tagMatureIron Heart Ch. 03

Iron Heart Ch. 03


Well here it is at last. Thanks Mokelke for being awesome as usual and thanks to you for reading on with this one. It's been a fun time writing it and i might have one more of it or not i don't know yet. Read it, comment on it, love it I hope and vote away! Enjoy the show kids!

Ben's eyes cracked open at his usual five in the morning. He would normally start his shift in an hour, but as he looked out the window he saw it was pouring rain by the bucket load. He was lucky to have gotten home from the Shore before the bad weather started the night before. He was even happier still when he saw the blinking of his phone messages as it was likely the Union Rep saying that it was an off day.

All that was a nice thing, but something far better slumbered in his arms. That something was a petite Puerto Rican woman named Leta. They had started out with Ben spooning her tight, but as the night wore on she had tossed and turned so much she now sprawled on top of him, her face buried in his chest. Her cute body was draped along his and he was smiling at her as she snored softly. Her hair was a jostled mess, but it only added to her flair.

Ben decided to let her sleep and closed his eyes for a while longer, enjoying the feel of her young and muscled body against his rough physique. At seven he cracked them open again and this time found himself on his back with Leta flopped half on him. He chuckled as she was trying to hold him like a giant teddy bear, but his massive bulk prevented that. Ben shuffled out from under her and she whimpered angrily. Her eyes began to crack open and Ben saw she was not pleased in her comfort being disturbed.

"I have to get Rochelle up for school honey, I'll be right back," he said softly and she pouted, but curled into his pillow and went back to sleep.

Ben chuckled softly, seeing her this grumpy at this time of day told him she wasn't a morning person, but nonetheless it made her even more adorable to him. He could relate as he wasn't a morning person by choice, only need. Ben put on his tank top and shorts. Like a ghost, he slipped out of his room to start the day. The experience of moving through a house early without waking people came in handy with four children and Ben used all his tricks now. He went to Rochelle's room and softly roused her. Rochelle looked at the clock and flopped over and pulled the blanket over her head.

"Too early," she whimpered.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, up and at 'em," Ben said as he pulled the blanket off her body.

Rochelle sat up and looked at him with a half-asleep half-agitated look. Ben's stern visage changed the look when he tapped his foot impatiently.

"Hey, I gotta be up at this hour, so do you young lady," he said in his fatherly tone.

"You win," she complained and went to the bathroom to get ready.

"Damn right I do," Ben said under his breath and chuckled. It seems it was a family trait as Rochelle wasn't a morning person either, but alas she had school to get to.

He blew out a sigh as he heard the shower kick on and went to the kitchen to make her some breakfast. He set the coffee pot on and started making some breakfast. Knowing how picky Rochelle was, he was glad had a lot of years of preparing her breakfast to know what she loved. After diving into his cabinets and fridge he was as proud as ever at the end result, a nice fruit melody and a tall glass of freshly made OJ. Hearing the shower turning off he set the table and walked to the bathroom door. Knocking softly he spoke loud enough to be heard.

"Breakfast is on the table, baby. I'm gonna get dressed and get you to school."

"OK daddy," he heard her reply and Ben went to get dressed.

He walked back to his bedroom and saw the cutie still asleep and he about laughed loudly at what he saw.

Leta took up his whole bed as she was totally sprawled across it. Ben's mattress was a special memory foam one and he could see it was paying off as she was completely lost to the world.

Dressing quickly he kissed her forehead and Leta actually purred in her sleep and curled into his pillow tighter. Ben smiled at that and walked out to the kitchen. He poured a cup of coffee and sipped it as Rochelle bounded in. She was in her uniform and looked cute as normal. She kissed Ben on the cheek and sat down to devour her breakfast. Ben cracked his neck loudly trying to shake of the stiffness of the night. He rolled his head and as he had his eyes closed he remembered what happened the night prior. He turned away from Rochelle so she wouldn't see the erection that was beginning to tent in his jeans.

"Have a good night last night, honey?" he asked trying to change his mind's focus.

"No, my date left me for Clarissa Bougins!" she complained.

"OK, and why did he make that mistake?" he asked confused.

"Because he told me, 'Oh I'm really not into girls with black hair, I like blondes'," Rochelle said in a mocking teenage boy voice.

