tagIncest/TabooIt Started One Faithful Day

It Started One Faithful Day


The cool breeze was a relief for young Timothy Morgan as he anxiously waited for the day to begin. He stood in place, his six foot tall body mesmerized by the droves of delicious flesh on display at the beach. Timothy loved to ogle the women in their thong bikinis and swimsuits. Being a virgin at age 18, Timothy had the raging testosterone of a bull in heat. He had relished the idea of his families annual "Reunion at the Beach" since he was 12 years old. Every year the family went to the beach, the more Timothy wished he could live there.

"Hey!" his father yelled at Timothy. "Planning on doing something?"

Timothy's tall, lanky body finally snapped back to reality. He turned to help unload one of the two vans which the large family had traveled in. When bending over to pick up the ice chest, Timothy was greeted by a set of tanned and defined legs that made his mouth water. As he stood, he realized they belonged to his petite yet gorgeous mother.

"...Need any help mom?" Timothy stammered while trying to cover his half-hard penis.

"Yeah, take these with you Timmy." she replied while piling three towels onto the ice chest.

"Sure Karen," Tim replied dryly.

His mother was probably one of the hottest women at the beach today Tim thought while staring at his mother with her long dark brown hair flowing in the breeze. At a youthful looking 35 years of age, his mother most likely was. Despite having Tim at 17, she regained her gymnasts figure and then some over the years. Karen oozed sex appeal. She was 5 feet tall and probably about 100 pounds guessed Timothy. Her cute face didn't have a wrinkle and was framed by long brown hair. She was very slender and due to her intense twice a day workouts, Karen was very toned in all the right places. All of the fat on her body, if she even had any, was centered in her ass and thighs. Women envied her tiny waist, visible abs, and shapely legs. Men yearned for her in her tight fitting yoga pants when she went to the gym. Karen loved to showcase her favorite asset, her tantalizingly round ass. Today was no different as she was dressed in a tight white tank top and jean shorts that barely covered her luscious ass.

"Geeeeez sis, when did you get those things?" a voice hollered from the other van.

Karen looked over and joyously greeted her older sister Angie. Timothy stared in awe as his mother and aunt embraced. Both women were stunning in their own way, but Angie was taller at just under 5'4" and had a more voluptuous figure than Karen. Timothy's eyes were always gazing down at Angies massive cleavage and today was no exception when she hugged him. Yet, Angie always envied Karen's lean physique due to Karen's visible abs and shapely ass.

"So sis, ya gonna tell me about these bad boys?" Angie asked again while squeezing one of Karen's breasts.

Karen replied, "I got them about 8 months ago... i went from my natural flatness to a full 32C. I felt like it would give me a confidence boost."

Angie seemed amazed by the breasts affixed onto her long, lean torso and secretly envied Karen's taut body a little bit more.

"...No doubt she used my alimony checks to do it," interjected Timothy's father.

Earl, Tim's dad, was an unappreciative jerk who always had a dominance over Karen which nobody in the family understood. Earl and Karen had divorced a year ago, just after the last "Reunion at the Beach". Karen had finally worked up the courage to leave Earl and she gained custody of Tim and medium-sized house they had been living in. Yet, Earl still popped in every once in a while to see one of Tim's games or to demand sex from Karen... usually for the sex which she submissively gave into. Despite constant arguing from Tim, Karen still obliged to Earl's requests for whatever reason. Earl was only their because he insisted on going and Karen wouldn't refuse.

"Earl! Shush! Today is a happy day," Karen shot back at him.

Despite his father being an asshole, Tim always wondered if his father was correct. Tim and his mother had curiously been able to live beyond their means, which for most months was Earl's alimony and child support checks. Now with the child support stopping, Tim worried further.

A loud thud distracted everybody and removed the tension between Karen and Earl. It came from Timothy's uncle Brucie.

"So we hitting the beach or standing around?" barked Bruce.

The burly Bruce walked over and picked up Angie in his arms.

"Let's get you in the water baby," Bruce said over Angie's giggles.

