tagIncest/TabooIron Rain Pt. 05

Iron Rain Pt. 05

byLost Boy©

Note: Contains some intense scenes

Thanks to all those posting comments I hope you enjoy this one as much as those that have come before.


Going Native:

A few days later I was in the backyard practicing with a bokken, a wooden sword carved into the shape of samurai's katana, when Kat stepped out on the porch and watched as I flowed from one kata to the next. Katas are a series of precise movements to mimic combat that can be practiced alone or in groups.

"Mom said you wanted to see me," Kat said after I had ended my last movement.

"Yeah, I was talking to her earlier and she said neither of you have ever had homemade bar-b-q."

"Nope," she replied smiling now. "Are you going to cook for us again because last time was amazing?"

"That's the plan, but I need to go the grocery store for meat and supplies."

"You want me to drive you?"

"Unless you are too busy," I asked.

"I always have time for you," she purred.

"Great, I am going to take a quick shower and then we can go," I said and saw the frown form on her face. "I have something extra special prepared for you... do you want to let your hormones percolate a bit longer?" I said giving her my evil smile.

"Extra special huh," she said purring louder, "I guess I can wait a little longer for that."

Thirty minutes later I was shaved, showered and on my way to the grocery store with a very horny Kat.

"I ordered something special for us and it came in today," I said as we drove.

"Ooh... sounds naughty," she growled.

"Oh it is I hope you like it, I know that when I saw it I thought immediately of you."

"Now I am absolutely dying to know what it is, can you give me a hint?"

"Nope," I said imagining her and the toy I had purchased and smiled all the more.

"Please... I'll drag you to the restroom at the store and suck you dry..." she let the last syllable hang in the air.

"I am not going to risk getting kicked out of the one place in the entire city that has its own farmer's market," I told her.

She sat there pouting but I could tell she wasn't angry just disappointed.

"I'll give you a clue," I told her and she brightened immediately, "it's something you've been missing for a long time."

Her face screwed up in complete and absolute puzzlement and I left her like that as we arrived at the store and who should be walking out but none other than Officer Linda still in her uniform. Damn she looked hot!

"Hey Linda," I called out as we parked and she looked up and smiled.

"Nick," she replied and walked over to the car.

Kat and I stepped out and I introduced the two.

"Linda this is my sister Kat, Kat this is the partner of my best friend growing up Linda."

Kat visibly relaxed and they shook hands.

"Hey, we are shopping for some bar-b-q supplies why not drag Jim over and we can make an evening of it."

"Sounds like a plan, I'll give him a call and we can stop by say seven," Linda offered.

"Perfect, see you there," I said and Kat smiled nice enough.

"Dinner guests... I better warn mom before she goes on the warpath," Kat said.

"Another rule of the house I didn't know about," I asked sheepishly.

"Yeah, mom is kind of anal about uninvited guests arriving, but since he is a friend of yours she won't mind."

"Hey, I'm sorry I should have asked you first."

"I'm not worried; it isn't like you're going to fuck her in our home."

"That never crossed my mind," I told her honestly.

I wanted to fuck Linda out in the park while she was in uniform. Kat called and talked to mom and all was well with the universe once more. Inviting two cops over for dinner was fine by her and the fact that one of them was an old friend, even better.

"Speaking of fucking in our home," I brought up.

"Hmm what?" Kat replied cautiously.

"So whose idea was it to call the delivery girl?"

"Mine sort of; mom was a little miffed that I sucked you off in front of her."

"Did you tell her I was fucking you from behind while she masturbated?"

"No... you think I'm crazy, oral sex is one thing actual penetration is a whole different animal in her eyes."

"Interesting and anal sex," I said grinning evilly.

"NNNNN we still haven't done that... yet."

"Yet, I take it you still want to?"

"Duh, I have been trying some of mom's toys just to stretch it out for you silly boy."

"Really do tell," I said as I grabbed a shopping cart and headed down the grocery aisle.

"She has a variety of sizes to help work my way up to that big 'ol cock of yours."

"So you have been lubing them up and sliding them up your very tight asshole just for me?"

"Uh huh," she moaned. "Right now I have a set of her anal beads up inside of me."

"I may have to see the truth of that statement with my own eyes."

"NNNNNNN I wish you would lover," she said walking next to me.

