tagErotic HorrorInvisible Intruder

Invisible Intruder


You sit on the edge of your bed, awash in the cold light emanating from your laptop on the nightstand that serves as your makeshift desk. You glance at the clock on your toolbar and sigh. 2:37 a.m. and both sleep and ideas elude you.

You push back from the edge slightly and close your eyes, reviewing in your mind what you've written so far. The words came so quickly at first, but the more the story unfolds, the more difficult the end becomes to see.

With your eyes still closed, you feel a light breeze against your hair, just above your left shoulder and idly brush it away.

It comes again, stronger this time and you whip your head around to find the source.

There is nothing.

Nervously, you turn back to your keyboard and attempt to force your thoughts back to what you were writing. Several minutes pass and your pulse returns to normal as you peck away at the keys.

Without warning the touch returns, not briefly this time but a constant, light pressure keeping your hair pressed to your cheek.

And there is the feeling of a hand on your right shoulder.

The pressure on your hair moves slowly to the tips and your hair is pulled back to fall over your shoulder.

Now you feel phantom lips on your neck, just below your earlobe. Your pulse quickens and your breaths begin to come faster and slightly shaky. The lips kiss down your neck, to your collarbone and trace it to the center of your chest.

In a panicked moment of clarity, you try to stand, but the sensation on your shoulder is suddenly increased. You are hauled back from your desk and pushed down onto the mattress.

You try to scream, but no sound issues from your lips. A faint malicious chuckle is the only sound you can hear over your now panicked breathing as your shirt is ripped over your head and tossed to the floor.

Invisible hands begin to grope and fondle you over your bra as unseen lips slowly slip down the cleft of your breast.

Suddenly, they seize on the bra and wrench it away, snapping the straps and exposing your milky white breasts. Your nipples pucker and harden as they are suddenly exposed to the chilled air.

You gasp in surprise as the lips fasten over your nipple. A tongue flicks back and forth over your nipple before slowly curling around the tip and your gasps slowly turn to moans.

Still you try to rise from the bed, but find your wrists stuck to the mattress by invisible shackles. You strain against your invisible bonds to no avail. Near to panic, you begin to kick your legs, desperate to escape. Unseen hands grasp your ankles and lift your legs, far enough that your bottom and lower back are lifted from the bed.

Still suspended in the air, your pajama bottoms and panties are ripped down your legs and into the air to flutter to the ground. Your legs are dropped back to the bed and spread violently leaving your toes pointed at the corners of the bed. You fight to close your legs, but find your ankles fastened in place the same as your wrists.

The lips take a break from your chest to nibble up your neck to your ear.

"You can't stop me," a whisper fills the room.

The lips dance once more down your neck.

To your chest.

Your stomach.

Your thigh.

Slowly they travel to your inner knee before beginning to work slowly up, kissing and nibbling their way to your inner thigh where leg meets body.

Your lips are parted and my tongue passes between them inching toward your clit.

As my tongue reaches the bud, I close my entire mouth over it, alternately sucking and biting at your most sensitive spot.

Your juices begin to flow as my mouth does its work and your hips begin to slowly buck and gyrate.

Quiet desperate moans begin to slip from your lips as your thrusting hips meet nothing but air. My tongue quickens its pace as the moans slowly rise in volume and urgency. Your entire body goes taut as your orgasm rips through your body, carrying with it a flush that settles on your cheeks and chest, and leaving you gasping for air.

"Please, please," you groan at last, "I want you inside me."

A chilling laugh shakes the room, and I reply, "All you had to do was invite me," before driving deep into your moist folds.

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