At that moment, Tim's two cousins James and Amy jumped out of the van. James and Amy are 19-year old twins who took after their parents, Bruce and Angie. James was tall and beefy just like his father while his sister was curvy like her mother. The family of seven began the march to their usual spot on the beach under marker 15. After the long walk from the parking lot, the family reached their destination and plopped down their gear. The women laid out towels and set up the beach chairs while the men fired up the grill and set up the umbrellas. Finally, the family could relax. The smell of meat cooking enticed everybody in their group. Timothy was obviously enticed by other things. He was ogling a woman in a nearby party. Tim was hoping her massive tits would spill out of her overly small top. James nudged Tim and broke his concentration.

"I'd rather stare at that all day," James said, motioning toward Karen.

Timothy took notice to Karen who had begun undressing down to her bikini. Karen removed her tank top to the awe of every man within shouting distance. Bruce muttered under his breath while Karen revealed her lean figure. She took a second adjust her top and accidentally revealed a nipple to her son. Tim felt his cock immediately jut out in his board shorts. He kept gawking at Karen while she almost teasingly peeled off her shorts. Karen revealed her low-cut bottoms to Tim's surprise. Timothy was mesmerized as her bottoms struggled to contain her small, pert ass. He couldn't believe his mother could turn him on this much. The sun glistened on her lightly defined abs while she started to apply lotion to her self. Tim's mind filled with wicked thoughts. He could feel his erection throbbing through his shorts. Tim had to get away before somebody had noticed.

He excused himself as he headed toward the nearby pier with a raging boner.

Chapter 2

Timothy's erection eventually subsided after walking around for almost an hour. He decided to wait in line for ice cream to help take his mind off his stunning mother. Suddenly, the woman he was staring at earlier walked out of a shop a few feet from him. She looked even more titillating at this distance. She headed towards him and Tim's eyes headed right for her jiggling breasts. To Timothy's shock, she got in line right next to him. Tim kept stealing glances at her chest. He was surprised at how large and round they were, he thought they were at least twice as big as his mothers. He was zoned in on how they heave up and down when she breathed. Then Tim realized, his erection was causing a huge, noticeable bulge in the front of his shorts. He immediately got out of line and darted straight for the nearest bathroom, locking himself in the first open stall. With Tim being a virgin, he didn't have the courage to talk to such a beautiful creature like that. Every time he tried, he ended up stuttering or turning into a bumbling oaf. All he had was his fantasies of his mom and other women he saw. Tim quickly pulled down his shorts and freed his throbbing dick. He immediately started stroking the full length of his extremely thick 7.5 inch manhood. Faster and harder, he stroked while thinking of the of the massive breasts he just saw. The head of his cock was a shade of bright red and dripped pre-cum. Eventually his thoughts shifted to his mother-- the nip slip he had witnessed a short while ago. That was it for him, he instantaneously began to cum. Tim released at least five long ropes of jizz before the rest dribbled out of his bloated cock head. Tim slowly squeezed the remaining drops of cum from his thick, deflating penis. He quickly cleaned the mess he made on the public toilet and left.

When he left the restroom, Tim heard his cousin James yelling for him. Tim was so lost in his thoughts that he forgot the family was having an early lunch. The two cousins ran back to their families site. Luckily, Bruce had saved a hamburger for Tim. Tim sat down and gobbled his burger. His father sat near him and attempted to start a conversation with his son. Earl eventually gave up due to Tim's curt responses.

After a good hour and a half of chatting with his cousins, the kids decided to go in the water. James, Amy, and Tim ran for the water and dove in simultaneously. They playfully splashed water at each other and the boys tried wrestling in the water. To Timothy's joy, James pulled down the front of his sisters top and revealed one of her full, meaty tits before she could cover them. They frolicked in the warm water for at least an hour and a half before getting out and sitting on the sand to catch up.

The three cousins were always close since they were similar ages. James was always the one to direct the conversation to sex and he remained true to form. James has always been a bit of a womanizer and always had some new sexy story to tell. But this time, Amy was the one to tell the story. She was bragging about how she slept with a very well-endowed man recently. Timothy's cock hardened again while Amy was describing how the man reamed her tight little pussy. Alas, there was a down side to her story.

Amy said, "As she was about to orgasm, the man lost his rhythm and buried his massive cock my pussy. He smashed his long cock against her cervix causing me a huge amount of pain."

Despite the pain Amy said she felt incredible and would fuck him again anytime the man wanted. She gave her wet pussy a rub over her bikini bottoms causing both the young males to stiffen.

