tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIntroducing Voluptuous Sophie to Nudism

Introducing Voluptuous Sophie to Nudism


The story of our family's adventures as erotic nudists continue after the weekend boat trip to the Florida Keys with the newly converted nudist girls Megan and Christine. A few weeks into the summer season, we decided to have a blow-out party at the end of summer, just before the girls were headed off to the university. And of course, the theme would be naked abandonment to the extreme. We really needed a couple months to plan the event, because we wanted to bring in old friends from out of town who would be game, and willing to travel across the country for a party.

But this wouldn't be just an ordinary party with some nudies in the hot tub. No, our little circle of nudists had all kinds of activities planned to provide a comfortable, yet titillating environment conducive to all sorts of erotic goings-on. We wanted people to talk about this party for many years afterwards. My wife Keiko, myself and a few of our more adventurous friends had built up quite a list of old friends over the years that we wanted to enjoy naked again, or just always wanted to get a little more touchy with.

My daughter, Melody, was also excited about the end-of-summer party as a coming out event of sorts. She had just graduated high school and was living this summer to the fullest before beginning college in the fall. And as I mentioned in a previous story, her mother and I finally agreed to let her get breast implants during the summer. She was so excited, having only sprouted the typically-small breasts belaying her Asian heritage.

She couldn't wait to have the surgery completed, working hard all summer to earn enough to pay half of the cost, as we agreed. Her friend Sara even pitched-in to the boob fund. Melody was so jealous of her mother's surgically-enhanced perky D-cups, and even Sara's curvy rack that turned every head on the nude beach as they jiggled so rhythmically. Melody admitted that she had the guts to bare her chest for the whole world to see, but having nothing to show them. All her teasing antics would soon be taken to the next level soon though, as she was very specific what she wanted in her new boobs to maximize their effect on unsuspecting voyeurs.

And this end-of-summer blow-out party will be her grand unveiling, a celebration of sorts to her new woman-defining pillows of erotic femininity. Her excitement even made the rest of us a little envious, taking stock of our own bodies and wondering how we could join the celebration. Once, during a party planning discussion, Sara caught me looking down at my semi-erect dick, letting out a sigh as I wonder if I should get a penile extension myself; not that I didn't already get plenty of compliments, it's just that I wanted to experience the thrill that Melody would soon be experiencing with her new shock-inducing hooters.

Sara eased my envy by taking a long, hard grope of my dick and purring that I already had more than any woman could ever want. And that simple empathy touch, as Melody, Keiko and Christine watched, was a turning point in Sara's development. Up until that time, Sara had kept her sexual experimentation at bay, as I never once saw her loosen up with any sexual advancement gestures. She was just so conservative, as she was still just getting used to being naked around us, much less being comfortable enough to tease anybody with her body. Melody tried to accelerate her training, but Sara was still progressing slowly, no matter how many good-looking naked guys Melody brought by the house for Sara's amusement.

We were also a tad uncomfortable that Sara made an advance towards me. After all, she was a friend of my daughter and still had another month before turning 18. Well, it's not like my daughter, or even a few of her other friends, hadn't taken a good long grope of my dick already. I was curious, and a little excited too, at where this may go between Sara and me. Maybe she too had sinister plans for the party.

A couple weeks after launching our party announcement, Keiko came home from work telling me she invited one of her doctor colleagues to stop by our house for a drink one evening. Keiko mentioned that I had already met Sophie at one of the hospital parties, but I still didn't recall meeting her. Sophie was one of the staff psychologists at the hospital, and although a bit conservative, Keiko believed she would make a delicious addition to our nudie gang. A few days later, Sophie came knocking at our door. I quickly found some shorts to put on before answering the door. There was no need to totally shock our new guest on her first visit, although I found out later that Keiko casually mentioned to Sophie that our family had a relaxed dress code around the house.

