tagNovels and NovellasIsland Prey Ch. 01

Island Prey Ch. 01


Note: This is another Bennett Law Firm story that follows a similar theme found in "Whores and Pimps", Halloween Party at the Bennett's and "Under the Mistletoe". There is some mild brother sister incest and detailed lesbian parts but the rest is just a whole lot of playing the game. All rights reserved.

Jack Reynolds had heard about the parties and contests that old man Bennett threw but it wasn't until he got the invitation that it became real. He hurried down the hallway to the office of Craig Jackson whom he graduated law school with a year before. After closing the door he saw Craig reading his invitation.

Craig had read the letter once but didn't believe it. After finished it again he looked at Jack. "This can't be real."

"It's real. Remember Randy telling us about the "Whores and Pimps party and the Holiday party with the berries."

"Fuck, Cindy will never go for it."

"Katie won't either but if we don't do it I hear that we might as well go job hunting. And right now there are no jobs around."

"But, this is bull shit. Our wives go to a deserted island a few days before us and then we hunt them down. What else happens?"

"I guess they will tell us that if we decided to go to the dock."

"What if we go to the dock and then decide not to do it?"

"I guess that would be better than refusing it now."

"True. But I'm sure Cindy will kill me before I finish reading her the letter."

Jack thought about Cindy and her long red hair and swollen breasts. They had also heard how Bennett's games involved nudity and sex. "You know this might be kind of fun. I've been trying to get Katie to go nude on a beach somewhere."

Craig pictured Katie and her short dark hair, study thighs and nice round ass. "That part would work but I hear there is sex among the players."

"Yeah, but only if you chose it. Remember Randy said they got a big bonus at the Christmas party and all they did was touch and kiss a few other people."

"Hell, all the wives can say is no."


Cindy was cutting carrots in the spacious kitchen when she heard her husband walking in. She didn't look back but was surprised when he moved behind her and lightly kiss her neck. "What's the occasion?"


"Well yeah, it's been a while since you've not been too tired."

His hands moved under her arms to cup her soft mounds. "We were invited to an island."

She dropped the knife and turned. "Really? Where? Tell me."

"I don't know much about it. But, it's a tropical deserted island."

"Deserted. But what about food and Pina Colatas?"

"Let' talk about it after dinner."

They rushed through dinner and moved to the sofa. "Did I tell you about Bennett's parties and games?"

"Yeah you said they got pretty wild but that was it."

"Well, this party, or game as he calls it, involves the women going to the island first and then the men arriving a few days later."

"That won't be any fun. Where is the game part?"

"We are supposed to hunt you."

"Like hide and seek," she grinned.

"Sort of. But the other parts of Bennett's games are nudity and...and sex."

"OH MY GOD!" She gasped putting her hand over her mouth. "OH MY GOD!" She leaned back and saw his serious look. "You are considering it."

"I've heard that if you don't at least go and hear the specifics that your career is finished at Bennett and Morgan."

"But isn't that against the law?"

"Probably but no one has ever challenged him and won. Besides Katie might go."


"Well, Jack is telling her tonight about the invite."


"Yeah right. Like I'm going to go naked on an island while men hunt me down." Katie said as she cleaned up the pizza dishes.

"As fast as you are I doubt if any of the men can even catch you."

"But what about you? What will you do if you catch another woman? I know you've got the hots for Cindy."

"No. I just want you baby."

"Sure," she grinned. So tell me more about the games?"

"I just know the men hunt the women but Randy told us that you normally only have to do mild stuff like kissing and touching."

She put the dishes in the dishwasher and turned. "So you won't mind if another man kisses or touches me?"

"I hear the ones who stuck it out got some big bonuses. We could use it to help pay off our student loans."

"Do you know if Cindy is going? It would be better if I know at least one woman."

Craig suddenly realized that she was going to do it. "So do you want to do it?"

"Sure, the men will be naked too right?" She reached down and cupped his growing package. "I've always wondered what other men looked like."


Sex that night was hot for both couples. It was around 9:00AM the next morning when Cindy knocked on Katie's door.

