tagNonHumanIsland Slave Ch. 05

Island Slave Ch. 05


Chapter Five

Lost Souls

Carla had not figured out what she could and should do an hour later. She had been reading Melanie's journal, and crying afterwards, for seven hours. She knew that she and Quinn could not continue like this. The two had been dancing around Quinn's past for months now. Carla had grown, in spite of herself, to enjoy the bondage and discipline that Quinn seemed to need to include in their sex. She would never, she believed, desire the level of pain that Melanie had come to crave.

It occurred to her, in fact, that Quinn did not treat her anywhere as roughly as he treated Melanie. It was clear from the journal that Melanie developed her cravings in response to Quinn's initial heavy hand, yet, that heavy hand was not present in her own experiences with Quinn. She wondered why that was so. If he had read the journal, he would know that Melanie left, in part, because Quinn would not treat her as brutally as she believed she deserved to be treated.

That was why Carla was sure that Quinn had not read the journal. If he had, he would not be as gentle as he was being, fearing the loss of another woman he loved from not giving her what she needed and desired.

With that thought, Carla was brought up short. "He loves me!" she whispered to herself. "He kidnapped me and kept me a naked prisoner, yet he loves me. And I..."

Carla could not finish that thought. She wasn't sure what she felt for Quinn, or at least, she wasn't willing to admit it to herself just yet. What she could admit was that it hurt her to know that he was in such pain.

"I'm not going to solve this tonight," she said out loud. "I need to go to bed. Maybe something will come to me."

The next morning, Carla joined Quinn for breakfast. He seemed happy enough, but Carla was sure that she could detect an underlying sense of sadness. She wanted to reach out to him.

"Quinn, I've been thinking, you know, about Christmas."

"What thoughts have you been having, Carla?"

"I would like to give you a gift for Christmas, but, as your slave, I have nothing with which to buy one, to say nothing of my inability to go somewhere to purchase one."

"Carla, I'm honored that you wish to give something to me. Just knowing that gives me great pleasure." The look on his face made it clear that he was not exaggerating. "You don't have to buy gifts, you know. The most precious gifts are those that are from our hearts, that are a part of ourselves. There are still a couple of days for you to think of something."

"Hmm. I'll have to give it some thought."

"How is your cleaning project going?"

"It's a lot of work, but I'm finding it very rewarding." Carla started to add, "Would you like to join me sometime?" when she heard that feminine voice being carried on a wind that did not touch the candles. "No, not yet," it whispered in a voice only Carla could hear.

"I'm glad. I would like your company tonight, so don't go losing yourself up there."

"Of course not, I'm looking forward to another night together," she said with a smile. As she spoke, she realized that she was, in fact, looking forward to spending the night with Quinn, feeling his hands and cock over her body. She even found the thought of belt or a paddle enticing.

Carla spent the morning and afternoon sorting through more boxes of books. However, her mind wasn't on the task, She found her thoughts, even while she was recording the information about each book, turning to Quinn and Melanie. The pain between them was still raw. It could be nothing else, given that they had parted as they had, each unaware of the pain the other was in. Carla could imagine why Melanie believed that she could not be forgiven. Quinn had made it plain to her that he was not into sharing his slaves with anyone, yet that is precisely what she had done, shared herself with the artist.

Carla did not find a solution to the problem she wanted to solve. She wasn't even sure, at least not all the time, that there was a problem for her to solve. Yet, there was an almost constant feeling that something was happening while she went through and catalogued all the books. It did not make much sense to her. She had become comfortable with her situation here at the mansion. She knew that fact itself should bother her. How could she have become comfortable with being held a prisoner and slave? Wasn't what Quinn did evil? She found that she was no longer sure. She had, at least in part, solved the mystery of who Quinn was and why he was the way he was, That knowledge took from her the ability to judge him out of hand.

Making it just as difficult was the way she was reacting to Quinn's request/command. Carla found herself aroused. Not just aroused by the thoughts of having sex, but by the thoughts of being bound and spanked again. She found that she was looking forward to being helpless and feeling those bursts of pain that were less than debilitating and more than exciting. It was a little worrisome when she considered whether she would walk down the same path that Melanie Thiesman had walked, but Carla did not truly believe that she could crave the massive amounts of pain and dehumanization that the poor woman had come to crave.

