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Island for Dickgirls: Cheer Squad


Author's Note: This story is one in a series of inter-related stories regarding women with penises. The stories will be related but will not be true sequels. That means you can read one "Island for Dickgirls" story and never read another, read them in any order, or (hopefully) read them all. To aid readers, I will include the same "introduction" section in every story. If you have already read an "Island for Dickgirls" story, feel free to skip down to the start of the story.


San Clemente is a small island off the coast of California in an archipelago known as the Channel Islands. It is about 55 miles out to sea and is the property of the United States government. The island is around 57 square miles (twice the size of Manhattan). It is a very long and narrow island shaped a bit like an old fashioned straight razor blade. The coast line is craggily and the interior is relatively flat and grassy. The island was in the custody of the U.S. Navy from 1934 until 1958. It was taken over that year by NASA, around the same time the Administration was created. Initially it was a small research facility but it quickly grew and the government's plans for the island also expanded. A small town was built just north of the center of the island and an airport was put on the northern tip of the island.

NASA acquired the island from the Navy with plans to initiate a massive full-scale. Since the outset, NASA began planning for eventual interstellar travel. The distances between stars, even at unbelievable speeds, is daunting. It would take a human built craft several generations to travel to the Sun's nearest neighbor. The stresses that would be placed on human beings, spending their entire lives inside of small spaceships, would be intense. NASA decided to genetically engineer the perfect specimen for long term space travel. Through the decades they perfected their new specimen.

By 1985, they had created what would be the final design. They named the creatures Hish (Human Inter-Stellar Hybrids) and their characteristics were alarming. For all intents and purposes they appeared to be exactly like normal human women. They had the ability to become pregnant, they had breasts, and appeared to be woman in face and body shaped (most, in fact, were beautiful as the genes of only the best and brightest were engineered into the Hishes). However, these women also had something different. The NASA engineers who had worked on the first generation of Hishes in the 1960's had nicknamed them "dickgirls." Notwithstanding their vaginas, breasts, and generally feminine physique, the Hishes had penises and testicles. The theory for creating such creatures were quite sound. Women, in general, are more passive and better able to cope with the stresses of space travel. Their bodies are smaller and therefore more efficient. Further, if all of the Hishes were both able to become pregnant and impregnate others, they doubled the productive output of the species. They were further engineered to be unable to impregnate themselves through some accident or other. The Hishes had been engineered all over the country but in 1986, they were moved to San Clemente Island and a new colony was created to test the ability of the Hishes to cope with life on their own and wait for at time when other technology necessary for space travel caught up.

Through an accident of rapid evolution in the test tube, three distinct classes of Hish were created. They were given class names A, B, and C. A-class Hishes ar born with full sized, often very large penises and large testicles. A-Class Hishes are around 40% of the population. B-class Hishes generally have medium sized penises which retract into the body and only became fully visible and erect during stages of arousal. B-class Hishes are around 50% of the population. C-class Hishes have small penises that are constantly visible but hardly ever erect. They are around 10% of the population.

The Navy patrolled the island and ensured that no unwanted guests ever stepped foot on the island. Very quickly, the intelligent and industrious Hish population grew and began to thrive. Aside from their general isolation, the women (as they called themselves) lived relatively peaceful and prosperous lives on the island. They were given jobs as government contractors and produced many of the new and exciting innovations which helped the United States gain technological dominance in the last decade of the twentieth century.

By 2020, the island was a thriving community with a population of over 52,000 Hishes. 30,000 of these women lived in the city of Camelot in the center of the island, another 10,000 lived in Athens near the airport, and 5,000 lived in Caroline of the Southern Coast of the island. The remaining 7,000 were scattered throughout the island in isolated homes and small towns. The style of life on the island was remarkably American and if not for the fact that the entire island was occupied by beautiful women, it could be confused for many small counties in the United States. However, looks can often be deceiving and things are not always what they seem. This is the story of life on that island.