"My cock buried in your pussy while I pull out the beads one by one ever so slowly."

"YESSSS," she moaned in my ear.

"I guess we had better finish our shopping quickly then."

"Fuck the shopping Nick," Kat was begging now. "Please take me to the bathroom and fuck me!"

"Let me think about it."

"Think about it," she moaned. "Do you know how wet I am right now? You can fuck my ass tonight, right here, right now... please Nick."

"Are you wearing underwear?" I asked.

"You know I'm not," Kat purred.

"And your tight little pussy is absolutely soaked?"

"Yesss... you could slide into me with no effort at all."

"I will take you to the bathroom and ravage you," I began.

"Yessss," she hissed in joy.

"But first you must do something for me."

"Anything lover," she moaned.

"You see that cute Japanese girl fondling the cantaloupe over there?"

"Yes," Kat's eyes were blazing with lust.

"If she will agree to join us in the bathroom I am all yours."

"Naughty boy, you have a deal!"

I was pushing the boundaries of our 'relationship' by making demands of this kind but I was curious if she would comply to my whims and to my pleasant surprise she had no qualms about adding another girl to the equation. I stopped the cart and examined the celery while Kat stalked over to the petite Asian girl and began to chat her up. I could see the girl blush and then look over at me and smile. Kat and her talked some more and the two of them came over. By the gods this might just happen.

"Nick is it?" her English was heavily accented.

"Yes and you are?"

"Akiho Watanabe and this beautiful girl here made a very interesting proposal."

"What did she say," I asked.

"She wanted the three of us to go the restroom and have sex, is that correct?"

"Well either there or our home whichever is more comfortable for you."

"You both want me to come home with you?" the girl looked from me to Kat and back again and saw the eager nod Kat gave her. "Very well but I think I would feel better if you came to my apartment. Is that acceptable?"

"Fine by me," I said and Kat followed suit.

"Tonight won't work out but tomorrow night I have no plans," Akiho moaned.

"Excellent! Do you have any questions for either of us?" I asked.

Smiling wickedly the petite Japanese girl pulled Kat to the side and they spoke softly and rapidly with many hand gestures.

"Shave..." Akiho muttered loud enough to be heard then smiled at whatever Kat said next.

With the huddle being done Akiho approached me and informed me she liked hot Saki and told me where I could purchase it.

"How much do you want?" I asked her.

"Oh a few bottles will go a long way," she said moving close and tentatively reaching out and tracing my erection with two fingers. "Mmm you are big, bigger than I am used to you must promise to be gentle."

"Of course and by the way I am not fully erect just so you know."

Akiho licked her lips as she stepped back and let out another low moan.

"This is going to be the longest 24 hours of my life. She has my address I will see you two soon."

And with that she returned to her shopping and Kat was purring in my ear.

"Now?" she whispered in my ear.

"Now, now what," I asked.

"You were going to pull the anal beads out of my ass," Kat was growling with need.

"If she agreed to follow us to the bathroom," I said smiling.

"But what about tomorrow night, that has to count for something," Kat begged.

"I was just messing with you, let's finish our shopping and we can find a nice quiet place to park and I will fuck you silly."

"NNNNNN okay let's hurry up and..." but she saw the look on my face and stopped. "Okay we will make sure we have everything for dinner before you pound my naughty little pussy."

"And stop by and get the Saki for tomorrow night."

Shopping went off without a hitch and after a surgical strike in the appropriate departments we were on our way in record time. I prided myself on my hunter gathering skills. Kat on the other hand noticed all the sales that had nothing to do with what we were getting. She still managed to sneak a few extra items into the cart. We had to use her driver's license to buy the two bottles of wine and cube of beer and I never said a word assuming it was a fake I.D., but then I didn't really know how old Kat was. As we drove home I accessed her file and discovered she was in fact 22 years old. That explained a lot, her maturity and sexual experience.

After picking up the Saki we found an industrial park and parked behind a warehouse and practically raced to the back seat. Kat was on her hands and knees with her skirt pulled up waiting for my iron hard cock. We both knew we didn't have much time and that made it even more exciting. I unzipped and rammed my cock home burying it deep while I grabbed the plastic ring at the end of the string that held the anal beads.

"Just pull nice and slow," Kat moaned.

