tagLoving WivesIntro to Swinging Ch. 02

Intro to Swinging Ch. 02


Most women, once they have been fucked, want to prevent the leaking cum from their pussy from making wet spots on the bed, especially if they intend to remain in it for a while longer. It wasn't hard to convince Laura that the best part of the evening hadn't occurred yet, although she wasn't sure what would follow, but she was definitely glad to feel the soft washcloth that was always next to the bed in our spare bedroom, being applied gently to her vulva.

"Thank you," she said as I slowly wiped the overflow from her crotch and kissed her softly before tossing the cloth over my shoulder, off the bed. What she didn't expect though was that my hand would remain right where the cloth had been, gently pressing her pussy as I tried to get some of our juices to collect on my fingers and in my palm. Laura had a very tight opening and there wasn't a great deal of our juices leaking from it, but she recognized that some would remain, including traces on her soft pelt just above the point of my entry into her. I wondered how far she would let me go as I very gently began moving my middle finger into the crease of her lips and felt a generous amount coat it. By cupping my palm over her as my middle finger went deeper, I got quite a bit more from her.

I was leaning over her as I brought my hand up to my mouth and began licking that slight but obvious remainder from my fingers, then my palm. Her eyes opened wide in disbelief. I knew then that Les had never done this with her before although Linda had told me that he had overcome his initial reluctance and that he now licked her pussy clean after every session of fucking they had.

"Oh, how could you...." Laura asked. "I mean, that's so dirty."

I smiled at her as my hand went back to her crotch for a refill. "Not at all, Laura. In fact to me it's the sweetest essence of being together that's possible for two people to enjoy." With that, I lifted my hand which was fairly well covered in our juices and began slowly licking my fingers one by one. When I got to my palm instead of licking it, I used the slippery remnants to cover her nipples, and then began to suck them, one by one until there was nothing remaining.

Laura still wasn't thrilled, but didn't object when I repeated the action, this time touching my fingers to her lips. I was surprised, but watched appreciatively as the tip of her tongue touched it. I kissed her before she had a chance to say anything, knowing that the taste of our juices would be on my lips now as well as hers.

"See? That wasn't so bad, was it?" I asked as I lifted my head and looked into her eyes.

"Well, I have to admit that it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be," she grudgingly admitted, "but do you really do that to Linda after Les has....." Her voice trailed off, but I could see the question was still very much alive.

"That and a lot more," I told her, looking into her eyes. "Let me show you," I told her as my hand again found its way to her crotch. I felt her legs spread slightly now that she was aware of what she thought my intentions were. I began slowly kissing my way down the length of her body and I could feel her shivering as the realization of what I might do dawned on her. When I reached the point my head was even with that still glistening remnants of cum on her pubic pelt, I kissed the slight droplets away. That had the desired effect. Laura was beginning to enjoy this. I felt her body tense as my tongue touched those still swollen lips, but after some mental effort, she began to relax beneath me. When the tip of my tongue touched her semi-shrouded clit, it almost jumped from its sheltered position. Laura had obviously enjoyed having it stroked before, and didn't mind that I was about to stroke it again. I doubt she even knew that it was my tongue that had touched it this time, but that became pretty evident when as the little bud raised itself from its hood, my lips closed over it and I began gently sucking it in and out between my lips.

"Oh, no," Laura groaned as her hands began pulling at my head, but I wasn't to be denied this close to what I wanted. I went lower, leaving my thumb behind to continue stroking the now fully exposed clit. There was just enough of my saliva surrounding it that I knew it wouldn't become dry and irritated from the attention. I felt her hands tighten on my head as she became aware of my intent, but it was too late. My tongue was stroking the slightly parted lips of her pussy and forcing its way deeper as I reached my goal. At first she resisted, "No, please, no," I heard her say as she tried to close her thighs to my head, but it was too late. My shoulders were between her thighs and I lifted her legs up over each of my shoulders and clamped my mouth over the complete folds of her pussy, while thrusting my tongue as deep into her as it would reach and rolling it round and round the soft flesh.

