It Was the End of Summer


She shivered as she thought about how weirded out she'd been the night she shared Amy's boyfriend with her and her mom. What the fuck is up with those two? I can't believe they actually licked Rashawne's cum off each other right there in front of me. I've never seen anything so filthy... or so fucking hot. But that was just too freaky weird, even for me. I hope for Amy's sake that it was just a one time deal, and not some ongoing incest thing. Ick! It gives me the heebie jeebies. No, I'm sure she woulda told me if she was fucking around with her mom. Damn, it sure was nice riding Rashawne's cock though. No wonder Amy's so hooked. Boy can fuck.

She reached up to the table where her laptop sat and fumbled for her cigarettes and her cheap Bic lighter. Once she had one of her Marlboro Lights lit, she took a long slow drag. As she blew smoke rings into the Florida sky, she thought about the solid plus sign that had formed on her piss tests. There were three of them in the box, and each one was the same.

Fuck! How'd I get pregnant? She giggled. Well, Dana Lee. It's like this. You let this boy fuck you, and you didn't make him wear a condom or pull out before he came. In fact, you let boy after boy after boy fuck you. Not only did you make none of them wear condoms, you fucking encouraged them against it. Because you, you dumb fucking cunt, like it raw. You love that feel of skin inside your skin. Sliding free. Slick with your juices and his. You fucking love it.

Dana took another drag and blew more smoke rings to the sky. Fuck me. What the fuck am I going to do? What... the fuck... am I going to do?

"Good lord, Dana Lee. Put some fucking clothes on."

She sat up with a start and grabbed for her top as she twisted around to see her brother David with his friend Todd Clay and a black guy named Terrance. She didn't remember his last name. How goddamned long have they been standing there?

David had been friends with Todd since kindergarten, but he'd only met Terrance after the three moved into the same dorm at the University of Florida. It was far from the first time she'd been spied upon by David and Todd. As Alyson loved to point out, her brother was a true pervert. But, this was the first time Terrance had been blessed with a view of her cute little boobs in the buff.

"Y'all turn the fuck around," she said as she clutched her bikini top to her chest. "Fucking pervs."

"Don't call us pervs," David said. She's so fucking sexy. If she wasn't my sister, I would have fucked her a long time ago. Who am I kidding? The only reason I haven't fucked her is she'd never go for it. "You're the one laying out naked."

"Will you please turn the fuck around so I can put my top on?"

Neither David nor Todd gave any indication that they would turn until Terrance said, "Yo, player. This ain't cool. Let's turn around." Damn, look at the bulge David's got going. Fuck, dawg. Your sister is hot, but that's your sister. Fucking white people. Still, he wants to fuck her, there's nothing to stop me from throwing a bone into that sweet little blonde pussy.

The three turned and looked toward the house as Dana Lee quickly tied her metallic blue bikini top back in place over her perky tits. The only one I haven't known my whole life is the only decent one of the three. Fucking pricks.

Dana Lee took another drag on her cigarette as she eyed the three boys. At six-four and 190 pounds, her big brother David was the tallest of the trio. He was lean and blonde just like her, and his sky blue eyes were identical to hers. But thanks to the SPF 90 sun block he was always slathering himself with, he was several shades lighter than her.

His best friend Todd was four inches shorter than David (the same height as her), and had shoulder-length black hair. Even though he was shorter than David, he had to be at least 80 pounds heavier. Yeah, he was an absolute fatty, but that didn't stop him from surfing. In fact, he could surf circles around David, because he'd virtually grown up on the waves, and he had excellent balance. He had a cute face, but as far as she knew, he'd never had a girlfriend thanks to his flab. And it didn't help matters that he always had a flaky sunburn somewhere on his body. Right now his shoulders and belly were the color of a freshly boiled crab.

She didn't know much about their roommate Terrance. They'd invited him to visit Jacksonville for the end of summer. He was staying at a cousin's house, so Dana Lee had only met him once or twice. He was two inches shorter than Todd and just as lean as David. Though he was a black guy, he was more of a mocha color than he was pure black. Judging from the slightly sandy tint in his kinky hair, Dana Lee suspected he probably had at least one white grandparent. The most important thing about him, though, he was a fucking hunk.

