tagInterracial LoveIt Was Her, Me, Him, and Colin

It Was Her, Me, Him, and Colin


I was furious with my best friend, again, she had been mooning once more at my husband, and I was getting more and more annoyed with it.

I had known her for a lot of years. I had never ever had any sort of boyfriend problems at all with her. And now here she was blatantly attempting to entice my husband of 9 months, and let me tell you, I wasn't having it.

Shannon is 22, single (just) she is engaged to be married, and has a very nice boyfriend, she is tall, taller than me anyway. Has long ash blonde hair, is really beautiful, long legged and sexy, and she had told me she was intending to marry him.

My husband had gone to work so I called her early morning and invited her over for coffee. But it was going to be a clear the air meeting. I was going to clear the air big time. I didn't want to lose her as my best friend, but it had to stop, and stop it would.

Me? I am Rachel Tolwood, also 22. I used to be Rachel Dobbs until I married my husband, and I am very happy except for this episode.

We are both black people, our origins are from the West Indies and we are both proud of our heritages, although we are British through and through.

Nothing about us is West Indian apart from our bodily appearances.

My husband Malcolm is tremendously good looking, big tall and powerful, all a girl could want, including the proverbial big black prick, just in case you wanted to know okay? He also knows very well how to use it, of that I can promise you.

Me? As I said, I am Rachel, 5ft 5" tall, and have lovely soft silky skin; Malcolm says when he runs his hands over me it's like caressing a silk dress instead of skin.

I have black smooth curly hair, my face is good looking, my lips are my prize asset on my face, they are made for kissing and everyone knows it. (amongst other things!)

My opinion of my own body is, I think I am beautiful, and I am very happy in my skin, plump perky tits, narrow waist, nice legs, so I know I could hold my own against most challengers.

Both I and Malcolm love our sex lives. And in the time we have been doing it we have led each other by the hand and experienced mind blowing sex, and we are continually experimenting in bed.

There isn't much we haven't done including having his prick up my black rounded arse a few times. I didn't like it at first but I've got used to it, and now I quite like it!

Mal and I have talked about different scenarios in our sex lives. We have talked about other people entering it, a man for me, a white one, and a woman for him, a white one. We have teased and cajoled each other to orgasm sometimes, its brilliant. But neither of us has ever suggested that we ever get down to doing it.

I had even brought Shannon into the mix. I teased him one night about him having her tied to our bed spread eagled while he fucked her. I was saying all this while he had his gorgeous prick in me. And I must confess he did shoot his load quite hard into me as I talked him through fucking her.

Like I said, it was never part of our plans to open our marriage; we were more than happy with what we had.

But it was about to change, and in an unexpected way at that.

Shannon came over and we chatted about this and that, then I broached the subject of her antics around Mal, I told her I wasn't at all happy about it, and that she had to pull the plug, or we would end up having a bit of a fall out.

She of course denied any wrong doing. That I was imagining all of it, and if I thought there was anything there, it was in my head, she told me.

'Shannon, don't treat me like a stupid airhead, I'm not okay!' I shouted at her.

'I'm not,' she replied. 'You are being paranoid.'

'I am not being paranoid,' I told her. 'You are making a fool of yourself.'

'Mal won't go any where near you Shannon, you know that, or do you?'

'Of course he would Rachel, just look at me, don't you think I could get any man I wanted?'

'Shannon, you are deluding yourself, of course you are beautiful, but men, my Malc anyway, wants more than beauty.'

'Ha!' She scoffed, 'you mean someone like you? Someone who could hardly get through school? At least I got good grades!'

'Shannon, how can you say those things to me I thought you were supposed to be my friend?' I asked.

'I'm sorry Rachel; I didn't mean to be nasty.' She said.

'Shannon, you are going to stop this or else, I'm warning you right here, right now!' I told her.

'Or else what Rach, what will you do? Beat me up? Ha! I'm bigger than you and taller, I think you would find me too much of a handful for someone your size.'

Now I knew she had made a serious error, I work part time in a supermarket stacking shelves etc, hard physical work, Shannon works part time in an office on a typewriter.

She is about 4" taller than me, and is about 10lbs heavier, but I knew I was ten times fitter.

'Shannon, get on your feet right now,' I yelled at her.

She laughed as she got up and said. 'What are we going to do Rach, have a wrestling match?' she laughed at me.