"I was just about to call you," Katie smiled. They walked into the den and sat on the sofa. "Are you going to do it?"

"I think so," Cindy said after taking a deep breath. "But, what if the guys get carried away and the women they capture will want to...to go all the way?"

"We make a rule that we don't have intercourse."

"But that still leaves a lot of other things."

"I know. Maybe we will learn some new things."

"God Katie. If we do this we will be committing adultery."

"Not really. The men know what the rules will be. If they accept them then we will not be doing something that they are unaware of."

Cindy relaxed for a moment. "But what about us? If I do something with Jack and you with Craig will it mess up our friendship?"

Katie leaned back and smiled. "We've all been joking about swapping so this will stop all the talking." She thought about Craig's strong physique and wondered how it would be touching his body.

"So I guess we are going to do it."

"I guess so."


Jack heard the buzz around the office and discovered a few others that were going. One black guy Michael said he was going with his fiancée. An older guy who had just started in HR was going and the one who shocked him was the office intern a 19 year-old girl named Amy who worked in accounting. Craig and Jack sent back their responses that they would be at the docks to hear more information.

Sex remained good as the time drew near and even when they met for dinner the sexual tension was thick in the air. They all knew that in a week they would see each other naked and possibly do nasty things together.


Amy Gentry had heard the stories about the games and knew it would involve nudity and possibly sex. The big problem she had was that she didn't have a guy since she had recently broken up with her boyfriend. The night before she had to send in the response she knew who she had to invite.

Tommy Gentry had just graduated high school and was surfing the web after midnight. He recently found a hot erotic story site called Literotica and was slowly jerking off when he heard his door opening up. He tried to force his hard-on back into his pajamas but it was too late. "Amy get out!"

Amy grinned and moved in slowly after closing the door. She had worn her sexiest almost sheer nightgown to help convince him to be her boyfriend on the island. "Jerking off again?"

"It's none of your business?" He blushed with his arm over his bare penis. He was still hard and seeing her pink body through the gown was not helping any.

"I have a proposition for you."

"You do?" he grinned seeing the dark shadows of her nipples.

She laughed. "How would you like to get laid with a real women instead of your hand?"

"As much as I would like it I'm not going to fuck my own sister."

"Oh I'm not offering myself. The company I'm working for is having a trip to a tropical island. I need a guy to be my boyfriend. We will be playing a game and possibly win some big bucks."

"Were does the getting laid part come in?"

"I knew that would get your interest," she laughed. "The females will be the pray on the island and the men will hunt us down. That's all I know but some others said there will be nudity and sex involved."

"I don't think so. I'm only 18 and I doubt if the women will be interested in an inexperienced guy."

"You don't know women very well. Are you well hung?"

"Jesus Amy. I can't believe you asked me that."

"Show it to me."


"Show me your weenie."

"Shhh, Mom and Dad are asleep down the hallway."

"I guess I'm going to have to do this," she smiled. Her fingers found the spaghetti straps on her shoulders and pulled them over to her arms before dropping them.

Tommy's eyes followed the silk down until it dropped off her firm breasts and hard nipples. The gown moved below but his stare remained.

"Show me Tommy."

Tommy look at her and then down at the tiny white thong. It was obvious what he wanted. He smiled when her fingers pushed down the thong until her golden bush appeared and then her wet slit.


Tommy gulped and slid his arm to the side. When his arm moved away, his eight inch pink tower popped straight upward.

"Oh my God," she said. "It's huge. So does this mean that you will be my boyfriend?"

"Yes, if you start being my girlfriend tonight."

"I'm not going to fuck you."

"OK but girlfriends do other things too," he grinned while swinging his legs around and opening them.

Amy moved to her knees before him and reached out with both hands to grab it. He was bigger and it made her wonder who it could feel inside of her. She knew when he moaned that it wouldn't be long. She thought it would be ten strokes but when she got to five she saw his hips rise.

"Cum Tommy...cum!"

For the remaining nights before they went to the dock as boyfriend and girlfriend Amy jerked off her brother. He tried to touch her a few times but she pushed his hands away. She taught him how to control his release and by the night before they left her hand was really tired.


