tagErotic CouplingsIt Just Happened Ch. 10

It Just Happened Ch. 10


Chapter 10 Millie

I was getting dressed after my shower when I spotted Ed getting out of his van. I ran across the hall to see if Jen was in her room and breathed a sigh of relief when I found the room empty.

Hysteria hit me. I had just fucked my brother's wife and now he was coming into the house. What to do? Look natural. Was that a smell of recent sex in the room or was it my imagination? I'll open a window. No, stupid, it's the end of November. Is that a flake of snow in the air? Play it safe, open the window, stupid.

"Why do you have the window open?" Ed asked. He was standing just inside the room, showing irritation. Jen was behind him, showing fright.

"Oh, hi Ed, I was...is it snowing? I thought it was and opened the window to smell the air. Sometimes you can detect if it's going to snow," I said, feeling the cold air hit me as I lowered the window.

"I see you've already tried the bed," Ed said, looking at the indentation where I had pounded Jen's ass into it not thirty minutes ago.

"Yeah, thanks for having it delivered so...fast," I said, watching Jen. Her eyes were fastened to a spot on the bed. Was that a drop of cum? It was tiny, but how could I have missed it?

"Here's another surprise," he said, tossing me a set of keys, which I failed to catch. I bent over to pick them up and saw Ed walking in my direction and stopping at the foot of the bed.

Jen interceded by coming up behind him, wrapping her arms around him and pressing her tits against his back. "Ed, Benny went out this morning to see Beverly and brought back a signed contract. He got a deposit, too," she said, speaking softly into his ear.

I was reading the key tag. The new truck was a four-by-four, dark grey in color, had a crew-cab and a large, V-8 engine. "Is this for me?" I asked.

"You can pick it up Tuesday and it will belong to the company. But it's yours to drive, not that I won't trade off with you sometimes," he said, showing a happy, contented smile. He was oblivious to the way Jen was distracting him, very effectively.

I was overwhelmed by his generosity. Only last night I was ready to pack my things and leave this house. Only an hour ago I was fucking his wife in this very room. Now, I had a real bed in my room and a new truck to drive.

"Thanks, Ed. This makes me feel like my life is turning around," I said to deaf ears. Ed was facing his wife, who had his full attention. Her arms were around him and her head was on his shoulder, looking at me with desperation in her eyes. She pointed a finger at the spot on the sheet and mouthed, 'do something.'

What to do? Why don't we just tell him? No, that would create more problems than it would solve. I folded the sheet to hide the spot and Jen pulled away from Ed, telling him she needed to make something for us to eat.

"You haven't eaten yet? Do you know what time it is? I had lunch with the truck salesman. What have you two been doing?"

"I guess we lost track of time," Jen said in a distant tone that sounded vacant.

Fortunately, Ed was not listening. "What are you doing with the drafting chair in here?" he asked, looking at me, suspiciously.

I looked at Jen. "Why don't we tell him, Jen?"

"Okay, okay, I was trying to trim his hair, but I guess..."

Ed burst into laugher. "You're going to have to go to a professional, little brother. I'm speaking from experience. She tried to give me a trim once and..." He stopped talking when she jumped him and they became entangled in a battle that halted his laughter, temporarily. He was easily able to combat her fists, but when he finally subdued her she had achieved her goal. Her impromptu machination had been successful.

I shoved the signed contract in front of him and Jen started to leave the room.

He quickly scrutinized the document. "What's this?" he asked, pointing to a hand-written sentence Beverly had inserted on the second page of the contract. I read it for the first time.

"She wants to change the location of the half-bath. I told her we could do it," I said.

"At no additional charge?"

"It's a minor change and it'll increase the size of her closet by ten square feet."

"You think the change is minor, do you?" he asked, becoming upset. "Didn't you consider consulting me before you told her we can do it at no cost?"

He was becoming unreasonable and I didn't like his attitude. Did our childhood room bring out the worst in him? For a brief second it crossed my mind that I was glad I had fucked his wife. "Ed, you told me to get a signed contract. I did that and now you're quibbling about one stinking change that I gave away. Do you think its easy dealing with her?"

"Obviously, you didn't take my advice. If you had done what I told you it would be a piece of cake. We could charge her double and she wouldn't bat an eye."