As she got to her feet and faced me, I lashed out and slapped her so hard across her face it spun her off her feet, and plonked her back in the chair.

She was more than astonished, and sat in her seat for long a moment.

Then she jumped up and rushed at me, I twisted away from her and she fell over. I burst out laughing, which infuriated her. I thought she would see the funny side of all this, but she didn't, she charged at me again.

I was wearing a thin cashmere pullover, long sleeved, with a calf leather mini skirt. She was wearing a light blue front buttoned denim mini skirt, and short sleeved white cotton top.

Neither of us had a bra on, I never wear one at home, and I had noticed Shannon didn't wear one nowadays when she came to my home either now.

Her nipples were sticking out as usual, and I realised mine were too, it must be all this excitement I thought.

As she reached me our hands connected, and we started pulling and pushing at each other.

Then we ended up on the floor, I got on top of her, then she was on top of me, we were on our sides, then on our other sides, and she really was going for it.

I realised as we went on that she was really serious about this spat, so I knew I would have to be careful to make sure she didn't get the upper hand.

That's when she kneed me in the stomach, for a moment I was winded, and then I got mad.

'You bitch Shannon,' I said, 'that's it now, I'm gonna beat you all ends up.'

She laughed and said, 'come on then airhead, try it!'

I managed got to get back on top of her. I could tell she was tiring from the struggle. I got my knees on her upper arms and forced her hands above her head.

'Get off me Rachel, you bastard!' She stormed.

I pressed down really hard on her arm muscles with my knees, and I could tell it was beginning to hurt her.

'Rachel, stop this right now,' she said, 'it's gone far enough!'

'Hah,' I sniggered, 'I am beating you easily, and now you are scared of me.'

'I am fucking not scared of you, you fucking bitch, do your worst, 'I'll just stay here until you get fed up!'

That's when I started punishing her arms by rolling my knees backwards and forwards, and after a few moments, she said, 'Okay Rach, I give up, let me go please?'

'Not a chance Shannon, you started this, so I'm going to finish it.' I told her.

I really applied pressure, and she knew now she was in bother.

'Rachel, please stop you're hurting me.' She bleated.

'Good, I replied, 'you are going to suffer now you bitch.' I spat at her.

I realised then that I was so turned on, my pussy was tingling and throbbing, my nipples were screaming at me for attention.

I don't know why but I reached behind me briefly, pulled her skirt up and felt her pussy, red hot and wet through!

'Rachel, what are you doing? Please stop this right now, I'm sorry okay? I will behave myself I promise.'

I sort of lost control then, I rolled and pressed her arms harder until I knew she was no longer able to use them.

She was helpless now and crying, her eyes were full of sorrowful tears.

I forced her hands and arms right above her head, scooted forward and jammed my soaking panty clad pussy over her mouth and nose.

This caused a renewed struggle from her.

She bucked her rump, kicked her legs, but had to give up because her strength had gone.

She was mine now. I was the victor! And to the victor? The spoils!

I couldn't help myself, I needed to cum, I rubbed my pussy up and down her face, then lifted my skirt and tore my panties off me.

I had never ever in my life even had a lesbian thought, and now here I was doing it, and more than desperate to orgasm.

I let go of her wrists and they just stayed there, I reached behind me and felt for Shannon's nipples, which, I know, because she often tells me, are very sensitive, proud and long, about ½ an inch!

They were stuck up like bottle corks, she was turned on too!

I leaned further back then and yanked her skirt up, clamped my hand on her pussy, hot, wet and pulsing!

I went for it then, I dug a finger into her, wiggled it about, eliciting a long low moan from her, leaning forward, I grabbed her hair and really got my pussy over and in her mouth.

'Suck it, and lick it Shannon, make me cum you fucking horny cunt!' I yelled at her, and she did too, I shot my cum, and my juices into her mouth as I exploded, it was wonderful.

I didn't know it, but I was holding her in place with my knees and my fingers were gripping and twisting my nipples as I blew my hot load.

I slowly recovered and thought to myself, I like this! This is brilliant! I want more of it! And having Shannon under me captive, I could, and I was going to!

I jumped up, dashed into my bedroom, grabbed my dressing gown, removed the cord belt and hurried back before she could recover.

She was still laid there with her arms over her head, bless her!

I got down on her again and turned her over onto her tummy, and pulled her arms down to her sides, she yelped, but hey ho!

