tagGroup SexIshani's Saga: Memorable First Trip Ch. 02

Ishani's Saga: Memorable First Trip Ch. 02


I am sorry to have delayed my chapter 2. I have been overwhelmed by the comments and numerous mails after the first one. One of the reasons for the delay is that I can write with all my passion only when I am aroused.

Before I start off, let clarify one thing, are you really interested to know if the names mentioned are correct and real? Are you really intrigued that these incidents are true or made up? I would like to just know if you enjoyed them as a read and the content.

So here goes...


We all started stirring again in about half an hour. Most probably because it was already 4 PM and we were hungry.

I reached out to look for my clothes. Rekha understood it and said, "ki dorkar? Emni thako na. What for? (Stay as you are)". I said, "Na lojja korbey(No I will be embarrased)". To which she said, "Lojja kiser? Sumon toh baritey sara din nunu(bengali for cock) jhooliye ghurey beray(What's the shame? Sumon spends the entire time at home with his cock dangling)". Sumon quickly retorted, "Aar tumi je dudu(bengali for boobs) dekhiye berao(And what about you who keeps showing around her boobs). We had a good laugh and they convinced me to stay as I am. As Rekha and Sumon got themselves busy laying up the table I kept admiring their bodies. They looked so perfect and their forms were so graceful. They looked like the perfect forms for sex. Scenes where I could see the tip of Sumon's limp cock tip; I could barely hold myself to kiss it. I stopped him and took him in my mouth shamelessly. I always loved the feeling of the growing member in mouth. It still had the smell of our mixed cum and strong aroma was making me horny again. Rekha came along and played spoilsport. She pulled us apart to eat, saying we need the energy. I could believe they were also thinking of more sex after the wholesome session we just had. But what the heck, I am already expecting more.

It was a nice meal albeit simple, the usual Bengali meal that I am not going to bore you with. We were all sitting at that their round glass topped table and chatting about everyday things like recipes to the relationship with my sister and her husband. It all seemed so normal and natural, yet so strange that 3 human beings who barely know each other sitting nude and having a simple meal. For all those who feel that sex and emotions (love) are 2 very different things, let me assure you it is not. One session with them and they seemed so close, so well known to me. It's like suddenly breaking away from all those formalities and becoming closest pals in a matter of minutes. There was however none of the usual sexual tensions that one would expect.

Through the glass top of the table I could see Sumon's limp cock. Even when limp it was quite impressive, the foreskin was back covering most of the head, but the little red tip was peeping out. That sight made my tummy flutter. I was being aroused and actually missed a couple of things my partners were talking about. I was ashamed and began wondering if I am actually becoming a nymphomaniac to be thinking of sex and lust just after such an intense session. It could be my long barren period or just the newness of the experience or maybe even because it was a forbidden thing. The fact remains, I was getting moist between my legs again.

Post lunch, we all partook in clearing and cleaning up the table and retired to the sitting room. I was the only one slightly self conscious of sitting on the fabric topped couch, because I was probably the only one moist between my legs. They seemed to be most casual and probably weren't thinking of more sex today and here I was still all horny. 'Am I really becoming insatiable?' - was the thought when we sat down together with the TV on.

We were talking more than watching the telly and soon the topic veered on to sexual ones. They even asked me if my sister and brother-in-law shares me and I told them how unimaginable that is and convinced them that this was my first encounter of a 3some.

Sometime during these, Rekha had moved on the floor and was sitting with her arm on my right thigh. Sumon was still on the couch. Very casually Rekha moved between my legs and started licking my slit. She chewed on my pussy lips and nibbled at my clit. And all this while Sumon kept talking with me, and I am squirming and was always losing my train of thoughts to the sensations between my thighs. I could not take it any longer, I looked down to find his cock already semi hard. As I unashamedly put my hand on his awesome cock. On my touch it twitched, and that really gave me a lot of confidence. Till now, I was feeling like a doll in the hands of these experts. But now I know that I have a great effect on Sumon too. This confidence pushed me over the edge and as I felt the velvety smooth fair cock grow in my hand, I got my first orgasm of this session. I never knew I could cum so easily.

Sumon, not to be labelled lazy, had attached himself to my ample breasts and was doing his best to pleasure me with his tongue on my sensitive nipples. Sometimes he reached down to play with Rekha's tits and was back busy with me. Yeah! I felt like the medieval Egyptian Queen (I always fantasized) who was being pleasured by slaves. I never realised that my hand was busy caressing Sumon's cock. The way his skin moved smoothly on hard cock was something I am used to with my husband but the length and the various ridges and veins felt so nice. For the first time I could feel the difference of feel between two cocks. His cock was really thick and filled my hand. I guess I was really enjoying it. I have never really felt this pleasure while rubbing a cock. I always thought it pleasure was felt by the male partner....here I was enjoying it too.

He finally let go of my tits and rose up. Rekha was still busy giving me pleasures I never thought was possible. It is indeed true that women have a soft touch. The gentleness of her licking was so different from what I knew with men. It seemed as if she was in no hurry. It was as if she has vowed to clean up any moisture that is left on my pussy lips. She alternated it with chewing of the pussy lips and sucking my clit. My clit was nothing remarkable, but i could feel it was poking out now. I was holding the back of her head and was gyrating my hips to her rhythm.