"What did you advise Benny to do?" Jen asked, surprising us that she was still in the doorway.

"I told him to fuck her," Ed declared, unabashedly.

Jen's expression clouded and for a second I thought she was going to flee. "Is that what makes you a successful salesman, Ed? Do you fuck them and charge them any price you want? Well, Benny gave away a minor change, but he got the job without having to fuck the customer. You should pat him on the back."

"You know I haven't fucked a customer," Ed said, acting shocked at her accusation.

Jen softened. "I know you haven't, Honey."

"Well, anyway," he said, turning his attention to me. "You're going to have to run the job. I'm going to be busy planning the building project."

"Ed, you know I don't have a building license. Besides, we're going to need all hands. I promised her the job will be finished for the holidays."

"Please tell me you didn't promise her that." His voice sounded taunting, like it had when we were teenagers and he was trying to convince me I was really stupid.

"I did it based on your suggestion. You said it was possible to finish before Christmas."

My brother was visibly annoyed. He practically shouted at me. "That was a selling point. I didn't say it was reasonable. You'll have to stall her some way. I know, you'll have to fuck her," he said, laughing.

I was about to laugh with him and tell him about the 'rerouting her pipes' remark she made until I caught a glimpse of Jen. She was seething. "You are a despicable human being," she said, looking directly at Ed before disappearing down the hall.

He patted me on the arm, "I'll help you as much as I can, but the job is yours. I've got to go out now. We'll talk about this tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay, you're going out?" I asked, but he was already in the hall and didn't hear me.

I put the drafting chair back in the room next door and bided my time until I saw his van back out of the drive. At that point I ventured down stairs.

"Hi, are you hungry?" Jen asked, displaying a sunny disposition, which astounded me considering the way Ed had spoken to her upstairs.

"I'll have a sandwich and then I've got to go to the barbershop."

"Let me try again," she said, watching closely to make sure I understood. "Ed's gone out. He's gone to Stew Mercer's house to discuss their building plans and watch football. He won't be back for hours."

She was upon me before I could collect my thoughts. "Jen, this isn't right. We've got to stop," I said, wishing she would stop blowing hot air on my neck.

"I know we've got to stop and we will," she promised as she nibbled on my neck. I let her kiss me. In fact, I cradled her ass in my hands and returned her kisses. Everything, her lips pressed to mine, her tits against my chest, her ass in my hands and her pussy humping my thigh, everything about her felt the same as it had four years ago. There was one big difference; she was now married to my brother.

"Is he back?" I asked, listening intently for the sound of Ed's van coming to a stop on the drive. It worked; Jen's attention was diverted to the imaginary sound. Her body slumped like the mood, wilted.

"I better go to the barber shop," I said, slinking toward the back door like a kid who had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "I'm taking Millie to dinner tonight."

There was no indication from Jen that she heard me, not that I looked back to assess her expression. I grabbed my jacket and borrowed her car without asking. Remembering that I hadn't made the dinner reservations, I got the telephone number for The Regal from directory assistance and by the time I reached Dean's barber shop everything was set for my date with Millie.

As I waited for my turn in the barber's chair, reflection took over. What was it about our old room that made Ed want to play the domineering big brother? He was so intent on humiliating me that he didn't pay any attention to the indentation in the new mattress. Or was it my imagination? Was I the only one that saw the shape of Jen's ass imprinted on the sheet?

My new bed had been broken in and I would never forget its maiden voyage. While I had initiated the union, Jen's meek objection, 'we shouldn't...' faded fast. Once she 'bought in' to having sex with me there was no stopping her. My ex-girlfriend helped me undress her and got into position with no further protest. 'We shouldn't' changed to 'we should' before I kicked off my sneakers.

Thinking back to how it happened, Ed out of the house, my new bed being delivered, finding Jen tucking in the sheets, her suggesting I needed a trim, feeling her fingers running through my hair, her spinning the chair around to face her, all made me wonder if I was really the instigator. Could it be that Jen saw an opportunity and seized it? If so, she had pulled it off flawlessly. Until now, I thought I had been the seducer. I did regret not paying more attention to the little red triangle or her upper thigh. I longed to feel it with my tongue, to suck it into my mouth, to make her writhe in delight. Well, I had passed up my chance to explore the birthmark. She had her way with me once; it wouldn't happen again.