It was early on a Saturday morning when the ten couples stood nervously waiting for Mr. Bennett to open the large hanger next to the Company Lear Jet. As they waited they checked out the others that they might be naked with and doing nasty things on the island.

Michael's fiancée Eve held his large hand tightly. "They are all white," she whispered. She realized that she had never seen a white man naked before.

"Think about the bonus," he whispered as he checked out Katie's nice rack and Cindy's long legs. He too had never been with a white person but knew it was going to change soon.

"God how old is he?" Katie whispered to Jack as she looked at Tommy standing next to Amy.

"Old enough I guess," Jack grinned checking out Amy's smooth thighs under the short skirt. "But what is up with the two women over there?"

Craig laughed. "The one with the short dark hair works in the travel department. The cute blonde is her partner."

"Lesbians. Shit does that mean she gets to hunt our women?"

"I guess so."

As they waited Craig pulled Jack aside. "We never discussed this but in case I get Katie and you get Cindy do we have any restrictions?"

"That's between you and Katie," Jack grinned wondering if Cindy's pubic hair was as flaming red as the hair on her head.

"OK everyone inside," A young stud of a man said when the door open.

The couples held hands as they walked into the building. They stopped in a large area where ten backpacks were laid out on the floor in a perfect circle. "Each couple must get behind a backpack."

They did as the young guy said and heard a door open to the rear of the room. A few seconds later Bill Bennett strolled up to the circle.

"Welcome everyone. I'm Bill Bennett and I've invited you to visit my private island and partake in a fun game. Now I'm sure you've heard rumors about my games and I can say now that...that they are all true." He didn't laugh.

"I will say that the island is completely safe. There are no dangerous critters except for some birds and bugs."

A few people laughed nervously until he continued.

"Those of you who decide to proceed from this point on and finish the game will be rewarded beyond your expectations. If you decide to not proceed you will receive one thousand dollars just for coming this far." He stopped and saw some smiles. But then an older woman raised her hand.


"Uh..can you tell us what...what the game is?"

He shook his head. "No, because I need a show of commitment first. If you can't do what I'm going to ask you next then I doubt if you can finish the game."

Silence filled the large room.

"Is everyone ready for the test of commitment?"

They all nodded and Bennett chuckled. "Well very simply each one of you must remove all of your clothing."

"OH MY GOD!" An older woman, who asked about the game, gasped. "I'm not taking off my clothes," she said to her husband.

"I told you it might involve nudity," her husband said loud enough for everyone to hear.

"No...I'm not doing it," she said as she turned and walked towards the door they came in. The husband hurried after her.

Another couple turned and left and then two more.

"Craig I don't know if I can do this," Cindy whispered looking over at Jack.

"Once we are all naked it won't be a big deal."

The six other couples whispered back and forth but no one left.

"OK, strip," Bennett grinned.

Amy and Tommy were not as shy as the older adults. He quickly pulled off his shirt while she did the same. Their shorts followed and she unclasped her bra in the front and proudly displayed her small but firm breasts and hard little tips. She saw the older men's eyes and even Tommy's on them and smiled as she pushed off her yellow panties. But what caused the biggest gasp was when Tommy displayed his man tool. For many of the women it was only the second adult penis they had seen and bigger than what they were used to.

"Oh my," Cindy said seeing the semi-hard penis between the young man's legs. Suddenly what they were about to do was real...very real. She turned towards Craig and saw that he had removed his shirt and was pushing off his shorts. Her trembling fingers slowly released the buttons on her blouse before pulling it down off her arms.

Eve saw her first white penis on Tommy and realized that maybe it was going to be fun after all. She smiled over at him as she lifted the shirt up off her bare caramel breasts that were centered with two Hershey kiss nipples.

Katie quickly stripped to her bra and panties and glanced next to her to see Craig watching her. It was weird but suddenly hot to undress in front of him. She smiled at him as she pulled the straps of her bra down her arms and released the front clasp. Seconds later he saw how excited she was from her rigid nipples.

Jack too peeked at Cindy's round breasts when they appeared and then at her red bush when she pushed down her panties. By the time she kicked them to the side he was rock hard.

