tagMind ControlIrresistible



I. Introduction

My voice echoed down the entry hall of the sparsely furnished house. "Hello?" The car in the driveway and the unlocked front door told me that Carl must be home. I called out again as I walked into his house and closed the door behind me. It was a bright sunny Saturday. "What a waste," I mumbled to myself, knowing he was probably hard at work on some project in his basement. Carl works as a lead research scientist at a large pharmaceutical company in the city. We were college roommates and have remained buddies over the last ten years since graduating. Even in college, it became my job to get him out of his studies to enjoy life more. He built a small lab in his basement that allowed him to bring his work home. Some patterns are hard to break.

"Carl?" I called out again, knowing he would be downstairs in his lab.

"Down here."

"Hey, there is a pick-up game at the club," I reminded as I made my way down the basement stairs.

"I can't," he said faking disappointment. "We are under the gun to meet this deadline. We have to submit it to the FDA Monday morning if we have any hope of rolling a product out by next February. Timing is everything with these things."

"What are you working on?" I asked knowing it was always top secret. Pharmaceutical research is one of the most competitive industries and under the constant threat of corporate espionage.

"You know I can't talk about it," he answered routinely. "If I did, I would have to kill you."

"Cancer research?" I pushed back out of curiosity. "AIDS?"

"Sorry Phil. Can't go there."

I knew I could wear him down by continuing to prod. He loved his work. The hardest part about it for him was not being able to talk about it. "Why next February?" I asked.

"Valenti..." he started to answer unthinking and caught himself before finishing the word.

"Valentines?" I said finishing the obvious word. "Something for Valentine's Day?"

"Phil, I can't talk about it." His voice exposed excitement he felt for what he was working on. "I could lose my job."

"Carl, it's you and me here in your basement. You know I won't say anything."

"I know," he said, still unable to hide his personal excitement.

"Hey, I shared with you the big 'knock her socks off' marketing campaign I put together before it went public and hit gold, right?"

"Yes," he answered sheepishly.

"Come on then," I pushed. "I can tell you are excited about this. We are best buddies. You can trust me. I won't say a word, but let me share your excitement."

"You have to promise..." he said beginning to give in.

"Have I ever let you down? I give you my word."

Carl exploded with the excitement of a eight-year-old telling his friends about his first trip to Disneyland. "Phil, this is unlike any project I have ever worked on. It is going to revolutionize sex for women."

"What?" I asked.

"ED drugs have changed the sexual world for men, right? Men have the drive, but sometimes the equipment doesn't work."

"OK, that's true. And, if your erection should last for more than four hours ... find more women."

"Funny. Women are different and are missing out. Unlike the men, many have the equipment that work but struggle with having an orgasm. They want orgasms, they ache for them, but get frustrated and give up."

"That's what you are working on?"

"Yep," he said with continued excitement. "I've discovered the answer that will make women satisfied and insatiable. Those who have struggled will unleash orgasms to their heart's content. Even better, it will take the orgasmic experience of those who have not had problems to a whole new level."

"It's an aphrodisiac."

"On steroids," Carl continued. "but better."

"How does it work?" I asked out of curiosity.

"It is dual functioning," he answered excitedly. "Without getting technical, the first component works with the brain to put the mind in a hyper-orgasmic state. The second component works simultaneously to activate a physiological response in the body. Their nipples get hard, their vagina gets soaked, and their body is taken to the edge of orgasmic ecstasy."

"That's amazing. Women around the world will want to thank you!"

Carl smiled. "It's about time. Researchers have been underappreciated and under-compensated for too long."

"So, a rollout date of February will take Valentines Days to a new level for women."

"It won't be bad for men either," Carl added. "We are still working to get the dosages of the two components right." He pointed to a line of large bags filled with power. "The ones over here were too light on either one or both of the components. The ones over here on the right were too high. The combination in the last bag was so potent that the slightest trigger, like a suggestive whisper yielded immediate orgasmic responses in 91% of our trials. The other 9% weren't far behind. Their single-focused insatiable response continued for several hours, making the dosage over-the-top."

"That must have been fun," I said. "Who said research was tedious or boring?