Dana Lee took the last drag on her cigarette before she dropped it into the empty Budweiser bottle that sat on the table with her laptop. Then she stood from the lounger, put her sunglasses aside, leaned back into a handstand and walked on her hands to the edge of the pool.

Terrance had quietly turned his head back to try to catch another peak at Dana Lee's adorable boobs. His eyes widened in awe as he saw her hand walk to the edge of the pool and hold the handstand perfectly before hand walking down the steps into the water, and out into the shallow end of the pool, feet straight up in the air. Holy fuck! Bitch has got mad skills! Yeah, David's little sister or no, I'm fucking her today!

Hearing splashing sounds, the other boys turned around and saw the amazing sight of Dana Lee's perfect ass and long, slender legs, sticking straight up out of the water as she made her way to the deeper part of the pool. All three had similar thoughts that no girl at the University of Florida had an ass that equaled the one on this high school girl.

When she couldn't hold her breath any longer, she came up from the water to see them staring at her, as she knew they would be. She shook her head and sent her wet blonde hair flying like the blade of a helicopter. Then she smiled and said, "Why'd y'all bail on the beach?"

"No surf. It was totally fucking dead," Todd said.

No longer angry at them, she said, "Well. You've already got your board shorts on. Might as well join me in the water. There's beer in the cooler. Grab me one, Doofy."

Knowing they weren't likely to get a better invitation anywhere else, they stripped out of their tee shirts and kicked off their flip flops and each grabbed a cold Budweiser on the way into the pool.

"Hello, ass-wipes," Dana Lee said, annoyed. "No one brought me a beer."

"Get your own fucking beer," David teased. "Besides, you're not old enough to drink, sis. I don't want mom and dad yelling at me for corrupting you." Can't wait to see that ass when she gets out of the pool.

"Faggot," Dana Lee muttered under her breath as she swam to the edge of the pool. Six eyes were glued to her ass as they admired the wet blue bikini bottoms clinging to her skin. Fuckers are all looking at my ass. She bent from the waist to give them a clear show as she reached into the cooler and extracted her own bottle of Budweiser. She twisted the top off and took a long drink on the cold beer knowing they were now becoming absorbed in her camel toe. Eat your fucking hearts out, bitches.

She idly ran her hand over her tight abs, partly to make sure her cocoa butter hadn't been washed away, but mostly to give them something to drool over. But, touching her belly suddenly reminded her of the baby growing inside her. I guess I won't be a skinny hottie much longer. Four months from now I'll be a big, fat cow. These boys won't even look twice at me.

Feeling a bit deflated, she sat down on the edge of the pool facing them, letting her feet dangle in the water, and said, "I know you've got some weed, Doofy. Let's get baked."

David shook his head and said, "I'm out."

She looked at him skeptically and said, "You had bags of the shit just a couple of weeks ago. How could you be out already?"

"I'd probably have plenty except these three little stoner chicks I know keep sneaking into my room and pilfering from my stash."

She smiled but still had her doubts. "We didn't smoke that much."

"Ah ha," David shouted. "The three of you have been smoking my shit!"

Oops. Busted. "Okay. We smoked some of your shit. I'd pay you for it, but I blew all my savings fixing the Cobra."

"Oh, come on. You owe me, sis."

She sighed. "Okay, Doofy, what do you want? "

"You could fix me up with Alyson."

"Never going to happen. What else?"

"What about Amy?"

"That's possible," Dana Lee said. "She'll fuck anything. Maybe even you."

"Call her," David said excitedly.

"Down, boy," she said. "Keep that boner in your shorts. She's in Nashville till Saturday night."

"Fuck," he said. Then he turned to Todd and Terrance. "You should see this girl. She's only five feet tall, but she's got these perfect little tits about the size of baseballs, and she's got the best ass in Jacksonville."

"I don't know about that, player," Terrance said. "I think we've got the best ass in Jacksonville right here."

Dana Lee grinned, "Awww. Flattery will get you every fucking where."

"Everywhere?" Damn. This bitch wants to get fucked right here. She doesn't even care if David's around.

"Well," Dana Lee said. "Let's get high first and then we'll see."

"I told you, sis," David said. "We got no weed."

"You got connections. Get some."

David turned to Terrance and said, "Dude. Call your cousin."

Terrance eyed his friend dubiously, "Come on, player. You don't want that thug over here."

