tagNonHumanIs Called Vamp Love

Is Called Vamp Love


It started as a dream and with the help of a friend it turned out like this. Please enjoy it


We owned this beautiful two story house and a few friends had decided to drop in unannounced. After my friends left, my husband pulls me and leads me down stairs and drags me with him to our bed. He was gently patting my head. I opened up his shirt and started to touch his chest. He groans, "Show me what I have taught you." He then moves his hands behind his head and watches what I'll do next.

I planted little kisses on his chest and stomach ever so slowly, moving down to his jeans. I slowly slide down the fly and slid the jeans down, caressing his cock. The boxers soon come off and then I took his shaft and licked the back of it, he tasted salty and addicting. As it stiffened in my hand I watched in amazement how I brought him so much pleasure. I start to lick him like my favorite ice cream tasting his arousal.

Soon I took off my jeans; so damn horny I was wet. I placed myself over his thick and erect manhood; ever so slowly I dropped down. He was so big and thick I thought he wouldn't fit. He asked "What is wrong, too big for you?" He had a cocky grin on his face. He completely inside of me now; I started to move my hips up then slowly down. A moan escaped my mouth, ripples of pain and pleasure darting through me.

"You know... this is not my first time doing this" I told him, thrusting myself harder and faster. I was getting tired but I didn't want to stop until we both came. He grabbed my hips; still connected he pushes me down taking the dominant position, thrusting hard and deep. I was going crazy the feeling was just too much.

"Cum with me, ma petite, together now" he said. I held on to his neck. Every time, every encounter we have is always a wild ride. I could feel it, deep inside my orgasm was coming. I screamed his name as all of the pleasure rushed out of me, but his rushed into me thick, creamy, and hot. White light blinding my sight and with it sleep.

"Mon amore, wake up," his tantalizing voice woke me up. It was pure bliss every day, waking up to that sweet wonderful voice. I opened my eyes and saw his broad smile, intently my eyes drifted to his long fangs. "How many times have those fangs pierced my skin?"

"Only a few times this evening, ma Cheri, you need not worry; I always bring you to pleasure, even if you are the one who started. I enjoy being the one to make you go beyond your limitations," said Ambroise. "I guess you do, but remember that it was me that had you lose control." I said with a smirk on my face, quite content with my abilities.

"Ah ma Cheri, I believe I'm beginning to rub off on you. But, I must admit I have taught you well even though most of what you have learned you have added your own style to it. I must say I am quite impressed, you've made progress during our time together... I'm glad I've been a good teacher," he said. His smile was so large you couldn't help but smile as well. "Ha ha, how is it that you can say all that with such a big smile? I swear it seems as if everything I do makes you so happy you get cockier with time." I couldn't help but giggle as I said that, he just makes me so comfortable that it's hard not to feel safe with him. I press my hand on his hard chest trying to push him away, he did not move. I let out a long sigh, "Would you mind moving Ambroise, I need to go to the bath room."

"Why?" He asked with a curious but mischievous look on his face, certainly he was planning something. A jolt of excitement coursed through me, right to my womanhood. "I need a shower, now move, please" I said pushing harder against the wall of his chest. He then moved sitting on the bed, passing a hand through his hair. God, he looked so damn sexy, a seduction right from hell.

I tried to make my way to the bath room but I simply had no recollection on where it was. I stood there thinking where it was, when suddenly strong arms lifted me in the air. "God, Ambroise you are an animal" I couldn't help it, I had to cuddle in his arms, it felt so right. "It seems that you where lost. I'm merely showing you the way the best I can" he said giving me a kiss on the corner of my lips. "Yeah right the best way you can" he then laughed a sound so pure; it was out of this world.

He walked to the second door in the big room; I didn't realize this room was so big. Maybe it had to do with the fact that he took all of my attention. The door swung open, but he didn't even touch it. His powers were simply amazing. "Here we are, ma petite" he put me down on the bathtub. I stared at him wandering what was going through his head. "What?" he ask tilting his head to the side. Ah, he's intentionally provoking me; he knows I love it when he does that. "Nothing," I closed the shower curtains and turned on the shower head. Warm water splashed all over my body.

"Mm, you have such a beautiful body," His chin rested on my shoulder and strong arms held me in place. I was so close to him I could feel his desire. "You will let me wash you" His commanding his voice low and raw you couldn't help but comply with his will.