The barber scoffed when he saw how Jen had carved an irregular chunk out of my hair. "Your wife took the shears to you, did she?"

"That's about right," I said, not wanting to tell him what caused my trim to be sidetracked. "Don't take too much off. We're going out to dinner tonight." He took pains to make me presentable and I tipped him accordingly.

It was after three P.M. when I got home. Not finding Jen, I made myself a sandwich and went upstairs, planning to work on the schedule for Beverly's renovation. I was working at the computer, trying to plan the sequence of events into a three week timeframe when Jen came in the workroom. She was wearing a jacket, saying she had been out for a walk.

"I could have finished your trim. What did the barber do better than me?" she asked, teasingly.

"For one thing, he finished the job," I teased back.

"I would have finished if you hadn't unhooked my bra."

She was behind me, pretending to watch what I was entering on the screen. I felt her hands on my shoulders.

"I wouldn't have unhooked your bra if you hadn't spun my chair around."

Her hands moved to the back of the chair and I anticipated what she was going to do. "Like..." I planted my feet before she could spin the chair and say, "...this?"

We tested the strength of her arms against the friction my sneakers created on the floor. We struggled for several seconds until I surprised her by lifting my feet. The chair spun around and Jen landed in my lap, breathless and laughing.

"I told my sister she doesn't need to come by for you. You'll take my car," she said in a serious tone.

"Thank you, what did Millie say?"

"She's a little dubious about going to dinner with you. She'll be wearing a new dress and has trimmed her hair so be sure you pay her a compliment."

"Why's she dubious?"

Jen moved her ass to get comfortable on my lap and put her arm around my neck. "She's fearful that you're comparing us. Did you tell her we kiss alike?"


"That was a mistake on your part, Benny. Every time you kiss her she'll think you're imagining that you're kissing me. That could make a girl paranoid. I advise you to find something different about the way we kiss and tell her that she's unique."

"Thanks, I'll make sure she knows she's wrong about that. I don't think about you when I kiss her."

Jen wiggled her ass and let the jacket fall to the floor. "You don't? Do you think of her when you kiss me?"

"Yes," I said, just to pull her chain. It didn't work.

"Then you should tell her."

"Thanks again."

"Are you really not over me?"

"Did she tell you that, too?"

"We tell each other everything."


Jen smiled, got off my lap, picked up her jacket and walked away, stopping at the door. "Everything," she said before disappearing.

"Shit!" Now I was the one becoming paranoid. If Jen told Millie 'everything' she might be inclined to tell her husband that we had fucked twice that morning? It was one thing for Millie to know about our wayward interlude. Telling Ed would be a disaster of monstrous proportions.

I worked on the schedule until it was time to get ready for my date and was pleasantly surprised when I went into my room. Jen had made my bed and ironed the shirt I was going to wear. I got dressed and went downstairs to find Ed and Jen in the kitchen, having dinner. He made one of his snide remarks, "you can't judge a book by its cover, Ben," obviously trying to justify his striking out with Millie years ago.

Several retorts came to mind and if it hadn't been for Jen jumping to her feet and making sure my tie was straight, I would have delivered them. Jen's fussing with my tie, reminding me to notice her sister's dress and telling me I looked nice gave me the strength to hold my tongue. "Have a good time," she said, brushing her lips across my cheek. I held her hand and looked into her eyes, knowing we were sharing our private secret.

As I drove to the Hawley home, I analyzed Ed's remark, "you can't judge a book by its cover, Ben," I had to admit that it was his purpose to discredit my date for the evening. Was he saying that Millie's beauty was only skin deep?

Well Ed, did you look under the cover before you made your judgment? I intended to read the book. In the meantime, I liked the looks of the cover, even if it reminded me of Jen. Was I reading too much into his underlying meaning? Was my brother really that deep?

The Hawley's welcomed me to their home, saying Mildred would be down momentarily. They asked the obligatory questions: Where are you taking our daughter, young man? What time will you bring her home? Are your intentions honorable?

