tagLoving WivesIt Is Not Cheating If... Ch. 06

It Is Not Cheating If... Ch. 06


I hated when Sandy had to work on Sundays, but at least I had convinced her to swap with Vickie to work the mid-morning shift so she'd be home around 3 o'clock. I decided to wait until she got home to talk to her about Chris. After Sandy left for work (wearing another of her high neck sweaters to hide the bruises on her neck), I piddled around the house. I did a little cleaning, straightened up the basement, and watched some TV.

"Hi, my love." Sandy purred as she walked in the door and saw me sitting on the couch. "Did you miss me? I missed you!"

"Yeah, I missed you, too." I replied. "I've been sitting wishing the second hand on the clock could go faster." I told her. I stood up and wrapped her up in a big hug then pulled her back down onto the couch with me. We sat holding and kissing each other.

"Want to go downtown to the "Sight and Sound" festival?" I asked Sandy.

"Okay, that might be fun. Give me a few minutes to freshen up and change." Sandy said.

The "Sight and Sound" festival had been a weekend long, open air event downtown in the city with music and video vendors, lots of food and fun on one whole blocked off city street. We spent a couple of hours walking up and down the street; looking at the merchandise. I didn't see Chris and his friends until they were right in front of us.

"Hi, Sandy, how're you doing?" Chris asked Sandy as he reached out and touched her right arm above the elbow. He smirked at me, his delight in my discomfort was obvious. His two friends, who were standing behind him, were looking back and forth between Chris and Sandy before smirking themselves. I felt my temper rise.

"We have got to go!" Sandy yelled at Chris, jerking her arm away from him. "I'll talk to you later!"

Sandy and I hurried back to our car. I could tell by the set of her jaw that she was pissed.

"That bastard!" Sandy spouted with venom. "It couldn't have been worse if he had come out and said how much he liked fucking me the other night! Did you see the stupid grins on his buddies' faces? I bet he told them about fucking me!"

"Calm down," I told Sandy trying to control my own emotions. "We can talk about it when we get home."

We didn't talk on the ride home. Sandy had gone from angry to hurt, I could barely keep my eyes on the road as I drove, watching her trying so hard not to cry. When we got home, she ran down the front walk and into the house, quickly moving somewhere so I didn't find her on the first floor. I went upstairs and found the bedroom door shut as I heard Sandy's sobs on the otherside of the door. I tried to open it, but it was locked.

"Sandy, please unlock the door!" As my temper fought with my need to comfort my crying wife. "Everything will be all right I promise! I love you! Please let me in!"

Sandy opened the door with tears streaming down her cheeks. At that moment, I wanted to kill Chris for hurting her and I wanted to make him pay!

"Come here!" I exclaimed as I opened my arms to hold her against my body. "It's alright. Everything's all right. I love you!" I hated myself at that moment, my stupid fantasy! If I hadn't talked Sandy into bringing another man home to fuck, she wouldn't be crying right now.

"You must hate me." Sandy whimpered into my chest. "I feel so dirty and humiliated."

"I told that son of a bitch not to tell anyone about him fucking me!" Sandy's voice was getting louder, her anger growing in the face of her hurt and humiliation. "I'll kill him the next time I see him!"

"First thing, No I don't hate you." I said to Sandy as I stroked her back and sides. " Secondly, I've already had that same thought, but we cant kill him. At least, neither of us could do it."

"You're probably right." Sandy sniffled against my shoulder. "But why not?"

"One of us would end up in prison, we're not good enough not to get caught. Then we'd be apart and I think I'd die if I had to be separated from you, even for a day!" I felt Sandy giggle a bit, her face buried into my shoulder.

We stood there holding each other. I was rubbing Sandy's back and kissing her face lightly. After we had calmed down, I suggested we go downstairs and find something to eat, scrapping my plans of the quiet dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant. I made us some ham and cheese sandwiches and returned to the couch to sit next to Sandy.

I knew we needed to talk. "Sandy, I love you with all my heart! This is my fault because I pushed you into bringing some one home so I could watch him fuck you. You couldn't help that it happened to be an immature punk!" I told Sandy. "Yes, it was a huge turn on for me, but maybe it's time to stop."

"What do you mean by that?" Sandy asked.

"I wanted to talk to you about Chris today." I explained. "I didn't like what he was doing to you! He was leaving hickies and bruises on your body and not listening to what you wanted and that made me worry. That you couldn't see it as a problem made me nervous that you were getting too attached to him. I was also afraid that you were losing control of yourself."

Sandy bowed her head down. I knew something she was about to say would probably make me mad or hurt me.

"You were right to feel that way." Sandy started. "I was starting to feel something for Chris. NOT LOVE! I only love you! I'll not have anything to do with him from now on."

"That's fine with me." I could hear the relief in my own voice.

" But?" Sandy's voice was lower, quiter..

