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Intriguing Development


My tongue was plunging in and out of her steaming hole, lapping up her tangy juices. At the same time two of my fingers were oscillating across her clit's shaft, causing her hips to grind and moans of lust to escape her mouth.

I had rolled over in my sleep on to an incredibly hard erection which woke my slumber. Gazing on to the other side of the bed I saw my beautiful wife Trish, sound asleep on her back. Not being able to ignore the state of my dick, I carefully dove under the sheets to begin a slow wake up call on her nether regions. Laying on my stomach, humping the bed for a few grinds, I positioned myself in between her slightly parted legs. I began to softly kiss her legs. Gentle lips lightly brushing against her skin, stopping occasionally to suck near a pulse point. I slowly and deliberately work my way up one leg then down the other.

Finishing her second leg, I begin to bring myself back to her puss. Completely in the dark, I felt her legs instinctively part as I reached her middle inner-thigh. Stopping for an instance so as not to abruptly wake her, I continued my soft kisses to where my nose began to ever so lightly touch her vulva. Here I began to softly lick her skin. Being not as gentle with myself, I was mashing my hard dick forcefully into the bed.

Lucy let out a moan as her legs parted a little more. I could feel a rise in the temperature against my face as her sex was now exposed to my mouth, but not my darkened eyes. I placed the tip of my tongue in the crevice between her outer and inner lips. Barely touching her skin, I lightly dragged it upwards until I could feel the apex near her clit. I then glided my tongue downwards to the bottom apex. Keeping this gentle contact, I repeated my tongue's journey up the other side, and back down to her sensitive pussy opening. I relish her mustiness, enjoying my early morning snack. I feel the sheet on the back of my head as I bob up and down.

"OOOO," she moaned, giving away that she has awaken, but probably not too much. She opened her legs even further, allowing me to place my hands on her thighs to further their invitation. I continued my soft licks in the same fashion, up and down one side then the other, encouraging her pleasure well to bring forth its sweet juices. With each pass of my tongue on its path, I apply a little more pressure. I am rewarded for my efforts with more love songs emitting from Trish's mouth. "Oh baby, that's it. Make me feel good. Please don't stop." She whispered in a sexy, low husky voice. By now I had flattened out my tongue, and was giving her broad licks along each side, still avoiding her rapidly engorging clit. My two thumbs were now into the game, rubbing across her pussy's opening. I felt her juices coat their pads, creating a soothing sheen to slide against. I drop one slick thumb to her back button, letting my tongue take its place to lap up her offering. Trish's hips began to roll, encouraging my lust to fulfill her needs.

I placed my whole mouth over her sex and sucked in, making a slurping noise as I kept my tongue flicking across her folds. My thumb on her back button was circling her bud, with a gentle slip of insertion, its tip just penetrating, on occasion. "OH YES, right there, that's the spot baby. That's the spot!" Trish's feet kick off the sheets from her legs and my head, giving me a view of her hands kneading her breasts, and fingers pinching her nipples. I had never seen her pleasure herself in such a rough fashion. Emboldened with this thought, I increased my efforts.

I plunged my thumb into her ass to the second knuckle, wiggling it fast. My suction on her pussy increases, my tongue batting her lips rapidly. I then focused my nose onto her clit, rubbing tip to tip. "UUHHH, work me baby, make me cum, UUHHH, work me!" Trish was now flexing her hips against my face as hard as she could. Her eyes were shut tight, but her head raised as if she was watching me. Crunching her tummy into a tight curl, her anus squeezing my thumb, almost locking it inside of her. And her hands were still abusing her breasts.

She was now cupping her tits, pushing them together, and upwards to her face. Each nipple was being pinched by her thumbs and first fingers. Pulling on them, stretching them up, causing the aureola to rise off her mounds. Watching her pleasure herself in such a heated way caused my hips to go beyond grinding onto the sheets to a state where I was, in no other way to describe it but, fucking our bed!

