tagLoving WivesInto the Land of Bethany

Into the Land of Bethany


Bethany was a good girl. Even as a child she worried about the thoughts of others and did nothing that would cause embarrassment or shame. As she grew up, she attended church, volunteered at local charity, always completed her homework and strictly adhered to the curfew her parents set. She chose friends who shared her traits, rejecting those she thought to be too wild or immoral.

She was a virgin when she married. He was a really nice guy from the same church, and they were wonderfully compatible. Her wedding night opened the realm of sex for her for the first time, and she reveled in it. Although by some standards their lovemaking would be boring and uninspired, she soaked up all of the wonderful sensations her husband was giving her. She was, in a word, satisfied.

Johnny Gard had taken the renovation project as filler while things were slow at the shop. In general he didn't like this type of work. If he had to do construction, he preferred new builds; where everything was open, square, and uncomplicated. But in times like these, you take what you can find, and this job would pay the bills that always seemed to be mounting. And the job of building a deck was pretty straight forward and didn't require serious disruption to the existing structure of the house.

He pulled up at the suburban ranch style house and checked the address. Although he had been there once before to estimate the job, these neighborhoods all looked alike; the same manicured lawn; the same 'neighborhood association approved' house color; the same ornamental tree of the same age and placement - each house the same as every other house. It could be confusing. As he left the truck and headed up the walk his mind was already setting the posts and bolting up the runners. It was in this state of distracted semi-awareness that he rang the bell and was greeted by a vision of loveliness. He felt his heart leap and his pulse quicken. The woman standing there was obviously not Mrs. Finch! He quickly checked the number beside the door, and realized his mistake. He had chosen the wrong path, and was at the neighbors. He blushed a deep red that was obvious even beneath his perpetual tan and mumbled a quick apology. He had met Bethany.

Bethany couldn't get the morning meeting out of her mind. She had never experienced the kind of instant electricity she felt in the presence of the contractor that had knocked on her door. What was it about him? He wasn't overly handsome. He didn't have an exceptional body. Oh, he was fit and looked to be pretty strong, but he wasn't bulging with muscles the way the men did on the covers of her romance novels. He was just a normal guy. But the sense of his man-ness had been overwhelming. And the way he had looked at her when she had opened the door!; pure lust for a half a second, then a shy surprised awareness that he was in the wrong place. She was sure his coloring had been because of the thoughts he was having while looking at her, and not the innocent mistake.

And he was working next door. She had stolen quick, furtive glances through the windows, watching the easy way in which he handled the tools and materials of his trade. She found herself day-dreaming. She had never had such thoughts. She was, she thought to herself, a happily married woman. She wasn't the type to lose her mind over the first dark stranger that crossed her path. Still, what would it hurt if she made an appearance in the back yard. She needed to check the flowers anyway. She glanced down at the formless shift she was wearing, and had an idea...

Bethany could not believe her own boldness. She had never done anything like this before and the intensity of the excitement she was feeling was about to overwhelm her. After deciding that her attire was not at all acceptable to be seen outside of her home, she went to the closet and tried on a few combinations. Most were conservative cut "church lady" clothes and she quickly dismissed them. As she looked into the mirror she began to see not the conservative "good girl" that had always looked back at her, but a vibrant, sexy creature that was finally awakening to the world. She felt a stirring deep in her chest, and realized that something fundamental was changing in her. What it was, she didn't really know - but she liked it. When she finally arrived at the sun dress she knew she had found just the right thing.

She hadn't worn it in years, and had always considered it to be too revealing. Today, however, it seemed to be ideal. But something was wrong. Her conservative heavy-strapped bra and old-fashioned panties were ruining the whole look she was after. Bethany was not the type that frequented the fashionable shops that sold "naughty" underthings. Before now she had never had the urge to show off her body. In fact, on the nights that she and her husband made love she would greet him in bed naked, but under the covers with the lights off! So today she was stuck about what to do. There just wasn't anything that would work. Unless...

The project was going well for Johnny. The posts were set and cemented. It had been hard work, and his back and shoulders were telling him how long it had been since he had used his post-hole diggers. But outside of a small root appearing in one of his holes, the job was going smoothly. The worst part was over. He was setting on one of the sturdy benches he'd cleared from his work area, cleaning his tools, when he glanced across into the neighbor's yard. It was her. He was instantly captivated by her presence, and his cleaning task was forgotten.

