tagLoving WivesIs This It Ch. 03

Is This It Ch. 03


Chapter 3 – A second child for Chris & Debbie

Two months later and with confirmation that Debbie was once again pregnant! When she told me, it was with some hesitation as if she was scared to tell me. I moved to reassure her quickly and told her it was marvellous news. I asked. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm fucking sure. It must have been that night in the alley because that was the only time that I didn't have my diaphragm in!"

"It was good though, wasn't it?" I asked.

She grinned and said. "Yes very, very good. I still get wet just from thinking about that man and just how much he saw."

"Now that the damage is done, maybe we should revisit the alley again some night?" I suggested more in hope than anything else.

"No, never again! I was drunk that night and you took advantage of me!"

I left it at that and we got on with our lives. The prospect of another child meant that we now had to find a bigger house and it was Granny Jean who came to our rescue. She asked us over to tea on a Sunday after we had announced our news to the families.

She came straight to the point and said. "I've been to the Doctors and have been told that I need to have some day nursing or consider moving into a home. I can no longer get up these stairs and they're scared I may fall and injure myself. So here's what I propose! Debbie, Chris and Erin all of you, move in with me."

Looking directly at me she said. "Hold on before you jump to reject my proposal. This house has two public rooms as well as a bathroom, kitchen and dining room on the ground floor. I will need you to set up one of those public rooms as my bedroom. That will save me having to negotiate the stairs and leave you the whole upper floor to yourselves. In return, I get to stay in my own house for however long I have left, I'm seventy seven now and won't be around too much longer plus I'll have my family around me to watch over me. I was leaving the house to you two anyway, Debbie, your parents will only want to sell it and get their hands on the proceeds. I never intended to leave it to them, it was always destined to be yours."

This time, I could not refuse the old lady. She was right about many things in relation to our marriage and I was growing to love her just as much as I did her granddaughter. So I looked a Debbie and she nodded back and we both said. "We'd love to move in with you and we would like to accept your generous offer.

So it was that we decided to rent out the flat fully furnished and moved our small family in with Granny Jean. It proved to be beneficial to all parties and over the next few years we settled into a pleasant routine. Liz was born right on schedule and was soon dominating our lives, just as her big sister had. Our sex life suffered a little as the added pleasure and strain of two toddlers demanding attention did sap Debbie's energy. She was still working at her Interior Design business and quietly gaining a good reputation locally.

I was still working as a foreman in the same plastering business but had a hankering to branch out on my own. Erin was just five and Liz barely three when the chance came along to buy out my old boss, I jumped at it. At first it was hard going, I struggled to find enough work to keep my four employees busy and had to let two of them go. New house builds had slowed down in our area, so I started concentrating on refurbishment projects and managed to keep our head above water for the next three or four years.

By the time Erin was seven and Liz nearly four, my business started to get busy and I was employing three full time plasterers and a couple of guys I used on a casual basis. Money was no longer a major issue, I was making enough to put some away each month and Debbie's business was if anything more profitable if you took the hours worked into the equation. It still bugged me a little that in every other way, Debbie was my loving and cherished wife, but she still never ever told me that she loved me. I dismissed it as just her way as in all other respects she and I were like soul-mates.

I no longer had the time to play rugby and missed it more than I thought I would. I started to put on the pounds. Debbie on the other hand was still as beautiful and sexy as ever. Having two kids had rounded her shape a little, but her breasts still stood proud with barely any sag. I started to use the Gym attached to the rugby club and resolved to lose the pounds gained. It was slow work, but gradually they came off.

Granny Jean was a godsend and used to baby sit for us when we went out. Debbie was careful not to drink more than a couple of glasses, she also realised the effect it could have on her libido. The one thing we did do every year was to attend the Hogmanay Party at the Rugby Club. It was always good fun and over the years, Debbie had come to enjoy the company. We had a lot of friends from my playing days and we always block booked our table every year.