Sumon stood up beside me and brought his cock close to my face. There is something about Sumon's cock that mesmerizes me. I never before or since, have been attracted to a cock like that. I stared at it for what seemed a long while, that engorged veins and red tip, the thick slit on the head. Finally I gave it a small squeeze with my hand and saw a drop of glistening clear pre-cum on the tip. Sumon nudged my head with his hand and I moved in to lick the drop with my tongue. I never felt anything or even understood the taste, percum can be very tasteless, but I felt a shiver run through Sumon. I licked his under side of his cock from the base up to the head. Then I swirled my tongue on the head. The smoothness of my tongue (the underside) and the feel of his cock felt so unique. I have sucked cocks in the past, but never did I learn to record and enjoy the sensation. I always felt it to be something that gives pleasure to the man. And something that made me feel powerful. But Sumon and cock, for the first time, taught me how to enjoy sucking...

I moved down again and kissed his heavy balls, licked my way up a couple of times and then took the yummy cock in my mouth. I sucked it really well to impress him. He seemed to be enjoying it. The thickness of his cock really filled my mouth. Slowly I tried getting as much of his cock in my mouth as possible. It really felt big when it touched the back of my throat. I gagged and pulled back to take barely half of his tool.

Rekha meanwhile has moved on to my pussy hole and was trying her best to transform her tongue into a cock. She was pushing hard into my pussy and it felt good. Every time she dipped her tongue deep into me her teeth touched my clit and sent in pleasure waves through me and I in turn managed to take Sumon's cock a little more into my mouth. I was moaning quite a bit and Sumon was truly enjoying it. In a short while, without even realising, I was taking all of Sumon's tool in my mouth. My throat has adjusted well to his size. I felt him tensing up and thought he would cum soon. A part of me wanted him to cum in mouth and satisfy him for the wonderful pleasures he gave me, the other part of me wanted him to plough my pussy again.

The decision was taken out of my hands. He pulled out. I was disappointed. It seemed all the control I had was actually never mine. Seeing him disengage, Rekha went on her fours as if on cue. I was for once jealous of Rekha. Sumon placed himself behind her and rammed his hard cock into her snatch. I was busy moaning and gyrating my hips trying to matching the tongue movement of Rekha. Rekha has also started moaning and cum for the first time when I came the second time.

I felt exhausted, but Sumon had something else in mind. He moved off Rekha and came to me to have me suck his cock with Rekha's juices. It was only for a few seconds before he positioned himself at my pussy and rammed it in.

This time the intensity was much slower. It was as if he was taking in time. Enjoying it! I was feeling exhausted so I was also enjoying his slow and long strokes. Every time he moved back to almost get his cock out of my pussy before pushing it back again. The arousal was once again rising. It felt soooo good. For once, my language is failing me. It was as if, I was moving closer to my orgasm millimetre by millimetre. I had my eyes closed and was moaning softly with every push.

Sensing movement, I opened my eyes to see that. Rekha was back after the quick rest and was standing on the couch. She positioned her pussy close to my mouth. As she dipped her pussy on my mouth I happily started lapping her up. The sensations between my legs were getting so intense that I was barely aware of anything else going on around me.

Many a scenes from the numerous porn movies flashed through in my mind. For once I felt like one of those sluts, and strangely, it didn't bother me one bit. Maybe somewhere deep inside me, this is what I wanted for a very long time.

Sumon has increased his speed and was going fast now. I was also licking Rekha faster now, but I don't think I was being very good, as I was being overwhelmed by the sensations Sumon's cock sent down my vagina.

I came again....and so did Rekha. She smeared my face with her cum. Sumon was close now. Sensing it, he started going faster, but Rekha complained that she wanted some as well.

We repositioned ourselves to suck his cock together. We sucked and shagged his cock till he came over both our faces. These were big burst of cum. Some of it was in my mouth some in Rekha's. We were a bundle of gooey messy cum filled faces. Rekha and I kissed each other and licked the cum off each others face. That felt so slutty.

I was really tired now. They went about with some more kissing and sucking. I kept watching them for sometime as Sumon fingered and licked Rekha to cum once more.

Soon it was time to head home as my sister called up. As I was leaving I could see Sumon and Rekha fucking again like jack rabbits. They were actually teasing me. Watching them was like watching a live porn movie. I had to steal myself away.

Over the next few days, we could hook up only once with Sumon, on other days we formed another unvaried routine, not so boring this time. Rekha would be ready for me, by the time my Sister and Bro-in-law left. We will go in for a shower together, clean ourselves up, preen ourselves and rub cream and lotions all over our bodies and make tender love. Rekha also introduced me to a vaginal dilator, whose more erotic name is a dildo. It wasn't cock shaped or anything. It was plain, no vibrator and all, but it felt good when we fucked each other with it. The special feeling was only the clit being licked when I am being fucked. But it was nothing to replace a meaty hot cock.

Soon it was time to return home as I had other engagements in Kolkata. But this is the incident that changed me. This was the beginning of a saga that still continues and I am sure you will keep hearing about.


Do let me know about your feelings and comments by mail. I would love to read them to improve my future narrations.

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