So while my hips moved forward and back, I gently pulled on the ring until the first bead appeared and popped out with dramatic results.

"Did you just come?" I asked Kat who nodded her head as she rode the orgasmic wave.

We began to thrust our hips together as I continued to pull on the string until the second bead popped out with similar effect upon Kat. Bead after bead appeared and exited her tight ass and one orgasm rolled into the next. Finally the last bead was out and Kat was literally a puddle of quivering flesh. I was eager to take her anal virginity but I also didn't want to rush it. I continued to ram my hips forward into her pussy and take my pleasure that way.

"Aren't you going to fuck my ass lover," Kat asked.

"Do you really want to rush it?"

"NNNNNNNNNNN No," she moaned as I pounded her as hard and fast as I could.

"Good now be a dear and suck me off... I want to see you swallow my cum."

I pulled out and she spun around and gobbled up my cock inch by inch. She licked and sucked the tip as she double fisted the shaft driving me headlong into a mind blowing orgasm. I watched her intently as her hunger grew and grew.

"So fucking close!" I growled through gritted teeth.

She sucked harder and squeezed while she stroked me and with a toe curling body shaking rush of sensation my orgasm hit like a tidal wave crashing over me and with greedy gulps Kat swallowed every last drop.

"I just hope were not too late," Kat moaned as she slipped the beads into her purse.

We got home and I set to work starting the fire. I ignored the gas grill that looked for all intents and purposes brand new; I found out later that it was. But I preferred charcoal for my cooking fires and soon a plume of white smoke was billowing up and the meat was ready to be put over the flames. Seven o'clock sharp the pair arrived, Jim in his Miskatonic University t-shirt and jeans while Linda was wearing a skin tight shirt and jean shorts that hugged her ass like a second skin. Kat's eyes narrowed the minute Linda walked in the door and it took mom to distract her and help with the salad, wine and dessert. I was placing the steaks, potatoes covered in aluminum foil and veggies also wrapped up for the grill. I heard the sliding glass door open and close and smelled the scent of perfume I was unfamiliar with.

"Hello Linda," I called out not turning around.

"How did you know it was me," she asked moving behind me pressing her body against me.

"Your perfume," I said, "when you are the only guy in a household you notice certain things."

"So very observant of you, maybe you should join the police force or FBI as a profiler," she moaned in my ear. "What did you notice about me when I walked in?"

"Athletic, you work out regularly. You showered and shaved before coming over; your hair is still damp. You are not wearing a bra or underwear; so I am guessing you are either planning on fucking your partner tonight or me."

"Wow, very accurate on all accounts," she nibbled on my ear and I felt myself getting painfully hard and refocused my attention on the grill. "Anything else about me you noticed?"

Her hand moved forward and around cupping my cloth covered cock and rubbed it slowly.

"You grew up in house with at least one person who spoke Russian as their only language; I went to a school with a guy who pronounces his R's just the way you do."

She gripped my cock now and started to rub harder along the length.

"I want you now," she growled, "I want to suck you off while you cook and swallow your cum before you bend me over and fuck me rotten."

"Can't, the meat will burn but after dinner when I take the coals out to be dumped I might let you suck me off."

"Might," she said in shock

"Yeah... might... if you are good," I said coolly. "Now behave yourself."

Frustrated at being shut down she went inside and grabbed a beer and drank it down in one long swallow.

"I am so proud of you," Petra said from the shadows.

"I smelled your perfume too," I told her, "it would have been rude to fuck her in front of you."

"I don't mind watching... but are you sure she can be trusted?"

"She's a cop and my best friend's partner..." I shrugged. "There is always the panic room."

"Now why would you say something like that?"

"Why would you ask if a police officer can be trusted?"

"You're right, it's just that your father isn't here and I get nervous sometimes."

"It's okay mom, hey before you go inside can you hand me the bokken leaning next to you."

She grabbed the wooden sword and walked it over to me; she looked down and saw how hard I was and smiled.

"Looks like she got to you a little excited," she moaned and headed back inside.

Jim passed mom on the way in and walked over just as I dropped the bokken over the side of the patio onto the lawn below.

"What was that," he asked.

"Stick for some tomato plants mom wants to plant."

"You are going to till some soil for her?"

"That sounds too much like, are you going to plow her fields?"