At the bells, Debbie and I would always seek one another out and share a kiss or two to welcome in the New Year.

This time was no different from the others, but when I kissed her she thrust her hips at me provocatively. I realised immediately that she was well drunk. I asked her what was with her tonight, this was the first time in years that she had over indulged.

She smiled at me and said. "Chris, I've been thinking about that dark alley a lot tonight. Want to try it out?"

I could not get her out the door quick enough. As we walked down the street, she said. "Let's not try the alley tonight, I hear that car-park by the playing fields is the place now a days!"

It was a cold, clear moonlit night as we went down the track to the playing fields. As we approached the park, I could see several cars parked with their windows steamed up. It seems that somebody else had the same idea as us, but they at least were in a warm car. Jean pulled me towards a shelter used by the coaches when matches were being played, but deserted at two AM. The shelter had a bench seat and did provide a little shelter from the elements.

Debbie took off her coat and spread it out on the bench. She looked at me with an impish gleam in her eye and turning around said. "Unzip me, strip me then fuck me hard!"

I rushed to comply and soon she was standing stark naked in the chill night air. She made no attempt to cover herself, in fact she started to caress her rigid nipples and stroke herself between her thighs.

"Hurry Chris!" She said. "I need that big prick of yours now!"

I dropped my trousers and moved to her. She held me round the neck and pulled me down on top of her. She was lying on her coat, her legs astride the bench and I just slipped into her hot moist centre. I started to fuck her slowly, but this was not what she desired.

"Fuck me hard, ram that fucking cock into my hot cunt! Make me your slut, make me cum!" she demanded.

I did as she ordered and soon she was wailing that she was cumming. I kept on pounding away at her, I felt as though I could go forever, when I felt a hand trying to pull me off her. 'What the fuck' I thought and turned to see this guy standing there with a big prick hanging out of his trousers.

"Let me show you how to make the slut scream." He cried.

I told him to fuck off and find his own slut, but he persisted on pulling my shoulders and I got off her and thumped him, just once hard. He went down and stayed down, not unconscious but devoid of any desire to mess with me further. I turned back to Debbie. She was rubbing her clit slowly and smiling at me. "Come on Chris, surely you've not finished yet have you?"

I resumed fucking the living daylights out of her until she had another orgasm. I still had not cum and ordered her to stand up, turn round so her back was to me and spread them. She did as I asked and bending her over so that she had her hands on the bench, I started on her again from behind. The guy I had flattened must have been feeling brave as he pulled himself up and sat on her coat. He reached out and tugged at her tits until her nipples stood out really hard. He then started to tweak her nipples until she started moaning. He pulled away thinking that she was complaining but she told him. "Don't' you fucking dare stop now! Pull my nipples, make me scream!" she ordered.

He immediately set to with a relish and then looking at me, he bent down and took her tit into his mouth and started biting her nipples. She screamed in pain and started to buck back hard against me as she reached another orgasm. I could not hold out any longer and exploded deep within her. As I pulled out of her streaming cunt, the man moved to take my place, but I told him. "That's not going to happen. You can finish yourself by hand if you want, but no more touching!"

Debbie straightened up and sat back down on the bench, my cum was streaming out of her pussy and she sat there stroking herself as he wanked openly in front of her. It didn't take long before he erupted all over Debbie's tits and upturned face. He made himself presentable and said as we parted. "She's one hot slut that one. You had better keep your eye on her. Bye the way, I know who you are and where you live, I may like to join you both some time for a party!"

I grabbed him by the lapels and pulled him up close. I said to him very softly but with as much menace as I could muster. "If you ever breathe a word of this, I will beat the shit out of you! Do we understand one another, or do I need to demonstrate my intent?"

He quickly backed off and promised he wouldn't tell a soul. We would have to wait and see if he kept his word.

I helped Debbie dress and we walked home. When we were in bed, she cuddled up to me and asked. "Are you mad at me about tonight?"

"No, but I am surprised that you encouraged him. What came into you to make you act like that?"

