tagIncest/TabooIron Bitch Ch. 01

Iron Bitch Ch. 01

byLost Boy©

I decided to merge a few story lines. Iron rain, Evil Bitch and Stormy are coming together here in one series. I hope you like it. If you have not read all of evil bitch series and iron rain this may not make sense. Also this is done in third person. All characters are over 18... and you may notice some personality changes in characters. I attribute this to Jon messing with the 'what ifs'. I hope you enjoy. Suggestions are always welcome and please feel free to vote and comment. Thanks and here is the first installment of...

Chapter 01

The Ghost Lines Awaken:

Numenor: Anchored off the coast of Arkham Massachusetts

One week had passed since the death of the American hostages in Iran as well as the strange passing of the Iranian Cleric. Nick Shaw knew that Jon had a hand in the Cleric's death but he said nothing. A lot had happened in that week, he had managed to convince many of the upper level Masters of the Order to push the Fusion Energy Initiative through Congress. It was now up to the President to sign it into law. He saw no reason that that shouldn't come to pass. The only thing troubling him was the lack of communication from Jon Masters. Where the hell was he?

"Surfer," Nick called out to his primary avatar.

"Yes Master," his digital counterpart replied as he appeared.

"Any word from Berlin," Nick asked.

"Yes Sir but not from Master Jon, I have a communique from Lady Masters. Would you like me to play it for you Sir?"

"Why haven't you delivered it before now?"

"It states in it not to disturb you Master in the subject line. I am sorry Sir did I make a mistake?"

"No Surfer, please play it now."

The pristine image of Heather Masters, Jon's mother, appeared and she addressed Nick informally as was her demeanor.

"Hello Nick, I don't want to bother you if you are busy. This is an update from Berlin. I have the company up and running smoothly. The product is exceptional and I have sent a consignment per your request to the Numenor. I expect we should be operating at full capacity within the month. The staff and workers are exceptional to say the least and I have nothing but high praises for them and their work ethic. I hope this finds you and yours happy and healthy. Well tata for now."

The hologram winked out of existence and Nick's face went dark as he frowned.

"Clever woman," Nick said his voice sharp and hard.

"Master," Surfer asked.

"Not a single word about Jon. Where the hell is he?"

Windsword Manor: London England

"Where the hell is he?!" Carol exclaimed.

"Nobody seems to know," Charlie replied. "I have tried all of my resources and come up with zip."

"And where the hell is Colleen?" Carol fumed. "She's disappeared without a word too!"

"I am sure the two of them will both show up safe and sound."

"God I hope so, mom and I are trying to keep things humming but I don't know for how long."

"Have you tried contacting Jon's avatars," Charlie suggested.

"You are fucking brilliant," Carol said. "Sterling, are you there?"

"Yes ma'am I am here," she replied as she appeared before the two of them.

"Oh thank god!" Carol praised her, a flood of relief coursing through her. "Where is Jon?"

"I don't know he has cut me off." The avatar replied digital tears streaming down her face.

"Why would he do that," Charlie asked.

"I can only think of one reason. He may not be returning."

"Not coming back," Carol said.

"Wherever he is going is so dangerous the odds of his return are very slim," Sterling corrected.

"Oh no," Carol said her hand going to her mouth. "Where is my sister?"

"She has chosen to succeed your brother," Sterling said.

"What the hell does that even mean?"

"Before Jon left he spoke with Colleen and offered her his mantle and she accepted."

"That is clear as mud," Carol said. "Explain what that FUCKING means. What did he do to my twin?"

"Master Jon offered your sister all the augmentations he received over his long travels. She is even now going through the process." Sterling said.

"Why not both of us," Carol screamed.

"There was no guarantee of survival. She volunteered in your place."

"Wait... what do you mean my place? Jon wanted me as his heir and she took the bullet for me?"

"That is correct. Colleen begged him for her to be sacrificed just in case it didn't work. You were too valuable to be lost she said. She was expendable she believed."

Carol's knees buckled as she fell to the floor weeping. Her screams echoed off the vaulted ceilings of Windsword Manor.

Miskatonic University: Arkham Massachusetts

The Center for Disease Control or CDC had cleared the entire campus of contagion but were still stumped over the strange deaths of the two students. Mike, Stormy and the rest of the students were happy to return to their dorm rooms and apartments.

"That was a near thing," Stormy said as the two walked back.

"Yes it was," Mike said as he pulled her close. "What did happen exactly?"

