s yelling and screaming woke them up. Morning was approaching and the sun was shining through the windows.

It was Saturday morning and there was no rush to get up. Both couples decided to have sex one more time before appearing in the living room.

Once in the living room they relaxed with coffee. The guys had on their pajama bottoms while the girls had on their nighties. They had taken time to freshen up in the bathroom and looked rather neat when considering all the thrashing around they did while having sex during the night. They felt fine and everyone agreed the night had been a success.

As the weeks went by, they develop a routine. They each took turns for showers and did the necessary studying after dinner each evening as they had before getting involved so intimately. When it was time for sex they tended to alternate with mates. One night they would be with their own mate, the next night they would change mates. Sometimes they remained all night to sleep in the same bed, but sometime they returned to sleep with their own mate. Also, they often had sex in the living room together. Being in the same room gave them the opportunity to watch their own mate having sex with the other person.

They learned they could not have sex all night and be fresh for work and class the next day. Usually they would have one orgasm and go to sleep, except for Donna who had all the orgasms the guys would give her in the relatively short time they had sex. They weren’t concerned about dressing before going back and forth to the bathroom because nakedness was accepted. They seemed to get along just fine.

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