David waved him off, "Come on, dude. He's your cousin. I'm sure he's okay."

Terrance shook his head but climbed out of the pool to get his cell phone. David and Todd chit chatted about the coming semester while Dana Lee sipped quietly on her beer. After Terrance finished the call, he came and sat next to her and they both dangled their feet in the water. "He coming?" She asked as she casually brushed his foot with hers.

"Yeah," Terrance said feeling his cock stir with her touch. "It might be an hour or two before he gets here though."

"Fuck," she said. "I want to get high right now."

David said, "Go raid Mom's medicine cabinet."

She looked dumbly at her brother. "Huh?"

"Don't even," he said. "All three of you steal dope from your moms every weekend."

She stuck out her tongue and said, "You know we'd never get away that. Not every weekend anyway."

"Come on, sis. Just go get us four of Mom's oxy tabs," he said. "She'll never miss them."

Dana Lee sighed and sat down her beer as she stood and turned toward the house. "Alright," she said. "But if she does, I ain't taking the fall alone."

She walked to the house and knowing six eyes were glued to her ass, she gave it a little extra roll. She giggled, and as she ran up the stairs, her heart pounding a mile a minute, thinking about the sexy look she'd seen on Terrance's handsome face. Oh, he's a player, that one. A fucking player.

For the first time all day, she didn't think about the baby in her belly. All she could think about was what Terrance's cock might feel like sliding down the back of her throat.


As they sat in the grass watching the last act of the talent show, Alyson felt Christian's hand squeezing hers tight. She grinned at him, and he grinned back. They'd been casual friends for years, but now they had a special bond, and she was closer to him than she'd ever been to a boy. It all started the day before coming to Bible Camp. Ignorant of each other's secrets, they'd tried to have sex together at a cheap hotel. They were both so determined to prove to themselves that they weren't homosexuals that they'd gone down on each other, and even rubbed their sex organs together until Christian squirted cum all over her belly.

Afterwards, Christian desperately confessed that he was gay, much to Alyson's surprise. Christian wasn't effeminate or flamboyant like the gay guys she knew at Silver Lake High School. But he wasn't super manly either. He was quiet and sweet, and cried as he confessed that he was attracted to boys, though he hadn't acted on it yet. His father was a preacher at the same Evangelical church Alyson attended, so he'd been raised, like her, to believe homosexuality was a particularly nasty and unacceptable sin.

After Christian's confession, Alyson tearfully confessed that she was a lesbian. She even told him about her hasty sexual encounters with her friend Amy but she didn't tell him about her mad infatuation for Dana Lee. That was just too personal. By the end, they were laughing, crying and hugging naked on that hotel bed, happy to know they weren't alone in the world. But they were still trapped in families that would never accept them if they were gay.

Then they came up with the idea to start dating, knowing how happy that would make their parents. It would just be a cover, of course, to buy time while they tried to figure out what to do with their lives. The charade began on the first day at Bible Camp. As soon as their parents dropped them off, they ran together and kissed right there in front of their parents and everybody. Any lurking doubts were immediately extinguished. And they'd kept it up ever since, always holding hands and smooching when they knew they were being watched.

After the last act finished, the judges tabulated their scores, then Mrs. Wilton, the wife of Deacon Wilton, walked onto the stage. She waved an envelope around, grinning broadly. She said in a lilting southern drawl, "Now settle on down, children. I have the results right here, but I will not be able to read them until I have complete silence." It took a few minutes, but Mrs. Wilton had infinite patience, so she waited until the only audible sound was the lake lapping against the shore. "Thank you. And I'd like to thank all the lovely performers who were so kind as to share their God given talents with us here today. What a blessing."

Christian whispered, "You totally have a lock on the Amen Trophy."

Alyson shrugged. She didn't necessarily care if she won the Amen Trophy or not, but she was almost certain she would. After all, she'd just given the best performance of her life, and she'd won enough awards in her life to know when she'd earned one. For the last three weeks she'd spent every free moment practicing that routine. She was already thinking about what she'd do when they called her name. Maybe I'll twirl my baton while I walk down to the stage. I bet the kids would love that. Maybe give them a toss or two...