Keiko wasn't home yet so I chatted a bit with Sophie as we waited for Keiko. I had difficulty keeping up with the conversation though, because upon first seeing Sophie, I couldn't stop thinking about what she was hiding under those loose-fitting work clothes. It was easy to make a lustful guess though, for it was very apparent that the word voluptuous described her perfectly. She had a beautiful face, with cascading blond hair. I estimated she was in her mid thirties, and just exuded sexual passion with the way she moved and expressed herself. Besides all that, her prominent weapon of mass distraction was her very large and perfectly-hung breasts. I was beside myself with anticipation that if I play my cards right, I'll be able to see them bounce freely in the open very soon.

My wicked thoughts were interrupted when heard Melody enter the house from the back yard. I had totally forgotten that Melody and Sara were out tanning in the back yard, both naked of course. I didn't get a chance to tell the girls we had a guest and to cover up before coming inside. Oh well, Sophie was introduced to our relaxed dress code sooner than planned, as Melody walked into the kitchen. Sophie was momentarily taken aback when first seeing a naked teenager bounding into the kitchen, totally oblivious about being naked in front of a stranger as she grabbed a couple drinks from the refrigerator. On her way out, Melody confidently introduced herself to a still speechless Sophie before heading back out to join Sara again.

I stumbled a little as I apologized for Melody's boldness, explaining our relaxed dress code and that I forgot to tell my daughter and her friend that we had a guest. Sophie took the revelation in stride, as I could see her continue processing the socially-uncomfortable situation, no doubt wondering what else was in store for her and if she would be expected to take off her clothes too. I could sense the coming barrage of questions about to be unleashed my direction, when Keiko arrived home just in time.

Relieved that the cavalry had arrived just in time, I left the women in the kitchen as I hurriedly excused myself for more urgent matters, like desperately needing a quick jerk session to relieve the pressure caused by Sophie's gorgeous boobs.

Normally I could easily handle all the nudist questions and ease anybody's fears, as I've done it so many times before. But I was so enamored to see Sophie naked, that I felt my excitement would have caused me to lose any patience and push her away for good. Keiko is better with the women anyway, so I left her to work the magic while I searched out a good jerk-off hideout.

I end up joining Melody and Sara in the back yard, explaining the situation with Sophie and also the effect she was having on me. Sara blatantly confirmed my pent-up excitement when she pointed to my nearly erect dick snaking its way out the bottom of my shorts. I didn't try to hide it, and freely admitted my need to relieve the pressure. I told the girls that I only had one option, to go solo, since the only available pussy was busy convincing Sophie to give public nudity a try. I say this as I dumfounded have two teenage, totally-smooth pussies staring me in the face. Melody doesn't react to this awkward realization, but Sara was definitely thinking about it, from the look in her eye and the subtle shifting in her hips.

Melody sensed Sara's secret desire and told us both to go get a room so Sara could watch me jerk off. No complaints from us, as Sara and I bounded off to my bedroom, making sure Sophie didn't see us. Sara watched me intently as I jerked-off my purple-headed monster, thinking only about Sophie's big tits, totally ignoring the naked, nubile teenager right in front of me with her own big tits proudly on display for me. Sara was transfixed on my crotch, fascinated to watch me shoot my load in short order. This was a first for her. For although she had seen me jerk-off a couple times previously, this was the first time she had been alone with me. All the other times were with a group and performed less dramatically.

I quickly got dressed to diffuse any further transgressions between us. But Sara's frustration was plainly evident, as she still hadn't had any sexual relations yet with the boys and was very shy to masturbate with any of us nearby. Even when one of us in the nudist group encourages her to masturbate in front of us whenever she feels the need, she always ducks away behind a closed door somewhere. We can hear her pleasuring herself, but she still feels embarrassed about doing it out in the open, as every other member of the group can do so confidently and casually.

Sophie agreed to stay for dinner, and even didn't mind too terribly when the teen girls pleaded to stay nude. The dinner conversation began on the light side, but it was very apparent that Sophie was a little guarded and apprehensive at the situation. The rest of us were of course very comfortable with two absolutely shameless teenagers sitting naked at the family dinner table. I was happily enjoying the situation, watching Sophie squirm and trying so hard to hold back a barrage of questions and judgments. Keiko and I laughed out loud when Sophie finally broke, blurting out what was nagging her to distraction.