"I think it has to do with those things we found when we snuck into the Old Miller Place."

"But that was years ago," Mike said.

"I know but can you think of a better explanation," Stormy said.

"No, I wish we had never found the damn things."

"I agree with you. But I do know what will take your mind off of this," she said nibbling his ear lobe.

"What is that?"

"Oh don't play dumb with me mister."

"Tell me..."

"Better yet let me show you," she said dragging him off into the bushes.

Stormy led him until they couldn't be seen from the path. Then she dropped down to her knees, unzipped him and freed his growing erection. She licked her lips and looked up as she began making love to his cock. Her long serpentine tongue wrapped around the head teasing the sensitive flesh making him moan. Stormy loved the sounds he made during their love play. She reached under her skirt and tugged her panties to the side and began teasing her pussy as she took the head of his cock into her mouth.

"Oh god baby," he moaned softly his gray eyes locking on hers.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM," she groaned her pussy getting soaked thinking of him being inside of her soon.

"Come of Stormy... more put more of it down that greedy throat of yours," he begged.

She loved it when he talked dirty to her. Her free hands jacked him as her head moved further down taking more of him until the head popped into her throat proper. Now she was happy. Her head moved forward and back pleasuring her lover until her pussy was absolutely soaked. Now it was ready for him to fuck her proper like. She pulled her head back and his cock popped out of her throat. Stormy tugged her panties off and threw them at Mike then she rolled onto her shoulders and aimed her pussy at the night sky.

"You naughty little slut," Mike said as he squatted over her and aimed his cock downward. "Is this what you want?"

"UH HUH," she growled. "Give it to me."

"Here it comes," he said as he bent his knees and drove his cock deep into her.

"UNNNNNNNNNNN god," she grunted as she was filled so completely.

Then Mike began thrusting into her nice and slow savoring the moment under so perfect a night. After the lockdown and all that tension this was pure heaven. Stormy looked up at him and her face was deliciously distorted with pleasure as he drove his cock into her. Her mouth was wide open as he thrust deep and her breath came in deep pants now. They never let their eyes leave each other as they made love.

"More..." she begged. "Drive it deep for me..." she growled.

"I am you slave," Mike told her as he dropped down over and over again.

"Oh god yes... I love you so much!" she said her body beginning to shake.

"Are you going to cum for me?"

"UH HUHHHHH," she replied her voice unsteady.


Mike thrust harder and faster now. All he wanted was to please her. He could feel her pussy spasm and grip him as she clamped a hand over her mouth to silence the scream that welled up as she came. Mike lowered her down onto her back and held her gently then. Once she had recovered he whispered in her ear and she smiled from ear to ear.

"This one is for you," she agreed as she got onto her hands and knees.

Mike got behind her and eased back into her. He flipped her skirt over her ass and grabbed her hips and moved nice and slow at first. God she felt so good wrapped around him. That pleasure never got old and never would. Then he began to move a bit faster and Stormy was thrusting back to meet him. There were no words this time. This was something instinctual and primal between twins and required no words. Mike cupped her tits and caressed them as her rammed into her harder than ever. Stormy just growled her pleasure and squeezed tighter around him as his cock began to swell. Other couples might have cried out to one another but not them. No their silent understanding was more than enough. Mike pulled out as Stormy rolled onto her back. He straddled her tits and stroked his cock while she took the tip into her mouth. A minute or so later his muffled cry signaled the gush of cum down his sweet sister's throat as she gobbled it all up.

"Goddamn I needed that," Mike said panting as if he had just sprinted around the track.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM tell me about it," Stormy agreed. "How do I look?"

"Gorgeous," he said. "You have that freshly fucked glow sister dear."

"Aw you say the nicest things. Now help me up. We still have studying and homework to do."

"Shit... I forgot, your blowjobs drive those trivial things right out of my head."

"I will remember that around finals," Stormy said. "No sex when those roll around."


"Just kidding, I could never do that to you or me. Come one let's get going. If you're good I'll give you a goodnight 'kiss' if you finish all of your homework."

"Now that is some incentive I can get behind."

"Speaking of getting behind," she moaned. "That was fucking amazing."

Low Earth Orbit: Wraith 1

Colleen Masters was held just above the threshold of death. Within the confines of the satellite were medical facilities set aside for just this situation. Jon foresaw the day that in case something happened to him someone had to take over. Preferably one of his family members would take the reins of his formidable legacy. In this instance it was his little sister Colleen. The modified stasis pod kept her in a state where her mind was accessible by the Master Avatar. He was guiding her step by step through the process of becoming the Heir.