"God Jack," Katie whispered looking at his almost nine inch hard-on.

"I can't help it," he whispered back. As he stood he noticed that Craig was just as hard but not as long. He looked across the room and was amazed when he saw the lesbian couple standing naked. Both had totally shaved their pussies.

"OK," Bennett said when the last older woman removed her panties and covered her privates with her hands. "Now I'll tell you about the game rules."

"The women will go to the island first and spend an afternoon and morning getting to know the island. They will seek a good hiding place because the men will come to the island the next day to hunt and capture them."

The fear in the room was being overtaken by excitement. They were all imagining being with one of the other sex.

"The women will all wear different colored thongs. If they are captured the men cannot remove the thong unless the women allow it. The man can touch and kiss the woman everywhere and make them do anything while captive except have intercourse. If the woman takes off their thong it will mean that they are willing to have intercourse with their captor."

"Any questions?"

Jack held up his hand. "Mr. Bennett, how do you win the game?"

"Oh yeah," he laughed. "Each man will have some colored wire ties that will be used on the woman's wrists when they are captured. For every woman captured the man will get ten points. At the end of the game we will count the wrist ties. But, if the man manages to get the woman's thong he will receive 50 points. And, we all know what getting a thong means."

"Don't take any thongs," Katie whispered.

"But I can't win unless I get some thongs."

"True. But, what happens after the woman gives up her thong and gets captured by another person?"

"Ask Mr. Bennett."

"No, you do it," Katie said afraid of the big and powerful man.

Jack asked Mr. Bennett and got a quick answer.

"Well, after the thong is gone it is still up to the woman if she wants to..." he hesitated. "If she wants to fuck another man or woman. There won't be any additional points but there will be a lot of fun."

Cindy didn't hear much of the rules because she kept staring at the penises and the different shapes, thicknesses and lengths. It was obvious that by the time she left the island that she would experience intercourse with another man.

Bennett continued. "Of course, you can't capture your own wife or help her get free. Once the game starts you have 48 hours to capture as many women as you can. When you hear a loud boat whistle it will signify the beginning and the end of the contest."

"Any more questions? If not the women have robes by the door to put on during the plane ride to Mexico. We will land at a private airport and get you onto the island with enough time today to settle in. The men will arrive tomorrow afternoon."

"Good luck everyone and..have a lot of fun."

Katie turned to Jack. "This is our last chance to back away."

Both looked around at the other naked bodies and knew that if they walked away they would forever wonder what would have been.

The men moved together to look at the butts of the women as they walked towards the door to get their robes. Eve had the nicest and roundest ass but Amy's young teenage butt was on all of their minds.

Bennett told the men and Gayle they could get dressed because they would be going home and coming back the next morning. He smiled at them as he hurried to get on the plane.

Jack, Craig, Michael, Tommy, the older man Roger and the lesbian Gayle dressed and smiled as they walked outside and watched their mates flying away.


As they flew towards the Island Bennett told them that the backpack was full of food, insect repellent, sunscreen lotion, bandages, and a small blanket to sleep on. Your name is on the backpack and on the thong. The jet was quick because a few hours later they landed on a nearby larger island and took a speedboat to the Bennett Island. As they neared the small dock Bennett gathered the women on deck. "I'll take your robes now and would advise you to put on the sunscreen and keep it on."

Amy looked in her backpack. "Mr. Bennett there is no water in mine."

"There is one natural stream on the island that I would advise you to find before the men get here tomorrow afternoon. Remember for the rest of today and tomorrow morning you need to find a good hiding place and be able to get to the drinking water."

Katie looked at the two studs standing next to him. "Are you going to be on the island too?"

"Yes, my two sons and I will be scouting to make sure no one violates the rules. If you do you will be disqualified." He saw that they were near the dock. "Pass us your robes and put on your thong."

Once the robes were collected the women took out the thongs and put them on but saw Bennett, and his two sons blocking their way off the boat.

"It's only proper that we too are naked," Bennett grinned. As the women watched the three men pulled off their shirts and pushed down their swimming trunks.

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