At first she only accepted the inevitable, hands pulling fruitlessly at my head or trying to push me away but I felt her efforts slowly weakening until finally they remained still. Then I felt the first tiny movement of her hips as she succumbed to the pleasure my tongue and thumb were giving her. Laura tasted as sweet as any of the women I had ever eaten, probably because of the frequent fucking she had insisted Les give her. Linda had commented on how good he had tasted when she first sucked his cock and she swallowed the results - much different from the acidic and less pleasant cum some of her previous lovers had filled her mouth with until she had told them of the diet changes they needed to make if they expected her to suck their hard cocks. Part of it was the frequency her partners used her, but there was much to be said for the change of diet.

I reamed Laura's core as erotically as possible as I felt her slowly changing from someone who was just accepting my oral love of her, to one who was becoming aroused from my efforts. First down one side of those lovely coral colored lips, then the other, then a slow circular sweep of my tongue as deep inside her as I could press it. I wasn't surprised when I felt her hips lifting frequently now as I gorged myself on her sweetness, nor when I felt her legs circle behind my back, actively pulling me deeper into her. Her hands no longer just held my head close to her pussy, her fingers were combing through my hair and she was actively pulling me deeper. And I also wasn't surprised when, after 20 minutes or so of my worship of her pussy that I felt her body tense and then begin to shake as my tongue tasted a new flow of her honey. I had made her cum just from being sodomized in the most pleasant of ways possible and the jerking of her legs behind my back, as well as the grunting acceptance of what was happening told me she would no longer deny me that form of lovemaking. The hands on my head had gone from trying to pull or push me away from that mouthful of lovely flesh to pressing my face deeper into her crotch - what a delightful way to show someone like me how much you want to enjoy the most intimate form of sex!

This was a critical point and I slowed my efforts to arouse her further. My thumb barely touched her clit but was still warm against that vital point of erotic joy. I slowed my tongue's sweep of her tasty core until it was only an occasional lap to catch a small flow of her juices, swirl them around inside my mouth and swallow them. She tasted delicious!

I rolled out from between my love's thighs and crawled up beside her until we were once again face to face.

"I can't believe you did that," she managed to say before I kissed her, letting her taste our juices from my cum smeared face, "or that it felt so good! I like sex, but Les has never done that to me before."

"Would you have let him if he had told you what he was going to do?"

Her smile was slow coming, but obviously heartfelt. "No, I never dreamed that anything like that could feel so good, or make me cum so hard" she hastily added. "I've managed to make myself cum with my hand sometimes when Les was away, but it's never been that intense, or so pleasant." She pulled my head down and kissed me again before I wiped the traces of our juices from her and my face with another small wash cloth.

"I doubt Les would have tried unless you encouraged him. It's an acquired taste and one which some people won't admit is pleasant, but it's one of those facets of lovemaking that shouldn't be discouraged because it can be so erotic. Les has learned that he enjoys it too from being with Linda. I hope now that you'll let him show you what he has learned from his experience with her."

"I'll have to think about that," she said with a slight smile. "It's still a little hard for me to think of him having sex with another woman, especially the kind you just did to me but, yes, I think I would let him do it to me now. This has been such an unusual experience that I need to think more about it." She pulled me close and we kissed again before she added, "and about you. I've never had anyone make love to me like you do."

I realized then that I was treading on thin ice. One of the things I've always tried to get across to the ladies I've known over the years is that while I love to fuck them, it's without any thought of it becoming a love affair. I wanted all of them to know that it was purely recreational sex as far as I was concerned, that my heart belonged to my wife, totally. I didn't want Laura to get the idea that this was anything more than a chance for us to enjoy something together that would only enhance her relationship with her husband. I knew that with a couple more like explorations of Laura like that over the night and day to follow, that Les would have no trouble getting her to accept his efforts to eat her just as he now ate my wife each time after fucking her.

Our lovemaking had taken more than five hours from the time we had started on the couch in our living room and the intensity of it was beginning to have its effect on both of us. Soon, both of us were in a dream like state, holding tight to each other as the hours passed.