"You have completed stage three Mistress how are you feeling," he asked.

"I feel alright so far," Colleen replied. "I am numb from the head down."

"That is very good. The nanites have completed their work and are ready for the final phase Miss."

"Thank goodness," Colleen said. "You have been very helpful."

"I am glad but I must warn you. This is potentially the most dangerous part of the entire procedure Lady Colleen."

"So you have said time and time again. We must continue for Jon's sake. I will not back down now. I am grateful for your concern though. Start Stage Four and um wish me luck."

"Best of luck Mistress," the avatar said. "Beginning Stage Four... holographic DNA interface in ten... nine... eight..."

Though her body was rigid and held completely immobile, Colleen screamed in her mind as the pain spread like wildfire through her. It felt as if every cell were ablaze. When the agony spread to her skull and she couldn't black out she was sure she would go mad. Colleen begged for the sweet escape of oblivion but it was denied her. Oh god let it end but it didn't. She tried to fight it at every step but failed, until her toes no longer felt as if they were dipped in lava. It was ending! She had to hang on just a little while longer. Finally the mind fire slowly subsided. The Master Avatar performed one last scan and pronounced her stable and healthy.

There was silence as Colleen stepped out of the stasis pod a new woman. She looked at her surrounding with new eyes and understood things as Jon had. Behind her she heard the soft metallic steps of one of the service robots as it approached. Colleen turned and saw that it had clothing for her. She dressed and then another of the robots came up to her and offered a sealed letter and a small box. Colleen opened the letter and read it.

'I knew that you'd survive the trials that awaited you. You were always stronger than you gave yourself credit for. You have had a peek of what time has done to me while you were in the care of the Master Avatar. You now know how much time I had to endure before I was reunited with my family. You are my heir and you know what lies below the foundations of the cities great and small. I leave it in your hands to do with it as you see fit. Whether you are patient or not or you decide to say fuck it. That is now for you and the family to discuss. The Master Avatar will respond to you and you alone. So be wise and cautious because you know now that once you set things in motion they cannot be undone. I love you all with all of my heart. I hope to be back as soon as I can.


'P.S. Within the box is the Black Ring. You are now the Sublime Master in my absence. I feel it might help you in your dealings with Nick Shaw and others. Encoded on the Ring are the coordinates for the hidden isle and the black pyramid I constructed all those years ago. See you soon.'

"The Black Ring... well I'll be damned," she said as she opened the box.

She took the ring out and opened it. It was a strange thing it seemed to absorb all the light that fell on it. Colleen shrugged and slipped it on her finger. With a warping sensation it fit snugly on her finger.

"Anybody in there," she asked.

"Yes Mistress," replied a cold unearthly voice as a translucent figure appeared.

"Do you have a name?"

"I do Mistress, I am called Gibraihl."

"What is your purpose?"

"Why I am your servant and Lore Master M'Lady."

"Lore Master, that sounds intriguing. Tell me more Gibraihl about what knowledge you hold."

"I hold the collective sum of twelve galaxies Lady Colleen."

Colleen blinked a few times and almost fell over.

"I need a very strong drink. You hold the wisdom of twelve galaxies?"

"Yes Mistress. Master Jon has spent the better part of his life collecting and storing it. I am his avatar."

"You are JON?"

"In a manner of speaking yes... shall I show you?"


Numenor: Anchored off the Coast of Massachusetts

Kat Shaw walked into Nick's Sanctum Sanctorum without knocking and saw the sour look on his face. She shook her head and decided at that moment he needed cheering up no matter the cost.

"Well now look at Mr. Grumpy-Face," she said as she hugged him from behind. "Still upset he beat you to the fusion thing?"

"No not really... YES! NO! It's this whole artifact thing that's got me fucking stumped." Nick fumed over. "How the hell did this fucking nobody find a fucking fusion gismo in the goddamn wasteland and presto..."

"How the hell did some kid find an artificial intelligence in a crystal and presto revolutionize computers?" Kat shot back.

"Point taken," he said with a smile.

"You seem a little stressed," she said pressing her breasts against his back. "Need a little something to take your mind off of things for a bit?"

"What did you have in mind?" Nick asked turning around facing her.