"But, what Sandy?" I asked getting a little angry.

"It was so exciting for me. Knowing another man wanted me, then having him kissing me, touching me, fucking me. I love how you fuck me, don't get me wrong. No, that's not right! I love how you make love to me, Mikoli, But it is so different being fucked by another man!"

"So what are you saying here?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"I'll stop fucking Chris! But do I have to stop fucking other men?" Sandy pouted at me with that look that turned my knees to jelly.

"What if this happens again or worse? What if you find someone you fall head over heels for?" I asked. "Besides the whole reason for this was so I could watch you getting fucked."

"Oh, Mikoli, I'm not going to fall for another man!" Sandy was practically bouncing on the couch. "I'll be more careful about who I pick next time. I promise if you let me continue fucking other men, I'll make sure it happens when you can watch! Can I keep doing it? Can I keep fucking other guys?" Sandy whispered in my ear with that whiny, baby like tone in her voice.

I wanted to say no and ignore that tone in her voice, but I had never been able to do it in the past and this time was no exception. Sandy began licking and tonguing my ear as she pressed those big 38DD's into my arm and chest. I love those titties-they were one of the reasons I pursued her after Louie introduced us. Sandy dropped her hand down on my dick which was hard as usual and she knew she had won.

"Take me upstairs and put that fat dick in me!" Sandy gushed at me.

Everything got back to normal with us. We still had great sex at least every other day, as we were so young and so much in love.

I had forgotten all about our little talk. About two weeks later, as I had entered the house after work and heard the phone ringing.

"Oh no, something's wrong with Sandy!" I thought to myself as I rushed to the phone.

"What's wrong?" I yelled into the phone. "Problems with the car!"

"No, no, Mikoli." I heard Sandy's giggle over the line as I picked up the phone. "I wanted to call to tell you to get in the closet. I'm bringing home a present for us tonight!" She hung up the phone before I could say another word.

"Get in the closet. I'm bringing home a present." I thought to myself. Naturally the little guy sprang to attention. I went upstairs to wait, turned the bedside lamp on as I took off my clothes and left them in the closet. I peeked out the bedroom window at the sound of two cars in the driveway and saw Sandy with a man chatting and laughing as they made their way up the front walk.

I had done a little closet modification since the first time Sandy had brought Chris home. I had widened the gap between two slats of the bi-fold door right at my eye level. Not conspicuously wide, but wide enough so I would have a better view of the bed.

About fifteen minutes later I heard them coming up the stairs. They were naked as they entered the room.

"Why's that light on?" The guy asked.

"I left it on." Sandy replied. "I hate coming up here in the dark by myself."

Sandy sat on the end of the bed. She pulled the man to her and lowered her head to kiss his cock. I had not gotten a good look at it yet.

"Oh, Kevin, your cock is beautiful!" Sandy was smiling as she stroked his cock. "Come up here and fuck me with it!"

"So his name is Kevin." I thought to myself.

Sandy scooted back onto the bed and lay back on her elbows. She gave Kevin that "I need to get fucked look" of hers. Kevin bent down to get on the bed, his cock in hand, 7" long and as thick around as a cucumber. He ran his tongue over Sandy's pussy and I could see her moisture from the closet.

Sandy reached down and pulled his face to hers as she moaned. "I'm wet enough, get up here and fuck me!"

"What about protection?" His fingers drifted back down between her legs, rubbing her clit with one hand, his cock in the other.

"I'm on the pill." Sandy whimpered as Kevin rubbed his cock against her slit. "I want to feel your jizz spurting up in me! Stop teasing me and fuck me!"

With that Kevin plunged his cock into Sandy's hot pussy. He bottomed out in one stroke and started stroking into her with slow, easy strokes and started kissing Sandy's mouth. All the while he kept up a steady pace in and out of her pussy. He bent his head down to nibble on her neck, his hands roaming to her big breasts.

I watched as she bucked her hips up towards him, knowing her weakness for any attention on her neck.

" Harder, faster!" Sandy squealed as Kevin's cock plunged into her body. "Please Kevin! Fuck me harder and fasterrr!"

Kevin obeyed and I watched his hips pump, hearing the squishing noises from Sandy's pussy as he drove into her. I reached down and rubbed my dick.

("Man this is hot! I love watching Sandy get fucked! Look at her face! She must be getting close!") I thought to myself as I spurted my load into my gym shorts.

Sandy had been close. I recognized the grunts and moans she made before she came.

"I'm cumming! Don't stop! Don't stop! Pleaseee...Don't stop!" Sandy wailed as she arched her ass off the bed, driving Kevin's cock into her pussy as far as it would go. I saw her orgasmic shudder and watched as she fluttered under Kevin. Kevin kept driving his cock into Sandy.

After what seemed like ten minutes, but was probably only a couple, Sandy started thrusting back up to Kevin's cock.

