Invid Invasion Ch. 20

byInvid Writer©

"AAAAAAAAGGGHHHH," Andrea screamed as loudly as before and slumped forward, with arms fully extended behind her, into his shoulder and deeper onto his dick. She had passed out.

"That's what I thought you said."

J quickly discovered he didn't have any interest in fucking an unconscious girl that he couldn't see the expression of. Supporting her back, he leaned her away from him towards the headboard and gave her a few quick slaps to the face. Slowly Andrea stirred. She had a glazed look in her eyes and she still let out a constant, low pitched moan. That was good enough for him.

J pumped her mercilessly for another five or ten minutes while relentlessly playing with her reddened breasts. Andrea heaved and breathed heavily but eventually she managed to get the pain under control and come to her senses again. Just as she felt like she was distancing herself from it, J shoved deep inside her and she felt the warmness of his cum fill her insides.

J flushed and tensed and finally after a long moan of pleasure pulled out of her, leaned back and rolled off the bed. "That was the best fuck I think I ever had. "Thank-you."

"Fuck off," Andrea said.

"Don't mind if I do. I'll be back later tonight though. I wouldn't want to miss the festivities." J laughed as he saw her eyes go wide. It was only noon and Andrea knew it. "Later." J put on his pants and left the room. The door shut behind him and carefully, Andrea arranged herself so she was lying on her back with her arms above her at the base of the headboard. The position took a little of the heat off her loins and breasts and she closed her eyes and tried to think of something other than the pain. Unfortunately, that was easy. Was he just screwing with her, or did he really mean she was going to be at this all day?

"Fuck," Andrea said to herself. She wondered what she had gotten herself into. She knew three months ago that she should never have got a job here. She should have listened to herself. "Fuck," she said again.

The door opened and Andrea looked at the clock. It had been about two hours since J. had left and no one had come in since then. The throbbing in her loins had gone down to something of a heightened sensitivity and her breasts and stomach felt fine. They weren't even red anymore. Apparently the belt had failed to ever break her skin.

Andrea looked over at the door. An attractive woman was walking over. She was dressed professionally and seemed to be in her mid twenties. "Are you getting me out of here?" Andrea couldn't help but ask optimistically.

"'Fraid not girl. I've got you for the rest of the day." Andrea's mood lightened. She wasn't likely to be nearly as bad as J. "Of course," she added, "I do have to share you for most of it. I've only got you solo for an hour now and an hour at the end. But, it'll have to do."

"You have a belt?" Andrea asked.


"Then you'll be a step up from the last one."

"Well that's probably a safe bet," she said. "You can call me Faye."


"I know," Faye said.

"So you really okay with this?"

"With what?"

"With raping me? Knowing that I just want to leave and these people here are taking advantage of me?"

"I don't pretend to be a nice person, Andrea. But I do try not to be a malicious person. Truth is, I'm one kinky bitch and under most circumstances I can't get what I need. Don't worry though. I'll treat you well enough."

"Uh… thanks. I guess."

"Oh, my pleasure," Faye said looking Andrea up and down. "Wow, they weren't lying to me. You… are… hot." Faye stripped off her shirt to reveal a beautiful tan, two small upturned breasts with puffy nipples, and a well-toned stomach. She was a small person. Andrea was a little reminded of Kitty. She tried not to think about it.

"You're not too bad yourself," Andrea said, hoping the flattery would make the day go a little easier.

"Well Andrea, we have a good eight hours together so I don't see the need to rush into the heavy stuff. Let's just get to know each others bodies, hm? We'll get into the good stuff in a while."

Andrea was careful not to say anything. She didn't want Faye thinking it was okay to take advantage of her like this. She was still hoping that Faye could be convinced to let her go.

"No comment hm? Good. I like the strong silent type." Faye, still in only her skirt, leaned forward and kissed Andrea gently on the lips. Andrea thought it would be wise to kiss back, at least for now if she wanted to elicit this woman's sympathy. It wasn't hard after a minute or two. Faye was a damn good kisser. She kissed like... "Mmmm," Faye moaned as she pulled away. "Very nice." Andrea smiled briefly and Faye went back to the kiss. Throughout the next twenty or thirty minutes the two women simply made out. Faye's hands explored everywhere on Andrea's body, including her pussy and ass. By the time the half hour was up, Faye seemed to know Andrea literally inside and out.