She admitted that she could never in a million years sit naked at a dinner table with her parents and siblings. She was both impressed and embarrassingly mortified with the girls. And with a serious, government social worker tone in her voice, wanted to know how long this had been going on and if there was any emotional danger here.

Well, this potential attack triggered a bombardment of explanations about social nudism. Sophie could barely get a question in for the rest of the dinner, as Keiko, myself and the two girls talked at length about our experiences, attitudes and our much-enlightened lives. Sophie was a psychologist, so I made sure I included plenty of sociological references about the emotional benefits of growing up as nudists. We even got a few chuckles from Sophie when we told about all of the daily conveniences that come with being nude most of the time.

After we had focused our explanations on why we did the nudist thing, we steered the conversation towards our successful recruitment of friends into the nudist lifestyle. Which of course naturally led nicely into our suggestions that Sophie try it herself. I think the clincher though was when I related her duty as a psychologist to be able to identify and relate to the issues her patients were going through. Becoming, and promoting social nudism would provide another therapeutic, and legal, tool to help a patient overcome any body image or shame issues.

I guess we were pretty convincing, because as we started clearing the dinner table, Sophie agreed to at least try this nudist thing. She admitted that her own body image shame had an unnecessary tight grip on her for her entire life so far. She said that she really needed to overcome the deeply-rooted fear, and once and for all actually become comfortable with her own body. We agreed to guide her along her journey in a methodical and empathetic way, as we have with so many others who now thank us for their body acceptance enlightenment. My dick was already on the rise.

Our family usually heads for the hot tub after the dinner clean-up, so we asked Sophie to join us, making sure not to pressure her to get naked with us, while also reminding her that the moment to begin her journey was already at hand. Keiko even volunteered to dig out a bathing suit for Sophie if it would make her more comfortable. Sophie reluctantly agreed to stay a little longer, shamefully realizing she had reached a pivotal moment in her life and needed to push through the emotions.

Keiko took Sophie's arm, and quickly began leading her down the hall to our bedroom. I stripped in the kitchen and hurriedly set out to busy myself so as to not let my thoughts wander towards the realization that I may soon see those voluptuous tits swinging in the night air. Although, I know that no matter how hard I tried to control my dick, sometimes my hormones just win the battle. I really didn't want this first encounter for Sophie to take a lustful tone, since our explanation that group nudity was all about freedom and not sex, eased Sophie's concerns, no doubt contributing to try the nudist thing. So I busied myself finding some towels and preparing a tray of wine, while Melody and Sara headed out to prepare the hot tub.

I have an awesome house in the Biscayne Bay area of Miami. We have an expansive patio just outside big picture windows lining the back of the house. Beyond the patio, a grass-covered yard slopes down towards a deep-water canal, where my 50-foot ocean cruiser, the S.S. Happy Place, is docked. On any given warm day or night, our very-tolerant neighbors or any passing boats, would see plenty of happy, naked people waving back.

I joined the teenagers shortly with towels and wine in hand. When I set the towels down on the bench, it revealed my dick to the girls who were already semi-submerged in the bubbles. They both quipped that I should hurry and get in the hot tub, before Sophie saw my dick at a near full erection. Melody teased that every time I was about see a new girl naked for the first time, that I had absolutely no control over getting an erection. At that observation, I could see Sara deep in thought to when I first saw her naked and tried to recall if the same thing happened to her. She won't hear it from me, but I did have an erection that day on the boat, but was just successful at keeping it from her view.

After what seemed like forever, the three of us in the hot tub heard the back door open. Then walking around the corner was a naked Keiko followed by Sophie wrapped in a big towel. Keiko did her best to reduce the tension by just casually walking right into the hot tub, demonstrating that being nude outside, in front of the rest of her family, while any passing boat or neighbor could see her, just wasn't any big deal. The gesture was somewhat lost on Sophie though, for she just stood completely stiff, nervously looking around the entire back yard, embarrassed that someone may see her wrapped in only a towel. We all kept silent though, avoiding any looks her direction, as we let her build her own courage.