That night, at dinner, Carla, giving into the desires she was experiencing, broached the subject of the time they would be spending together.

"Quinn, may I ask you for something?"

"Of course, Carla."

"Will you bind and spank me tonight?"

Quinn leaned back in his chair. He face was thoughtful as he studied Carla. "I was planning to already. I'm surprised that you would ask for this. You seemed to be ashamed by how it made you feel."

"I guess, in all honesty, I'm a little surprised myself. But, I have been experiencing desires for the helplessness and the pain all day. As much as I was embarrassed by the way I looked and reacted to it in the past, I can't deny that the thought of it arouses me, almost as much as the reality of it has been turning me on."

"You don't know how happy it makes me to hear you say that. It's always more enjoyable when the woman is open about her cravings. I think I can promise you a very enjoyable evening, though you may have to sleep on your stomach tonight."

"Fair enough."

The end of dinner came soon afterwards. Neither Quinn nor Carla had much patience, not once they both knew what was to happen that night. Once both were finished with their food, Quinn stood.

"Go to the study, Carla. Kneel on the cushion next to my desk."

"Yes, Quinn."

Carla found that a large cushion had been placed on the floor next to his desk. She knelt on it and waited for Quinn to join her. As time passed, she found that the waiting itself was driving her lust. Carla could not think of anything except the upcoming sex. The longer she was left with her thoughts, the more aroused she became. It did not take more than 15 minutes for her nipples to become hard and her pussy to liberally moisten. By the time she heard the door open behind her, she was breathing heavily and having trouble keeping her hands away from her breasts and cunt.

Quinn seemed to take his time approaching her. When he finally sat in his chair, Carla could not help but whisper, "Please."

"Drape yourself across my lap, Carla."

"Yes, sir."

Carla rose and laid herself across his lap, her ass raised high into the air. She felt one of his legs swing out and back, trapping her legs between the two of them. Her hands were grasped and a soft rope tied them together behind her back. Carla tugged at the ropes, finding her hands secured and helpless. She moaned at the restraint and wiggled in his lap. Quinn's right hand caressed her ass while his left hand used her bound wrists to steady Carla on his legs. The first slap against caught her by surprise, even though she knew it was going to come.

Carla yelped. This was followed by a moan as the heat spread through her body. More slaps came. Each was painful, yet Carla did not seem to notice the pain. She noticed the heat radiating from her ass to encompass her pussy, belly and tits. She could feel each blow force her pussy and clit against his pants leg. Carla soon fond herself on the verge of an orgasm and Quinn had not touched her pussy or breasts even once, at least not on purpose. Just before she came, Quinn stopped, leaving her hanging.

"No, not yet!"

"Please, Quinn, I was almost there. More, give me more."

"Not yet Carla. I want your climax to blow your mind when it actually hits." He released her legs. "Now, stand up and go to my bedroom. I'll be right behind you."

Carla wasn't certain how she was able to stand. Her legs were weak from the incredibly high levels of arousal she was experiencing. As she walked, she could feel her pussy juice rubbing on her legs. As she passed through the dining room, she saw Bonita look up at her and smile. Carla turned a deep red and sped up, desperate to escape Bonita's sight.

In the room, Carla sat gingerly on the edge of the bed to wait for Quinn. He followed a few minutes later. He walked in front of Carla and looked down on her with a smile. His hands brushed her hair back from her face and stroked her cheek. Carla leaned into his hands before she realized what she was doing. He guided her to standing with light pressure on her chin and led her to the foot of the bed.

Quinn turned Carla to face away from the bed, spread her ankles and tied them to the feet of the bed with rope. When a blindfold was added, Carla's heart sped up even more than it was. She felt the ropes being removed from her wrists, only to be reattached without binding them. Then the ropes pulled up, and soon Carla found herself stretched upwards until she had no slack with which to lower her arms. The tension was perfectly balanced to leave all her weight on her feet, yet render her unable to move her hands at all. Only later would she see the small, yet solid, hooks in the ceiling that had been hidden by some sort of panel.

Carla was beginning to wonder just how this spanking was going to take place. With her ass towards the bed, she figured it would be hard to reach with Quinn's hands or a belt, or at least awkward. Carla felt his hands running over her body again. She tried to lean into Quinn's caresses, but found that she had very little ability to move. She could sway a bit back and forth, but that was it. Her arousal, which had eased off a little, was back in full force.