"I don't know about you," Faye said. "But I am getting really fucking turned on."

Andrea had to admit that she was a little wet herself. She thought there must be a part of herself that liked being in these helpless situations. Only on a few occasions had she actually tried with all her effort to get out of them. "Me too," she admitted.

"Well you," she said, "are going to get all you can handle soon enough. But as for me, I've got some catching up to do." She stood up and shimmied out of her tight skirt. She didn't have any panties on and was completely shaved. Andrea could see how wet her pussy was before she was even all that close to it. She had no tan lines and lowered herself down to straddle Andrea's breasts. Andrea could feel the damp heat of Faye's pussy in her cleavage. As Andrea looked up, she saw Kitty's long brown hair. She closed her eyes and sent her mind elsewhere.

She felt Faye's warm pussy lift off her before it came down on her left breast. Faye began to rock her hips a bit and grind into Andrea's tit. Soon her breast was too wet with Faye's juices to provide any real friction, so Faye moved over to the right side. Andrea finally opened her eyes and was treated immediately to a view of Faye's extremely thin waist and tight stomach flexing as she grinded into Andrea's right breast. Andrea could see her own nipple occasionally poke out from between Faye's pink lower lips as they dragged across her soft flesh. She noticed her left nipple shone with Faye's juices and was about as hard as it ever got. Andrea felt her own pussy begin to grow even wetter and looked further up Faye's body to her cone shaped tits and long nipples. She was starting to sweat and her chest was getting shiny with sweat.

Faye reached down and gently grabbed Andrea's hair with her small hands. "I want to cum," she said.

Andrea couldn't help a small smile. That body was sure reminding her of Kitty. "I don't think I could stop you if I tried," Andrea said.

"I don't want to cum on your breasts. I want to cum on your mouth."

Andrea didn't say anything. She still was having doubts as to how much she should encourage her. But regardless, Faye didn't wait for a response. She lifted her pussy off Andrea's now soaking right breast and planted her sopping pussy onto Andrea's lips. She kept her mouth closed, but she couldn't find it in herself to resist either. She simply looked up at Faye's flexed stomach as she ground into Andrea's mouth. Without meeting any resistance, Faye pressed her crotch into Andrea's face harder. Each thrust caused Andrea's slack lips to part and drag along with the motions of her pussy. Andrea quickly got her first taste and she had to admit, it tasted good. Faye's humping continued to get more and more intense. She was moaning now and each thrust took her pussy all the way up to Andrea's nose, covering it too in a thin layer of her juices. All Andrea could smell was sex. She smelled like Kitty too. Andrea closed her eyes again.

A few more minutes and Andrea was overcome. She didn't care if Faye wasn't the one she wanted, she was close enough. Andrea opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to find Faye's clit. A loud moan told her she found the right spot. "Now that's better," Faye said happily. "Eat me out girl."

Andrea was completely overcome with her emotions and arousal. Her tongue darted around Faye's sex as fast as possible, exploring it as thoroughly as it could, always trying to get deeper, or put more pressure on her clit.

"Oh God," Faye moaned. "Don't stop."

Andrea wouldn't dream of it. She continued the assault, making Faye wetter and wetter. She'd never met anyone that had such a soaking pussy before but she relished in it like some kind of a drug. Beads of Faye's juices ran down the sides of Andrea's mouth. Her tongue worked as hard as it could and dug deep into Faye's sex. She felt the interior walls of Faye's pussy clamp down around it. She moaned again and suddenly a stream of Faye's cum burst out into Andrea's mouth. She jumped, more than a little surprised. Faye was ejaculating as much cum as most guys, if not a bit more. "Keep it in your mouth," Faye said as it began to fill to the brim with Faye's cum. Faye had her sex pressed so hard into her mouth she couldn't have spit it out if she had wanted to. She made sure not to swallow and without any other ideas, Andrea continued to tongue at Faye's clamping insides.

Faye's orgasm went on for quite some time thanks to Andrea's continuous efforts. Andrea noticed Faye's stomach was not flexing as hard or as fast any more and was showing a return to normal breathing again. Faye finally lifted her pussy off Andrea's face and slid her wet sex down Andrea's body until she was able to lie on top of her. Andrea closed her mouth to keep Faye's cum inside. Faye pressed her sweaty body onto Andrea's and looked into her eyes. "Let me see," she said.