I moved my hand that was holding her leg, to her mons, keeping her leg up and out by placing my shoulder against it. I extended my fingers on either side of her clit and pushed down, moving them fast while stretching the skin of its hood. "UUHHH, UUHHH, UUHHH, rub me baby, rub me baby." I kept this indirect pressure along her clit and released the suction I had on her pussy so I could enjoy the juices flowing out of her. "Fuck my ass baby, I'm cumming!" I was close too, as my humping was actually causing a bit of pain on my slightly chaffed rod.

"UUHHH, I need that dick in my mouth!" she shouted. I quickly swung my body over her, trying not to lose too much momentum on her sex. She never gabbed my hips to direct me, like she normally does. She instead kept her hands on her tits. My face back where it belonged, I dropped my hips not knowing where my dick would land. "Oomph" was all I heard as I felt her open mouth come in contact with the base of my shaft, and my sac slap her nose. I moved my mouth to cover her clit, and began to flick it. Trish released a hand from one of her tits to guide my throbbing dick into her mouth. The contact of her tongue on my glans caused my balls to rescind and my hips to thrust, forcing her mouth to take half my shaft.

"MMM, MMMM" muffled out of her as I refilled her back hole with a finger, and plunged two curled fingers into her puss. "MMM, MMMMM, MMMMMM!" I felt her cum, all three orifices clamping down on the respective digits. Hips bucking, curling up to her shoulders, her pelvic muscles grabbing and releasing, this triggered my balls to release its treasure. Feeling it hit the back of her throat, Trish released her breast and gabbed my ass with both hands, pulling me in deeper to swallow my seed. I was in pain as my ultra-sensitive head was being tortured by her suction and raking tongue. "OH Fuck!" I had to release her clit from my mouth, so I could try to arch my back to relieve the almost unbearable pleasure-pain sensations. But she dug her nails into my cheeks, keeping my convulsing cock in her mouth. Milking my balls for every last drop. I pulled my fingers from her holes so I could use my hands to get away. Pushing up, I rolled off her with an audible pop as my dick escaped her man-eating mouth. Landing on my back next to her, I was breathless as I cradled my dick, caressing it as if telling it the torture was over. Trish giggled as she cleaned the sides of her mouth and cheeks with her fingers. Scooping up the mixture of her saliva and my cum, she rolled on top of me to kiss me. She brought her sticky fingers to our mouths so our tongues could wrestle between them.

"What got into you?" I stammered.

"You did, silly!" She giggled again. "I couldn't help it. You caught me in a very erotic dream. Your timing is impeccable."

"Your dream must have been hot, I have never seen you play with your tits like that. What were you doing?"

She bowed her eyes, and almost blushed before her reply. "Well, to tell you the truth," she paused, "I was dreaming about being with another woman." She stopped suddenly to look into my eyes to judge my reaction.

"Really!" I was unable to hide my excitement as I could feel my eyes glinting. In all our fantasy sharing neither of us had ever brought up such a scenario.

"But the most incredible thing is," she added, "I continued to fantasize about this woman as you were going down on me. When I was saying 'Baby' I was talking to her! I was taking myself to a new level. I think this is why I had to pinch my breasts so hard. I even imagined that your cock was her strap-on!" My hand was now rubbing my dick, instead of just caressing its tenderness, amazed at its rapid rebounding ability. It didn't mind as it was becoming harder listening to my wife's confession.

"I think those girls in your muscle magazines are starting to get into my sub-conscious. Those tiny bikini's and suggestive looks, coupled with those incredible bodies, its hard not to be attracted to them." Her breathing was becoming shallower as she talked. Was she becoming excited again?

"Any one in particular?" I encouraged, as she began to kiss my face, and run her fingers through my hair.

"Mmm-hmm, yes," she pausing to gaze into my eyes, "MMM, Amy Fadhli, oh she's so hot and gorgeous. I can see her tight ass, those beautiful breasts, her strong shoulders." Trish closed her eyes as she said this, a devilish smile inviting me to share her vision.