Carla gave herself over to the pleasure, moaning with desire as his hands roamed over her entire body, but only brushing her pussy for short instants of time, long enough to tease, but not long enough to satisfy. With her sight gone, she had no sense of time and did not realize that Quinn kept her body on its sexual edge for over half an hour. All Carla knew was that she could feel liquid (sweat or pussy juice, she wasn't sure which) running down her legs, there was a deep, aching emptiness in her cunt and her entire body seemed to be hot. Then his hands vanished from her body.

"Please, Quinn, don't leave me like this. I need more, please give me more."

While Carla pleaded for more from Quinn, he moved to his drawers and pulled out a wooden paddle. Carla had misjudged how hard it would be to reach her ass. Quinn had no trouble reaching it, especially not with the extra 18 inches of reach that the paddle gave him. The first impact against her ass caused Carla to scream. The blow was not all that hard, but the extended time that Quinn had spent caressing her body had left Carla's nerves hyper-sensitive. While the impacts merely reddened her ass cheeks, Carla felt as if fire had been spread over her.

Carla gasped and pulled against her bonds as each stroke of the paddle hit her ass, five seconds after the previous one. Carla did not realize it, but even as she screamed in pain at each blow, her ass arched back towards the incoming paddle in perfect timing with the strokes. It only took a few minutes before Carla's screams morphed from those of pain to those of increasing pleasure. Her nipples had long since become hard rocks on the tips of breasts that were flushed a deep red, straining to find some contact to revel in. Her pussy was fully engorged and reaching out for a cock, or anything, to take inside of itself and fuck.

When Quinn stopped, Carla began to sob. "Quinn, no, please, I need to cum. Please make me cum."

Quinn said nothing, but pulled out a small whip, just six inches long. With a gentle twirling motion, he lashed the strands of the pussy whip against her left breast, right against the nipple. Carla jerked and cried out before she realized that there was not so much pain, but merely intense pleasure in her breast, much like when it was too sensitive. Carla let herself cry with the intense sensations as they drove her body even higher into arousal. When Quinn switched to her right breast, she could feel little tremors in her cunt as she neared orgasm. She hovered there, on the edge, but unable to cum, when Quinn stopped again.

Carla wailed at the loss and found herself begging incoherently for more, for the climax that was so near. She did not hear the twirling of the little whip start anew over her own vocalizations, so she was taken by surprise when her cunt received its first caresses at the strands of the device. Carla gave a high pitched keen as her pussy quivered under sensations that were too strong to be borne, yet whose absence was an even greater burden. Her hips thrust forward to their limit, pushing her pussy into the whirling device of pleasurable torture.

Her climax enveloped her when Quinn changed directions and brought the whip down instead of up, making contact directly with her clit. Carla tugged at her bonds with adrenaline boosted strength and wailed in ecstasy as her body shuddered in an orgasm. Quinn kept the whip moving against her pussy for many more seconds, prolonging her climax to over a minute in length.

When the climax stopped, Quinn stood back and admired the lovely woman in front of him. He did not look at Carla and see the "thicker than men like" hips nor the "forgettable face" that Carla knew she had. He saw a woman who had allowed herself be drawn into a tidal wave of pleasure and enjoyed the journey instead of fearing it. The woman bound before him was covered in a sheen of sweat and her own sexual juices. To Quinn, that was the loveliest sight that could be imagined.

If he would allow himself to be honest, he would realize that he had fallen in love with his captive, not just because she was a good slave and a great fuck, but because of who she was. The force of her will had reached out and ensnared him. Her anger at being held prisoner, her dedication to uncovering the secrets that he had hidden away upstairs, the honesty she showed in admitting that she also enjoyed the bondage and the pain that he enjoyed, all of these had taken him captive in stronger bonds than he ever dreamed of tying her with.

Carla's head lifted and her breathing had returned to some semblance of normality. Quinn released her hands and let her lay back onto the bed. She winced slightly when her ass made contact with the bed. Quinn sat down beside her and lightly caressed her belly. He could see her legs tug at the bindings that still held them spread apart. She moaned under his touch.


"Oh my God! That was incredible, Quinn. I'm not sure how much more I'm up to though."