Andrea's face was covered in Faye's cum. Her lips, chin and nose were completely smeared with it. It made her look somehow carnal. Andrea opened her mouth to reveal it was nearly full. "Wow, I haven't cum that much in a while," Faye smiled and lowered her lips to meet her partners. Andrea opened her eyes wide in surprise. Was Faye going to do what she thought?

Without delay, Andrea was proved right. Faye pressed her lips to Andrea's and dipped her tongue into Andrea's cum filled mouth. "Mmmm," Faye moaned as she lapped at her own transparent cum. Andrea eventually became overcome with the kiss and couldn't help but meet Faye's tongue with her own, forcing small amount of the liquid to trail down her cheek from the edges of her lips. The two relished in the sloppy kiss for quite a while until they were eventually interrupted by an opening door. Faye withdrew her lips, now equally covered in the stuff. "So are you going to swallow that or what?" She said playfully.

Andrea hesitated, but not for the reasons Faye thought. Andrea didn't want to swallow it because she didn't want to loose the taste. She was enjoying it more than she ever thought she would. Andrea looked past Faye to see a large group of men entering the room. "Come on, Andrea," Faye said. "They'll be plenty more where that came from. Besides, you've got to make some room for their cum." She smiled. Andrea smiled back and after another short moment swallowed the mouthful of Faye's juices. "Good girl," Faye said and gave her another deep kiss. Faye got up and moved to the side of the bed. After Faye moved, Andrea could clearly see the group of men that had entered the room. There were a lot of them. Maybe twenty or thirty and still more were coming in. This was going to be a long day.

* * * *

It had been a few hours and Andrea was starting to get tired, not to mention sore. She'd had a cock in her pussy and mouth pretty much non stop and it seemed like the guys just kept coming. Her face was so covered in cum that it was barely recognizable. Pools of cum had collected in her eyes, ears and along her hairline. She had given up on trying to keep her eyes closed an hour ago and had decided to just put up with the stinging sensation the cum gave her. Fortunately, over the last fifteen minutes or so the burning sensation had started to fade.

Her stomach, pussy and thighs were in a similar position and there was a fairly substantial trail of cum from all that she'd spit out that had travelled down her chin and neck, to collect at her collar bone. Smaller little streams, especially around her thighs and belly button tickled her as they slowly rolled down her in various directions. Faye had simply kept out of the way to watch. She had left for about half an hour but recently came back.

"Can I get a glass of water, or something?" Andrea said after spitting out the latest man's cum.

"You don't need water," Faye said. "Just start swallowing."

"You're kidding," Andrea said. A look in Faye's eyes told her she wasn't. "How about a bathroom break then?"

"Which end?"

"What?" Andrea looked over at her.

"Which end?"

"I need to pee if that's what you mean."

Faye smiled, got up, and moved to the foot of the bed. She was still naked. She moved the man that was inside Andrea's pussy out of the way "Prop your hips up," Faye said.

Andrea looked at her strangely but used her legs to prop her hips about eight inches off the bed. "Why?"

"Cause you're going to piss on me."


"Piss on me." Faye got to her knees on the floor at the end of the bed, only a foot or two away from Andrea's cum soaked crotch. She opened her mouth.

Andrea lowered her lips and looked at her from between her legs. "You have got to be kidding."

Faye sighed. "Okay, well make it interesting. I'm only a couple feet from you. If you can get it in my mouth before I count to five, I'll make it worth your while. If not, I won't."

"What are you…?"

"One," Faye said.

"I'm not going to…"

"Two," Faye said. "You must really want to find out what's going to happen at five." She smiled. "Three."

"Fuck," Andrea said to herself. "I can't believe this." She lifted her hips back up again. She'd been holding her bladder long enough that it came out hard and straight.

"Four," Faye said and felt the warm stream of liquid splash against her small breasts before flowing down her body in streams. "That's my tits," Faye said, her smile growing.

Andrea angled her hips to try and raise the stream.

"Five," Faye said and tasted the salty stream immediately after speaking the word. She closed her eyes and swallowed the first mouthful. The stream continued to hit her, sometimes in the mouth, sometimes on the forehead or cheeks. The light yellow liquid soaked her body and rolled down her in all directions. Her nipples grew hard and she opened her mouth again just before the stream tapered off and Andrea lowered her hips once again. Faye closed her mouth, concealing about half a mouthful inside and still smiling, walked around the side of the bed towards Andrea's face.