"Like I said, it is unlike any work I have ever done. We even have women employees volunteering to participate in our research. It does have its rewarding side."

"What happens to all these bags?" I asked out of curiosity.

"I have taken samples to show our progress. I have to discard those for security purposes."

"That makes sense," I said. "Want a hand?"

"Sure," Carl said. "I have the toxic material dumpster upstairs."

"Why don't you finish what you are doing here while I dump these so we can get to that pick-up game."

"You don't mind?"

"Anything to help get my friend out of this basement and outside."

"Thanks man."

I took ten trips to the dumpster while Carl finished his work. I put two bags in the dumpster with each trip but the last. One went in the dumpster and the bag from the far right of the line found its way in my trunk for further research.

II. Personal Research

After the game I invited Carl to join me for dinner at the local pub. "It's ladies night."

"I don't know," Carl said. "I never have much luck. I should probably stay home and get more of this work done."

"I'll tell you what," I said. "You have to eat. Let's grab a burger at 8:00. After dinner, if nothing is happening, you can go home and work. My treat."

I showed up at the pub by 7:45. The dance floor and bar were already alive and full. Discounted food and beer for ladies on Saturday nights always packed the place out. I pushed my way to the bar and ordered a beer. While I waited, I noticed two gorgeous women across the bar laughing and in animated conversation with each other. They both looked to be in their late twenties. The first was around 5'8" with long brunette hair, green eyes, and full breasts accentuated by a tight maroon short dress. The second was a beautiful petite 5'3" blond with short hair and ocean blue eyes. She wore a white sleeveless button shirt and short jeans skirt that showed off her tight ass. When the bartender brought my beer I asked him what they were drinking.

"Margaritas," he answered, "but don't waste your time. Guys have been hittin' on them since they walked in here. They keep turning the men away by saying they are lesbians on their honeymoon. I don't believe it, but its workin'."

"Give me two of what they are drinking, please."

"OK," the bartender said "but you can't say I didn't warn you."

"Thanks man."

The bartender came back with two frozen margaritas. "Want me to deliver 'em for you?"

"No thanks," I said. "I'll be glad to do that. Put it on my tab."

I emptied the last of my beer, picked up the two margaritas and began to make my way across the room. I stopped only briefly to mix in a little of Carl's powder in each.

"Looks like you two are ready for a refill," I said with a smile. "The bartender said you are drinking their margarita specials." I placed one in front of each of the ladies.

"We're lesbians," the brunette said almost as a Pavlovian response.

"We are on our honeymoon," the blond added, struggling to contain her laughter at their evening's ploy to be left alone.

"Congratulations!" I said. "You both scored. I'm sure you'll make each other very happy. You probably hear it all the time, but you are both beautiful."

"Thank you," they said awkwardly. The brunette added, "but we aren't interested."

"Of course not," I said, silently agreeing with the bartender that they were not very good actresses. "This is your honeymoon," I added with a wink. "Listen, as a guy on ladies night I paid full price for these margaritas. I would hate to have them go to waste, and would love to have you enjoy them as a wedding gift."

"That's very nice," they said feeling more awkward.

"I will be sitting right over there at that table with my buddy. If there is anything I can do for you this evening -- anything -- please feel free to let me know. You are welcome to join us."

"Thank you," they said ready to be left alone again.

I took my seat at a dark booth near the back just as Carl walked in the door.

"Hey Phil," he said. "Thanks again for the invitation."

"No problem."

"Awesome pick-up game today. It was good to get out and play."

I glanced over to the two visions at the bar while Carl and I ordered our burgers and talked. The ladies continued their animated conversation while slowly emptying their margarita glasses. The lower the drinks got, the more they found themselves stirring on their barstools. Their hands began moving involuntarily across their own bodies and legs.

"I met those two ladies at the bar before you came in," I said to Carl.

"They are gorgeous," Carl said.

"I invited them to join us if they wanted," I added. "Although they didn't seem very interested at the moment."

"That blond could help me get my mind off of work," he said.

"Maybe she could help you mix work and pleasure," I said smiling.

"You know I can't do that," he answered with a serious work tone, but quickly added "I look forward to the day when she could."