Ben almost spit up his coffee as she went on a tirade about boys being dumb. For five long minutes he listened to each complaint and as he nodded his head and heard her out. A side effect of her complaining was that Ben was glad to have the hard on go away. Ben looked at the clock and gulped the last of his coffee. He took her bowl as she finished and set it in the dishwasher. Rochelle drank down her juice and went to get her coat and book bag. Ben got his coat and looked at the rain as he opened the door. It was an absolute mess. He knew that flooding might be a problem soon and he hoped the highways would remain opened until he had to go get her later.

He got his umbrella and opened it for the both of them and rushed out to the truck. Ben went to her side so she could get in without getting soaked and held the door open. Rochelle bounded into the truck and shut the door. Ben sloshed back to his side and got in.

"Holy shit, it's comin' down!" he exclaimed.

Rochelle laughed as she looked outside. It was pouring and they had to drive in it. The drive to her school two towns away took nearly twice as long as they had to deal with the accidents from the people who forgot to slow down in the rain.

"So did you have a good night, daddy?" she asked coyly.

"Yeah. Went out and came home after you did," he said without giving anything away.

"Where did you go?" she asked.

"Out on a date if you must pry," Ben said truthfully.

"With the same woman that you mentioned from the shore?" she pried further.

"Yes, the same one," he replied and pulled into her school.

As they pulled into her school Ben gave her the umbrella and a kiss on the cheek. Rochelle patted his shoulder and opened the umbrella and rushed out into the mess. Suddenly she turned back and ran up to the window. He unrolled it and she gave him a cute smile.

"I'll see you after school...papi," and with that she rushed to the door.

Ben sat back in his truck and was wide eyed. She had just called him the same name Leta did and with the same cute tone! His mind swam in circles as he pondered the variables, then it hit him. He forgot to close his door last night! He chuckled softly as he saw her bound up the steps and into the school. Ben shook his head and drove away. On the drive home he pondered getting breakfast for Leta, but the rain canceled that idea. He wasn't about to sit in a drive-thru for breakfast and get soaked. Instead he would make her some breakfast at the house.

Pulling into his spot he took a breath and rushed into his apartment. While he got wet, he didn't get soaked. Ben chuckled as he shut the door and walked to the bedroom. He took off his wet shirt and looked in on Leta. She was still out cold on the bed. Her legs were out of the blankets as she had kicked them off and was sprawled comfortably on the bed. Ben had never seen someone sleep so soundly on his bed, but seeing her comfortable as she was, it felt right.

Silently as a cat he got close to her and kissed her cheek softly. Leta felt it and smiled in her sleep and opened her eyes. She saw Ben topless and hovering over her. She was suffering a bit from a hangover from the night before, but she was happy to see him nonetheless.

"Comfy, sweetie?" he asked softly.

"Yeah. I love your bed, papi," she purred and stretched out.

"So do I. It's the best bed I've ever had," Ben said and kissed her lips softly.

Leta moaned happily into the kiss. Her arms went around his neck and she held him close as their tongues played for a bit. Ben groaned as he climbed into bed with her. Leta giggled as she felt his body flush against hers and the kiss got more intense. Her tongue and his dueled for supremacy and soon she was grinding her body against his.

Ben felt her soft legs open up and rub along his body and he shuddered as he felt the nylon clad legs and feet tease his back. Leta's grinding was also showing her wetness was reforming. Ben was ready to say fuck it all and go for broke when his happy moment was shattered by a loud pounding on the door.

"What in the name of unholy fuck..." Ben cursed as he and Leta looked incredulously at the door.

"Tell them to go away, papi," Leta said and patted his arm as the pounding started up again.

Ben got out of bed and looked down at the lovely woman in his bed and grinned.

"Stay put, I'll be right back," he said smiling and walked out.

"Hurry it up, papi," Leta giggled and rolled to her stomach.

Leta was very ready for Ben and hoped that maybe they could just spend the day together. If they did anything more she was just fine with that as well. She shuddered as she thought of the wild night they had and was eager to see if they could capture that magic again. She looked at her toes and saw the stockings still on her legs and sighed. She unrolled them and took them off so she could air them out. Leta tossed them to the chair next to her and laid back. She could definitely get used to spending more nights in his bed with him if he was interested. While the bed was indeed comfy, the teddy bear she had slept with was the icing on the cake.