I guess my wife's efforts back in the bedroom were successful, because Sophie wouldn't be acting so nervous if she wasn't naked under that towel. I smiled, step one completed.

As typical, my naked-since-birth daughter was the first to reach the limit of her patience, and barked at Sophie to get it done already, as we're not going to wait all night for her. Melody's forceful, yet encouraging, method worked once again, as Sophie succumbed to the order and approached the edge of the hot tub. She hesitated briefly as she grasped the top of her towel, her skin becoming white like the towel in growing embarrassment at being the center of all our attention. But she took back control, and demanded that we all turn our heads away until she says to turn back.

We all obediently complied, having been through this many times before with a first timer. As we waited, my mind drifted back to Christine's first time, when she also demanded we close our eyes as she ran up from the lower deck of our boat, taking an unexpected nose dive on the way to her seat at the breakfast table. I didn't hear any funny noises this time though, only the sound of a towel landing on a nearby bench. A cracked voice then announced we could turn back around.

Sophie sat hunched down, her chin level with the water, nervously acknowledging our congratulatory complements. We just made small talk for the next half hour or so, casually avoiding any mention of Sophie being naked in a hot tub with people she barely knew. The warm water had a noticeable effect on relaxing Sophie, as she was progressively rising higher out of the water, her buoyant boobs now jostling playfully just below the water surface.

Catching me glance towards Sophie's bobbing rack, Melody asked me to get a second bottle of wine from the kitchen, fully intending to embarrass me when I get out of the tub sporting a full erection. My planning had paid off though, because I was purposely controlling my dick to a semi-erect state, to be ready at any time for the opportunity to casually expose my nude body to Sophie.

All eyes were on me when my crotch cleared the surface of the water. I could hear Melody sigh in disappointment at her failure to embarrass me, but my stare was glued on Sophie, as I reveled at the look on her face. At first she tried to act casual, taking a quick glancing notice and intending to just continue on with her conversation about college with the girls. But once it registered, she lost all concentration and surprised herself when she just couldn't help but lock her gaze on my manhood on full display for her enjoyment. She intently followed the bouncing dick all the way out of the hot tub. Proud as a peacock, I strutted across the patio, feeling her stare locked on my ass the entire way.

In the kitchen, I patted my well-proportioned and perfectly-shaped dick in admiration of it once again leaving a woman speechless at first sight of it. That little scene was always by far my most favorite thing to do. Luckily, I have a wonderful family who not only allow me the pleasure of showing off, but actively encourage my exhibitionist desires. Keiko and Melody have both on numerous occasions brought a girlfriend home to show me off. I oblige their antics of course, putting on a good show.

I take an extra long time getting the wine, providing ample opportunity for the girls to chat up a good conversation about my dick. I can count on Keiko, Melody and Sara to provide plenty of stories and revealing talk about me, as they enjoy teasing my dick into action and getting me into embarrassing situations. On my way back out, I hear confirmation of the storytelling form Sophie's laughter. Upon heading out the back door, I look down for one last confirmation that my dick is still at its proper half-erect state. I want enough blood in it to keep it thick, yet still hanging straight down. It's the perfect show-off condition for size, head shape and swing potential. I want women to see that it's thick around, and long, but still not at full attention. Gotta leave them wondering how big it will really get.

I join the girls in the hot tub again, moving slowly and always in position for maximum stare time towards Sophie. As I settle down into the water, I notice that Sophie has risen a little more out of the water and is resting her extended arms high on the hot tub's edge. This of course stretches Sophie's tits taught and high on her bare chest. Her cleavage is clearly showing above the water line now, and if I strain a little, I can see dark areas through the bubbles. Dick on the rise again.

Sara caught me staring, and broke the building sexual tension by announcing in a jovial manner to me that, yes, Sophie was thoroughly impressed with my penis and she was looking forward to seeing plenty of penis tricks amongst all the nudist dudes. We all broke out in laughter, but Sophie was red with embarrassment too, believing her comments about my dick were only for the girls to joke about. I told Sophie no to be embarrassed, since when everybody is naked, it's perfectly acceptable to notice and comment on people's normally-covered body parts.

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