"She is your step mom after all and hot as hell or the red head I'd do her in a heartbeat," he said handing me a bottle of Mountain Dew.

I found I was deeply offended but if I reacted too harshly he would know the truth so I smiled and nodded.

"I have seen Kat, the redhead, in only a towel already and damn is all I can say."

"I won't tell, anyway how is civilian life treating you?"

"Surprisingly I find that I am still going thru the daily routines they drilled into my head for four years."

"No shock there, we should go by the batting cage and hit a few balls sometime."

"Now that is an awesome idea!" I said and flipped the steaks and adjusted the vegetables and potatoes on the grill. "So you and the police academy, really?"

"Yeah my uncle begged me to at least try it and keep the family tradition alive."

"Your dad didn't pressure you to join," I asked.

"On the contrary he didn't want me to set foot anywhere near it but he respected my curiosity. And who knew I had a knack for it?"

"I won't say that a military academy is for everyone but it kept me sane and I met and made some unique friends."

"Unique... I like the sound of that," he sniffed the air and I heard his stomach growl.

"Soon, another five minutes why don't you tell mom it'll be ready in a little bit."

"Mom..." he looked at me funny, "you call her mom already?"

I could almost feel the bitterness in his voice.

"I learned I can't live in the past and dad really loves her, loves all of us."

"Sorry, it just took me by surprise."

"No worries we are all friends here," I said and gathered up the platter and began filling it but Jim was already gone and inside.

I carried the platter in two hands and had my soda bottle clenched in my teeth as I entered the kitchen. Linda raced over and took the bottle from my mouth and set it down on the table next to her. Kat didn't miss this gesture but a look from mom quelled her instantly. Mom and Kat helped me set out the platters with the meat, potatoes and veggies and then we all sat down and ate in an awkward silence. I broke the tension and quiet...

"I think I have decided to go to dad's college."

"Miskatonic University, how wonderful he'll be thrilled and you can still live here if you want." Mom offered.

"So what field are you going to go into Nick?" Jim asked.

"I am thinking P.R. would be a good fit," I said looking mom dead in the eyes.

"Public Relations," Linda asked, "sounds kind of dry and boring." Her hand settled onto my thigh under the table.

"P.R. would be a good fit for you to help your dad out with the business," Kat said softly.

"Maybe something more exciting," Linda said her hand moving closer to my crotch. "Like law enforcement, it's never dull."

Her hand crept closer so I reached down and took her wrist and guided it to my iron hard cock that I had freed after I sat down.

"I do want to get a grip on the business end of things," I said to all as her fingers wrapped around me.

"I see what you mean... it's so hard... I mean following in dad's footsteps," her hand was squeezing and stroking me now.

"The competition is so rigid and unyielding one has to beat the competition or fall flat," mom said smiling. "Wouldn't you agree Kat?"

"If Nicholas has anything in common with his father it's his inflexible will. They are both tough as nails."

Her hand was stroking faster now and I looked over and saw the unbridled lust there. No poker face at all but no one embarrassed her by calling her out.

"I think I've got everything in hand," I said smiling and went on eating my steak, "oh Linda don't forget to use your napkin wouldn't want the juices from that steak staining your shirt or shorts."

Jim oblivious to all that was going on around him decided to put his two cents in on the conversation at just that moment.

"Yeah... be careful I spilled sauce on my favorite jeans once and it took forever to get the stain out."

It took everything for the three women and me not to start laughing but he just looked around puzzled and attacked his grilled potato with gusto. Linda draped her napkin over the head of my cock when she felt it swell in her hands and with a small cough I shot a load into it and was saved the mess that would have screamed to all what she had been doing under the table.

Tucked in and zipped up I got up and cleared the empty dishes and brought in the triple chocolate cake we had gotten at the store for dessert. I got myself another bottle of soda from the kitchen and headed out to the backyard. As I walked down the stairs of the patio to the backyard itself I heard her behind me. I walked over to where I had let the bokken drop and smelled the faintest hint of Linda's perfume and I smiled grimly, damn I hate it when I am right. I turned and saw Linda painted in moonlight and pointed to the ground at my feet. Nodding she stripped off her shirt letting the chilly night wind caress her nipples. I could see them stiffen even more as she walked over to me. She unbuttoned her shorts and tugged them off and over her tennis shoes.

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