Andrea looked up at her. Her hair was wet and stuck to her face, neck and back. She looked like she had just come out of the shower. Andrea couldn't help but picture Kitty stepping inside her tent, naked, after just being out in the jungle rain. So when Faye moved in for a kiss, Andrea didn't think of anything but meeting that kiss full on. She parted her lips and gingerly stuck her tongue through Faye's. She didn't even hear the hooting and hollering of the men. Andrea broke out of her daydream as soon as her tongue succeeded in parting Faye's lips and the urine contained inside rushed into her own mouth. Faye moved away and Andrea immediately spit out the gross, salty liquid dramatically. It came down as a spray over her breasts and collected in her cleavage.

"You are one dirty girl," Faye said to Andrea smiling. "I thought you would have resisted."

Andrea spit again, trying to get the last little bits out of her mouth. This time they rolled down her chin.

"Well you were close," Faye said, "but you didn't quite make it in five." Faye looked towards some of the men. "Can a few of you stronger folk hold her arms for me?"

Two men quickly came over from each side and held Andrea's arms in place. Faye walked around behind the bed and grabbing a key, undid the handcuffs. "Okay, turn her over," Faye said. "We're going to do doggy style for a while."

Andrea resisted, but she wasn't much of a match for two men on each arm, and soon found herself kneeling towards the headboard. Her hands were cuffed again and the men moved away. Faye walked back around and pulled Andrea's knees back until her arms were fully outstretched in front of her, thus giving enough room for a man to stand in-between them and still get a blowjob. The position was awkward for Andrea, leaning so far forward with most of her weight on her knees. She had to use a fair bit of arm strength to support her head and chest.

Andrea's firm breasts hung down from her chest. Cum and urine dripped off her torso and face. She spat again. "Okay," Faye said. She pointed to one of the men that had helped her. "You, get a blowjob." She waited for him to go and stand in-between Andrea's arms. He did so. He grabbed Andrea's hair and pulled her head back to give him clear access to her mouth. She knew the drill and opened. He was fairly big and immediately slid down her throat. She gagged slightly but he pulled out and by the next time he entered her throat, she was ready for him. She relaxed her gag reflex and let him enter all the way inside her mouth. She felt his coarse pubic hairs against her sticky lips and nose.

"Okay, and you," Faye continued, speaking to another one of the helpers "get underneath her. You get her pussy." The man complied, squirming his way underneath her until he was looking up at her throat, bulging with the large cock inside it. Her grabbed her tits and began to squeeze hard. Andrea moaned but was ignored by all involved. Faye carefully guided Andrea's pussy onto the man's stiff cock until she was essentially riding him. He was quite big too at about nine inches, but her pussy was still so wet from previous cum she had no trouble taking him all the way in one attempt. She felt coarse pubic hairs in a new place now, this time against her cum matted landing strip. When she lifted her hips off him, there was still enough cum to leave long strands connecting her crotch with his. She lowered her hips back down on his cock again and tried to establish a rhythm with the two men.

"Okay, you're next," Faye said to another man. He was equally large at about nine inches. "You're a bit of a big boy, hey? Gimme a sec." Faye positioned herself behind Andrea and spread her ass cheeks with her hands. She looked down at the tiny pink rosebud. "You don't need to take a dump too by any chance, do you?"

"No," Andrea mumbled from around the man's cock.

"Ah, too bad." Faye leaned forward and stuck her tongue against Andrea's ass. She moaned pleasurably as Faye's soft mouth enveloped her nether hole. With a little effort, Faye pushed her tongue inside, and spun it around the interior walls of Andrea's ass. Andrea moaned again. Faye pushed her tongue in as far as she could, lapping as hungrily as she was sloppily in Andrea's rear. Andrea's muffled moans permeated the room. After three hours of being pounded, pussy and mouth, she was finally starting to enjoy herself. Her sex made sloppy noises as it bounced up and down off the man's cock, each time taking at least a few stringers with it when it moved upwards. Faye had gotten her tongue deeper in her ass than anyone had before. She made slurping sounds as she continually attempted to push it in further without any success. Her ass was getting wet with saliva. Andrea moaned in disappointment when Faye finally withdrew. Her pink hole was puckered and quickly tensed as if trying to keep Faye's tongue inside.

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