The cousins stayed out at the water until the sun was setting. They started to walk back toward their family and saw the small bonfire that Bruce and Earl had started. When the cousins arrived, Tim noticed his father was missing. He didn't care. His day had been too enjoyable to worry where that selfish prick had disappeared to. The family chatted through the setting sun and for most of the night. They family had grown restless and was ready to leave. Karen received a text message, it was Earl and he was drunk off his ass and needed somebody to help him back to their group. Karen embarrassingly volunteered and put on her shorts and was off to find Earl. 45 minutes had passed and Tim began to worry. He told the restless family he was going to see what had happened to his mother. After 20 minutes of wandering around the almost empty beach, Tim found the bar his mother said she was heading to. He pressed the bartender for information.

"Yeah, i 'member him... that hot lil number with the ass came and dragged his sloppy self out of he before he got himself beat up... they left a long while ago," replied the bartender.

Tim was genuinely starting to freak out. His mind wandered to dark places about what his father possibly did to his mother. It was dark and the beach was barren, the few people who stayed late had left already. Tim started his lonely walk back. Halfway through his walk, he heard what sounded like faint moaning. It was coming from within a nearby grouping of shower stalls. Tim headed over and the grunting grew louder and louder as he approached. He had to see what was happening inside. Tim snuck around to the back and saw an opening which he could peek through. He raised himself to view the interior of the stall and he almost gasped at what he saw. His father and mother were inside fucking! Tim could see his mother with her bottoms pulled down to her knees and getting thoroughly shafted by Earl. Karen had a had depressed look on her face while Earl raggedly rammed into her.

"YOUR MY WHORE, You understand that?" said Earl, thrusting away.

Suddenly, Earl pulled away and turned Karen around, pushing her onto her knees. She knew he wanted to finish on her face and resisted. Earl grabbed her throat while jacking off his average sized dick. Karen regrettably opened her mouth.

Earl grunted, "Good little slut."

He forced his erection into her mouth and squirted his cum down her throat, almost choking her. Earl immediately zipped up and left her as a mess on the floor with a cum smeared face.

On his way out, he looked back and muttered, "Bitch."

Tim couldn't believe what he had witnessed. It took every ounce of strength he had not to chase down his father and beat him to death. Instead, Tim walked away and waited for his mother to leave the stall. Once Karen composed and cleaned herself, she left the stall and heard her Timmy calling out to her. She embraced Tim. He knew why but pretended as if he just found her. They walked back to the family together. Bruce ran up to Karen and Tim as soon as they came into sight. He was profusely apologizing to Karen because he had punched the still inebriated Earl for cursing at his wife. Bruce also said he sent Earl home in a cab.

Tim thought to himself, "At least some justice was served..."

Chapter 3

Almost 4 months had passed and the Autumn was well under way. The weather was crisp, cool, and generally sunny. School was a few short weeks away for Timothy to his dismay. He had just finished one of the most fun summers of his life. Tim had started working out regularly at the behest of his mother and had now added a solid 10 pounds of muscle to his formerly lanky frame. He was proud at how he had a defined chest, back, and arms. He often did chores shirtless, showcasing his budding abs. Karen on the other hand seemed to have doubled her efforts at the gym. She was as slender and lean as ever. Her toned body complimented her lovely face nicely. Ever since that night at the beach, Tim had started peeping at his mother more often than before. He had become obsessed with seeing her sexy body in the nude.

Tim awoke early today. He smelled the eggs his mother was cooking and immediately thought of how hot she looked in her apron. His cock started protruding through the hole in his boxers. He pulled his boxers off in on motion and threw them into the hamper across his room. Tim had grown to love showing off his body and regularly masturbated in front of his second story window. The the girl next door occasionally watched him and even put on a show of her own for him. To his dismay, the girl was not there this morning. Tim thought more and more about fucking his mother as his thick veiny cock grew in his hand. He would stroke himself in the manner he imagined he would fuck his mom. Fast and rough was how his inexperienced mind thought of sex. Soon, Tim felt the familiar heat emitting from his testicles. He knew he was getting close, his breathing became heavy and ragged. His hand became a blur, speedily jacking his huge cock. His cock felt harder with each passing second until he couldn't take it anymore. Tim rubbed the swollen pink head of his cock and let out a loud groan.