'Rachel,' she moaned, 'what are you doing now? Please let me go, I'm so so sorry Rach!'

'Nope Shannon, we have business to attend to.' Meaning I wanted to cum again, and I was going to make her cum, just as hard as I had.

I tied a noose type knot around one wrist, put the cord across her back, made another one onto her other wrist, turned her over again and tied the loose end across her tummy and fastened it to the first wrist again, there we go I thought, trussed up like a Christmas chicken, and I was going to have a feast and a party!

I was kneeling over her now and smiling down at my captive, my sex toy, and boy was I going to have some fun.

Here I was, a lovely sexy black girl, going to have my way with a beautiful sexy blonde one, Oh wow!

I pulled my clothes off so I was naked; her eyes went so wide when I did, then grabbing her top I just ripped it apart, making her gasp so loud.

'Please Rachel, what are you intending to do to me, with me?' she said pleadingly.

'Well Shannon,' I replied, 'I suppose, I am going to do anything I want to do don't you, and there's not a lot you can do to stop me now, is there?' I laughed.

I began tweaking her nipples, we women know just how that ought to be done don't we? It's a pity really that a lot of you men don't know how to!

I was twiddling, caressing and gently pulling on them, they felt delicious.

'Rachel, please?' She mumbled, she was on her way already, I could tell, this was gonna be easier than I hoped it would be.

I kept at her tits, in just the way I knew she would not be able to deny.

'Rachel?' She whispered, 'please?'

I smirked silently at her, I knew where I was going with this now, and soon I would have her begging me to either stop, or make her cum!

I bent my head and suddenly sucked first one then the other hot hard nipple into my mouth, pulling with my teeth, and sucking hard with my lips. Whilst cupping both in my soft hands.

'Oh oh oh Rachel,' she gurgled, 'please don't, stop please?'

I stopped sucking and started kissing my way up to her neck.

'Rachel!' She almost screamed.

'Yes Shannon, do you want something?' I murmured into her ear.

I was at her neck now and she tried to twist this way and that to stop me, but it was useless, I just kept at her until she gave in.

It was then that I brushed my soft thick lips over hers, her seduction to me was unstoppable now, I knew it, she would find out very soon!

The sight of my black skin on her white was irresistible; her blonde hair spread out above her head was too sexy to bear.

I began to kiss her properly whist still killing her nipples, Shannon began to move and moan.

I drove her onwards and upwards to the top, and then stopped.

'What's wrong Rachel,' she asked in surprise.

I undid the buttons on her skirt and pulled it way, followed very quickly by tattered panties.

I plunged my fingers into her sopping pussy; wow was she turned on now hey?

My lips and hers were locked together; tongues were fencing and battling for supremacy.

Her legs started kicking up and down, her knees rose and fell.

I jumped up and got on her in the 69 position, my pussy automatically forced itself onto her now open and willing mouth.

I got hold of one nipple between my fingers, and my other grabbed at her clit.

I had to just drive myself up and over her face, it was impossible not to. Her tongue got my pussy, my arse, my clit, everything.

Whist I ravaged her pussy, I could tell she was on the threshold of orgasm. I had intended to stop and tease her remorselessly, but I couldn't. I wanted to cum as much as she did.

We both exploded in a crescendo of moans, small screams, and shudders.

I fell on her, my legs had shot from under me as I came, our bodies in opposite directions, my face in her pussy, hers welded to mine, I licked at hers to get my first taste ever of a woman, and I liked it, she smelled and tasted fantastically sexy.

As I got over that momentous orgasm, I rose up and went and got a towel to dry my face off, and also to dry her head and face, she was dripping with my love.

I lay down beside her on the carpet after placing a cushion under her head.

'Well Shannon, what do you think now?' I asked.

'I don't know.' She replied.

'Well you wanted to be blacked, and now you have been, but not the way you expected hey?'

'Rachel, what's just happened was the furthest from my thoughts as it could have been, but I have to admit, it was wonderful, it's a hell of a long time since I've cum like that!'

'And me,' I admitted, 'but it was so different too.'

I was leaning over her looking down, my lips close to hers, so I kissed her again, this time she responded fully.

'You can untie me now if you like Rachel,' she said.

'Not a chance Shannon, I'm still horny, and you are gonna be my sex toy for the rest of the day, so don't get any ideas of going home any time soon.' I told her.

'But Rachel, you can't just keep me here like this.' She protested.

