tagMind ControlIt Began So Innocently

It Began So Innocently


I was a child prodigy. I skipped many grades in elementary and high school and by the age of eighteen I had graduated with the highest honors from university. The world was my oyster!

I wanted to work in an innovative and challenging field so I accepted a position in an International Medical Research Facility in Italy to get experience in the work world before I entered Medical School. The sixteen medical doctors at the facility were from different cultures and of diverse races. They were involved in many different projects which I found very interesting.

As I was from a family where there had been many multiple births - twins as well as triplets - I was intensely interested in one project in reproduction and the factors that might increase the likelihood of a multiple births. Also the influence that the male's race might have. So far the work was all academic as no results had been reached based upon research using actual people as subjects. The experiments using animals had been quite intriguing and I was assigned the task of planning down to the most minute details an actual experiment involving actual humans. The test subjects would have to be carefully monitored during the study.

This was a project that would take a five year period and would need the total commitment of all the test subjects. Briefly a totally committed female of high intelligence and excellent health as well as having a family history of multiple births in parent and siblings would be necessary. This woman would have to willingly agree to allow herself to first undergo a regimen of fertility treatments and then be bred by a group of men from different races. Until pregnancy occurred the breedings would have to take place every six hours by a team consisting of four men.

There would be four teams - each team would have men from different races. And for the results to be valid each member of the team would be required to perform when it was his team's shift. After pregnancy sex could be for recreation only as long as nothing was done to endanger the fetus.

The aim of the project was to see which race would be most prolific and most interesting was to see if in the multiple births there would be different races represented. The babies would be given for adoption at birth as there was always a waiting list for babies from gifted parents.

There was no problem getting the doctors to volunteer as they were all single and found the lack of female companionship especially troubling. None of them had wished for a permanent commitment so the possibility of sex on a daily basis without the complications of expectations or obligations was just perfect for them.

I had originally planned for us to look in the surrounding community for a suitable female and I had originally thought that one as young as fourteen which is the legal age for consent in Italy would be ideal. The more I worked on the details, however, the more I realized that I wanted to volunteer if the supervisor would accept me. I knew full well that if I became a test subject I was giving up all control and would have to accept all that the experiment entailed and be prepared to commit five years of my life to the project. I had never had sex and as I worked on the planning and organization of the experiment I became obsessed with the desire to be that test subject.

The supervisor tried to dissuade me by explaining that I would be giving up five years of my life and subjecting myself to much pain and suffering. And he went on to say that as I was a virgin I had no idea of the enormity of the job ahead. I would be giving up everything to become a brood vessel. I assured him that I was aware of the possible pitfalls as, after all, I was the one who had designed the project. Finally he agreed and I willingly signed all consent forms.

The first step was to go on fertility drugs to stimulate my ovaries so that I would be more likely to have multiple eggs. Finally after a three month period I was ready to be bred. I had determined to be submissive and I never tried to take control or question any of the supervisor's decisions. I was ripe and awaited the beginning of the experiment with great anticipation.

On Day One - 6 a.m. - I was taken into a hospital-like room and was undressed and readied for Team A. The men in Teams B, C, and D were also in the gallery as, for this time, they were to watch and document my reactions - physical and mental. I found this very compelling as it meant that I was no longer being considered as a fellow worker but as a test subject to be studied.

The first man got up on the bed and spread my legs. He rubbed my thighs and fingered my vagina until I became wet. His penis was very large in circumference and he started to prod to get it inside my virgin hole. I desperately wanted more but I didn't see how he would be able to put it in. It kept going in further and further until he was blocked by my hymen. He tried to gently get past it but to no avail and so with one strong thrust he drove in. I screamed in shock and pain as he kept driving in and out with much force. Then he paused and with one last thrust I felt him throbbing inside me as my body willingly welcomed the first of the many ejaculations that I would receive in the coming months and years.

I did not get time to catch my breath when the second member of Team A who had become rock hard got on me and fucked me with demonic fury. He was bigger and longer and the pain was beyond anything I had ever anticipated.

When he had dumped his load the third man who had also become very ready while watching wasted no time in sinking into the most inner recesses of my body. Luckily he did not take so long before I received his gift.

The last man in the team whispered in my ear that he was sorry if he hurt me but he had to relieve himself as he had not had a woman for the past year and watching my deflowering had wakened intense urges in him. He worked differently as he would go in as far as he could then he would withdraw the whole length of his penis and drive in to the very depths. This I found to be making me hot and in spite of my pain I found myself raising up to meet each thrust. I lost all sense of the pain and was infused with a huge rush of pleasure and I screamed out with joy.

The nurse raised the foot of the bed and told me to sleep - I had four hours before it would be Team B's turn - and I was also to wait as long as I could before I went to the bathroom because the sperm should have time to find my eggs.

Still Day One - at 11:30 the nurse awakened me and prepared me for my 12:00 noon breeding with Team B. I was very sore form the morning session but when the first man got on me I welcomed him with with an intensity that I would not have thought possible but my morning's climax was fresh in my mind and I wanted that pleasure more than I feared the pain. He used me and I dreamed that he was putting a whole batch of babies inside me - The more I thought that the hotter I became. Soon I was screaming my pleasure as he was filling me up. This Team certainly got more than they expected as each of them reaped the aftermath of the previous one. I climaxed with each of them. It was as if they were getting all the pent-up passion from the last eighteen years of my life.