"Well," she said kissing him lightly. "We could hit the hot tub and um..." the rest was lost as his lips met hers.

Nick scooped her up in his arms and carried her outside. The kiss never faltered until he held her over the boiling waters of the hot tub and he dropped her.

"NICK! You dirty rotten..." Kat cursed until he jumped in right after her. "OH... you are... gods I hate you sometimes!"

"I know," he said as he began undressing and tossing his clothes outside the hot tub with a dull wet thud.

Kat followed suit and when her panties arced in the air and hit her mother in the face, her and Nick couldn't help but laugh. Petra held the soaked underwear up.

"Can anyone join or is this a private thing," she asked.

Nick and Kat looked at each other and shrugged.

"Come on in," they said.

"I was hoping you'd say that."

The trio cuddled in the hot water and began to caress and fondle one another.

"Nick I have been so damn worried about you," Petra said as her hand snaked below the water. "You have been working so hard lately. Speaking of hard I see that you have missed us."

"MMMMMMM yes I have," Nick moaned as the duo began to stroke him.

"Want to see how long I can hold my breath," Kat said.

"Go for it kitten," her mother said.

Kat dove beneath the water and Nick's eyes widened in surprise. Petra meanwhile continued to gently stroke the lower half of Nick's cock. Three minutes later Kat reappeared gasping for air.

"I'll be damned if I am going to try and beat that," Petra said. "Be a dear Nicolas and sit on the edge for me."

"Of course," he said grinning.

Nick hopped up onto the side of the hot tub. Then Petra lowered her mouth to his hardened flesh while Kat watched her mom's technique. She was always eager to learn a thing or two. While Kat was eager and energetic her mother was slow and teasing in her method of sucking cock. Nick was slapping the deck as he getting ready to shoot his load down Petra's throat.

"Damn mom," Kat said still amazed at her ability to tease an orgasm from her son in law.

"Shit..." Nick cursed as he dug his fingers into Petra's hair as he came.

Petra smacked her lips together and smiled to her child as if saying 'now that's how you do it'. Kat just shook her head and grinned while Nick lay back panted.

"Are you done my pet or do you need some more decompressing," Petra asked.

"I think mom's asking if our pussies are going to get pounded."

"Damn straight," Nick said. "Just let me catch my breath... damn that was one hell of a blowjob!"

"Should I go pull down the covers in your bedroom Sir," Kat said.

"Good idea," Nick moaned. "Have one of the girls bring a couple of bottles of champagne too."

"Yes sir," Kat said as she climbed out of the hot tub.

"And me sir... MMMMMMMM what can I do for you?"

"You can come over here and wrap those delicious tits of yours around me and get round two started what do you say?"

"I say yes sir!"

Windsword Manor: London England

Carol Masters stared up at the night sky and the tears rolled off her cheeks. She had always been the one who had taken action. She jumped to the fore and never hesitated to protect her little sister. It was even her idea to tease Jon when he came home from prison. It had been her choice to fuck him and offer her ass to him that night. She had wanted him for so long but never admitted it, even to Colleen. Now she was without direction for the first time in her life. She sat down on the manicured lawn, pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around them and rocked. Colleen where are you? I need you more now than ever before. Please god, don't be dead!

Carol closed her eyes to shut it all out. She pushed out the entire world. Maybe she could find a tiny measure of peace if she did that. She took a hand and wiped away the cool tears and then just sat perfectly still. She could hear the wind blowing and the soft creak of the trees. There was the smell of the grass beneath her. Then there came something else. A soft vibration welling up from beneath that was so very subtle. She laid her hand on the grass and tried to feel for it. It was like knocking and the echo taking a long time to respond. Knock-knock went Carol's mind and there was a very long pause then... knock-knock.

"What the fuck was THAT?" Carol asked as her eyes snapped open.

When she looked down her hand had a faint silvery-green luminescent outline. Intrigued and unafraid she narrowed her eyes and her focus, and sent her will downward. KNOCK-KNOCK her mind cried out. This time the response was much swifter. KNOCK-KNOCK! This was followed by a blaze of viridian energy around her hand and up her arm and into her body. Carol had tapped into the Ghost Line and it into her. She could feel its living energy coursing through her and interacting with every aspect of her body especially the nanites. They could manipulate and store the Ghost Line power for her. She willed it and they obeyed. Soon Carol's body was a living battery for the ethereal energy. Now all she had to do was discover what it could do.

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