She smiled and said. "That night in the alley realised one of my fantasies and I wanted to see if it would work again and it did, in spades. I have never come so hard as I did tonight. I knew you would not let him do anything to me, so I was safe from him actually raping me."

"What if there had been more than one guy there, I could not have fought them all off?"

"I was not so drunk as I appeared and I was checking out for any unwanted attention. If I had spotted any other people about, I would have stopped it before it got too far."

"Anyway, it is my fertile time just now and I wanted you to get me pregnant again, I know you have always wanted a son, so maybe this time you will be successful, but just in case, let's try again now."

With that she pushed me onto my back and mounted my rapidly hardening cock. If she wasn't pregnant before that sessions, she sure would have been after that session.

Sure enough, nine months later our son, Bobby came into our lives. Bobby was named after his grandfather and Grandad Bob as he came to be called, doted on his namesake. Old Granny Jean passed away about six months after his birth, but we were both pleased that she lived to see our latest edition. The girls were growing up fast and thankfully they had inherited their mother's looks. It was time to take stock of our lives. Thanks to Granny Jean, who true to her word had left her house to us. She also bequeathed quite a large sum of money to a trust fund set up for our children.

Following the birth of Bobby, our sex life deteriorated rapidly. Debbie had had a hard time during the birth and the stresses of three young children did not help. She suffered from Post Natal Depression and among her other symptoms, she just did not want sex anymore. She constantly complained of being tired and she was certainly moody and lost a lot of weight. Her mother was a great help during this period and finally convinced Debbie to seek help. Our Doctor prescribed an antidepressant and this did seem to help, but our sex life was reduced to once a month if I was lucky.

I tried to talk to her and encourage her to engage with me, but she just seemed to lack the motivation to even talk about the problem. When we did engage in sex, it seemed to me to more of a mercy fuck, granted just to get me off her case.

Financially, we were sound. My business was providing a steady income and I had this idea of moving into the more specialised field of restoration. There was an ongoing demand for this type of work, so I did some research and attended some courses on how to make the moulds using a latex former. The real trick was in getting the right materials to produce replicas of the original plasterwork. A lot of research was required as in some instances there was nothing left of the original plaster decoration and in the case of buildings deemed to be of historic national interest, any restoration had to take into account how the room would have looked when originally built.

I found myself fascinated by this and quickly developed the skills to undertake this type of research. An added bonus of this was that due to the very specialist nature of this work, I could almost charge whatever I liked. The type client's who had the money to try and restore old buildings of this nature, did not usually quibble over the costs of what would be the centrepiece of their room. I did not neglect my core business and continued to find sufficient routine jobs to keep that side of the business ticking over.

Debbie's design business had moved forward. She seemed to be putting most of her energy into making a success of it and one result of this was that she was now having to travel further a field as her reputation in terms of designing successful show homes brought her enquires from all over central Scotland. She also had an exclusive contract with Andrew Roberts though he was now semi retired leaving much of the business to his son, Big T, Debbie's old boyfriend. I had no problem with her working with him, in fact my own company regularly did contracting work for him and he had never once overstepped the mark in our business dealings. Besides that, I trusted Debbie totally and she had never given me any reason to doubt her during our marriage.

She may never have come right out and told me that she loved me, but in so many other ways, she demonstrated that she cared deeply. She quickly regained her figure after Bobby's birth, though a critical eye may have noticed a slight thickening here and here. I didn't bother me in the slightest, I was still totally devoted to her and told her so many, many times.

Her parents, Irene and Bob had mellowed somewhat over the years, but Irene and I never would be friends. She still tried to belittle me at every opportunity, but I felt I could handle her.

Life went on and the next four years passed quickly. Debbie and I were more settled and our love life was a once a month treat. The passion of our younger days was now extinct, our love making was slower, deeper and I hoped more fulfilling, even if it was not as regular as I would have liked. Debbie never again drank alcohol, I think maybe the events that led to Bobby's conception scared her and we never again indulged in any outdoor sexual experiments.

