tagErotic HorrorInvisible Juice

Invisible Juice


He sat in his room working on the formula he was devising. He was a chemistry student at the local college and needed this one thing to pass. He almost had it a couple nights ago but it killed his rabbit, so he got a new one. This time he isolated the component and smiled as he blended them. He looked out his window and saw the new blonde neighbor bending over into the trunk of her car in her shorty shorts.

He had eyed her since the day she moved in. she lived alone and as far as he could tell, no boyfriend or husband. He wanted to ask her out but she ignored him every time he talked to her. He watched her tight tank top bounce with every step, she had a nice rack on her. He went back to his formula and kept working.

He realized it was morning and looked at his formula and put some in a needle and tried it out on the rabbit. He sat back and watched as the rabbit disappeared. He jumped up and looked around the cage with a big smile as he grew more excited. He stopped and thought for a second, would it work on a human? He filled another needle up and shot it straight into his vein. he sat down as it rushed through his bloodstream and into his brain. The formula mutated a few things as it began to turn him invisible. he looked as he was now nothing more than clothes.

He stripped down and looked in the mirror, he was completely invisible. He had an idea to put to use. He noticed that the rabbit wasn't back to normal yet. He took a second needle just in case he changed again. He stood in his window as he looked into the blondes house and saw her. He decided it was time to go visit her sexy ass.

He rang the doorbell and waited as the door opened. Cassie opened it and looked around and stepped out as he snuck into her house. He stood in her living room as she came back in and he eyed her sexy body.

Her skirt was denim, short and tight as it showed her nice ass. Her top clung to her nice tits as they remained firm and perky without a bra. The light pink top showed them nicely and the two dark circles the was hard and making her sexy. She went into the kitchen as he followed close behind her. She stopped and turned, she looked around as he sniffed her perfume. he was going to enjoy her.

She continued into the kitchen and put her dishes away. She bent over and he saw her skirt slide up and show her pink thong. He smiled at her tanned ass cheeks. He was waiting to nail her as she cleaned up. She stood and did a few dishes as he turned on the sprayer and aimed. Cassie let out a startled scream as it soaked her thin top and the front of her skirt. She looked as the cold water made the shirt cling and show her even harder nipples.

"Damn thing." She said wiping down with a towel.

She walked down the hall and into her bedroom. He followed and walked in as she peeled it off and revealed her perfect tits. He smiled as she let the skirt drop and showed her nice ass cheeks. He was horny as hell as she bent over in front of him. He needed inside her and crept up behind her.

She stood up and felt a hand on her hip as it slid down. She looked as her thong dropped to her ankles. Cassie stood froze as the hands slid up and around her flat belly. She gasped as they found her tits. Her eyes widened as he fondled her firm breasts. She felt his dick on her ass and realized what was going to happen.

He then grabbed her long blonde hair and pulled her head back as his other hand rubbed her nice pussy. Her eyes widened as he fingered her fast making her wet. He had her pussy well lubricated as he made the next move. Cassie was bent over and the cock rammed into her and began to fuck her tight little hole!

"NO!" She cried as she felt her body getting invaded deep and fast.

She closed her eyes as the guy had his way with her skinny body. She was getting it deep and fast as her tightness got taken away by her invisible fuck. She was shoved to all fours and he dug deeper into her making her mind overload and then she lost control. She closed her eyes as her juices flowed around his cock. He smiled and spanked her as she squealed. He had the twenty three year old blonde where he wanted her. Cassie grew weak as the hours passed.

After a while longer she gave in and fainted as he filled her up. He pulled out and let her roll to her side. He rolled her to her back and titty fucked her for fun. He held her firm tits as he covered her face with his cum. He stood up and smiled down at her cum covered face. He walked to her dresser and went through her panties. He took her black leather thong and went home.

He went up to his room and hung her thong in the closet. He sat down and fell asleep as Cassie woke up and called the police. He heard the sirens and woke up, he looked in the mirror, still invisible. He went to the window and watched the ambulance take her to the hospital. He saw the police woman as she took over the scene in her tight outfit. he smiled as he watched her tits bounce with each step. She needed to be fucked by him.

