Ok getting really fed up now! Been stood at the bar waiting for at least 15 minutes now, and I'm sure people are getting served before me who got here after. And it's hot! I need a drink just to replace what I've sweated out, can't believe it's so busy, I can barely move!

As I try to catch the barman's eye for the umpteenth time, I feel someone bump into me from behind, not the first time since I've been stood here, but this time whoever it is stays pressed up against me. I look back either expecting one of my friends, or preparing to object to the proximity... But. It's that guy I was making eye contact with across the room earlier. I face forward again, a little unsure of how to proceed. He's very cute!

I feel him lean in closer, and suddenly his mouth is next to my ear, "When you get served, would you mind getting me one too?" The cheek!

"You'll be lucky!" I reply, turning my head "I've been here forever. I was beginning to think I'm invisible!"

"Invisible? That could be fun," his lips brush my ear, "Think of aaaall the possibilities." As he draws out that last sentence, I feel his hand move to my right hip, pulling himself closer to me. "Think of everything you could get up to!" His teeth gently graze my earlobe and I gasp; I feel him harden against my buttocks in response. With one hand on my hip holding me to him, he uses his other hand to brush my hair out of the way and starts kissing my neck.

I look round, but no one's paying us any attention, all too busy trying to get served.... Something I've started to neglect.

"Do you want to see if you really are invisible?" His lips are at my other ear now; I feel goose bumps rise at his voice. As he nibbles & licks at my earlobe, I realise I've started grinding back onto him. He lets out a deep throated chuckle in response, "You do, don't you?" he asks, when I don't reply, he bites my earlobe sharply, making me jump. "Don't you?" he repeats.

"Yes." I whisper, letting my head fall back onto his shoulder as he starts kissing my neck again.

"Head up, there's only so much you can do without drawing attention!" I obey wondering what it is he's going to try...

His left hand comes to rest on my other and for a couple of seconds he just holds me there, his erection pressing firmly between my buttocks. Then he moves his right hand round over my ass and down, his fingers soon find the hem of my short skirt and he carries on under it. My eyes widen as he whispers in my ear, "Let me take them off. It'll make everything so much easier!" I feel his fingers catch hold of the elastic of my underwear, he pauses, but when I don't object he starts pulling down. I let them fall, and then kick away when they reach the floor. Still no one's looking our way.

For a moment he does nothing, then I feel his finger run oh-so-gently along the line of my pussy, "Wet already?" he growls in my ear, "This won't take long then..." I can feel my knees trembling, and he's barely even touched me! His fingers quickly find my clit; unfortunately his movements aren't so quick, just slowly, lightly, brushing his fingertip over it, teasing it. Teasing me.

I turn my head, "Please?"

"Please what?"

"Please do something? I can't take the teasing!"

"What do you want me to do instead?"

"Anything! Just stop teasing!"

"I apologise, I can stop altogether if you want?" His fingers pull away from me; I can hear the amusement in his voice.

"No! Don't stop! Just...please stop teasing" His fingers return to lightly brushing my clit,

"Tell me what you want me to do instead.... Do you want me to fuck you?"

I hesitate, do I? Do I want a complete stranger to fuck me against a bar in a crowded club? Something deep inside of me is screaming Yes! That's exactly what I want. As I deliberate, I feel his finger slide backwards, and as soon as it finds my entrance it pushes deep inside my pussy. I let out a loud groan, and am immediately surprised no one notices. A second finger joins in, slowly but firmly thrusting in and out of me. "I think you desperately want me to fuck you." He nibbles at my ear again, and I hear myself agreeing with him. He grabs my hand, and pulls it behind me, and I can feel him, hard beneath his jeans. In seconds he has them unzipped, pressed close to me so no one can see, and pulls out his cock. I grasp it, slowly rubbing it, matching the slow rhythm of his fingers in me. He catches on, and speeds up his movements, I respond.

"Someone will notice" he breathes in my ear, he's right; we've reached a speed where the jerky motions would be very noticeable. I moan as his fingers slowly pull from inside me. He takes my hand off of his cock, "Put your hands on the bar" he instructs. Nervously I obey, surely someone will notice if he actually starts fucking me? Is it legal, I wonder, could I get arrested for this? Visions of being thrown in prison are interrupted as I feel his head nudge against my pussy.... His hands return to my hips, grasping tightly as he pushes hard, sinking all the way into me in one go. My hands grasp the edge of the bar as I try to muffle a moan. For the first time that night I make eye contact with a barman, and he gives me a strange look... but still doesn't try to serve me!

He stays still for a moment, deep inside me, breathing hard into my ear, "I don't think I'm going to last very long." he warns.

"Good job," I reply "or we really will get arrested!" He laughs softly, and starts to pull out ever so slightly before pushing back in, small deep thrusts, barely noticeable. Normally the shallowness of the thrusts wouldn't do much for me, but with the excitement of being completely surrounded by people, having body contact with other people, I am so incredibly turned on as he fucks me.

"I saw you across the room," he breathes "and I knew I wanted to fuck you," at the word 'fuck' he thrusts a little harder, "but I didn't realise it would be so soon!"

"I saw you too," I replied, pushing back to meet him, "I had no idea you'd be the kind to take advantage of me like this!"

"Take advantage?" He growls, he thrusts a little faster, harder, pushing me against the bar, "With a skirt like that you're lucky I asked permission!" He reaches a hand round and starts rubbing my clit, much harder, much faster, much rougher than earlier, all teasing long gone.

I can feel myself getting close now he's stopped being so gentle, and I'm guessing that he's getting there too. I look up and realise the barman's looking at me, watching me. Us. He's watching us. "He knows!" I say, alarmed.

"What?" He sounds annoyed at being distracted.

"The barman, he knows what we're doing!"

"Then he can enjoy the show then can't he, I'm not stopping."

As he carries on pounding in to me, I stay locked in eye contact with the barman, who's got a half smile on his face. Despite the crowds at the bar he's paused to dry glasses, an excuse to watch us. As I stare into his eyes, I can feel myself getting closer & closer, excited even more by our audience. His thrusts are getting wilder now; he's obviously starting to lose control. I close my eyes briefly and when I open them, the barman is right in front of me. He puts his hands out over the top of mine, for a second he glances over my shoulder behind me, then leans forward and kisses me deeply. I feel the stranger give one last animal thrust hard into me, and hear him let out a loud groan as he cums deep inside me. It's enough. I cum hard as well, convulsing, but the barman keeps me locked in a kiss, muffling my moans.

As I come down, the barman pulls back, smiling as he places two bottles of beer in front of me, and returns to work. The stranger pulls out of me. But stays close behind. He reaches round me, picks up one of the bottles, and passes the other to me. "Cheers!" he says, tapping my bottle with his. He passes me his business card and before I can say anything, he's gone.

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