I stood perfectly still under the shower head. His hands, a mesmerizing caress it sent shivers all through my body. My breath quickening as his hands trailed downwards between my thighs. "You can't..." I whisper breathlessly. "I can't what? Please you like you never had imagined?" He whispered seductively in my ear, nibbling on my earlobe. His tongue lazy, making his way down to the nape of my neck. His teeth rasped the sensitive skin there. I let out a slow sigh, he's presence entirely overwhelmed me. Then his long finger probed into me, "Ohhh..." I moaned. "No please"

"Your mind says No but your body is telling me a different story ma Cheri" And it was so true, I tried to deny it, but my body was moving to his biting. His fingers pushing inside me slowly, making a circular motion. I trusted faster, I wanted his finder probing deeper into me. He then abruptly pulled his fingers out of me. I turned around questioning his motives for pulling out of me when I was so close. "Not yet Desari" he said licking his fingers.

"Not yet? But you can't leave me like this, you wouldn't," I said in a desperate need for release wrapping my arms around his neck. I looked at his dark eyes, so full of mystery and mischief. "I couldn't possibly torment you so, ma petite. I'm merely getting you ready for what is about to come," He pushed me against the tiled wall. His hand cupped my face flashing a smile at me, so seductive a smile of my own curved in my face. His mouth took over mine possessive and hungry. His tongue probed into my mouth searching, feeling. It felt so amazing; it felt as if I was melting in the sweet embrace. He pulled away leaving me wanting for more. He then kissed my chin and slowly kissing his way down to my chest. My breath quickening, he cupped one of my breast and drew it to his mouth. He slowly started to suck and lick my nipple as he flicked it once, twice the feeling of pure ecstasy. He then moved and did the same thing to my other breast.

"Ah I love your expression right now it's so beautiful" Ambroise's hand trailed down grabbing the outer part of my thigh lifting my leg up and out. His cock was at the entrance of my cunt. In a sure possessive thrust he was inside me. As he entered my body, thrusting with such force, he bit down on my neck savoring the skin in his mouth. As I tried not to moan he bit harder, licking my neck moving closer to my lips. I couldn't help but search for his; his body enveloping mine as I started to shudder, I couldn't believe it. His pace was gently going slower and softer, the closer I was about to come. I couldn't help but wonder what he was going to do until he lifted me, wrapping my legs around his waist. The exhilaration left me baffled, aroused all other emotions left me only the longing for his body stayed with my hunger for pleasure, for mine and his own.

As he lifted me higher he let me drop as he thrust into me, each thrust sending waves of pleasure, wave after wave. I couldn't help but let out a moan, a cry of pure pleasure only hearing my heart beat in my ears and hearing his laugh, soft and husky so sensuous and playful it made another wave of ecstasy crash all around my loins. "Hmm come now ma petite, I know you can resist the urge for bit longer, I've trained you well enough for at least that, ha ha ha," Ambroise said, his voice raspy and full of pleasure and excitement.

After slowing down to kiss me with his dick completely inside me, I bit his tongue, a message to have him thrust into me again, but instead he moved away and bit my neck, then he licked down towards my heaving breast. A flick of his tongue on my nipple and my face flushed red with excitement, I couldn't help but dig my nails into his skin so hard blood started to spill onto his perfect shoulders, my body riding his slowly automatically as if I was possessed. He grabbed my waist holding still I couldn't help but fight his urge to control me, his voice raspy and enticing enveloping my body, "Ma petite, ha ha, let me do the thrusting," he said, a smile across his face one of mischievous intent. I let go as his voice stopped I wanted hi,, no needed him, I couldn't tell if it was me or if it was my body that always gave in to him, but all I knew was that I loved him and that he somehow knew my body just as good or maybe better that I did.

He let me down off of his body, kissing my lips playing with my tongue with his in a never ending dance. He started moving lower kissing my soaked body, the water flowing over us both making our skin look alive. He moved kissing my belly button and still moving lower but as he moved across my hips he went down my thighs, both his tongue and hands massaging them, inside and out but never going in for the kill. After an eternity of waiting, he moved closer inch by inch with his hands closer to the moist entrance of my body, his tongue gliding along behind to the move so fast I barely saw him thrust inside with his tongue, his fingers rubbing my clit causing another crash around me causing my body to shudder hard on his face, his tongue lapping away inside, my juices flowing across inside and out of his mouth, His mouth covering my pussy, dragging his teeth all along the curves, sucking everything and thrusting in and out having my body jerk around as wave after wave of orgasms ran throughout my body.