I pushed Trish's hips over mine, and began to rub "my" cockhead across her pussy lips. She kissed me as she sank "my" dick all the way in with one plunge. Slowly grinding her hips into "mine", we frenched, tongues sharing each other's remaining juices. Trish kept "me" fully inserted and began to rock her hips forward and back. "My" dick responded by becoming harder and bigger. I could feel its head bouncing off her vagina's unique knot in its anterior wall. "Fuck me Trish, I'll be hard for as long as you need," I said in a low, almost feminine voice.

"Oh yeah Baby! Fill me with that big cock. Oh you feel sooo good. OOHHH, UUHHH." Trish sat herself up a bit, placing her hands on my chest, grinding her clit into "my" pubic bone. "Oh you're so hard Baby, your cock is so hard. Do you like fucking girls, huh, do you like that?" She began to pinch "my" very erect nipples, rolling and twisting them hard. I remained quiet, letting her stay in her fantasy. "Oh fuck me with that big cock Baby, make me cum. I'll lick my cum off Baby's big cock, would you like that? UUHHH, you're so hard." Trish began to rise up and own "my" shaft, mixing it in her rhythm. She was so wet, she was coating my thighs enough to have my balls slosh around under her. I was in heaven. I had my eyes closed, images of Trish and Amy going at it.

Trish sat upright, pulling her hands off "my" chest to concentrate on hers. I opened my eyes to behold the incredible vision she had become. Her hands kneading her tits, head thrown back, mouth open, panting to catch her breath, her flat tummy expanding and contracting with each gasp of air. I placed "my" hands on her waist, helping her body gyrate on "my" dick. Trish brought her feet along side "my" hips and reached for "my" hands with hers, squatting over "me."

Clasping hands, she began to pogo up and down. "Yes Baby fuck me with that cock. Yes Baby I've wanted this so bad." Trish was slamming "me" hard, her butt slapping "my" thighs loudly. Faster and faster she plunged herself, until "I" accidentally popped out. "Oh Baby don't stop! Fuck me Amy, Fuck me!" As I reached down to right my dick I realized she called me Amy without missing a beat. She was in another level! Trish collapsed on to "me", ramming her tongue down "my" throat as her hips spasm against "my" pelvis. "OOOHHH YEAH, OOOOHHHH YEAH! OOOOOOHHHHHHH!" she growled in a low animalistic tone. She rolled us over pulling "me" on top.

Keeping my face pressed against hers, with her hands on the back of "my" head, we slobbered on each other as "I" began to fuck her. "I" broke our lip lock and sat up, grabbing her ankles, holding her legs high and wide. Slamming into her as fast and hard as "I" could, Trish began to pull on her nipples once again. "My" dick had never felt harder as I watched it impale her pussy, extending her lips on the out-strokes and collapsing them in on the in-strokes. "Fuck me Amy, don't stop!" I pulled a foot to "my" mouth, and sucked on her big toe. "OOHHH, you're such a kinky bitch, you fuck so well. Suck me, and fuck me, OOOHHH!" I was sweating profusely, streaming down "my" chest, and dripping off "my" face.

Trish saw this and pulled herself up using "my" arms. Once sitting on my thighs and dick, she began to rub "my" sweat across "my" body with her hands. "Shoot your jizz across me body, spray my boobs Baby! Cover me Baby with your jizz! Mark me as yours, shoot for me Baby!" "I" released "my" hands from holding her, causing her to collapse backwards. "I" thrusted a few more times and pulled out. Squeezing and pumping "my" dick, "I" straddled her body and began to shoot "my" cum over her chest. "My" first stream landed on her right collar bone, running to her heck. Trish pushed her tits together for "my" next stream which landed across her right tit. The rest of "my" load pooled at the top of her tummy.

Before I felt I was completely done, I fell over her on my hands and knees, bringing my inflated dick to her mouth. Trish gently wrapped a hand around it and began to kiss and lick, lovingly draining the last of my load onto her tongue. A moment later she engulfed it with her mouth to clean off our combined juices.

I rubbed my load on her skin like suntan lotion. Mixing it with our sweat, greasing her tits and tummy. I moved down to lie next to her. We passionately kissed, catching our breath, coming back down to earth.

"Thanks sweetie, that was incredible," I said.

"MMM, yes it was Amy."

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