After they were finished the nurse cautioned me to try not to put myself in such a vulnerable state as I had perhaps many months of constant breedings until I became pregnant. She raised my feet and brought me some nourishment to help me keep up my strength. I drifted off into a blissful, painful sleep.

Day One I continues - 5:30 p.m. was again awakened to prepare for my 6. o'clock breeding by Team C. Sore and bleeding I lay in wait for the pleasure that would push away of all sense of pain. This time as they pummelled me my pain was so much more intense as the bruised areas were so sore from the last two sessions. But I seemed to get into a zone where the pain was giving me the feeling that it was what my whole life had been in preparation for. I was to be those men's fuck slave for the next five years. It was a life I had sought and now I was here. These feelings made me rise to get more of their weapons of torture. I was theirs to be bred and with those thoughts I experienced the ultimate in ecstasy. When they had filled me the nurse and supervisor clapped their hands. They marvelled at my reaction to the breeding sessions.

Day One Ends - Midnight. This was the last of the Teams. When they had finished with me I would know how all the men felt and also if there would be any of them that I would not be able to accommodate.

The best had been saved for last. These four men had the thickest and longest penises of all. A shock of fear went through me as I looked at each of them standing erect ready to impale me. There is no way my body will not be torn to shreds but it was a sacrifice I was more than willing to take. After all, I had known what would be required when I begged to become a test subject. My body was wonderfully resilient - it seemed to stretch make room for each and as I became more and more stretched the feeling of fullness brought on my climaxes to a screaming conclusion with each man.

My first day was over. I was sobbing with pain but I had a great sense of accomplishment. Sixteen men had fucked me and filled me with their loads of sperm. I went to sleep with tears but also with a smile on my face dreaming of the next day when all sixteen would use me again. Part of me was hoping I would soon become pregnant and part of me was wishing that it would not happen for a while because once I became pregnant it would not be necessary for the breedings every six hours.

The fertility treatments and the regular fuckings had the desired result. I did not have another period after entering the experiment. I tested positive. Later an ultrasound confirmed that I was carrying triplets.

While I was pregnant I had an insatiable hunger to be fucked and the men tried to satisfy my lust but the supervisor insisted that they be gentle and I was to be allowed to get at least nine hours sleep at night. Then at this time I was introduced to the pleasures of oral sex. It was deemed necessary for the men to be regularly serviced and as I had already been successfully bred there was no necessity to keep making regular deposits into my vagina.

At first I found the idea of sucking and licking a man's penis and balls and swallowing his penis and then his load of sperm very distasteful but the supervisor was very patient in allowing me to practise on him and soon I found that this method of giving of myself gave me the feelings of pleasure that only a true submissive can achieve.

When I gave birth there were two black babies and one Chinese. I had been carrying babies who were half brothers who had been conceived by two different men either at the same time or within a short period of time. The regulation requiring frequent breedings by donors of different races had shown that this was possible and the supervisor was adamant that we try to duplicate these results.

The babies were beautiful and healthy. When they were one week old they were given out for adoption as would happen with all my future babies. I was sad to see them go but I knew that I would be able to enter the breeding sessions again soon.

As I was awaiting orders to once again begin being bred every six hours I was told that I was not allowed to be fucked in the vagina as that type of breeding had to be closely structured and monitored. However I was allowed to suck the men off as often as they wanted it and they often insisted on sucking me dry of milk. This kept on for a couple of months until once when the supervisor was allowing me to suck him off and I asked him if he wanted to suck my breasts dry as well. He realized then what had been happening so I had to let my breasts dry up.

By the way, that was the way the supervisor always got relief - over the past months he often got me to suck him dry because so as to not skew the results of the experiment only the members of the teams could breed me. I loved drawing his penis into my mouth and softly sucking on his head, then drawing my tongue along the underside of his penis, taking his scrotum in my mouth and gently sucking on his balls and then when he could stand it no more I would take the whole length into my mouth and down my throat so he could deposit his load directly in my stomach.

I asked him if he would come to me just before breeding shifts as when I sucked him it made me so hot that I could hardly bear it and in that way I would not have long to wait in my misery as soon the Teams would be there to finish me off. He usually came to me before at least two of each day's shifts. So each day during my breeding seasons I would have the opportunity to satisfy eighteen times. Once back in the breeding routine I became pregnant within the month. This time I had only one baby - a little Somalian girl.

I was given more fertility treatments for three months before I was pressed back into the breeding program. I was fed a very nutrient rich diet and the men were also given supplements. As the supervisor reminded me that it was desirable for me to have as many multiple births as possible before my five years were up. I was entering my third year and though I had become pregnant easily there were only four documented babies. I tried as hard as I could to follow all his instructions and determined to visualize my stomach full of many babies.

