tagFetishIt Was Meant To Be Ch. 05

It Was Meant To Be Ch. 05

byNemasis Enforcer©

It had been several weeks since Dawn, Debbie, Andy and Stacy had started having sex together.

Since their parents had come back from the holiday, the 4 had been seeing a lot less of each other.

They had not had a foursome since the last night they stayed at Andy and Debbie's, but Andy and Debbie would often go around and spend some time with their two lovers; it was on one of these trips that Debbie made a discovery.

"Dawn have you, you know had your period yet?" Debbie asked as she caressed her lover's tender breast after a long 69ing session between the two.

"No, but I should have a few days ago, why haven't you?" Dawn asked back.

Debbie shook her head "No"

"Are you worried you could be, coz I am" Dawn asked.

"Not really worried, I told you all I would let nature take its cause, I love Andy so much, I think I might like to be" Debbie admitted.

"Well shall we go get some tests from the chemists?" Dawn asked.

Debbie nodded and they quickly got dressed and went to the local chemist to get the pregnancy tests.

Stacy was at collage so the two had plenty of time to do the tests, they got into the house and went up to do the tests, both waited nervously holding hands as they waited for the results to come.

Debbie and Dawn both hugged and breathed out hard as the results came back.

"POSERTIVE" they both said together looking at the tests one more time making sure they weren't mistaken.

"We should get Andy and Stacy together and tell them" Debbie suggested.

"Yeah I'll call Stacy if you get Andy" Dawn said reaching for the phone and calling Stacy on her new mobile "Hi Stacy get back here now, we all have something to talk about, you, me, Andy and Debbie" Dawn said as she put down the phone.


"I'll call Andy" Debbie said taking the phone from Dawn and ringing up Andy on his mobile leaving the same message.

It was a few hours later when Andy and Stacy called back saying they would be back soon about 6 O' Clock they all were together in the house sat on the sofa.

"Well what's going on then? What was so urgent?" Andy asked.

"Well me and Dawn have some news, now we have talked about this while we were alone and have made a decision, but we want to know what you think and we'll change our plans if you want" Debbie said holding Dawn's hand tight as they stood, looking at the two on the sofa.

"What is it then?" Stacy asked eager to know.

"Well we're both" there was a long pause before Debbie continued "Pregnant!"

Andy's face was a picture as he heard Debbie say the word, his mouth was open his eyes wide. Stacy stood up immediately and hugged both women, crying they hugged her back before all eyes went to Andy who was still sat there.

"Well what do you think Andy, isn't this great?" Stacy asked Andy concern coming onto her face as he failed to show any enthusiasm.

"Well?" both pregnant women asked together.

"It's ........ GREAT" Andy shouted as he jumped up and hugged the 3 women who all started crying together.

"We'll have to sort something out though, about living together" Andy said as the excitement fell slightly.

"Well you two can come live here with us if you want, then we'd be all together again" Stacy suggested to Andy and Debbie who both nodded eagerly as they all hugged again.

A week later after Dawn and Debbie had been to the doctors to make sure they were pregnant (which they were) Andy and Debbie told their parents.

"YOU'RE WHAT," their mother screamed.

"I'm PREGNANT" Debbie shouted back.

"HOW" she demanded.

"WELL FIRST A MAN PUT HIS COCK IN ME AND THEN..." Debbie was interrupted in her sarcastic comments.


"I don't KNOW" Debbie screamed "AND I don't CARE"

"WELL YOUR NOT STAYING HERE WITH ME, YOUR FARTHER AND ANDY OH NO" their mother shouted as she pointed to the door.

"WELL ANDY'S GOT SOMETHING TO SAY TOO, go ahead Andy" Debbie said walking next to her brother patting his back for support.

"Well?" his mother waited for it.

"I'm going to be a ... a.... A" he stumbled over the word.

"What?" his farther asked.

"A... F A R T H E R" Debbie spelled out the word slowly to them.

"God no, not you too" their mother said looking disappointedly at him.

"Yes" he said looking away.


"DON'T CALL HER SLUTTY" Andy shouted in a venomous voice at his farther. He had finally been pushed over the edge and could take no more "YOU ALWAY TRY TO CONTROLE US AND I'm SICK OF IT, WERE GOING RIGHT NOW, FOR GOOD YOU MISERABLE OLD BASTARD!" Andy shouted as he and Debbie walked out of the room and the house, their parent's voices accompanying them out, swearing at them telling them never to come back, which they had no plan of doing.

They stood on the doorstep and looked into the street before looking at each other.

"This is it Deb we're finally free" Andy said as he took her hand and they walked off down the street to their new home.

It had been 8 months since Andy and Debbie moved in with Dawn and Stacy.

Dawn and Debbie were really showing now, their bellies were really big and their breast tender making sex not such a good idea, so it was Andy and Stacy who were at it all the time, Dawn and Debbie would have their pussy's licked by Stacy when they felt horny but they had all agreed no sex until after, so it was up to Stacy to satisfy Andy, something that she relished.

"Oh god Stacy I love it when you suck my, ooohhh pussy like this its so goooooddddd to have some release" Debbie said as she laid back her legs open, her belly preventing her watching Stacy lick her pussy, but she sure could feel it. She had orgasm multiple times and her nipples were now very sore from the stimulation and milk.

"God Stacy my nipples are hurting so much" Debbie said as she rubbed them tenderly.

"That's the problem of being pregnant" Stacy said kneeling up on the bed between Debbie's legs looking over her belly, simultaneously leaning forwards to push her breasts onto Debbie's soft pussylips, waving her chest from side to side she tickled the sensitive area while still being able to talk to her pregnant lover.