Laura was curled up in a fetal position as I held her close. The cooler temperatures kept us close now that we weren't so active. I don't know for how long we napped, but I awoke in darkness. It was nightfall, and Laura hadn't moved. The feeling of her next to me was delightful. One hand of mine was over her upper body gently clasping her right breast, but what was even better, as far as I'm concerned was I could feel the heat of her warm ass pressed tightly against my crotch. That particular position, called spooning by most of us, was one which always excited me and tonight was not any different. I felt my cock hardening and lengthening without my actually willing it to happen and soon it was tucked tightly between Laura's thighs. It was only a matter of moving slightly lower in bed before it found the even warmer confines of her pussy. I couldn't resist. I gently nudged it between those warm lips and felt it pressing its way through the tight muscle of her vaginal opening. Laura gave a little gasp as she felt it penetrate her, but to her credit, she didn't move away.

I could tell that she was slowly waking and what had been a soft warm breast cupped in my hand began to respond too as I felt the nipple swelling to a soft peak. She pulled my arms closer about her and pushed back against the thick rod which had entered her, letting me feel the incredible heat a woman's pussy generates as I went deeper into her. I pulled out slightly, then gently pressed deeper into her, moving languorously back and forth until I felt her bottom pressed tightly against my cum filled balls. Still nothing was said as I very slowly and gently began fucking her. I felt her upper thigh lifting slightly as though welcoming my cock into the farthest point of her vagina and took advantage of it to make a slightly harder thrust deep into that beautiful well of desire.

Within a few minutes, Laura was moving back and forth against me, welcoming me into her deepest depths and taking the syrupy pre-cum from my cock inside her once again. I wasn't sure she would reach orgasm this way until I felt her body go rigid for a moment, then shudder slightly as her hand covered mine on her breast, pressing hard. It was only when I heard her breath leaving in a soft long, sighing exhalation that showed her satisfaction that I knew she had reached that final step. Her body was quivering now, and it was all I needed to finish inside her. I felt the eruption of sperm suddenly erupt, bathing her cervix with my cum. I pressed hard against her and let the next three or four jets finish filling her before my cock began to slowly lose its rigidity. That was my cue to do what I so much enjoy. I pulled my hips back and felt my cockhead slide over Laura's lower thigh while I slid further back in the bed and began lifting her upper leg so I could get my head between those wonderful, soft, warm thighs. It was the perfect position for me to catch the slow rivulets of our joint juices with my tongue as my mouth closed over the lips of her hot pussy. I could feel their engorgement as my tongue slid between them and I began feasting on our juices, pressing my tongue deeper to encourage their flow.

What surprised me was that Laura, who had been so adamant before about resisting my effort to take her orally, made no effort this time. In fact, within minutes of my tongue entering her, I felt her hips moving back and forth as if she was fucking my tongue. That was the ultimate as far as I was concerned. There is nothing more engaging to me than a woman who wants me to continue to eat her pussy, and there is so much there to worship. It's not only the hot, sweet cum flowing into my mouth, but the warmth of her thighs over my ears and the soft texture of her labia filling my mouth. Women can't possibly imagine how delightful those sensations are to a man like me who loves oral sex.

Perhaps it was the novelty of what I was doing to her, or maybe her pussy had become more sensitized to what was happening to her, but I soon found my newest bed partner shuddering her way through another orgasm without my cock being inside her at all. Of course I don't need to mention that I was also using my fingers as well as my tongue, or that my other hand had found and been stroking her clit while my tongue worked its magic on her. But for whatever reason, Laura was finding herself in the throes of what was at least her fourth orgasm of the day that began in the late afternoon of the day before.

I cleaned that juicy juncture thoroughly before I allowed her to push me gently away from her pussy. Crawling up behind her once again, I took her in my arms and kissed the back of her neck while I held her close until her breath began to slow. Soon she turned in my arms and was looking at me closely when a smile slowly appeared on her face.

"I never knew that anything that I had thought was so bad would feel so good, and I definitely like being woke up like that," she said softly, pulling me down to kiss her again. "I didn't know you would be so enthusiastic so soon. It felt wonderful!"