Kimber Dawes threw her duffle bag down on the bed closest to the television and ran into the hotel room bathroom. It had been a long drive (by San Clemente standards) south from Athens. Traffic had been horrible and Kimber had needed to go for the last hour and a half as they tried to snake their way through the crowded streets of Camelot to get to Caroline. Kimber always liked driving through Camelot, it was by no means a large city but to people like her who had never been in a larger city, it was a metropolis. It was the only city on the island with a building over five stories tall (The First Clemente Bank Building, at 12 stories and 200 feet tall), on top of that it was laid out in pleasant blocks with wide boulevards. Kimber's hometown of Athens was more like a pretty large town, the tallest building being the eighty-foot clock tower and the houses spread out over a relatively wide area with winding suburban roads. However, anything seemed better than this, Kimber detested Caroline and always had, it was a postage stamp-sized town hanging off the edge of the island. Kimber was staying in the only hotel in the town, which was across the street from one of only two grocery stores and most of the stores. It was like being in a different century.

Kimber was down in Caroline for the weekend for the big Island Cheerleading competition. The basketball season had just ended, which meant that the cheerleaders could stop pepping up crowds and start getting down to real competition, Kimber's favorite part of the activity.

She was the head cheerleader this year and she was excited about West Athens High School's chances at the title this year. They have gotten fifth her freshman year (when she had been the only freshman on the varsity squad). fourth her sophomore year and had slipped up a little and gotten sixth last year. This year, with a new high school in the competition bringing the total number up to 14, Kimber really thought that she could lead her squad to the championship.

Beyond being a head cheerleader, Kimber was beautiful. She was 5'4 and weighed no more than 110lbs. She had long black hair, which she pulled back in a ponytail and brown eyes. She had an angular face that was fiercely beautiful. She had large, 32C breasts, she was very thin and had athletic legs. She was a class-A Hish with a 7.5" penis. She was also the most popular girl in school and more than a little bit of a taskmaster. Her two roommates for the evening in the hotel room were also seniors, but surprisingly, they were new students. Girls who'd moved to Athens during the last summer. They were both more than a little intimidated to be staying with her. They followed her into the room and dropped their stuff next to the bed.

Cameron Fuller and Jaiden Howe were close. They were basically forced to be close, being the new girls on the squad. Beyond that, they genuinely liked one another and they were relieved that if they were going to stay with Kimber, they would do it together. It wasn't as if they didn't like Kimber. On the contrary, they respected her and thought she was a very nice person. However, she was incredibly intense and sometimes she would say or do something rude without realizing that she was being unpleasant.

Cameron was the more assertive of the two new girls. She was 5'9 and weighed 115lbs. She had medium length hair which she dyed cotton candy blue and her eyes were also blue. Dying hair zany colors was a bit of a fad on the island and Cameron did a good job of pulling it off. She had the build of a super model. She was very thin and had small, perky breasts, A-cups. Her stomach was flat and her legs were thin, but toned. She was a class-B Hish with a 5" penis. Jaiden was a very shy and withdrawn girl. She was 5'0 and weighed about 95lbs. She had long blonde hair and brown eyes. She was incredibly petite and many people didn't believe that she was actually 18 years old. (Cameron had the opposite problem, people often thought she was 25 instead of 18). She had small A-cup breasts and had a coy, sexy face that was at once alluring and unattainable. She was also a class-B Hish with a 4.5" penis.

Cameron threw herself down on the bed and stretched her legs. Jaiden dropped into the chair and searched for the remote control. Cameron found it first and turned the TV on and immediately tuned it to PBS. Jaiden groaned loudly, "Are you serious with that?" she asked. Cameron turned to her and stuck out her tongue.

"What are you going to do about it?" she said. Jaiden giggled and then turned back towards the TV. Then, without warning she pounced on Cameron. They rolled on the bed, Cameron holding the remote above her head and turning the volume up. Jaiden was giggling and batting at the remote. Cameron quickly rolled off the bed and onto her feet and Jaiden's stomach bounced on the bed. Cameron held the remote by the tips of her fingers, almost grazing the ceiling and giggled while tiny Jaiden attempted to jump up and grab it.