Naturally, the questions were more subtle. After all, I had dated their younger daughter for over a half decade. Also, Millie and I were in our mid-twenties and besides, we were related, almost.

"Have you seen all the changes we've made to the town since you've been away, Ben?"

"Yes, Sir."

"What are you doing with yourself these days?"

"I'm working with my brother, doing construction."

"Oh yes, Ed must be busy. We don't see much of him."

"Yes, he is."

"That must be hard work, even for a young man like you," Mrs. Hawley said.

"Yes, it is."

"There she is now," Mr. Hawley said, calling our attention to Millie walking down the stairs, gliding really. I rose to my feet and went to meet her. She smiled, probably wondering when I was going to close my mouth and held out her hands, probably to support me in case I keeled over. I took her hands and held them, gazing into her eyes, too stunned to speak. She stood statue-like, patiently letting me take her in. The black dress flowed to her ankles, supported at the top by two strands of thin material that disappeared at her bare shoulders. Her neck was adorned with a gold chain, so thin it was barely visible. The earrings were small too, black onyx, I thought. Her hair was very librarian, rolled into two balls attached to the back of her head.

"Miss Hawley?" I asked, buying time, not knowing what I was going to say.

"Yes, Mister Crumbly?" she answered, having difficulty holding a straight face.

"Will it be all right with you if I wait until we're in the car before I tell you how lovely you are?"

"Make sure you wear a heavy coat over that dress, dear." Mrs. Hawley interrupted our moment. Millie squeezed my hand as if to say, 'let's get out of here'.

I held her coat and noticed that half of the back of her dress was missing. The straps supporting the front crossed mid-way down the bare spot. In four inch heels, Millie was my height. She buttoned up, put on long black gloves and we said goodnight to her parents.

"This is just like a first date," she said as I took her hand and led her to the car.

"It is a first date. We're back in high school and I finally got your parents permission to take you to dinner."

"I couldn't get near you in high school. You and Jen started dating when you were sophomores and I was a senior."

"Would you have gone out with a sophomore when you were a senior?"

She was pensive for several seconds. "I don't think so. You didn't drive yet and I would have been accused of robbing the cradle if I drove you around."

"It doesn't feel like a first date, does it? I feel comfortable being with you, in awe, but still comfortable."

She changed positions, turning her body to look at me. "I'll always think of tonight as our first date, but really, we made out on two occasions, first in my room on Thanksgiving Day and last night in my car."

* * * * *

We had to wait thirty minutes to be seated in the dining room and the bar was so crowded with others waiting for a table that we had to stand and make small talk the entire time. Millie's lighthearted view of everything we discussed, the world economy, sports, overdue books at the library, full circle to politics, kept me laughing and made the thirty minutes go by like it was only twenty-five.

Beverly Worthington came in with her parents and two other couples. She introduced us as Ben, her contractor and Millie, Jennifer Crumbly's older sister. Millie was unfazed by the allusion to her being 'older'. She took possession of my hand, looked lovingly into my eyes and called me 'Honey' and 'Sweetie' so convincingly that even I was almost certain we were celebrating our wedding anniversary. When Mr. Worthington invited us to join him and his party at their table I felt a tug on my hand. "Thank you, but we must decline because...we're...celebrating...Miss Hawley has agreed to be my girlfriend." My explanation satisfied Mr. Worthington, but seemed to shock his daughter. He said he hoped to talk to me about my future and proposed that we meet at more convenient time. My name was called, signaling a table was ready and we parted, agreeing to meet...soon. Beverly assured her father that she had my number.

The table we were shown to was in the center of the dining room. I objected, but Millie said it was a great place to be seen in public and I let the hostess seat us. I had been to a few fine restaurants with Veronica and knew which fork to use, how to read the menu and how to order wine.

Millie pointed out classmates of hers and mine, gave a brief description of what they were doing now and who had married whom. Some of them nodded or waved to us, probably curious at seeing us together. Millie had something to say about that.

"They're whispering to each other that you lost out with Jen and are having to settle for the old maid librarian."

"I don't think they're whispering anything of the sort."

"What are they whispering then?"

"They're speculating that I went away and made a fortune. They're saying, 'He must be rich. How else would a louse like him be able to captivate such a beautiful woman as Miss Millie Hawley?"

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