tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIt was Getting Late... Ch. 02

It was Getting Late... Ch. 02


Kira woke up feeling confused, disorientated and frankly, a little bit sore. She had fallen asleep at the nurses' station in between the pages of her favorite biology book. The day staff had finally arrived and it was time for her to be heading back home.

She packed up her bag, which felt like it weighed a ton, and headed out the ward and down the stairs.

"Was it all a dream?" she whispered to herself. Maybe she was hallucinating from all the caffeine she had ingested recently. But she was sore. She felt like she had just done a heavy work out after sitting on the couch for a good few months. This couldn't have been all in her mind could it? She remembered his hands on her, his lips, his eyes...

She got to the bottom of the stairs and before she knew it she knew it she had crashed head-on into someone. Her bag went flying one way and the contents, the other. Before she looked up she was already apologizing and gathering her belongings. But when she did look up, she was looking into those eyes... those crystal blue eyes that felt like they could stare straight into her soul. The next thing that she noticed was his smell. God, he always smells so good. She froze.

No words came out of her mouth and her limbs felt heavy. She wasn't even breathing. Kira was a deer caught in the headlights.

"Good morning, Nurse Kira." he said with his polite, usual smile.

All she could do was exhale and give a minute, fake smile.

"I trust you had a pleasant night. Go home and get some rest, you look like hell!" he mocked and handed her the rest of her belongings.

"Thanks, Dr. I will." She replied and hurried her way out of the hospital.

It was not unusual for him to tease her like this and frankly she was used to it. When she was in the right mood she would even tease him back. But why was he acting so... normal? Was he not there last night? Did she only imagine him fucking her in that storeroom? After much thought, she decided she was obviously just a lunatic and in desperate need of some tea and a shower.

She got home, threw her clothes in the wash and turned on the shower. She was looking at her naked body in the mirror. Her nipples were still slightly swollen, her lips full, her cheeks flushed, her eyes greener and brighter than usual. She ran her hand down her body to her clit, which was still sensitive, and touched the opening of her pussy.

She gasped as it was also sensitive and slightly painful to the touch. But she looked as different as she felt.

She climbed into the shower and let the warm water run down her back, her breasts and her taught stomach. Her hands followed suit and she found herself rubbing her clit now.

She started to picture him, Dr. Hartley, naked and touching her in the way she was touching herself. She started to moan as her fingers started to circle quicker around her clit, making her pussy drip with pure pleasure. Her other hand moved up and started toying with her nipple which was now rock hard and aching to be touched. She imagined his skilled tongue sucking and licking her nipple in the way she was sure it had.

The fingers on her clit were now rubbing furiously as she could feel her orgasm approaching.

She imagined him sucking on her clit and slamming his fingers torturously in and out of her needy pussy.

She started to pant and scream in ecstasy. She was biting her bottom lip and writhing in pleasure and could feel every part of her body throbbing and aching, almost begging to be touched by him.

She imagined his giant cock teasing and pleasuring her pussy walls, making her explode around him.

She imagined, no, remembered him coaxing her to come.

"Come for me, baby!" she could hear his voice inside her head.

She exploded into an earth-shattering orgasm and screamed his name out loud. Her pussy was quivering and her knees went weak. She thrust her back against the shower wall to keep herself from collapsing onto the floor.

Finally, when her orgasm had subsided, she washed herself and went to sleep. Would he be there again tonight?

She woke up groggy and still tired. Her alarm had been going off for about 4 minutes before it had actually woken her. This whole nocturnal thing wasn't agreeing with her. Lazily, she got herself dressed and tied her hair in a neat pony. She looked at herself in the mirror... "Sexy nurses' outfit hey?" she said out loud with a sardonic smirk on her face. "Ok, that works."

She got to the hospital at 18h10, said goodbye to the day-staff, checked on her patients and unpacked her books at the nurses' station. She needed to study. No more distractions, Kira. She thought.

This was, after all, the whole reason she had agreed to this night shift was so that she could study. NOT fantasize about her asshole boss. Yea, he was gorgeous and definitely desirable but he was still an asshole.

For the next 5 hours, Kira tried to focus on her studies but kept having kinky, erotic daydreams. Some were about him, some weren't. Either way, a wet spot had started to form in her panties. Other than that, every time someone had come into the ward, she had a rush of adrenaline, got all flustered and hoped it wasn't Dr. Hartley but then found herself experiencing a pang of disappointment when it wasn't actually him.