'No?' I said, 'and who's gonna stop me, you?'

I dug two fingers into her still steaming pussy; boy did it make her gasp and moan.

'Please Rachel, I can't stand another one, it'll kill me.' She moaned.

That's when I had my brainwave; I helped her to her feet and pushed her out of the sitting room and into my bedroom.

'Rachel, what's in your mind?' She asked slowly.

I left her there briefly and dashed into the garage where I knew Malc kept a long length of thin rope, the kind you hang washing on.

Picking up a pair of scissors from the kitchen I went back to Shannon who was just stood there where I left her.

It was easy for me to push her backwards onto the bed and get back on top of her, after a bit of shuffling I had her centre placed on the big bed.

'Rachel, what the fucking hell are you up to now?' She stormed.

Silently I cut some pieces of the rope and tied her feet wide apart. (After a bit of a fight from her) Then undoing her wrists one at a time and tying them to each corner I had her well spread eagled!

I was heating up again; the power trip I was on was getting me hot, real hot.

I clambered over her again, this was fantastic, and my control over her was beginning to drive me nuts. I wish I had had a strap on dildo; boy would I have put her through her paces!

I started on her nipples again whilst rubbing my pussy on hers; this was gonna be a race to see who came first!

I leaned to see if she would accept my kiss, no problem! Right on,

'Rachel you are kissing me like it's a brand new experience, your lips are so soft, demanding yet giving, it's just so lovely.' She moaned into my mouth.

I slid backwards then and got between her wide open legs, her pussy was mine for the taking, and taking it I was.

I dove at her clit like a demented banshee, I lashed it and sucked it as hard as I could, I looked upwards and her head was thrown right back, then she came in a howl and a gush of nectar, right into my open mouth, I swallowed it all.

Just then the fucking phone at the side of the bed rang.

I reluctantly picked it up; because I didn't want any unpleasant surprises.

It was Colin, her boyfriend asking if Shannon was here with me, my face was covered in her liquid, I giggled and said, 'yes she is, why?'

'Can I talk to her please?'

'Sure, hang on, she's just cumming.' I silently laughed at her.

She shook her beautiful head, 'No!'

I jammed the phone to her ear and pointed it at her mouth.

'Hi Colin,' she breathed.

I bent my head and sucked hard on a nipple, Shannon tried to shake free, no chance!

'Honey, I won't be home tonight, we got problems here, so I will see you tomorrow okay?'

I started now on her other nipple; her head fell back, so I had to hold the phone for her.

'Oh, okay Colin, I will stay with Rachel for now, so if you ring home and I'm not there you'll know why?'

'Okay babe, see you tomorrow,' I heard him say.

I grabbed the phone now.

'Don't worry about Shannon Colin, I'll take care of her and see to her needs okay?' I almost brayed down the line.

'Thanks Rach, I owe you one, bye?'

Now there was a thought I hadn't considered? He owed me one? Mmmm, dirty lewd thoughts ran through my filthy mind.

I placed the phone down and went straight for her clit; she almost flew from the bed, good job she was tied down hey?

As I was savouring her love juice, I never heard or saw the bedroom door open.

'What the fucking hell, is going on here?'I heard a loud voice.

It was Malc.

'Wha Wha what are you doing home so early.' I gasped, as I jumped right off the bed, leaving a very exposed, naked, and spread eagled Shannon there.

'Bloody hell Rach, I didn't know you two got up to this?' He said.

Shannon broke in then.

'We aren't, she just jumped me, beat me up, and did this to me!' She cried, trying to get out of her situation.

'You fucking liar Shannon, you got this because you were after Malc, so don't lie!' I shouted.

'It just went from that to this Malc, I promise honey.' I said, trying to level things out a bit.

That's when things took a different turn, one that shook me rigid.

'What do you mean she is/was after me Rach?' He said.

'She has been mooning and giving you the eye for the last 3 weeks Malc, you can't say you haven't noticed?'

'Well, no I haven't, but I can't blame her can you.' He laughed.

'Malc, that isn't funny,' I shouted.

'Rach, somehow you have her tied to our bed and you've been fucking her and having fun, what else you want me to say?' He roared at me.

'Malc,' I bleated.

'Well if she fancies me, then it must be she wants black, is that right Rach, Shannon?'

'She has had some from you and I can see she is up for it, so?' he said quietly now.

'So? So what Malc?' I queried.

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