"What the Hell are you guys doing?" Kimber asked, coming out of the bathroom, hands on hips, "Turn that damn TV down they are going to kick us out," Jaiden quickly sat down on the bed and looked at her feet, intimidated. Cameron mumbled an apology and turned the TV off.

Kimber's demeanor softened and she even smiled at the less experienced girls. She genuinely liked both of them, but she they were much sillier than her, and she had a hard time dealing with it. She was trying to work towards toughening them up. She sat down on her bed and pointed to the chair, "So who is sleeping on that bed and who is sleeping on the chairs pushed together?"

"I am sleeping on the bed," Jaiden said, happy the subject had been changed. Cameron gave her a look.

"Are you kidding me?" she asked, "You could fit in my pocket. There is absolutely no way that I am sleeping on those chairs when you could quite comfortably fit on one of them," Cameron explained.

"Paper, scissors, rock," Jaiden declared. They instantly started the game. This was their usual method of making decisions and they didn't need prompting to know the rules. Best of three, on "rock." The first game Jaiden won, paper over rock. Cameron won the second (after two straight all rocks) with rock over scissors. The final game Cameron won with a second straight rock over scissor. She would get the bed.

While they were doing this, Kimber was watching. She felt a bit of a pang in her mind. She realized that she was in her fourth year on the squad and she was captain, but at this point she didn't have a friend that was as close to her as the other two girls were to one another. She shook this thought out of her mind as the game wound up.

"Well girls, everything in Caroline closes by six o'clock. My mom gave me some money to go out to eat, but she gave me way too much. Want to go out with me?" she asked. She always felt awkward when she was trying to be generous. But the two girls didn't seem to notice, they were excited about free food.

They walked back outside and down into the parking lot. Jaiden looked to the left and the right and was not surprised to see that there was only one restaurant on the block. She had lived outside of Caroline a few years before and knew it was a sleepy town. It looked like they were going to be eating at the Pancake House.

The girls went inside and sat down. They ordered food and generally had a good time. Occasionally Kimber felt like she was on the outside of a clique, but usually the girls seemed to warm up with her. They probably would have agreed with her. They didn't usually see Kimber in a more relaxed manner and they started to feel the tension melt away. By the time they signed the check, they were all getting along better than ever before.

They walked out of the restaurant and looked down either side of the street. It was just barely getting dark but there was no one out. The street lights were on and all of the store fronts in the area were closed down. There was a movie theater on the corner, but it was only open on Friday and Saturday night, which meant that it was back to the hotel for the girls. They walked casually across the street and up to their room and walked in.

They flopped down in their respective beds ("bed" being the chair for Jaiden). They sat quietly for a few minutes and then Kimber laughed a little bit, "You guys want to do something?" she asked. It was now only 6 o'clock. They didn't have to wake up until 10 the next morning, so there was no pressing need to get to sleep. They needed to figure out a way to kill a few hours. Despite the early hour, they all prepared for bed then settled down on their beds.

"Watch a movie?" Jaiden suggested. Kimber shrugged her shoulders and turned on the TV. Television in San Clemente was very limited. The US government limited the kinds of satellites dishes which could be installed and as a result, all television programs besides some of the more bland documentaries produced by PBS were made on the island. They flipped around for a short period of time.

"Aaah, this sucks," Kimber groaned, turning the TV off and throwing the remote onto the floor. They sat quietly again for a few minutes, "Okay seriously, let's figure out something fun to do." For once, it was a good thing that Kimber was in the mood to take charge. Beyond being bored, Kimber realized she was feeling a little bit horny. She always got turned on for sleepover situations. She thought that it might be fun to play something a little bit naughty before going to bed. Besides, there was something about more demure girls that Kimber always liked; they were so easy to control.

"Well you guys have any ideas?" she asked. She didn't want anyone to be able to say that she didn't give people chances to make decisions.

"I got nothing, my best idea is to try TV again," Jaiden admitted, yawning a bit.

"Same," Cameron added.

"Want to play a game?" Kimber asked in a somewhat naughty voice that got the attention of the other girls. She was lying on her stomach on the bed and they both turned and looked at her.

