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Irresistible Isabella


Isabella was drinking her coffee as she gazed out the window thinking about how fortunate she was to be financially secure at the age of 42. Her parents were from Italy but Isabella was born in the states. When she finished school Isabella left her parents back east and headed for California. She worked as a waitress until she discovered her calling as an exotic dancer.

The sultry black haired beauty earned a good living dancing and displaying her voluptuous frame to all the horny men. Sexually she was not attracted to men but rather to women. One of the reasons she traveled to the west coast was to be as far away from her parents as possible. She didn't want them to find out about her lust for the softer sex. Isabella knew that they wouldn't approve at all. Isabella possessed a stunning beauty and an alluring presence that attracted men and women alike.

She thought about all the females she had been with. So many that she couldn't remember all of them. Helen Ascot came to mind. The slender society woman was in the club and handed Isabella a note asking her to meet her at the bar after her set. The dancer was astounded that the rich woman wanted to pay her for sex. She choked at the amount offered. It was double her yearly income. While seeing Helen she hooked up with other society women, actresses, business women, lawyers, and all sorts of wealthy women. Now she no longer needed to work and was able to do whatever she wanted. When she was paid to pleasure other women she had to do as they wished. Now she was free to do what she loved best; seduce and dominate other women. Being so irresistible she never failed to seduce any female that she desired.

Her train of thought was interrupted by the doorbell. When she opened the door Isabella gazed at an adorable young blonde girl that she recognized as a young lady she had seen often around the neighborhood. Isabella quizzed, "How can I help you my dear?"

The nervous girl stammered and offered, "My ah name is Allison Baker and I am trying to save money to buy a car so I was wondering if there are any jobs that you would like me to do for you? I promise to work hard and work for a fair price. Please help me; there must be something that I can do for you."

The hot Italian sex bomb licked her lips at the thought of what this cute young girl could do for her but stated, "I have hired a maid that is starting tomorrow but there is the lawn, garden, and pool. Would you be willing to mow the lawn, help me in the garden, and tend the pool?"

Allison exclaimed, "Oh yes, thank you so much! When do you want me to start?"

In a sexy voice the alluring Isabella cooed, "Come by at nine in the morning and we can discuss your duties and compensation. See you then young lady." The girl expressed her gratitude and promised to be there at nine sharp.

The next morning Allison was greeted by a small but pretty black woman in a rather reveling French maid uniform. The young girl was led to the kitchen table and seated across from the sexy woman she hoped would be her employer. Isabella observed the young girl dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. She was pleased that the girl was dressed to start work. Isabella announced, "My dear girl, I have decided to let you work for me. Mel is bringing you coffee and orange juice. You can mow the lawn, join me for lunch, then help me in the garden. I do have pool maintenances but you can just rake the pool on your work day. Your salary would be $75.00 a week and your work day will be on Tuesday every week. You do not have to work any set amount of hours as long as the work gets done. You can start your day with coffee and juice and join me for lunch also. Is this acceptable to you darling?"

Allison squealed, "Oh yes, thank you so very much. You won't regret it I promise." Mel served them coffee and juice. The young girl blushed at the sight of Mel's exposed black nipples when she bent over. This did not go unnoticed by Isabella. She let her robe fall open and pretended not to be aware of it. Isabella was amused and devilishly delighted at the young girl's reaction to seeing her huge breasts. Allison was squirming in her chair, her face turned crimson, and she couldn't take her eyes off of the big beautiful tits on display. The young girl's nipples were erect and she was breathing faster. This brought a wicked grin to Isabella's face as she felt her own nipples stiffen and her hot pussy stirring.

She gazed into Allison's blue eyes and asked, "What in the world has come over you my dear? You've turned bright red, your nipples are sticking out and you are shaking like a leaf on a tree!"

The totally embarrassed young girl just pointed at the exposed tits and gasped, "They're out!"

The sexy lady looked down at her bosom and slowly closed her robe declaring, "Sorry about that. I didn't know they were exposed but I think you enjoyed the view didn't you? Haven't you ever seen another woman's breasts baby?"