I have to be honest here and admit that I was finding the lack of sexual contact very difficult. I always had a high sex drive and the limited rations I was getting from Debbie was a severe trial. This was driven home to me one day, when I was at a site estimating the work required to restore the Entrance Hall, Reception and Dining Rooms to their former glory.

My host was a very attractive forty something married woman and she made obvious that she was available and ready. To my shame, I took her up on her offer and we had a glorious session that relieved much of my needs. I fucked her twice that afternoon and twice the following morning when I went back with the quote. I thought Debbie was sure to see the guilt on my face when I went home, but if she noticed she ignored it. This set a bit of a pattern over the next couple of years and I regularly broke my wedding vows with a few women. I was careful though, I never went with anyone local as I had learned my lessons the hard way.

Erin was twelve going on sixteen and young Bobby just over five when our normal Hogmanay celebration at the Rugby Club was cancelled. There was fire in the bar area that meant we were left seeking a different venue for our celebrations.

Irene and Bob insisted that they wanted Debbie and me as their guests at the New Year's Celebration at the Golf Club. This was a 'black tie' affair and the tickets included Dinner, dance and karaoke. I for one was reluctant to attend as the requirement for formal attire meant I would need to buy or rent the necessary attire. Being a Scot, formal dress was usually the kilt and full regalia, but it was not mandatory.

Debbie was all for the Golf Club and used her feminine wiles to persuade me to accept. I tried raising objections about the 'black tie' but she easily countered those telling me that there were plenty of hire shops around and anyway she really fancied seeing me in a kilt!

In the end, I failed to come up with any reason other than I didn't like the Golf Club as a venue. I tried to explain my reservations that I would be out of my comfort zone consorting with people who clearly did not respect my working class background, but to no avail. It was decided we would attend. I did not realise it then or I would have put my foot down a refused to attend, but attend we did and this decision brought our marital difficulties to a head.

I decided that if I was to do this, then I would do it properly. Instead of hiring a kilt, I decided to purchase one bearing my clan tartan. In any case, I would be able to use it again when attending other functions. I was increasingly be asked to 'Gentlemen's Evenings' mainly supporting local charities as I was now seen in some quarters as a successful businessman. Debbie was also being increasingly invited to formal dinners as a consequence of her growing business success, so the expenditure was justified.

Hogmanay arrived and as I waited for Debbie to finish dressing, I spent the time chatting with our baby sitters. Erin was too young to make responsible for her siblings so we asked Andy and Sarah if they would baby-sit for us. They were only to happy to oblige as with the Rugby Club event cancelled they were at a loose end.

Debbie came down the stairs and Andy let out a wolf whistle in appreciation. Debbie had on a little short, black mini dress that emphasised her assets and she knew it. She was quite simply, stunning. I was stunned, I knew my wife was a beautiful sexy woman, but this was the first time in ages that she had made an all out effort to impress. I wondered fleetingly who she was out to impress, but suppressed the notion that she was trying to impress someone else just as quickly and concluded that maybe she was just doing it to please me!

Bob and Irene picked us up to save either of us having to drive. I wondered a bit about that as Debbie rarely drank nowadays and she usually handled the return journeys when we had been out celebrating.

We arrived at the club a little early and mingled with the other arrivals. I was a like a fish out of water, I didn't play golf and I didn't mix in their circles, so I felt totally isolated. It was no surprise that Big T and his parents were in attendance and T did spend a little time chatting to me. He was about the only one who went out of his way to make me feel welcome and I was grateful to him. Soon we were called to dinner and we were sitting at the same table as Andrew Roberts and his family. In all there were eight of us round the table and I found myself seated between Irene and Margaret Roberts, Andrew's wife. She chatted away quite a lot, but I hardly spoke a word to Irene. Debbie was seated next to T and his dad, but I noticed that it was T who monopolised her attention.

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