"Keep that up and you'll make me cum again!" I heard Sandy proclaim.

Kevin did not say a word. He started grunting as he tried to drive Sandy through the bed. I heard Sandy start moaning and grunting. As she arched her ass up to him, Kevin plunged in and held his turgid organ inside her.

"I can feel it!" Sandy exclaimed. "I can feel you spurting up in me! Here I cum! Oh God, I'm coming again!"

After a few nice and easy strokes, Kevin pulled his cock out of Sandy. I could see their combined juices leaking out of her body and my dick jumped at the sight. Sandy's pussy pulsed while it gaped open and my dick sprang back to full hardness at the sight.

Kevin lay down on his side beside Sandy. She turned to him and they started kissing and touching each other. I could not hear what they were whispering to each other and I started to get upset as I was the one that was supposed to get that kind of attention. I was ready to come out of the closet to stop them.

"That was good, Kevin!" I heard Sandy say. "Thank you. I enjoyed this more than you know, but you need to leave now."

Kevin pushed himself up off the bed. He leant down and kissed Sandy one more time.

"Man, he's like me." I thought to myself as I watched him fondle Sandy's right breast during the kiss. "I do that same thing before I head to the bathroom after a good fuck. Wait, did he just look straight at the closet! Oh, shit he heard me in here! I'll have to hit him if he jerks that door open!" I could feel my heart race as I started to panic.

"Can you let yourself out, please?" I heard from Sandy. "I feel so good; I don't want to move!"

"No problem." Kevin's voice was already far away as he walked down the stairs.

I waited until I heard Kevin's car start before I left the closet. Sandy was edging over to the side of the bed and stood up.

"Where are you going? I asked. "I was going to fuck your slutty pussy!"

"You can fuck my slutty pussy." Sandy told me. " But I need the restroom first. Lie down and keep your dick hard for me."

I reclined on the bed as Sandy walked back from the restroom. I started to get up as she walked back in, but she pushed me back down and climbed onto the bed. She straddled me and slid her pussy down over my dick. I could not believe how hot and slick it was. Sandy started bouncing her pussy up and down on my dick.

"Slow down! I'm going to cum too quickly if you keep that up!" I groaned to Sandy.

"I can't!" Sandy moaned to me. "I'm so horny! I need to cum now! Did you like my present? Did your dick get really hard? You came while watching me, didn't you? Was that as hot watching it as it was doing it?!"

"Yes! Yes to all of it!" I cried out. "I loved watching you get fucked!" I pushed up into her pussy one time as my dick emptied my scrotal contents inside her.

"I'm cumming toooo!" Sandy grunted while on top of me. With one last plunge down, she started to shudder on my dick. I loved her glassy eyed, cheeks flushed red look when she came. I loved the way her gorgeous tits jiggled as she struggled to catch her breath. Hell, I loved everything about my big, beautiful wife!

I pulled Sandy down onto my chest and covered her face with tender, loving kisses. I could not remember all the sappy things I murmured to her as she lay on my chest. I knew I kept telling her how much I loved her as we lay on our sides and cuddled after our heartbeats had slowed.

"Did you hear me in the closet?" I asked Sandy. "I swear Kevin looked right at the closet before he left."

"No, I didn't hear you." Sandy answered me. "Kevin probably did look at the closet. He knew you were in there.''

"What?! What do you mean, 'He knew you were in there?'" I exclaimed in excitement.

"He knew you were in there." Sandy calmly stated to me. "I told him. I didn't want the same kind of fiasco as last time. I told Kevin straight up what the deal was."

"Who is this Kevin, anyway?" I asked my loving wife.

"He's a guy I met at work." Sandy started to explain. "I saw how he kept staring at my tits. He was always lingering around talking to me after I rang him up when no one else was around. I sort of let him now I might be interested in doing something with him. When he came right out and asked me if he could fuck me, I took a chance. He knew I was married so I told him that he could fuck me as long as he was okay with you watching. He said he didn't think he could perform with you sitting there watching. I told him you would hide in the closet so he could pretend you weren't there. You saw the results. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!"

"Yes! I did enjoy it!" I replied. "There's one little thing, I got a little upset. After you both came, you laid together whispering and touching each other and I got jealous. I'm the one you're supposed to be cuddling with."

"Oh, Mikoli, don't be like that! You're the only one I love!" Sandy pouted at me. "I couldn't kick him out of bed. Besides you might like what we were talking about."

"Yeah? What was it?"

"I was asking Kevin if he thought he could fuck me while you watched from a little closer."

"What are thinking about in your slutty little mind?" I asked her, intrigued.

"Me sucking your fat dick while Kevin is fucking my hot pussy!"

"What was his answer?"

"He thought he could." She replied. "Now roll over here and make slow, easy love to me."

Sandy told me not to make any plans for next Saturday afternoon while we snuggled before drifting off to sleep.

To Be Continued

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