All Allison could do is stammer, "Yes Ma'am but none like yours." The young girl quickly finished her drinks and went out to mow the lawn. As she worked she wondered why her new boss turned her on so much. This was the first time that another female had aroused her.

Mel strutted into the kitchen and asked, "Are you planning on seducing that sweet young thing? I just know you are. Sure hope that you include me in on the action. I'm getting wet thinking about eating that young white pussy and feeding her my sizzling hot black cunt. What do you have to say for yourself huh?"

The irresistible Isabella stated, "You are a disgusting pig. I must have been out of my mind hiring you. It's none of your business what I do. Do you understand? You are my live in maid as well as my very own pussy licker and you are not to be included in anything unless I invite you. I don't know why I ever hired you. You had sex with every girl in the club and when you were done your shift you would go out and find more pussy. Just can't get enough can you?"

Mel walked to the table, crawled under, and began eating her favorite pussy. The passionate feeding frenzy drove her boss crazy as she cried out, "Oh hell yeah, eat that cunt you little fucking slut. After squirting all over her maid's face The lusty lady of the house exclaimed, "Now I remember why I hired you. Nobody knows how to please a pussy any better than you my little black slut. Get yourself together while I go change. The girl will finish the lawn soon so prepare lunch. I plan on taking my time with her and bringing her along slowly but after awhile I think that I would enjoy watching you fucking her. Every woman and girl should experience your fantastic pussy pleasing skills. Just be patient and wait until I say so and you too can do the little bitch. All right?"

Mel grinned and simply answered, "Thank you Ma'am and I'm so glad you like the way I worship your scrumptious cunt. It works out great doesn't it? I'm the best cunt lapper and you have the best cunt. However, I do remember you doing a great job on my chocolate cunt and am looking forward to feeding it to you. Tonight I'll sneak into your room." They both smiled and Isabella went upstairs to change.

Mel answered the doorbell and let in the sweaty Allison. The maid not only served lunch but joined them at the table. Isabella noticed how sweaty the young girl was and announced, "Poor dear you look exhausted. I'm going to get a power mower for you to use. I want your experience her to be pleasant not grueling. How old are you and are you going to go to college"

Allison gazed into Isabella,s big green eyes and said, "You don't have to get a new mower. I don't mind the hard work at all. I am eighteen and am not going to college because my grades aren't very good. The job market sucks so here I am."

Mel smiled and told the girl, "Don't worry about her getting a new power mower. She can afford it and anything else she wants. She made a whole lot of money dancing, showing off her incredible body, teasing and pleasing the patrons, and much more. Ask her about it some time. Hell she just might teach you how to dance and strip. If she don't I will. Would you like to be a stripper and make some good money?"

The young girl answered, "I've never thought about that but it does seem like a great way for me to make some good wages. With my limited education all I would find is dead end jobs but stripping sounds like a job with possibilities. Would you teach me Isabella? The problem is that I am shy and am not built like you two."

The mistress of the house smiled and stated, "Hmmm, not a bad idea at all. Hadn't thought about teaching anybody to be an exotic dancer but it sounds like fun. Next week after your work Mel and I will both show you the ropes. You will need to get over your shyness. We can help with that but you are built just fine. You must be referring to your breasts being small but while lots of men and women like big tits there are just as many that prefer little ones. You will be a big hit with your innocent look. That and your slender body, blue eyes, and angelic face will drive them wild. You are indeed very beautiful my dear girl and don't ever forget it. Now let's finish lunch and do a little gardening." While working on the flowers Isabella told the girl that she might even consider buying a strip club. While Allison was raking the pool the lady of the house went inside to get her pay and handed it to her. The pretty girl skipped home excited about her new job and the possibilities that dancing held for her.

After the girl left the two lesbian strippers talked about seducing Allison. Isabella offered, "Mel that was a great idea about us teaching her to strip. As a reward you get to join in on the action next week. I was going to take my time with her but this changes everything. Just trust me and follow my lead and next week she will be eagerly eating our hot cunts."

Tuesday rolled around and Allison did her work and everything went just fine. The three lades relaxed in the parlor. Mel served lemon aid with vodka in the drinks. A little extra was placed in Allison's drink to loosen her up and relax the girl. The drinks were having their desired effects as Allison stated, "Are you going to teach me how to dance and strip today? I've thought about it and decided that I want to do it but I can't expect you to teach me for nothing. I am willing to pay you both just tell me how much."

