It was a Dark and Stormy Night


Byron released the hold he had on her hair and began to slow down. His panting told me that he was going to cum. Cathryn knew it also, and once again she surprised me. Slowly rocking back and forth, she looked at me, smiled, bit her lower lip. I could tell she was up to something. I soon found out what it was.

Without breaking eye contact with me she turned her head to speak to Byron. Sensing his impending orgasm she said, "Oh yes, Byron. Cum in me." Then smiled a sly smile that said 'I'm letting another man cum in me, and you're going to watch'. She wanted to keep the heat up as long as possible. Feeling Byron's dick throb inside her, she said, "Oh yes. Give it to me. Yes." And I masturbated as I watched another man pump his sperm into my wife. He pulled out and Cathryn stood up straight and several deep breaths, occasionally looking at and smiling at me. Byron waved his hand and said that it was up to me, he was tired.

Still seated in my chair, I had Cathryn kneel in front of me and suck the cum out of my cock. I couldn't imagine how much cum Cathryn had inside her, but I was going to add more. She lay back on the floor and motioned for me to come to her. She pulled me on top of her and reached down to put my cock inside her.

Keeping up appearances, she told me to fuck her before her husband came home. We smiled at each other and she practically screamed encouragement as I thrust myself into her. She came quickly, something she didn't do with Byron, and when she was recovering I let myself go to orgasm.

Before leaving Byron made a comment about how wild she was doing something like this. She said something about how everyone should try something like this once. I knew that she meant there wouldn't be another time. She smiled at me as Byron and I exited. I returned after Byron had drove off. As I walked in, without a word, Cathryn pulled the long T-shirt she was wearing off and pulled me into the bedroom where we fucked the rest of the night.

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