He thought about it for a minute and had a plan. He was going to lure her in with other investigations. He smiled and pulled out his laptop and looked onto Cassie's profile and checked out her friends. He slammed it shut and walked out the back door and into the alley. He strolled down the alley and looked around. He stopped and looked in a backyard at a woman sun bathing topless. He opened the gate and walked inside the fence, he locked it behind him.

She heard the lock and sat up. He saw her tits and red hair. Misty stood up and walked to the gate and found it locked. She looked around as her thong ripped away from her hips. She jumped and spun as he grabbed her throat. Her eyes widened as he slammed her back against the gate and lifted her up a couple inches off the ground. Misty struggled as she felt his dick slip up into her red haired pussy.

Her eyes closed as she fought him as he entered her pussy. He began to rape her as she tried to free herself. He held her hip down as he fucked her against the gate. Misty was getting raped by him as her pride got wet. The manager of Wal-mart never knew who was fucking her as he wore her out.

She was dropped as she laid dazed. He pinned her to her back and contained as he anal raped her. Misty cried for help as he pulled out and into her pussy again. He fucked her sweat covered body as she fainted. He exploded inside her and he went into her house and waited as he ate some food.

Misty woke up and crawled into the house and called the police. He walked out and saw her on all fours crawling to the bathroom. He reached down and grabbed her skinny waist and pulled her back as he rammed it into her again! The red head cried as he pounded her again. he smacked her ass hard as she screamed with the smacks.

He did her harder than the first time and made her faint. he heard sirens coming up and dropped her. She hit the floor with a thud as he sat in her recliner and waited. The police woman burst in with her gun in hand. she ran to Misty as the others searched the house. She radioed for an ambulance as he listened and watched her sexy body.

"Two rapes in the same neighborhood is not just a coincidence. There is a serial rapist out there and we are close to him." She said as he eyed her nice, tight top "We need some patrols now. Call the captain and get them going." She ordered.

"Yes Melissa, oh the lab called. The D.N.A. we collected, came back as a mutated substance." Her partner said.

"Mutated? Great!" Melissa said as the ambulance pulled up and rushed in for Misty's naked body. " Search the house for evidence. I'm going to take a drive. Call me if you find anything." She said leaving as he watched her partners tight slacks and nice ass bend over.

He waited as the police finished and began to leave. Her partner had to secure the crime scene, it was her job according to Melissa. She made sure the officers were gone and went up stairs to check as he followed her up.

Jessica was a young police woman and very hot. She wore her tight slacks and tight button up blouse good. She had shoulder length blonde hair and a pretty face. she was just recently assigned to Melissa since her last partner left due to her being a bitch. Jessica needed the work and honestly enjoyed working with a hardened police chick. Today she had made a mistake, alone and unaware he was there watching her. Jessica walked into the bedroom and looked around.

The room was in order and well kept. She walked to the window and looked out. She noticed she could see Cassie's house from there. She looked around as he walked up behind her and grinned at her ass. He reached up and grabbed her tits and ripped her top off. Jessica screamed as her bra was torn off also. Her nice c cups were revealed as he shoved her against the window. She went for her gun as he took it and put it to her back and ripped her thin slacks off showing her purple g-string thong.

"Nice cop ass!" He said ripping the thong away from her.

"Please stop! I'm a cop!" Jessica begged as he bent her over and slammed it deep into her! "NO!" She cried as he began raping her.

He had the first police woman in his grip and was fucking the hell out of her. She had tears streaming down her face. Jessica was being disgraced at her own crime scene! Never had she experienced such force upon her skinny body. He laughed as he gripped her throat and tightened as her eyes widened and she gasp for air.

She wiggled as her breathing was being stopped by his hand. He continued to fuck her as she felt dizzy. He let her throat go as her body released her orgasm. He felt the warm rush and she breathed heavy as he filled her up. Jessica felt it and was dropped to the floor. she looked around the room as he grabbed her head and shoved his cock inside her mouth and forced her to suck. Her eyes widened as she swallowed his cum shots. He pulled out and covered her face and tits. He used the but of her gun to knock her out. Jessica fell to the side unconscious and naked.

"Damn good girl...can not wait to fuck Melissa!" He said tossing her radio beside her.

He went out front and saw her cop car her smiled and went back for the keys. He grabbed them and her badge. He drove away fast and went to hide out for a while, he was tired. Jessica was taken to the hospital and told the story of the invisible rapist to Melissa. He wasn't done yet, just needed to rest and shower.

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