She seemed oblivious to him as she made her way around the small groupings of plants that were strategically placed in her yard. It was more a garden, in the old world sense, and she seemed to him to be the heroine snatched straight from a romantic novel. Bethany had changed out of her normal around-the-house garb, and instead was wearing a form fitting sun dress. It was yellow and flared at the bottom near mid thigh. The breeze moved the light material in ways that gave brief glimpses of her legs, and as she moved she seemed to strike poses that aided the effect. She flowed effortlessly, first checking the moisture of this bed, then checking the foliage of that grouping. As she advanced down the row of flowers she entered an area in which the sun came through the trees behind her and positively illuminated her frame. The thin material of her dress seemed to evaporate, and her almost nude silhouette was presented to him in all its glory. She chose this instance to stretch with her arms to the sun, welcoming its caress and fully displaying her lovely legs and ass. It was apparent even across her yard that she was wearing nothing underneath.

After completing her stretch, she looked over her shoulder at Johnny, who was staring at her, transfixed. His reaction was immediate. A big grin spread across his face, and he rose from the bench as he shouted a greeting. Bethany began to panic. She had not considered that he would speak to her when she had devised her plan. Her idea was to tease him a bit, and then to effect a quick return back into her house. In her mind's eye there had been no interaction, just a bit of naughty fun, leaving her excited but chaste. But here he came, closing the distance between them with frightening rapidity. She was caught. The opportunity to retreat had passed.

Johnny ambled over to his vision in manner only a good day of manual labor can produce. Initially tight, his muscles limbered on the short walk and his awakening arousal banished any soreness he might have had. As he got closer to her he could make out more detail of her form as she stood against the light. She had turned to face him, and the heaviness of her unrestrained breasts were in wonderful profile to him for just an instant as she moved. She stood now with her feet apart just enough for him to make out the delicious curves of her inner thighs and the silhouette of her lower lips as they protruded slightly below the mound of her pussy. The sight was intoxicating, and drove a recklessness in him that he would normally have contained. His cock was very aware of the loveliness before him, and was starting to struggle against the confines of his work jeans.

Bethany was struck by his confident bearing as he finally came to stand before her. He had practically devoured her with his gaze on his walk over, and now he stood and looked her steadily in the eyes, his hunger openly expressed in them. He had not spoken a word after his initial hello, and the silence was heavy with expectation. Her heart was beating fiercely in her chest as she tried to breathe. She could feel the moisture gathering in her innermost parts as a corresponding heat was rising. His smell filled her senses: the manly smell of honest work and sweat, with the deep muskiness of male underneath. And still he did not speak.

"Would you...", "would you like something to drink?" she asked, as she could stand the silence no more.

It at first it didn't seem like he had heard her. He didn't move or attempt to answer. His eyes were locked on hers. He finally seemed to rouse himself, and answered with a gravelly voice, "I would love a drink. What do you have?"

She was taken aback by the question. She had spoken the first words that had occurred to her, and was not prepared to honor her offer. Before she could form a more coherent thought, she found herself saying that she would have to check the fridge. She used this statement as an excuse to break his gaze and to turn back to the house. To her surprise and discomfort she realized he had fallen in behind her and was following. She could feel his eyes on her back and bottom as she made her way to the door. The intensity with which her nether regions were responding to this man was increasing, and she had to resist the urge to move her hand towards her mound. As she opened the back door, she found herself holding it open for him to enter. "What am I doing?!" her mind was screaming. But the immediacy of him as he brushed by her and into the kitchen drove all such thoughts from her mind. The combination of her very un-Bethany-like exhibition and the reality of having him so close were causing her body to completely override her mind. She had never felt so much excitement; so much need.

Johnny couldn't believe his luck. Sensing that this was no time to be shy, he came up behind her while she was looking in the fridge. He placed his hands on either side of her hips and moved in to smell her hair. He felt her body stiffen at his touch, and she remained frozen as he inhaled her scent. A shiver went through his chest, and was translated through his arms to her body. He bent his head lower and nuzzled her neck. A reflexive moan escaped from Bethany's throat in response. Emboldened, Johnny wrapped his hand around her and pulled her close to him. His hands rose to cup her breasts.

Bethany was breathless. This was all happening too fast. His touch was electric and sending sparks trough her body which concentrated at her loins. The feel of his lips on her neck had the whole side of her head abuzz. As his hands gently squeezed her breasts she felt herself slide irretrievably past any self-control. She wanted this. She needed this; more badly than she had ever needed anything before. His hands found her nipples through the light fabric of her dress. They were standing out like erasers; hard as pebbles. "Pinch them," her mind demanded. His roaming fingers obliged her unspoken request, gently pinching and rolling them, and the sensations shot though her straight to her sopping pussy. She spun in his arms and mashed her lips against his. His tongue quickly found its way to hers, and time seemed to end. His tongue coupled with and swirled about hers. He explored the entire space of her eager mouth, caressing her teeth and lips. He used his teeth to playfully nibble on her bottom lip before energetically resuming his probing assault. He moved his hands down to her ripe ass and pulled her groin into contact with his. She felt the throbbing hardness of him as he pushed his body into her. She was unconsciously trying to grind harder into his member. She wanted him. Now!