The inviting Isabella simply stated, "Nonsense my dear girl. We don't want or need your money and even if we did there is no fucking way that you could afford it. Today you just drink and watch us and next week you will be dancing with us. When we are finished stripping I will tell you how you can make even more money so watch, learn, and enjoy."

Isabella moved with grace as they danced and discarded their clothing. When they were naked they made mad passionate love. Allison was in awe at the devilish display of wanton lust right before her eyes. She thought it both lewd and intriguing but couldn't help but watch intently. She never knew a woman could be as alluring as her new boss lady. Mel was also incredibly sexy with her dark and lithe frame. The women walked right up to her and stood just inches from her face. The tall Italian sex-pot with huge breasts, a hairy pussy, and the short, slim, sexy black woman with the bald pussy had the poor girl panting, drooling, and totally inflamed. Then Isabella firmly announced, "Now my little pet your pay will go from seventy-five to two hundred dollars. All you have to do is eat these two smoldering cunts that you are dying to devour anyway. I know you want to so don't try to lie to us. Tell me how much you want to taste our horny love holes and drink the sticky juices that will flow into your hungry little mouth. You do want them don't you baby?"

Allison felt dizzy from all of the conflicting thoughts that swirled around inside her head. On one hand she thought that what she was asked to do was perverted, nasty, and just plain wrong. On the other hand she felt a powerful urge to lick, suck, tongue, and taste the dripping wet pussies presented to her. As she inhaled the breathtaking aroma of the steamy, inflamed, and magnetic womanhood she caved so much all thoughts of resisting were gone. All former thoughts were overwhelmed by her desire to indulge in her carnal cravings. Plus briefly she considered the extra pay, a new car, and the dance lessons, she was convinced and totally committed to propelling the two sensuous women into a state of sublime bliss. Her desire to please was boundless. Allison gazed up to the two sexy women and uttered, "Yes I want to taste and please both of you so very much but I have never done this before and am afraid that I won't do it right. Please guide me and tell me what to do."

The voluptuous Italian sex goddess encouraged the needy but shy girl saying, "Don't you worry about a thing my precious pet. Mel and I will tell you exactly how to eat cunt so just stick out your tongue and lick." Isabella held the girl's face tightly to her slippery slit and ordered, "Yeah baby just like that. Now stick your slut tongue as far up my slimy hole as as you can. Then chew on my fat cunt lips and nibble on my clit. Put your whole face in there and do it to it. Fuck yessssss! Oh yeah, oh hell yeah. Are you sure that you've never done this before? You are a natural born cunt lapping pig. Drink my cummmmm; don't spill a fucking drop. Oh baby you are great, you got the job and the pay rise. Now do the same to Mel." Allison tried to catch her breath before servicing the black woman. Allison was stunned by the powerful squirt of cum that splattered all over her pretty face and wondered if this was common. Both women smiled at the red friction marks on her kisser from being face fucked so roughly. They gave her a few minutes and a sip of her drink before it was Mel's turn to use the girl.

The short but stacked black woman stood in front of the pretty white girl and commanded, "Eat me with all you got girl. Lick, kiss, and suck until I tell you to stop. Stick out that tongue and slurp up this chocolate treat." The girl did as she was told and found herself loving it. She licked and sucked the slimy black cunt with fervor. Mel exclaimed "So fucking good baby doll. Stick some fingers up there and suck me dry. Mmmmmmm, yesssssssss, oh, oh, ohoooooo. Don't stop, drink my cummmmmm." Mel humped the girl's face wildly and filled her mouth with sweet cum. At the same time Allison experienced her own fantastic orgasm.

The women then pulled Allison off the sofa onto the floor and quickly had the girl naked. Mel dove between the girl's legs and began to expertly eat the sweet, young, and sopping wet pussy. Isabella straddled her head and lowered her hairy cunt to Allison's face. The Italian beauty moved so that the girl was tongue probing her ass as well as her smoldering slit. Mel ate the young pussy and sweet ass with passion. They changed positions and all had multiple orgasms. As they relaxed after the torrid sex session Isabella asked Allison, "You really loved eating pussy and having a tongue up your young cunt didn't you?"