Ben was smiling as he opened the door and suddenly the smile melted as Carol brushed right by him. Her makeup was running around her eyes and she threw her umbrella to the floor. Ben couldn't be sure, but he thought he smelled booze on her breath as she stomped in.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" she said and her voice was on the verge of exploding.

"And to what do I owe this displeasure?" Ben replied crossing his arms.

"Why is it I find out that Rochelle is talking about staying here? She is coming home with me after the courts give her back to me," she spat with a venom laced edge.

"Is that a fact?" he retorted chuckling.

"You may think this is funny, Ben, but you're wrong. That is my child and you fucking took her from me!" she exclaimed.

"I did nothing but get her away from that asshole that was trying to rape her," Ben retorted, his own voice getting cold.

"Brad wasn't trying to rape her. He was trying to talk to her, you prick! She slapped him and then ran away," Carol spat.

"I'm so sure you remember that night as I'm sure you were drunk and or stoned," Ben said coolly.

"I wasn't, you fuck! I had two drinks and that's it," she protested.

"Wow two drinks and your supposedly 'Pregnant'," Ben said laughing.

Ben was laughing at her and suddenly he wasn't as she was in his face and slapped him. Ben's eyes narrowed as he looked at her and grinned.

"Thank you," Ben said smugly.

"You think anyone gives a fuck if I slap your sorry ass?" Carol said smugly. "Not at all, you fucking asshole! It's all because of you I wasted my fucking life. But now I get to get something back and I'm taking my daughter back, you prick."

Ben's eyes narrowed at that as his gaze was on her neck.

"Go ahead, Ben. Hit me, give me all I need to throw your useless ass in prison! I'll make sure Rochelle is well taken care of you fuck..." she went on, then was cut off suddenly by an unfamiliar voice.

"What the fuck is your trip?" Leta asked as she walked from the bedroom.

Leta was very comfortable as she laid on the bed. Her eyes were closed in happiness from the mattress, then she heard the argument start up. She laid quietly for as long as she could stomach it and when she heard the slap, she got to her feet and began to walk out. When she saw Ben about to slug his ex, Leta decided that enough was enough.

Carol's eyes got wide as she saw the little woman walk from his bedroom wearing nothing but one of his shirts. Her mind spun in circles as she was nearly floored by what she saw.

"Who the fuck is this little tramp?" Carol asked in a cold hiss.

"And what the fuck do you care?" Leta asked as she crossed her arms and cocked her hip.

"Ben...who in the fuck is this bitch and what the fuck is she doing in your apartment?!" Carol screamed totally ignoring Leta.

"OK bitch. First off, who I am is none of your concern. Second off, what the fuck do you care?You gave him up," Leta replied giving her a cold glare.

"Listen bitch, I don't know who you are or what the fuck you think you're doing here, but you don't belong here!" Carol said in a condescending tone.

Leta laughed with utter disbelief at Carol's absurdity. She uncrossed her arms and walked up to Ben who was looking at Carol like he wanted to hit her still.

"Benjamin, sit down," she said in a firm tone, her accent coming through.

Ben looked at her and her impatient eyes bore into his own. For some reason he walked to his chair and sat down. His arms still crossed as he glared at Carol. Seeing Ben a bit safer Leta walked up a distance from Carol and put her hands on her hips and her temper started to rise.

"First off, you don't come into my man's house and start acting like you own it, bitch," Leta began as Carol got wide eyed.

"Second off, ho, you may be a piece of trash cougar that thinks she has real men, but you played yourself when you gave up the only real man you'll ever know. And last, you don't disrespect me, bitch, cause it won't end well for you," Leta said and her accent was out.

Leta grew up in the harder edge of Paterson and for most of her life she was around the gangs and what not that lived there. She never was in one, but she did pick up the slang and accent of it. Her bossy tone was coming out and it left Carol stunned when she went on.

"Now, I don't care who you think you are, but to me you ain't nothin' but a broke down ho!" she said and put the pop into her hip as she did.

Carol was shaking as Leta gave her a "Bring it" smile.

"Listen here, you hood rat little bitch! Get the fuck out of here and don't you dare bring your ass back!" Carol shouted and Leta laughed.

"Or what, bitch? You think you can take me?" Leta taunted.

Carol clenched and unclenched her hands as she was about to swing at her, then she stopped.