Mrs. Wilton opened the envelope, saying, "I want y'all to remember... none of today's contestants are losers. They're all winners in the eyes of Heavenly Father. But here at Florida Springs, we have a tradition of handing out three special awards, none of which are more important than any other. There is no first, second or third place. We merely hand them out in random order. Anyhoo, the first award to be given today is the Amen Cup, which goes to the camper who, in our opinion, best exemplifies what we mean when we say 'God given talent.'"

Christian whispered, "Hockey pucks. Everyone knows the Amen Cup is first prize. It's like twice as big as the other two. I hope you can fit it in your suitcase!"

But then Mrs. Wilton said, "The Amen cup goes to... Ronny Wilver!"

There were audible gasps in the audience, and Christian muttered, "What?"

But Alyson stood, clapped and shouted, "You go, Ronny!" Soon everyone joined in.

When Alyson sat down again, Christian whispered, "Hey, that trophy should be yours!"

She whispered back, "It's okay. I probably didn't have enough churchy stuff in my routine for the Amen Cup."

"But Ronny sucked!"

"Hey, give him a break. He's only eight. And I'm sure it's not easy to ride a unicycle around, dressed like Moses... while reciting Deacon Wilton's favorite psalms."

Christian giggled. "Well, you're sure to win the next one."

But Mrs. Wilton gave the Glory Cup to a skinny girl who'd played "Oh Holy Night" on her accordion. The audience clapped politely as she shyly accepted her award, but now all eyes were on Alyson. They'd expected her to win this one at least. As the girl was leaving the stage, Christian yelled, "Hey, what about Alyson?"

Mrs. Wilton scanned the audience, trying to figure out who said that. "Quiet please! Let's remember where we are, and show proper respect for our fellow campers."

Alyson squeezed Christian's hand saying, "Shhh. It's okay. She really played her accordion beautifully."

He was smoldering. "Sure... but it's an accordion! And a Christmas song? In August? I mean... so lame. I guess you'll have to settle for the Praise Cup."

Alyson smiled as if it was no big deal at all. But she had a sinking feeling that she might not even win the Praise Cup. It was impossible, and the very thought made her feel ill, but as her mother was always saying, "Nobody ever said the world was fair." I don't know why I'm getting all worked up. It's just a dumb little trophy. I've got a mantle full of 'em at home. It's no big deal. No big deal at all.

Then Mrs. Wilton said, "And now for the final award. The Praise Cup is presented each year to the act which best exemplifies the Lord's grace. The winner is... Terry and the Terrific Tumbling Crew!"

There was a hush in the audience. Christian hissed. "Jesus Christ! What the fuck?" It took a lot to make Christian take the lord's name in vain, so Alyson knew he was shocked. But she barely noticed. She felt as if she were swirling down a drain. It just wasn't possible. The Terrific Tumbling Crew were a group of younger kids she'd given informal tumbling lessons to a few days ago. In fact, she'd taught them most of the moves they'd just done on stage. They were total amateurs, and though they'd put together an amusing routine, their performance had been clumsy and awkward. And they knew it too, because none of them made a move toward the stage. Then Terry started chanting, "Alyson! Alyson! Alyson...!" Soon the rest of the Tumbling Crew, joined in, and after that, every kid in the amphitheater took up the chant. Alyson was both embarrassed and touched by this public display of affection.

Mrs. Wilton started to pray loudly, which she knew would shut everyone up right quick. "Lord, we want to thank you for the blessing of talent, which you have bestowed upon our winners here today. And we pray for your guidance, as we learn to put our talents to use in your service. A talent misspent in service of sin is a talent wasted. And please, Heavenly Father, grant all of us, and particularly the young women in your presence here today, the wisdom to recognize the difference between grace and indecency."

Alyson didn't hear anything more. She stood up and stormed into the woods, Christian hot on her heels with her computer and purse. She ran, sobbing, until she got to the little log chapel next to the brook. As soon as she was inside, she turned and hugged Christian tight, tears pouring out of her eyes. She blubbered, "Oh, god, I don't know why I care. It's stupid. Crying over a stupid camp trophy."

Christian kept hugging her as he gently laid her computer and purse on one of the wooden pews. "No. You should be pissed. You totally won that thing, and everybody knows it except that dumb dyke bitch. Oops, sorry. Nothing against dykes..."

She laughed through her tears, "No, she probably is a dyke. Hiding in plain sight, just like me. But what did she mean by that indecency remark?"

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