She unintentionally dozed off and at around 04h30, she felt someone tapping her on her shoulder.

She opened her eyes with a jolt and realized she had drool running down her chin. Argh, how embarrassing. She quickly wiped it off with the back of her hand.

She was disorientated and was still half asleep when she turned around and saw who it was that woke her from her not-so-graceful snooze. It was Dr. Hartley.

Fuck... ok, Kira, Just play it cool.

"Good morning, Nurse Kira. Sorry to have woken you but I just thought I should check up on Mr. Smith's vitals. He wasn't doing so great yesterday."

Jesus, she thought, why is he acting so professional?

"Um, he is stable now, Dr. We increased his meds and have him on a double dose of Morphine so he is doing much better." Her voice came out a little softer than she had intended.

"Great. Thank you Kira." And with that, he walked away and out of the ward.

An overwhelming and unexpected feeling of disappointment came over her. Why did he no longer want her? Maybe this whole thing really WAS all in her mind. Or maybe he was just one of those guys, which didn't surprise her... you know, wham, bam and thank you ma'am types.

Kira had had a few one night stands before, but she had never felt like this. Maybe it's because they have to work together now. Is it possible to work with someone that drives you crazy?

With that thought, Kira put her head back in between her book and slept until the end of her shift.

Kira welcomed the fresh air as she made her way to the parking lot. The air felt crisp, clean and refreshing. She inhaled and walked over to her car. She marveled at the beauty that was her old, beat up, rusted yellow VW Beetle. This was hers. She decided that even when she was earning a doctor's salary, she would never get rid of this car.

As she was unlocking the door and fumbling with all the belongings in her hands she felt someone come up behind her but before she could even turn around, she was pressed up against the car and two strong arms leaned her against the car on either side of her head. Everything that she was holding in her hands dropped to the floor. Her breath and heart rate spiked and she got that familiar adrenaline rush.

"Hey baby. Did you miss me? Because I haven't been able to stop thinking about you and that body of yours." He whispered into her ear. There was something in his voice that scared her but she still got shivers down her spine when his breath caressed her ear and neck.

She looked around and registered that they were in the parking lot and that there might be other people around. She did not want this whole affair to be known to the rest of the hospital staff like the rest of his affairs were. She had more dignity than that. Well, at least she liked to think so.

"Um, Dr. Hartley, you scared me." She croaked out. Although she was happier to see him than she would like to have admitted, there really was something about him that scared her. His intensity? His dominance? She didn't quite know.

He ran his fingers up her spine and grabbed her by her ponytail, pulling her head back to rest on his shoulder, his body still pinning her to the car.

He turned her head towards him and pressed his lips to hers, kissing her roughly, his tongue ravishing her mouth. She could feel his erection growing against her ass.

"Please, James, we are in a public place. You're embarrassing me." Her face was flushed and she was looking around nervously in case they had any company.

He then let her go and she experienced a strange feeling of abandonment. He moved over to the back door, opened it and then swiftly pushed her in, climbed on top of her and locked the door behind him.

Kira was still worried about being caught.

"This isn't a good idea. We could get into a lot of trouble for this." Kira tried to sound stern.

"Shh baby. Just relax." He coaxed.

The back seat was small and being alone with him in a confined space she knew she didn't stand a chance.

He started kissing her hungrily again, nibbling on her bottom lip every now and then. Kira knew she was still soaking wet from earlier and he was bound to find out sometime soon.

He moved to her neck and his one hand drifted up her shirt, passed her bra and was now pinching and squeezing down on one of her sensitive nipples.

"Ahhh!" she cried. But he didn't stop. He needed this.

He took one of her hands in his and led it down passed his belt and into his pants until he was holding her hand, stroking his growing cock.

"Keep stroking my cock, baby. That's a good girl." He encouraged.

Kira's face flushed. She liked getting compliments from him so she kept stroking him as best she could while he kept up the assault on her mouth, neck and nipples.

After she had been stroking his cock for a while and she was now writhing in pure, wanton lust, she could feel her wetness dripping down her thigh.

James grabbed both of her hands and pinned them above her head with one of his hands. He was much stronger than her and he made sure she knew it.

With his other hand he started to take off his pants altogether and after some maneuvering in the back seat of this little car, James was able to position his cock right near her mouth whilst straddling her.

Kira looked apprehensive but James just stroked her hair in encouragement and said "Open that dirty little mouth for my cock baby."

Kira did just that and James slowly pushed his cock into her mouth until he had reached the back of her throat.