A sultry voice interrupted Carl's dream. "Excuse us gentlemen; can we take you up on your offer to join you?" Carl glanced over at the two gorgeous women from the bar standing next to our table and shot back a look of surprise at me.

"Why of course," I answered calmly. Both women were smiling. Their bodies looked more flushed than when I met them at the bar. The fabric of the dress and blouse showed off each woman's erect nipples. "Please join us. We were just talking about you." I looked across the table. "Carl, why don't we get up and allow the women to slide into the booth. I stood up and shook the brunette's hand. "My name is Phil."

"Vanessa," she answered.

"Please," I said, "have a seat." Vanessa seductively slid into my side of the booth, allowing the fabric of her dress to slide, exposing more of her leg.

Carl jumped up and repeated the interchange. "Carl," he said, taking the petite blond woman's hand.

"Cheri," she said. They took their places in the seat across from us.

Vanessa eagerly started the conversation. "We thought we might have been rude earlier when you bought us the drink. We thought we could at least introduce ourselves and find a way to thank you."

"That's very nice of you. But it really was my pleasure to help you celebrate your special day."

"That's the thing," Cheri said. "That was just a line we use to keep lecherous guys away."

"Really?" I asked trying my best to act surprised.

"We feel badly about that, especially because..."

"Because?" Carl asked.

"Well, to be honest," Vanessa said, "we are both feel so hot right now we are going to burst."

"Hot?" I asked. "It is warm in here. Would it be helpful to step outside in the cool air?"

"No Phil. I am hot as in I want to fuck your brains out. I feel so horny I am going to explode. I feel like I would take every man in this place if I could. I'm not usually like this. The one thing I know is that this night will not end until someone," then pausing to look over at Carl "or someones will fuck my brains out. I have never wanted it like I want it now."

Carl glanced in shock over at me. He had only seen this kind of response in women one time before.

"As much as she wants it," Cheri chimed in, "there is no way she wants it as much and in as many ways as I do." She reached over under the table and placed her hand on Carl's thigh. "I sound like a whore, but I'm not. What I am is a red-blooded woman that needs men to rock my world tonight."

Carl's jaw dropped. I found myself equally amazed and grateful for his research.

"Wow. Listen ladies, your offers are hard to pass up, but we hardly know you. Our only experience so far is that you lied to me."

"I am so sorry," Vanessa quickly interrupted. "You're right. We really feel badly about that. How can we make it up to you?"

"Anything," Cheri added as a promise.

The waitress came around the corner to offer refills.

"I think we are good right now," I answered. "You can do us a favor though."

"Sure, honey. What can I do?"

"Can you make sure we have some privacy back here for a while?"

"I'll do my best honey, but can't guarantee anything."

"Great," I said. "Thanks."

The waitress vanished as quickly as she appeared.

The effects of the spiced margarita continued to intensify in Vanessa and Cheri.

"Please gentlemen, take us back to your places. We can't take it any more."

"Let's go then," Carl said, not wanting to miss this opportunity to strike while the Cheri was hot.

"In just a moment," I offered.

"Oh god, what?" Vanessa said almost begging.

"You sound like you are ready now," I said.

"I am so ready," Cheri answered desperately looking at Carl. "I am just about to reach over there and take you for everything you are worth."

"Yes you are," I answered. "you both are."

"Oh god," they said in unison. "Here?"

"You said anything. I ..."

Cheri began unbuttoning her shirt before I finished my sentence. She found herself glad she wasn't wearing a bra. Before Carl fully realized what was happening, Cheri's face was in his lap, his dick standing alert through his zipper and Cheri's skilled mouth ravaging every inch.

Vanessa didn't hesitate to follow suit. She pulled her dress up over her head revealing a matching maroon lacy bra and thong. She rotated her body to straddle my lap and unclasped the front hook to her full bra. Her firm round tits massaged my face as she reached down to release my dick from my pants. The tiny material of her thong was soaked. She moved it aside to clear the way for my dick to penetrate deep within her. Aaagh! The booth began to rock as she relentlessly pumped my shaft into the depths of her love box. Our voices moaned as a duet.