My body felt limp and numb after that sexual onslaught, I would have collapsed if Ambroise weren't there to catch me."I have you. Rest now Mon amour" He took me into his arms and held me closed to his body. After a few minutes my breathing was coming back to normal "I really hate you my Ambroise... I do but I can't help but love you more" I kissed the nape of his neck.

He let out something between a groan and a hiss. "I'm glad you feel that way Desari but we are not finished here" He said laying me down on the bathtub my back against the wall and he look down at himself. His cock was fully erect thick and urging for attention. "Oh, then come here big boy and let me repay you for what you did" I said stretching out my hand lazily. He came closer, his cock right in front of my face, and slowly I wrapped my fingers around the thick shaft and slowly began to stroke it. He groaned again this time throwing his head back. With my other hand I cupped his heavy balls and began to massage them. "Mon Amore, Hurry I want your mouth"

With the tip of my tongue I flicked the head, his dick jerked in my hand. He growled this time, I simply laughed silently, and I love to torment him as he did to me, its retaliation. Slowly I opened my mouth and let my tongue out doing a slow circle at the tip of his dick. I took him into my mouth and began to suck him. "Yessss" he hissed in satisfaction. I naughtily pop his dick off my mouth, then sucked on one of his balls, rapidly passing my tongue from the back of his shaft upwards to his cock head and began to suck it again. He then began to thrust himself into my mouth. He was growling he took a hand full of my wet hair and firmly held my head in place. The only thing I could do was suck and let my tongue glide on the back of his shaft. He then exploded in my mouth, with a moan thick warm cream engulfed my mouth I was forced to swallow his seeds. He pulled away his cock from my mouth a small jet of his cum landed on the corner of my mouth, I licked it off.

I grinned and looked at him "Yum" he dropped down and took my mouth possessively. I could taste myself in his mouth and with his taste in my mouth it was strange but pleasant moisture. He pulled away so that I could catch my breath "Ha, je t'aime ma Cheri" he said kissing my forehead. "Me too my love" I said wrapping my hand around his neck and pulling him closer to my body. I felt sleepy so I let my eyes lashes fall over my eyes.

I awoke in the bed Ambroise's arm possessively around my waist. His eyes were closed but I knew he wasn't asleep; he never sleeps. I tried to move away from him to get off the bed but his grip harden. "Where are you going?" He asked his eyes were still closed. "Need some clothes?"

"Why you're perfectly fine just the way you are, beautiful and natural. You don't need clothes to hide your body from my eyes." His lashes lifted up and a smile curved into his perfect mouth.

"I need some fresh air Ambroise. Now let me go you over possessive male" I pushed the wall of his chest. He laughed, his whole frame shook. "Ha ha ha over possessive you say. Alright if you need fresh air then you shall get it" He let go of me and I sat on the bed gripping the sheet to cover my breasts. I looked at him confused "What? No argument, no seduction to get me back in bed? You are just letting me go like that? What happen to the sex addict beast I know?"

"Do you want me to seduce you back to the bed?" he reached up and cupped my face. "Fresh air!" I interjected. I searched for my clothes only to find a red and black silk robe. "What happened to my clothes? I thought they were here." I put on the robe hoping Ambroise would hand over my clothes, so I waited in the robe. As he came back from the walking into the next room he was also wearing a robe but it was a solid dark navy blue silk that looked perfect with his body.

"Ah yes your clothes, I put them to wash so you need not worry about them. But as you said let us go get some fresh air hopefully you won't complain about it since it was your idea." As I was going to stand he gave me his hand and I gladly accepted, I wasn't sure if I could walk but it seemed I could manage on my own but its better safe than sorry. "Oh Ambroise you do know you owe me a favor right?" I said smiling. Looking puzzled he said, "Favor? What do you mean? What kind of favor do you want me to give you?" I couldn't help but laugh, "I didn't think you'd remember, last night you said after we went out and came home, when our guests came over they asked that question and I saved you, and you said you owed me a favor. I was thinking that you could carry me out on the balcony and I could sit in your lap. It isn't an extravagant favor but it was the first thing I could think of, besides I don't need anything else for the moment and I don't need your help for everything."