Johnny could feel his passion building. It had been so long. Bethany was melting into his embrace, her body responding to his every move. He felt the globes of her ass, firm yet pliable, and he squeezed and separated the cheeks. She was riding his cock through his jeans, and in the wonderful heat of the moment he was afraid he would come in his pants. He worked one of his hands under the hem of her dress as the other moved to the small of her back to hold her against him. The feel of the naked flesh of her inner thighs was amazing, but he didn't linger on its velvety texture. Lust was driving him. A primal instinct had been unleashed and was urging him to find its purpose. As his probing fingers rose to the heat between her legs he thrilled with desire. He brushed her inner lips, and was pleased with the moisture he found already there. Sliding his finger the length of her womanhood and back, he eased a finger into her molten depths. She broke her lip-lock with him and in a guttural tone said, "Oh, God." They were the first words either of them had spoken since they had entered the house. Johnny used the opportunity to move down to her breast and nibbled at her nipple. "Yessss"

He spied the kitchen table out of the corner of his eye, and lifted her off her feet as he carried her to it. It was a large, heavily made table, perfect for what he had in mind. He set her bottom on the edge of the table, and with a last searing kiss, gently nudged her back so that she lay with her legs dangling over the edge. Placing his palms on the inside of each knee, he easily spread them apart. Her dress rode up her thighs and soon she was completely exposed to his gaze. His senses were awash with the sight and smell of her. Her pussy was engorged and dripping, fully on display for him now. Johnny wasted no time in dropping to his knees before her and hungrily licking up her open sex.

A squeal of delight came from Bethany, and her hips tried to lift from the table. Johnny place a strong forearm over her abdomen to hold her in place as his tongue started to work its magic.

Bethany was in heaven! She had always thought of oral sex as nasty and unsanitary. But here she was on her kitchen table, in the full light of day, with a strangers tongue buried in her pussy. And she was loving it. His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once; licking the valleys between her two lips, plunging into her boiling cavern and dancing on and around her clit. The first rushing cascade of orgasm overtook her before she even knew what was happening. Her body locked itself rigid as a keening cry escaped her lips. Her hips quickly started to writhe under the pressure of his arm, and there was no way he could contain them. He moved back and watched in awe as she spasmed in the throes of her orgasm. In Johnny's opinion there was nothing so beautiful or more fully satisfying than making a woman come, and he felt a deep sense of accomplishment and privilege as he looked on.

But now there was a need that Johnny could ignore no longer. Without letting her come all the way down from her peak, he dropped his pants and jockeys in one motion and positioned his rock hard cock at the entrance of her pussy. She noticed his movement and opened her eyes, gazing fully into his, which were blazing with lust. As the two looked deeply into the souls of each other, he slowly pushed his cock into her folds. She was soaked with the juices of desire and orgasm, and there was no resistance to his invasion. Her legs came up around his back, and drew him in. As much as he wanted to take his time and savor the exquisite sensations of their coupling, his cock seemed to have a mind of its own, and commanded his lower body to thrust hard and fast into her precious pussy.

"Talk to me", she said, her eyes still locked with his.

"You're fantastic," he managed to exclaim between ragged breaths. "I can't hold back any longer!"

"Fuck me hard. Fill my cunt with your come," she screamed. The words shocked Bethany as they came out of her mouth. Was she really saying these things? The words caused a flash of adrenaline to course through Johnny and heightened his already overpowering excitement.

He was getting very close to coming, and he wanted for her to join him. Not letting up from his insistent pounding, he wet a finger in his mouth then wrapped his arm underneath her legs. After first rubbing her puckered anus with the tip of his finger, he gently inserted it into her ass up to the first joint. The spasmodic reaction of her pelvis, and the low, growling scream coming from deep in her chest told him he had hit the right spot. The walls of her vagina gripped him with a powerful milking action. He grunted, "I'm coming," and with a blinding flash the semen boiled up from his balls. He blasted wave after wave into her steaming sex. On and on it continued, until every last drop of come and energy was deposited deep within her loins. Exhausted, his knees buckled and he collapsed on to the heaving breasts of his lover.

Bethany was still coming down from the second and most powerful orgasm of her entire life when she felt his lips seeking out hers. She reached up and embraced him as they shared the warm tingle of their post-coital glow. The kiss was deep and sensuous, and she lost herself in the pure joy of her satisfaction. He broke the kiss, raised himself slightly from her chest and looked straight into her eyes. "Hello," he said. "My name's Johnny Gard...."

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