Ioan Gruffudd Ch. 04


I slowed down some to stave it off and he shook his head. "Faster."

I moved faster and my body was shaking from the need to come. "Please, Ioan, please let me come."

"No, not yet. Keep going, Nicky."

I sobbed but did so, feeling my body roil and rock, the sensations pulling at me, my body desperate to find release. And then just as it was about to take me by storm his hand was on the candle, stopping it.

"Leave it in," he said as he slipped from the couch and stood. "Watch me, Nicky."

He began to strip, jut as I had, but I was a thousand times more aroused than he had been. The shirt was peeled off in a move worthy of Chippendales and I had to wonder where he'd learned it.

He stroked his own body, the hard lean muscles, drawing my eyes across each and every ridge and sculpted plane. He didn't have a six pack but it would have looked ridiculous on his frame if he did. Instead he was just hard and lean and mouthwatering.

My womb contracted and for a horrid moment I thought I would displease him and come but it passed. He winked at me.

The shoes were off with graceful kicks and them he smoothed his hands over his pelvis, outlining the hard line of erection. I felt the womb twitch again and whimpered.

"You can't come yet, Nicky, but I must say I'm flattered."


His eyes darkened. "I'll have to punish you now."

I shrank back, unsure of that threat.

"Pull the candle out."

I did.

"Lick it clean."

Sober I would not have done it but I did as ordered. My juices were hot and mild, salty. I licked the candle clean and then waited.


I did and he sat on the sofa with his legs extending far over the edge. "Now kneel across me."

I felt a fluttering inside my stomach but I did as asked.

He bent me over and smoothed rough hands down my back. He cupped my ass, bending down to reach it so his mouth found my ear. "I treasure you."

The first slap was a surprise. Not too hard, enough to stimulate the blood, and just as it began to fade another. Another and another. I had never thought I would enjoy such a thing but he made it pleasurable. Now in between slaps he would stroke my pussy, swollen and sensitive beyond imagination.

I moaned and knew I was reaching another level, the peak was in sight and he stopped.

He put me on my knees in front of him.

"Unlace my trousers."

With trembling hands I did so and his erection sprang free, unhindered. It was larger than I'd ever seen and I was comforted by the knowledge he was suffering some of the same torture I was.

"Suck it."

I didn't need to be told twice and like all his other tortures this was an activity I loved. I tried my usual tricks, swirling tongue, piecemeal suction, but he grabbed my hair and forced my head down.

He was deeper than he'd ever been and I sucked, fighting the gag reflex. Once my throat relaxed I took more and more with each lowering of my head. He wasn't very long, just above average, but his girth was what made me struggle.

Finally I made it down all the way to his balls and he jerked my head away, hissing. I watched rapt as he pinched the base. Ioan shuddered for a moment holding back his own orgasm and when he opened his eyes I licked my lips.

He lightly pushed me onto the pillows and I sprawled onto my back as he kicked off his pants.

"No, that's not it. On your stomach."

I rolled over and waited patiently. He arranged me as he knelt down, dragging my pelvis back. I felt the broad head of his cock at my opening and tried to shimmy back but he wouldn't let me. His fingers dug into my hips and kept me still.

"Look at me."

I turned my head and saw him over my shoulder like some wanton pagan god. I felt like a virgin offering, perverted beyond measure and still unsure of herself.

"You come when I-" he thrust in and I gasped. "Come."

God, he was wider than the candle and I was almost unprepared. I wanted to swoon with pleasure but he kept me up, kept me with him. He moved slowly at first until I was cursing and then he went a measure faster.

The orgasm was there, hungry and snarling in the shadows, waiting for permission. At last his balls were so tight against his body they no longer slapped against me and his arms were painfully tight.

He tumbled over the edge and I let the orgasm claim me.

I might have screamed, I might have been silent, I might have sung a Sinatra tune. I didn't know; I blacked out after the most intense sensations I'd ever felt and came to seconds later.

He was holding me and his demeanor was changed. I think he was scared that he'd gone too far. To tell the truth so was I, so neither of us said anything, just untangled and went to sleep on the bed of Arabian pillows.

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