"Very well ma petite, but you should know we aren't going up the stairs." He said with a small smirk on his face. He picked me up before I could ask what he meant and he walked out the back door carrying me as if I was a little girl. I couldn't help but stare into his beautiful dark eyes; little shimmering pools of affection shown through them as he looked back at me. As he bent forward to kiss me he jumped, soaring through the night air as if nothing happened. We then landed on the balcony, my heart beating frantically as I was caught off guard. "What the hell Ambroise! You could have told me what you were planning you know!" I yelled I hated it whenever he did that, always thinking of ways to make my heart race, if not how to make me fall in the moment and fall deeper in love. "Ma Cheri I did not mean to startle you but this way is much quicker, plus I had a few plans for us at the moment and I didn't want to ruin the setting." I couldn't help but wonder about what he said, but as I looked around all I saw was rose petals both white and red all over the balcony floor. He sat down on the large swing holding me close making sure I didn't fall as he lay down. "I told you I didn't want to ruin to setting. The moon is full, flower petals everywhere and not to mention to nice breeze and the scenery is perfect since all the flowers in the trees are at bloom." I couldn't help but blush, the little girl inside of me was pleased and there was no doubt that I wouldn't mind sleeping out here like this.

"Well now, ma petite, how do like my arrangements thus far?" I couldn't help but smile, it was all perfect. "I don't know what to say it's perfect I've never been treated to anything like this before, the smell of the petals and the breeze, the moonlight everything is perfect. I can't believe tonight could turn out better than it was going already." He smiled content that I was pleased with all his arrangements.

"Well then I'm glad you're happy at what I've done in such short notice." I couldn't tell if my face showed my curiosity, "Wait, what you mean short notice?" He laughed a very masculine and deep laugh that made me smile. "I mean that when I got up to put on my robe I came up here and fixed the balcony for our arrival. Did you forget how fast I can move?" He said, wondering if I really did forget. "I didn't forget but I never thought you could move that fast, it's almost scary." My voice showed a hint of disbelief but then again he is a vampire, a centuries old vampire that already knows what he can and cannot do. It never ceased to amaze me how much he could do without exhausting himself.

As he moved me next to him on the swing he kissed me; as I closed eyes I could feel the wind pass over my body as if I was nude. I had to look to see if it was true, and just as I thought Ambroise had gently opened my robe. As Ambroise gently bit my neck, I closed my eyes thinking only of what he did. Kissing my lips again he gently moved to the side and as I opened my eyes a shower of rose petals swam across my body covering me completely. Some of the pedals got inside my robe, between my breasts. I giggled the feeling of the soft pedals was wonderful then the shower of rose pedals ceased. I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck. Slowly our lips met, our tongues fought for dominance in our mouths. The feeling was pure bliss, little shocks of electricity coursed through my body. "Ah, Mon amour you look simply exquisite under the moon light glow," he said, his hand moving slowly down my shoulders pushing away the robe that covered my left breast. He then cupped it bringing it to his mouth. I arched my back instinctively bringing my body closer to his. A low moan surged from deep within me; I shifted my legs restlessly. Then I felt it, eyes, someone out there in the night was looking at us.

"Ambroise stop someone is looking at us," putting my palms on his head trying to push him away to no avail. He flicked the tip of my sensitive nipple I couldn't help but moan yet again. "Ambroise please..." I begged. I couldn't help but feel shy when someone other than Ambroise looked at me while we made love. "Let them watch, Ma petite. It does no concern us. We are in our world now a world full of pleasure and love"

He then opened my robe completely, exposing me to the elements. "Ah génial, the moon light glow shimmering on your skin, I love it. Especially here it shines the most" He said lightly passing the tip of his fingers on the curls of pussy. I quivered. The ghostly touch was so much. This time he went deeper feeling the folds of my pussy lips and with the tip of his fingers; he did a lazy circle with my clit, which sent a charge of electricity all throughout my body. "Ambroise please.... ugh... They are still watching"

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