Cheri straddled Carl and allowed his moist dick to function as cupid's arrow into the heart of her pussy. Both women began to shake as their first orgasms flooded over their bodies simultaneously. Carl sucked on Cheri's erect nipple, massaging them with the strength of his lips. The two women continued to moan loudly, no longer with a care of anyone else in the pub. Wave after wave of orgasm sent chills through their bodies.

The response of their bodies brought unbridled release from Carl into Cheri and then from me into Vanessa. "All of it," Cheri insisted. "I want all of it now. This is just the beginning," she insisted.

Vanessa continued to ride me incessantly, allowing her tits to bang against my face. "Eat them," she demanded. "Make me feel them in the morning." I devoured her tits, one after the other in my mouth. "More!" she insisted. Her nipples begged for attention. I sucked and chewed on her nipples as she begged. "Oh god," she said, "you're making me come again. Don't stop. Harder! Harder!" She pressed her tits harder into my face. "Eat them. Agghhh! Yes! Yes!" Vanessa collapsed on top of me.

"God, that's a good start," Cheri whispered to Carl. "Take me to your place. I am your every fantasy tonight."

Those were the last words Vanessa and I heard before Carl and Cheri disappeared in his car down the road.

It was only the beginning of the rest of the weekend for Vanessa and me.

III. Professional Research

Monday morning arrived with new possibilities for me at the office. There is a stereotype of women who go into the field of marketing. It is not fair to apply the broad brush of the stereotype to all women in marketing. At the same time, there is a reason for the stereotype.

Many of the women in the marketing firm I work for are beautiful, sophisticated and arrogant. They dress to snag the sales of their clients and the balls of the suits in the top executive offices. Like snotty high school cheerleaders ignoring anyone not in a football uniform, they snub their asses at their fellow male colleagues in marketing. That is especially true of the five women in my office. They work together and stop at nothing to get what they want. They dress in stylish low cut business suits, allowing every curve to work for their advantage. They are ruthless in their professional and personal pursuits. Rumors of their shared after-hours activities are infamous. I am invisible to them, unless there is a way they see I can try to use me for their personal gains. Despite their tactics, their presence in the office provides amazing candy for the eye and inspiration for fantasy.

Every year, a division memo announces the birthdays of the region's employees. Most go by unnoticed. The five marketing divas celebrate each other. Rumors of their racy birthday gifts to one another are as infamous as their after-hours activities. Stephanie's birthday was listed for the following Friday.

"Colleen," I called out as she walked passed my office.

"Yes," she said, surprising me that she would take the time to put her head in my office.

"Listen, I saw that Stephanie's birthday is Friday. I know you five like to surprise each other. I am going to be out of the office for much of the afternoon. If you want, I would be glad to have a cake and some Friday afternoon beverages in here for all of you to surprise her with. I will close my curtains. She will never expect anything in here. It would also be away from the main traffic of the office."

"That could work," she answered, "but why would you want to do that for us."

"No reason," I said. "Just glad to do it for colleagues, like I am sure you would do." We both knew they wouldn't lift a finger for anyone else. She liked the idea I might be deceived to think they would. "I'll take care of everything," I said. Feel free to come in any time after 2:00. Help yourself to all of the beverages in the cabinet. Don't be shy. I will be out meeting with clients."

"Sounds great," she said. News traveled to the other three divas quickly and plans were underway for how they would get Stephanie to my office for the Friday surprise.

I stocked my liquor cabinet with several bottles of wine and mixed drinks. I arranged for a friend to bake a beautiful small dark chocolate cake heavily seasoned with Carl's spice. Based on its affect with Vanessa and Cheri, I looked forward to crashing this party.

Friday afternoons are pretty quiet in our office. It is not uncommon for employees to claim to have appointments with clients to start their weekend early or on the golf course. Around 1:00 I closed the curtains to my office and opened the liquor cabinet for easy access. I placed some party plates, forks and the wonder cake with one ceremonial candle on my desk. A few helium balloons were added as décor. The stage was set. All I needed to do was leave to allow Carl's magic to work.

I returned to the office around 3:30. Our receptionist Jenny is required to stay until 5:00 to give the appearance that the office is open. The usual Friday exodus had taken place and the office was vacated. I asked Jenny to hold all calls so I am not disturbed.

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