"Oh no. You aren't dragging me to your level, you piece of gutter trash," Carol said laughing.

Leta's words sank into Carol's mind, but they didn't make her lose her composure. Carol was not about to let this little bitch drag her into a fight, but something in her desperately wanted to.

"Too late, bitch. You didn't go to my depth, you went lower than a useless old streetwalker could go," Leta said smiling smugly.

"Keep talking, bitch," Carol said as Leta was still smugly smiling at her.

"With pleasure," Leta purred. "You see I know now why you're so mad seeing me with Ben," Leta began and Carol gave her a cold stare.

"You're jealous that a real man walked out on your useless ass and left you for a real woman. You wanted nothing more than to have a meal ticket and go fuck around while the only man in your life worked himself to the bone," Leta said getting to the heart of the matter.

"What real woman? I only see a little spic, ghetto whore in front of me," Carol spat.

Leta's rapacious laughter bit into Carol's mind like a shark. It tore into her calmness and made her start to shake. It was a mocking tone that sent a feeling of rage into her eyes.

"See, there you go again. I never brought up the race card or the 'where I'm from' card with you. You're just like all the other broke down bitches that think they are entitled to anything they want. Unlike you bitch, I have a job, my own car, and my own place. Ben was being a gentleman and letting me sleep off a long happy night. What were you doing last night? Having three useless frat boys fuck you in the ass?" Leta said laughing at her.

Carol was seething at this little bitch and she took a step forwards. Leta saw the step and reacted. From her time on the block she also had to fight a lot of wanna be gang members girlfriends and she was no slouch in protecting herself. Carol was stunned when Leta was in her face and the malevolent fire in her eyes backed her up a step. Leta had an evil grin on her face as she stared Carol down and suddenly Carol, for whatever reason, made a hugely, stupid mistake.

To Ben's eyes it seemed like a blur of motion. Leta was standing firm and Carol was on her back three feet away. His mind quickly replayed what happened to be sure he wasn't seeing things and suddenly he was aware, it had indeed happened. Carol's hand had suddenly lashed out to hit her and Leta exploded into motion. The one-two combo hit Carol square in the jaw as she slugged her with full extension. Carol flew back and took out one of his end tables as she crashed to the floor. Leta was standing still with her hands still up in a boxer's stance as she looked down at the fallen woman.

Ben was about to get up and check on Carol when Leta stepped between them. It was like she materialized in front of her and before Carol could bring her hands up Leta grabbed her coat and yanked her to an inch from her snarling visage.

"Now that I've made my point clear, this is what's gonna happen. Number one: get the fuck outta here, ho. You are no longer welcome here. Two: leave Benjamin alone for good. You'll get your fucking alimony and be happy for that. And last but not least, don't ever let me see your broke down ass again. If I do I'll repeat this same lesson over and over again. Am I clear?" she hissed.

Carol muttered and bobbed her head as the scariest face she had ever seen was not but an inch from her and her jaw was killing her.

"And call the fucking cops! See if they help you when Ben here will prove that I defended myself from you, you broke down bitch!" Leta said and tossed her to the floor.

Carol hit the floor and clambered away from the little woman and scrambled for her umbrella. She ran out of the apartment and Ben was in utter shock. He watched, jaw open and eyes wide, as the car revved up then tore out of the parking lot. His head twitched as he looked at the scene then looked back to Leta. She was picking up the table that was knocked over and muttering under her breath in Spanish.

After it was done she looked at Ben and walked right up to him with a purpose. He was wide eyed as she grabbed him and kissed him full on the lips. He leaned back into the chair as she straddled his lap and gave him what for. Ben's hands found her back and he closed his eyes as she made him shake into the kiss. Leta looked up from the kiss and her eyes bore into his.

"I'm sorry about that, papi. I didn't mean to give the bitch the satisfaction, but I wasn't about to let her do that to you anymore. From now on she has no claim over you, you're my man and that's final," she proclaimed.

Ben had never seen a woman so serious about what she wanted before, but for some reason he was fine with what she said.

Leta got off his lap and walked back to his bedroom. As she did she took the shirt off and her fully nude body was now in his vision. As she got to the door she stopped and looked over her shoulder.

"Coming, papi?" she asked and walked into the room swaying her hips seductively.

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