tagLoving WivesIt Is Not Cheating If... Ch. 02

It Is Not Cheating If... Ch. 02


After the not very successful threesome with Louie, Sandy and I talked about the experience. We both agreed that we each were very turned on by it. We also agreed we were disappointed by the outcome. We talked about ways that would enable me to enjoy watching her fucking another man. We decided it might be better if the man did not know I was there.

Sandy and I have been married for 31 years, but all of the events I am writing about happened in the first few years of our marriage. Sandy is 5'7" tall and at the time wore size 20 clothing; a big beautiful woman. Her very large breasts were what got all the men's attention though. They were 38DD and still firm. When she wore a bra, they stuck out there tall and proud. Even naked, they had only a little sag due to gravity. The form fitting sweaters and blouses Sandy liked to wear also accentuated her breasts, bringing attention to them. More then once I had caught men staring at them when they thought she was not noticing them. I felt a touch of pride at those moments. I would smile to myself knowing I got to play with her breasts almost any time I wanted.

We both worked second shift, me at a local factory and her in a convenience store. I got off work at 11:00 PM and even though the store closed at 11, with all the tasks she had to do after closing, she usually did not get home till after midnight.

Sandy started to give a couple of the men that came in to the store on a regular basis hints that she might be interested in some extramarital action. After the disappointing event with Louie, we decided that Sandy would bring the lucky guy home while I hid in the bedroom closet. It had a bi-fold door with slats that I could look through.

Chris (I never knew his last name) seemed to be the guy who picked upon Sandy's signals because he started stopping at the store before closing every night. Sandy stepped up her game; light touches, laughing with him,letting him touch her. Sandy did all these things to make sure he knew she was interested. She would tell me everything when she got home at night. Her flirtations with him were big turn-ons for us both. The sex between us had never been better. She started letting him stay in the store with her after locking up, which was against company policy and she knew there was a chance she could get caught. That excited Sandy even more.

After he helped her finish her work, Sandy and Chris would go into the office and make out. I was okay with this as long as she told me everything that happened. Sandy kept trying to get Chris to come home with her, but I guess he was afraid of getting caught. Sandy told me that she would let him play with her big breasts and she would give him a handjob until he shot his load. She eventually gave him a blowjob in the office.

I could always tell when Sandy and Chris had been together by the flushed look on her face and how horny she was when she got home. Those were the most intense fuck sessions we ever had. I did not have to worry about foreplay and would usually just yank Sandy's jeans and panties down, bend her over the couch in the living room, and just pound the hell out of her pussy. Needless to say neither one of us lasted too long before we were getting off together.

After about three weeks Sandy called me to let me know she had convinced Chris to come to the house. I got instantly aroused as I went upstairs and watched through the bedroom window curtains, waiting for them to park in front of the house. As soon as I saw them pull up I got in the closet to wait.

Sandy and Chris must have stopped in the living room to get warmed up because it was about ten or fifteen minutes before I heard them coming up the stairs. Our bed was situated so that I could see the whole thing from the closet. Sandy turned the overhead light on and I could see that her blouse was off and her bra had been discarded somewhere along the way. Her jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped. She had that "I'm so horny and ready to get fucked look on her face". Chris wanted to turn the overhead light off, so Sandy turned on the bedside lamp. She told him she like to see everthing when she fucked.

Sandy laid down on the bed with her pussy facing the closet. Chris turned off the over head light and took off his shirt before getting on the bed with Sandy. They started kissing and he was playing with her gorgeous breasts. He kissed his way down Sandy's neck and started sucking on her right nipple. Sandy was squiming and moaning from him sucking and licking her right breast and nipple. Chris ran his hand down Sandy's belly and stuck it down her panties and jeans. After rubbing and touching her there for a few minutes, Sandy was begging him to take off the rest of his clothes and to yank her jeans and panties off.

Chris stood up and pulled Sandy's jeans and panties off and his own jeans. Sandy was more than ready to get fucked and as Chris climbed back up on the bed, she yanked him up on top of her. I was in heaven. My biggest fantasy was about to come true.

Sandy took hold of Chris's cock and guided it into her sopping wet pussy. (Chris's cock was 7 inches long and as wide as an eight ounce coke bottle.) Chris started out fucking Sandy with long, slow strokes.

"Harder, faster! Ohhh fuck me harder and faster!" Sandy started urging Chris. He lifted his body upon his forearms and really started fucking her for all he was worth. Slamming his cock into her as hard and as fast as he could. Sandy moaned and grunted as she came. Sandy is not a screamer.

Hearing her moans,grunts, and the squishing sound her pussy was making as Chris continued to fuck her was enough to drive me over the edge. I shot off all over the closet wall without even having to touch my rock hard dick.

Sandy asked Chris if he was close and I think we were both a little surprised when he said not really. Sandy told him to stop and to lay down on his back. They were still on the bed facing the closet so I could see his cock and her pussy as she straddled him, facing him with her back to me. With that position I could really see his cock as he thrust it into her hot pussy.

"You feel so good in my pussy! Fuck me! Ohh fuck me!" Sandy started moaning. Chris was driving his cock into her as hard as he could again.

"Tell me right before you start to cum Chris!" I heard Sandy exclaim as she rode his cock.

"I'm about to cum!" Chris told Sandy after ten minutes of hard fucking.

I was enjoying seeing them fuck while trying not to make any noise there in the closet. My dick remained erected the entire time. Sandy raised up off his cock, reached back, and started jacking his cock with her hand until he shot off all over her ass and back.

They lay down beside each other to catch their breath. Sandy was snuggling up to Chris with her head on his shoulder. I admit I got a little jealous at seeing this. Finally, Sandy looks at the bedside clock and started acting all panicked at how late it was. She started urging Chris to get up and get dress so he could get out of there before I got home from working overtime.

That must have been the story she used to convince him to come home with her. She slipped on her robe and walked him down the stairs. They must have done some kissing and petting because about ten minutes later I heard the front door open and close. I did not leave the closet until I heard a car start up. Sandy had made it back upstairs, but she went straight into the bathroom which was at the top of the stairs. I was lying on the bed with my dick standing straight up when she came out.

I laid Sandy down and started kissing her and telling her how turned on I was. I was whispering how much I loved her and wanted her.

"Stop, I don't want to do this right now!" she try to tell me between kisses. Her words were saying stop, but the twinkle in her eyes and the tone of her voice gave a different message. I continued kissing and caressing her body. Sandy stopped protesting and started responding to my advances.

I kissed my way down her front to her pussy. I just had to get a close up look at that well fucked pussy. It was still gaped opened from Chris's cock. Those red swollen lips and her juices still leaking out drove me insane.

I started kissing and licking all over her pussy. I began licking up her juices, then circling her clit with my tongue. After only a few seconds of this I had to fuck her. I lifted myself up between her legs and just drove my dick into her in one stroke.

Sandy arched her back, liftting her ass completely off the bed. I was so close I didn't even think about getting Sandy off. I pounded into her body until I came, my hot seed splashing the interior of her hot pussy. Sandy's pussy contracted and expanded around my dick as her whole body shuddered in her release.

I laid down beside her and pulled her over into the same snuggle position that she and Chris had been in earlier. I kissed her forehead and ran my hand up and down her hip. I lifted her face giving her gentle, loving kisses.

"Thank you, I love you so much." I said to Sandy. I reached over and turned out the bedside lamp as we went to sleep in each others' arms.

To Be Continued

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