"Oh I wish I could get rid of the milk just for some peace" Debbie whined.

Stacy got a sympathetic look on her face and stood; walking around by Debbie's side and kneeling next to her right breast, without saying anything Stacy took the nipple in her mouth and gave it a strong suck, cupping it with her hands causing a steady stream of milk to flow into her mouth which she swallowed eagerly.

"OOOOHHHHH HHMMMM, THAT'S MUCH BETTER AAAAWWWWWOHHHHH" Debbie moaned as the milk flowed from her breast releasing the built up pressure.

Stacy moaned too, as she kept on swallowing the milk until the breast was empty then she moved to the other side and did the same until Debbie said she was all dried out for now.

Stacy and Debbie told Dawn and Andy all about what they had done and reassured Dawn she would get the same treatment when needed, she was most grateful and had a long fondling session with her equally large lover Debbie.

The next few days were spent with Stacy sucking the milk from Dawn and Debbie's heavy breasts, every time she did it she would become really horny and in need of release, so Andy was kept very busy fucking her up to 4 times a day.

"HHHHMM, God Stacy that's nice my breasts were getting really painful then, this is so much better" Dawn moaned as she cradled Stacy's head to her left breast, rubbing the blondes hair tenderly, lovingly as she suck at the breast "God its so nice doing this, its so good letting someone suck milk from your breasts if only you could do it"

Stacy finished sucking and Dawn lay on her side on the bed rubbing her dripping pussy.

"Maybe I could" Stacy said as she slid her hand to her aching pussy and dipped 2 fingers in.

"What do you mean?" Dawn asked.

"I read on the Internet, that if you give the proper stimulation any woman can produce milk pregnant or not" Stacy said as she rubbed her pussy and Dawn's belly simaltaniacly.

"What sort of stimulation?"

"With a breast pump" Stacy said bluntly.

"I didn't know that would work, but it really is good having someone drain you"

"You and Debbie have breast pumps don't you?" Stacy asked hopeful.

"Yeah there in the cupboard in the kitchen why don't you get one and we'll try it out while Andy and Debbie are out?"

Stacy wasted no time in jumping up and running to get the pump, she returned a few seconds later and sat next to Dawn on the bed.

"Ready?" Dawn asked as she held the pump in position on Stacy's right nipple ready to begin pumping it.

Stacy nodded and closed her eyes preparing for what was to come. Dawn squeezed the pump and heard a sharp squeal come from Stacy.

"HHHHOOOO GOD, THAT HURT" Stacy shouted as her nipple felt like it was being ripped off.

Dawn waited a few seconds before pumping again getting another scream from Stacy, who had tears welling up in her eyes and falling onto her cheeks. Dawn kept pumping as Stacy began sobbing she knew Stacy too well and knew that she wouldn't like her to stop, no matter what the pain was like.

Dawn had been pumping the breast pump on Stacy for awhile now, but nothing, all that was happening was Stacy's nipple was becoming red and sore, she was about to give up when the first little trickle of milk dripped out of Stacy who let out a cry of joy.


Dawn stopped pumping and leaned her head down to take the nipple into her mouth as Stacy had on many an occasion, sucking and licking it as the dribble of milk got stronger, the liquid filling her mouth until she was forced to swallow.

"OOHHHHH yes Dawn, you were so right this was worth all the pain it's so nice" Stacy moaned as she felt the pregnant woman's tongue lick at the end of her painfully erect nipple.

Dawn smiled as she sucked the last reminisce of milk from Stacy who was fingering herself furiously bringing herself to a massive orgasm.

That day changed everything for the 4 lovers. Stacy's breasts had become much bigger and she had them sucked by Andy, Dawn and Debbie everyday to keep them that way.

All 3 women were now producing milk and it was a sight to behold when they had group sucking sessions.

Dawn was the first to suggest it but everyone soon agreed. The way it worked was

Dawn and Debbie on the bed side by side, Andy would bend in front of Dawn and suck on Dawn's nipple while Dawn sucked on Stacy's who was stood over Andy, her legs spread wide over each side of Andy's body, Debbie would suck off Andy's cock while he, Stacy and Dawn sucked each other until they were dry, then they changed places so it was Dawn who sucked on Andy while she took up Dawn's job of sucking Stacy and getting sucked by Andy.

All in all it was an extra erotic sight to see 2 heavily pregnant women and another women who was also lactating all getting sucked and doing some sucking with the man they loved even though one of them was his sister.

Dawn and Debbie were due on the same day and like everything else in this strange relationship they went into labour together, their water's breaking during a steamy 3 way lesbian sucking session with Stacy who was sucking on Dawn's pussy when Debbie's broke it was about 10 mins later when Dawn's went the same way.

Andy was out when it happened out of the blue the first he heard was when Stacy phoned him to say that they were in labour.

He rushed into the hospital just as his sister Debbie gave birth to her little son Dave.

Andy, Stacy and new mum Debbie were all waiting to hear of Dawn but she was still in labour for some hours. Eventually she did give birth to a little girl who they all named Jodie.

Debbie and Dawn were in bed next to each other making it easy for Stacy and Andy to stay with them. All 4 shared some tears when Dawn was brought back with Jodie and they all sat together like one big happy family.

"Well there's one good thing about this situation" Stacy said as she rubbed Dawn's hair away from her face as she slept.

"What's that?" Andy asked doing the same to Debbie.

"When they need a brake I'll take over with the feeding" Stacy said as she pushed her chest out showing off her big breasts.

Andy smiled and nodded as he thought about what the rest of their lives would hold, all he knew was they would be together to deal with it.

Hope you enjoyed this story; this is the final chapter of the tail of Andy and the girls.

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