"You'll do just fine. I haven't even fucked you yet."

"I know. I want you to. I want to be soundly fucked."

"I think I might be able to do that for you. It will be on my terms, though."

"Of course. I wouldn't have it any other way. Will you let my legs go?"

"I don't think so. I like having you helpless. I think you like being helpless as well."

Carla blushed at the accurate assessment on Quinn's part. She did enjoy the feeling of helplessness. In fact, her pussy was starting to lubricate again at Quinn's refusal to untie her legs. She extended her arms over her head, inviting Quinn to bind her again. His hand ran along one arm, watching her shiver with suppressed excitement.

"Please," she whispered.

Quinn rose and tied her hands together, tying the end of the rope off to the head of the bed. He went back to caressing Carla's body, taking her returning arousal and helping it along. Carla tugged at her bindings again, smiling when they did not come loose under her struggles. She closed her blindfolded eyes and let herself sink into the pleasure. For another half hour, Quinn played her body like Jimi Hendrix played his guitar.

"Quinn, please fuck me. I need to be fucked."

Instead of answering, Quinn knelt over her with his cock over her mouth. When he touched it to her lips, she opened and licked at him. Quinn thrust his cock between her lips. She closed on him and started sucking at the rigid thing filling her mouth. She could taste precum leaking out. Her moans mixed with his as he raced towards his own orgasm.

"Swallow everything!" he ordered as his cum poured out of his cock.

Carla felt the slimy liquid spurt into her mouth. She swallowed, by instinct, as her mouth filled with nowhere for the cum to go. Each swallow milked more cum from Quinn's cock. When he pulled out, spent, Carla gave a moaning sigh.

"What's wrong, my dear?"

"I still haven't been fucked."

"I'm not finished yet."

With that, he climbed off the bed and knelt between her spread legs. His tongue licked at the plentiful fluids around her cunt. Carla groaned and tugged again. Her soreness in her limbs was soon forgotten as Quinn quickly brought her to the edge of orgasm and held her there. Soon, Carla was pleading to be allowed to cum. Quinn did not let her until his cock had recovered. Once her was hard again, he stood and plunged into her.

Carla screamed in pleasure as her cunt was finally filled. She had been on the edge for so long that she came as soon as he entered. Quinn did not stop then, however, but continued to fuck her. Carla was writhing under him as he propelled both to yet another climax. Another scream announced her next orgasm and the convulsions in her pussy sent Quinn over the edge as well.

Spent, he collapsed onto Carla. They both lay there for several minutes, recovering. Quinn rose and released Carla from her bonds. Carla did not rise right away, but merely moved her arms and legs to a relaxed position. When the soreness in her limbs had passed, she turned to Quinn and asked, "Quinn, may I sleep with you tonight?"

Quinn tensed up, his face frozen between emotions. He shook his head. "No. No, I don't think so."

Carla stared at him, shocked to find fear on his face. She wasn't sure just what had happened, but suspected that it was tied up with Melanie.

"I'd better go. Thanks for the great sex."

Carla walked to her room, deep in thought. "Why is Quinn so afraid of letting me sleep with him? Is there something that Melanie did not write about in her journal?" Nothing came to her, no ideas, not even a hint on how to figure it out. "It's so sad about Quinn and Melanie. They were two souls that were meant for each other, separated by the ultimate divide, that between life and death. "If only there was some way for them to reconnect, even if only for a few minutes, to say goodbye," she mused.

Carla took a bath and went to bed. The next couple of days passed quickly. Christmas was a lovely time. Bonita, Juan and Carlos gave Carla a case of spiral notebooks for her self appointed task of organizing the upstairs. Carla was never able to find a gift to give Quinn. Instead, she joined him that night and pleasured him the entire night while seeking no pleasure for herself. Carla's best present was a total surprise.

"Carla, these are for you." Quinn handed her a stack of envelopes.

Carla looked at them, confusion on her face. As she sorted through them, tears filled her eyes. Each was a Christmas card and a letter from one of her friends and family members. They had been mailed to a post office box on St. Croix. Stunned, she read through the shorter letters and inscriptions. They wished her well in her new life. Some expressed sorrow that she had chosen to leave them behind on such short notice, but every one wished her all the happiness in the world.

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