"That's the idea, everything we do together is supposed to feel good. If it doesn't, then there isn't much point in doing it, is there?"

"No, and I could stand a lot more of that. Les is usually sound asleep as soon as he gets what he wants, but you seem to like making sure I've cum before you stop. Is it always that way?"

"I didn't know there was any other way," I told her honestly. "If the lady I'm with doesn't reach orgasm, then I'm to blame for not doing her the way it's meant to be done."

That seemed to reach some chord in her. Slowly she put both hands beneath her head and looked up at me. As she did so, the covers that had been over her shoulders dropped and both her magnificent breasts were exposed. That was a first too. Before then, she had always covered them as I lay beside her, almost as though she was ashamed of her nudity.

"There are a lot of things I may have to reconsider based on what we've done today. You've done so many things with me that I would never have dreamed of before now. What time is it, by the way?"


"You mean in ten hours you've made me cum at least six times, and I know you've cum at least four times yourself?" she asked incredulously.

"Unh-hunh," I nodded, "something like that. I really don't keep count."

"Neither do I...normally, anyway, but I know I've never had that happen so often before in my life."

"Forgive me for sounding like I'm prying. That's not my intent, but doesn't Les have sex with you at least that frequently?" Even in the darkness of the room, I could see her face flush with embarrassment. "On a good day, yes. And he does it often enough, but sometimes I don't get anything out of it and I have to do it myself. Isn't that normal?"

"I have to say that it is, at least in the majority of marriages, but only until they start swinging. Then, it's a whole new ballgame for both of you, and what had been a pretty mundane bit of playing in bed suddenly becomes a lot more exciting. The best way I can describe it is that both learn that there is a lot more to sex than just - if you'll pardon the language - fucking."

It turns out that Laura wasn't shocked by my use of the f-word as I had expected. She had actually smiled when I used it. Still I apologized for using it.

She shook her head and the smile remained. "There have been a lot of new things today, and obviously Les and I use more of the erotic words when we're in bed together, but you and Linda seem so much more 'refined' I guess I would call it. I notice you've been avoiding it much more than I would have, but now that the gloves are off, so to speak, we can use the more descriptive terms without offending anyone's sense of propriety, right? "Right," I agreed. I lay down beside her ant put my arm beneath her head. Laura seemed in a mood to talk, and I wanted to encourage that, just as much as I wanted to feel one of those lovely breasts in my hand once again. There was no indication of resistance this time as my left hand curled around her breast, in fact she even clutched it tighter to that lovely orb.

"M-m-m, that feels good," she murmured. "This is a special time for a woman, and obviously you knew that."

"I like it too," I told her honestly. "I would say most men would enjoy it more if they did it more often. This is really the best time for such an emotional experience to be enjoyed together with your partner."

"So you don't mind if another man kisses and fondles, Linda like Les was doing earlier?"

"Not at all. I think it should be encouraged. Women seem to need at least some emotional attachment to a man intent on having sex with them, and nothing is more satisfying that demonstrating that by not only allowing the man to kiss them, but to even encourage it. Did you notice how Linda hugged Les when the two of you came in?"

"Yes, I think I could have cut his heart out about then, especially when I saw his hand go right inside her gown. And hers too," she added.

"So, obviously even though Les had told you all about what this was going to be like tonight, you were a little less than thrilled by the idea. Right?"

Her laugh was obviously sardonic, but still there was no resentment - not now, and I hoped that would be the case after these two returned home and discussed this event between themselves.

"I think you can safely say that. I really didn't know what to expect, but it certainly wasn't anything like what I've done tonight. I could say I'm almost ashamed of what I've let you do to me, but it's hard when I enjoyed it so much. Do you and Linda do all the couples you meet like this?"

"No, not really. Many of the couples we know are swingers before we meet them, but I've really only done my best to seduce those of our friends who I found to be as attractive as you. More frequently it was a wandering husband who came on to Linda before I got involved, then we do it just as we did with Les. If the husband wants to fuck Linda, I have no objections, but by the time that it's become something he wants to do frequently, Linda gives him the same edict that she did Les."

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