Allison cooed, "You know I did. I loved everything about it and can't wait for more. I had no idea that having sex with women would be so thrilling. This has been the best day of my life and it was totally breathtaking. Isabella I was wondering if other women squirt like you. It was shocking but totally awesome."

Mel answered for her by saying, "You will find that Isabella is one of a kind but there are other woman that are squirter's but they are rare."

Isabella announced, "I have a fabulous idea for a routine that the three of us can do. Mel take her measurements and we will purchase some costumes for next week. You best get home now little girl, see you next week and we will go to work. I will have landscapers take care of the lawn so you can devote your time to our dance act but don't worry you will still get paid. If all goes as I think it will you will soon be making more money that you ever thought possible." They kissed the girl goodbye and relaxed with a few drinks. Allison walked home tired but more excited than she had ever been.

Mel asked, "What the hell is going on here? Why are you paying this girl for sex? You can seduce any girl or woman that you want to. I've seen straight women drool at the sight of you and would do anything you asked. I don't get it and what is the routine you are talking about?"

The Italian sex goddess replied, " True that I have no problem getting women and there will be plenty more but I really like this girl and want to help her. It's a great feeling to help another, you should try it sometime. My Idea is for us to play the part of two lesbian construction workers and Allison will be a cheerleader on her way home from practice. We will pull her into an alley, tease, abuse and use her as a sex toy to pleasure us." How does that sound my little chocolate treat?"

"Wow! That sounds great and like lots of fun too. I like it, I like it a lot."

Isabella smiled and revealed, "There are private lesbian sex clubs that would pay quite well for such a show. We can all make some good money and our girl can purchase her car. Tomorrow we will go shopping for our work clothes. " They hugged and went off to bed for some more sizzling sex before sleeping.

The next day they were off to a costume specialty warehouse. There were thousands of uniforms and costumes to pick from. Movie studios used the store both Major and Porn. The place was packed but all eyes were on Irresistible Isabella. Two sales girls rushed to assist the dazzling dancer. One was a well built blonde with a name tag that read Kim. The other was an equally well stacked black girl named Thelma. Isabella took charge and instructed Thelma to take Mel to the cheerleader section for a skimpy, revealing,and as provocative piece as she could find then meet her and Kim at the construction uniform section. Surrounded by uniforms Kim asked, "Exactly what kind of construction uniform would you like. They range from standard to seductive, spice, and super hot."

Isabella smiled and asked, "What kind do you think I want?"

Kim stated, "Super hot just like you." They found some that were quite revealing and peeled off easily. When the Italian beauty picked a uniform Kim offered, "Would you like me to assist you in the fitting room?"

Isabella saw that all too familiar look of lust and longing in the girl's eyes and told the girl to lead the way. Isabella stripped and Kim was staring at her voluptuous frame in awe. Isabella asked, "Like what you see?"

Kim could only utter, "You are magnificent. I've never seen any one so alluring. Don't see how anybody could ever resist you or even want to. You are the height of sensuality. I'm willing to be your slave and do anything you want me to do. This is so strange because normally I am very hard to get but there is just something special about you that makes me weak at the knees and eager to please."

Isabella asked, "Are you married and have you ever been with another woman?"

Kim answered, "Yes I've been married for six years and am twenty- eight years old. I only cheated on him once with one of his friends when I was drunk. I've been with a few women but haven't even thought about it since I've been married until now."

Isabella brought Kim's head to her big busts and ordered, "Suck the motherfuckers you no good slut." She hand feed them to the young lady and then pushed Kim to her knees. Kim ate the furry cunt with fervor and yelped when her face was spattered with cum. The noise brought Mel and Thelma rushing into the room. Isabella commanded them all to get naked and then had Thelma eat her cunt and Kim feasted on Mel's soaked black pussy.

After they all reached trembling orgasms Mel kicked Kim to the floor and taunted, "You just adore lapping cunt don't you slut? Want our phone # so you can get some more Pussy? Mel was fucking the girl with her foot when she demanded, "Answer me slut or we're out of here."

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