"That's my good little slut." He encouraged.

Kira was concentrating on swirling her tongue around the head of his cock and keep a slow, constant sucking motion, all the while trying not to gag on the invasion in her throat.

James started fucking her mouth slowly, just like he would fuck her pussy. She started to taste his pre-cum and it tasted so good.

James started moving faster and faster in Kira's mouth and Kira started sucking harder and swirling her tongue faster around his fat cock.

"Let's see how far you can take this cock baby. Let's see what a real slut you are." James panted and slowly pushed his cock all the way into Kira's throat.

"Ah! Fuck Kira that feels so fucking good!" He panted and stilled his cock for a few moments and closed his eyes.

But Kira couldn't breathe. His cock was too big and her body was starting to convulse in that way when it's starved of oxygen. Her eyes were watering and she needed his cock out of her throat before she passed out.

"OUCH! JESUS! FUCK KIRA! WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?!" James screamed as Kira bit down on his cock.

James had pulled his cock out of Kira's mouth and Kira sucked a huge breath of air into her lungs.

"I'm sorry James", she panted, "But I was going to pass out if you kept your cock in there. It's too big and I was suffocating!"

This excuse did not sit well with James.

"I want your ass, over my lap, in the air, NOW, Kira!"

Kira looked a bit confused and didn't quite know what was going on.

James grabbed Kira and threw her over his lap and pulled her pants down in one swift motion.

Kira finally knew what James was about to do and started to panic. Being spanked was never something that she was in to and certainly did not want to get spanked by James. Clearly he was an unforgiving, selfish and unreasonable bastard when it came to these sorts of things.

"But I couldn't breathe!" Kira sobbed and unsuccessfully struggled to get away.

"That's no excuse, Kira. And now you are going to be punished. I'm going to spank you now and I want you to count them out as I do. Understood?"

Kira panicked.

"I know you still have a lot to learn so I will only give you 6 spankings this time. But next time you won't be so lucky."

She was so angry. She wasn't some naughty child that he could just throw over his lap and spank but right now she had no choice but to get it over with. She made a mental note to never let there be a "next time".

Without warning, James's hand came smacking down on to Kira's perfect ass.

"Ouwwww!" she yelled.

"I don't hear you counting, Pet. And I won't be counting the ones that you don't" he reprimanded.

"ONE!" she squealed. No, this was definitely not her scene.

He spanked her 5 more times until her ass was red and aching and she was sobbing into his lap.

He felt kind of bad for doing this to her but after all; she did bite his favorite appendage.

Kira was so mad. Yes, the actual spanks hurt like hell but she was crying out of pure rage and humiliation.

Without warning, James slipped a finger inside of Kira's pussy, pulled it out and it was soaked.

"I see your body enjoyed that little punishment, Pet." He was making her feel even more humiliated.

She knew there was no point in telling him that her wetness was from before. After all, it was, wasn't it?

James pulled Kira into his arms, and stroked her hair behind her ear and started kissing her passionately again. Her lips tasted so good and he knew he wanted to come into that gorgeous mouth of hers.

"Baby, I need you to do something for me to make up for biting me."

Kira dared not look him in the eyes. She was too embarrassed.

James knew that he had to show her and so he grabbed Kira by the hair and pushed her mouth back down on to his cock.

"No biting this time Kira. I mean it!" His voice was firm and she knew now what would happen to her if she didn't do as she was told. Kira just wanted to get this whole thing over with. Her ass was burning and her face, even more so.

Kira wrapped her soft, warm lips around the head of James's cock and started to suck like she was doing before. She paid close attention to James's reaction to her certain techniques. He responded most when she took his cock as deep as she could, swirled her tongue as fast as she could and sucked down as hard as she could, being very careful not to use any of her teeth.

"Yes baby, I'm going to come. Don't stop!" James instructed.

Kira's mouth was starting to hurt and she was scared of what would happen if she disobeyed his orders and stopped. So she gave it her all. She took his cock deep into her mouth, sucked as hard as she could until eventually James was grunting and breathing in the way she recognized. He was finally about to come and so she opened her throat and felt him pour his hot juice down her throat. It scared her that she loved his taste and she loved the feeling of him coming apart in her mouth. Kira swallowed all of James's come and pulled his cock out of her mouth to catch her breath.

James sat there for a moment and after a while he pulled up his pants, gave Kira a quick kiss and headed back to work without saying a word, leaving Kira to drive home confused, scared, frustrated and dripping wet...

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