"You bring a game?" Cameron asked, she could feel something in Kimber, even across the room. She was a bit of a predator.

"No, I thought we would play some truth or dare," Kimber explained, rolling over on the bed and sitting up at the head board.

"Ok," Jaiden said, surprised by how quickly she had answered. It was as if the word wanted to jump out of her mouth before she had a chance to change her mind. She hopped off of her makeshift bed and sat down on the foot of Kimber's. She was wearing a large t-shirt, bra, and panties and look quite innocent sitting Indian style on the edge of the bed. Kimber, on the other hand, looked a bit more grown up. She was wearing a spaghetti strap night gown which accentuated her breasts and flared out from there, covering only to her upper thighs. They both looked over at Cameron expectedly. She was wearing a short tight t-shirt with no bra and tight boxer shorts, her pierced navel was exposed and drew Kimber's attention. She didn't know what was happening to her, but the excitement of several hours alone with these girls was starting to entice her.

Cameron hesitated for a minute. She was an outgoing girl, but only in the most superficial way. She was nervous about her privacy and was nervous about saying or doing too much. But she saw Jaiden looking at her and smiling gently. She knew she could trust her friend, and so she said, "sure," and trotted over to the bed and sat down next to her friend.

"Okay, it was my idea, so I get to ask someone first," Kimber said, skipping any preliminaries and jumping into the game, "and, since Jaiden signed up first I am going to ask her first. Jaiden, truth or dare?"

"Truth," Jaiden said without hesitation. She didn't feel as though she had anything to be embarrassed about. Anything she had ever done or thought, she was open to explore. It was the possibility of doing one of those things in a dare she feared. She knew she would eventually be guilted into doing a dare, but felt it was best to avoid doing so until it was absolutely necessary. Kimber, for her part, was neither excited nor disappointed. She was ready for any situation.

"Okay Jaiden," she began, "why didn't you show up to practice three days last week?" the key was to get people in the mood to answer easy questions and do simple tasks first. Then you could really find out interesting things about them later.

"Oh, yeah," Jaiden said, surprised by the mundane question, "My grandma was in from Athens. She is real old and so when she comes in my mom likes me to see her in case she can't come back again." There wasn't a hint of sadness in her voice and in reality she didn't particularly care for her grandma. "Okay, Cameron. Truth or Dare?"

"Dare," Cameron said quickly. Jaiden was a bit disappointed; she prided herself on her probing "truths" while playing this game.

"Fine," she said, her disappointment a bit obvious in her voice, "I dare you to moon the window for ten seconds," it was a sudden burst of inspiration. The girls all giggled.

It was a matter of honor to commit to your dare, regardless of it zaniness and there was no thought in Cameron's mind of avoiding her duty. She hopped off of the bed and walked over to the window. She pulled the shades opened and looked outside. It was dark now and Caroline was completely dead. She really didn't have anything to fear. She turned her back to the window and slid her thumbs into her pants and pulled them down below her ass. She pushed her cheeks against the glass while Jaiden howled with laughter. Kimber was a bit more reserved, but she still thought it was pretty funny. Finally, she shouted "ten" and pulled her pants up and walked back to the bed. She sat down and looked at Kimber.

"Truth or dare?" she asked without another word.

"Hmmm," Kimber thought, she was always indecisive on this issue because she wanted to do both, "truth."

"Okay," Cameron said, running her hand through her blue hair, "What class of Hish are you?" she asked. Jaiden stifled a giggle. This was a slightly rude question to ask as it was considered to not be the business of people who were not very close to you. Further, Kimber was a very strong person and a natural born leader. This made people assume she was an A-class Hish. If she was it would confirm the stereotype and if she was not it would make her look like she was acting like someone she was not. Fortunately, Kimber was proud of who she was.

"I am an A-class," she explained. Jaiden's eyes flashed, she had never seen an A-class Hish naked before, and there was something enticing about knowing for an absolute fact that she was talking to one right now. Cameron just felt that she had confirmed all of her beliefs.

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