"Oh fuck, Karen your so wet... take it..", he trailed off, shooting multiple spurts of his gooey white cum out of the window.

He fell back onto his bed naked and fell asleep with his still throbbing manhood.

"Wake up Timmy! Your food is gettin' cold!" his mother hollered up the staircase.

The sound of her voice snapped Tim back to consciousness. He quickly pulled on a fresh pair of boxers and tucked in his dangling soft cock. He bounded down the stairs and rushed to the kitchen table and sat, awaiting the plate his mom kept warm for him. Karen placed the warm plate of eggs and wafflers look sinfully delicious. Unfortunately, Tim couldn't keep his eyes off his delectable mother. She was wearing an oversized shirt which reached down just below her ass cheeks. Karen turned away from Tim and bent over to pick up a fork she dropped. Tim lecherously ogled her, hoping his sexy mother wasn't wearing any panties. Tim's cock stirred back to life. Disappointingly, Timmy recognized the bright pink runners shorts he mother wore around the house. He attempted to adjust his boner to move past this false alarm.

"Eat up so you can be strong for you big day, birthday boy," Karen said with a wink.

She almost seemed to be teasing him today. Lost in the thrill of peeking at his sexy mom, Tim had completely forgotten today was his 19th birthday!

"Any plans for tonight?" his mother asked. "You deserve some fun after your hard work at the gym."

"Nothing too extreme, I'm hitting the gym and i might go out with the guys later" Tim replied.

Karen simply smiled and returned to her own breakfast. The two chatted for a short while until they finished and Tim excused himself to go shower and clean up. On his way upstairs, Tim snuck a peek at his mothers silky, toned legs again.

"Gosh, those would look fucking hot wrapped around my waist," he muttered to himself.

All Tim could think of in the shower was his stunning mother. Just as he was about start jerking himself off, his mother barreled through the bathroom door.

"I brought you some fresh towels!" Karen exclaimed.

Tim was awestruck when he realized his hot mom was wearing her gym attire. It consisted of a sports bra and overly tight yoga pants. He wondered if she could make out his thick jutting manhood through the opaque glass of the shower door. Karen was fixing her hair in the mirror and stole glance at her baby in the shower. Her jaw almost dropped at the sight of what was sticking out of his groin. Her juicy pussy twitched with the thought of such a thick cock living under the same roof as her. But this was her son, it was wrong she thought to herself. Karen dismissed the thought of fucking her own flesh and started to wash the dishes.

Meanwhile, Tim was still in the shower. He was willing to bet his life that he caught his mom peeking at his dick through the opaque glass. The thought thrilled him. The warm water felt exhilarating on his cool skin. Tim lathered his erect cock and proceeded to masturbate for the second time that morning. His knees almost buckled at the intensity of his orgasm, sending four thick spurts of cum into the shower drain. Tim finally composed himself and retreated to his room.

Chapter 4

It was 11 AM and his mother was heading out for her morning workout. The material of her tightly fitted pants made for a stunning visual. Any onlooker could see every definition of muscle tone and the even the split between her firm cheeks as she walked.

"I'll be back in an hour or so, I made you snacks and left 'em in the fridge," Karen yelled up the staircase.

"Got it," Tim replied.

Karen grabbed her duffle bag and headed for her car. She quickly arrived at her gym, beginning her usual stretching routine. During her workout, Karen found it difficult to focus. Her moist pussy kept twitching at the thought of seeing her son's thick shaft earlier that morning.

"It must be as thick as a can of shaving cream," Karen thought to herself.

Karen needed a thorough fucking, it had been months since she received any pleasure from a man. Just as she tried to refocus on her routine for what seemed like the 10th time that day, a young man came over and started to chat her up. He was tall, very muscular, and tan. Very tan. Karen thought he was the prototypical bodybuilder on steroids. But still, she decided to reciprocate. The young man stared at her with his green eyes and flirted with her.

"I've seen you around here a lot, Im Steven," He said as he held out his massive hand to her.

"I'm Karen, you must be new at this gym." she said.

"Yeah, I've been coming here for about a month now," Steven responded. "You know you're like the hottest piece of ass in here, right?"

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