As each member of each Team was fucking me I kept willing his penis to send healthy sperm to my waiting eggs. It took two months before I tested positive and after that confirmation I was praying that there were many in there. Later an ultrasound showed four tiny little beings. I was so happy that I wanted to fuck all sixteen of the men in one session but the supervisor said that I had to be extremely careful when my vagina was being used but he allowed me to suck as many of the men who wished it. There were days when each of them got me to do them. This was something I really enjoyed - the licking, sucking, fondling and finally taking it down my throat and swallowing. It made me feel totally possessed - as if each of the men owned every inch of me as well as having a part of them in my uterus. I never knew such contentment.

As the months passed I grew to huge proportions - a sling attached to a walker which I could push ahead of me was made to support my stomach as I walked around. I found it very uncomfortable to get in position to suck the men so they got a reclining chair-like apparatus where I could recline back and and they would straddle me so I could suck them without putting pressure on the babies. They were always so considerate of me and I grew to love each one of them and never tired of trying to become more and more accommodating. I was able to serve them right up until the day that I gave birth.

This time I don't know if it was the fertility drugs, the nutrients or just my mental efforts at willing myself to be receptive to their sperm but the four babies were born healthy. This time again they were of different races. Fraternal siblings - two Japanese, a Chinese and a White baby. The doctors were ecstatic - we had ventured into territory that had not ever previously been explored. Three years and eight babies. I desperately hoped that I would have another two pregnancies. I could hardly wait for the breeding sessions to begin.

I did get pregnant two more times and added only three to the count - twins and a single. Eleven in all.

How I dreaded the end of the program. I begged the supervisor that if there was time after the last delivery - even a couple of months could I please be put back to be bred again. He told me that the experiment would be concluded when the five years were up but as I was already in the breeding program I could continued under the same strict guidelines but it would not count as part of the program. However, as long as I was in the program I had to abide by his rules.

This time he was not restricted by the strict guidelines of the study and he seemed determined to make me even more submissive. Often, for instance, after I had serviced Team A he would call in Team D and have me suck them off. It was during this time that I was introduced to the pain and pleasures of anal sex. Another Team was often brought in and they would fuck me anally. The first time I believed I was dying but with practise I learned to relax my muscles and I even learned to enjoy it.

He seemed to get pleasure in having me entered in both holes while I was sucking a third person off. The first time this was attempted I climaxed as the three men using me also did at the same time. It was the ultimate experience. In spite of the abuse my body was subjected to. I got pregnant and this time there were no admonishments for the men to be careful with me. I gave birth to a baby who seemed normal but was very tiny.

The experiment had concluded. It was a spectacular success and I was free to go home and resume my education. But my previous ambitions seemed as if they had been those of another person. I no longer aspired to becoming a medical doctor. I realized that I had been betrayed by my body. An appetite had been awakened which could never be satisfied in normal society.

I reasoned that there were always people anxious to adopt babies that were the offspring of highly intelligent people and then give them good homes. So if I stayed on and worked in the facility in my own way I would be of service to humanity as I would be able to service the doctors who were doing such meaningful research.

I applied for my previous position with the understanding that all of the men would have free access to me at any time. The supervisor reluctantly agreed under those conditions and had me sign papers with the above stipulations.

So my days are filled with work and fulfilling the whims of the men whenever they want to be serviced. I never cease to be amazed by the creative ways that they have been able to debase me and have me provide entertainment for them. For example they had a little cart built and a harness for me to pull them around the grounds with a horse's tail attached to me by a but plug, high stepping like a little hackney pony. If I don't step lively enough they pull out the whip and it is effective in training me because when I am performing that duty I have to be naked - I am only allowed to wear shoes.

Other days I must fuck for my food - for each of them I service satisfactorily I am allowed a certain number of calories.

On the occasional day I am not allowed any food and all I get is what they can shoot down my throat. Or I can suck urine from their penis when I am thirsty. When I become really thirsty I have to go around and beg for the opportunity to suck for urine.

They also take pleasure in attaching a collar around my neck and leading me around like a dog. On those days I am not allowed to get off my hands and knees and I am given my food in a dish which is placed on the floor. Then they have me lie over a footstool and they fuck me from behind. Then like a dog I am required to lick them clean just as a real bitch would do.

I love those days when I am reduced to my lowest level and I really get into what I imagine is the mind set of a real she dog. I am being treated as a bitch, acting like a bitch and I feel like a bitch. Nothing else matters.

Strange as this may sound these activities add a dimension to my life as I never know what the day holds for me. I long ago stopped thinking of my body as mine - it belongs to the men and it is through being a good slave for them that I get my greatest reward.

I am now approaching my tenth year here and I hope to spend the rest of my life here at the facility. I am no longer the young and attractive eighteen-year-old of ten years ago. My voice has become hoarse from repeated cock suckings and swallowings, My breasts hang loose and flabby and my stomach has skin hanging in loose folds. My vagina is no longer tight and each day I am required to do cunt-tightening exercises. I have difficulty keeping my rectum closed after so many anal fucks but they have devised an exercise routine to try and reverse that condition. I am so lucky to be in the care of such gifted, knowledgeable doctors and I am working hard to make my body so that it is more acceptable to them.

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