tagLesbian SexItalian Tasting Ch. 02

Italian Tasting Ch. 02


Celia was completely undressed from head to toe after Sophie chose to have her for dessert. She had been so turned on by Sophie, and it was more than just lust. She knew the difference between lust and passion. This was definitely a passion that reached to the core of her body. It felt as though her body was hit by lightning with all the sexual electricity coursing through her veins. Sophie had satisfied her beyond what she had ever felt before, and Celia wanted to make her feel the same intensity.

She casually took Sophie's hand and led her to the bedroom. Sophie did not hesitate for one moment...Celia could tell she was wet and ready for whatever was awaiting her in that bedroom. Celia kissed her softly and laid her on the bed. She walked away and lit some candles that surrounded the room, and the ambience immediately turned into an illuminated magical world. Sophie could feel herself relax but excited at the same time thinking about what Celia had in mind. The shadows from the candles made Celia look even more like the Aphrodite she was...extremely radiant.

As Celia turned to look at Sophie, she had that seductive look in her crystal, blue eyes again. Celia moved to the bed, pulled up Sophie's shirt, and began kissing her belly with light touches of her soft lips. Sophie could feel her heart beat faster. Celia slowly made a trail with her lips and tongue across every inch of Sophie's belly, and she could feel Sophie's breathing increasing with every kiss. While she continued with her little flutter of kisses, she ran her finger along inside the top edge of Sophie's pants and Sophie stroked her soft, dark hair.

Celia then lifted Sophie's arms and her shirt off and started kissing between her breasts and up to her chest and neck. By this time Chloe had climbed on top of Sophie, and she could feel Sophie trying to push up against her with her hips.

"Relax and enjoy, "Celia whispered into Sophie's ear. "I want to pleasure you, so you are going to have to be patient. I promise you it will be exceptional if you just relax and trust me." Every one of Sophie's senses was on edge, but she did trust Celia with everything and especially with her body.

Celia stroked Sophie's ribs, belly, and breasts with light finger touches while she teased her earlobes and kissed behind her ears....again, slowly making her way to her neck. Sophie's eyes were closed the entire time...she was enjoying this erotic massage of her senses. She could feel Celia's breath close to her lips and at that same moment she felt Celia's lips connect to her own lonely lips, and the electricity was magnificent. No, this wasn't lust...this was pure passion she felt. There was no other feeling in the world like having Celia's lips locked on hers and her tongue moving side to side in her mouth. Every ounce of Sophie's body was aching with the desire to have Celia...she didn't feel like she could get close enough to her.

Pulling away for a moment, Celia removed Sophie's bra revealing her small, but succulent breasts and used her lips, tongue, and mouth to push Sophie even farther to the edge. Sophie's body was on fire, and she could feel Celia's naked breasts and erect nipples on her stomach. The heat their two bodies possessed was like some forbidden energy that had not been discovered yet. Sophie couldn't keep her hands to herself, and she loved the way Celia's soft hair felt as she ran her fingers through it.

Celia moved her kissing down to where Sophie ached the most. Celia unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off her hips and gradually kissed and licked each hip, moving side to side while using Sophie's lower belly as a bridge for her tongue as she moved.

Finally, Celia pulled her red,lacy panties and jeans down to her thighs and continued to kiss every part that was exposed along the way. The teasing was making Sophie's pussy drip with wetness, but she couldn't help it...and she definitely didn't want her to stop. At last Celia removed Sophie's pants entirely. When she reached the bottom, she started kissing the tops of her feet, her shins, and continued upward with her lips on Sophie's skin while she massaged every muscle she could find with her warm, soft hands. Sophie started to spread her legs apart so Celia could effortlessly reach her pussy. Celia continued to lick and kiss up Sophie's thighs and slid her hands under Sophie's ass and pulled her into her. She could smell the sweet scent of sex glittering off Sophie's amazing pussy. As she slid her tongue inside, Sophie let out a loud moan. She tasted sweeter than Chloe could have ever imagined, and she used her tongue to reach every part inside Sophie's pussy. She then began to slowly lick between her lips and clit...first on the right side, then the left. Sophie's moans grew louder and her breathing was labored. Celia knew it was hard for her to lie still, but she had a firm grip on her ass with her mouth controlling everything Sophie wanted. She was reading her body language like a book with each moan Sophie produced. Finally, she took her tongue and took slow licks on her swollen clit....first up and down with the flat part of her tongue and then side to side with the tip of her tongue. At the same time she slipped her lips over Sophie's pierced clit, she slid her two middle fingers inside her and the heat inside of her had grown. Celia continued to tease her clit by sucking and flicking her piercing while pushing up and back with her fingers inside of her. Sophie's breathing and moaning was becoming so heavy now, and all of this was making Celia dripping wet as well. She wanted to please her so badly, and in a few seconds her wish was granted. Celia felt the contractions inside of her before Sophie let out a loud, sensuous moan. Celia continued a few minutes longer in order for Sophie to continue to keep climaxing, and Sophie nearly lost her breath.

After Celia stopped, she looked at Sophie, and noticed she was completely relaxed with her eyes closed. She looked incredibly beautiful and peaceful, and Celia couldn't help but feel a strange emotion overtake her for a moment. Celia was so used to just fucking women all the time with no emotions attached, so this felt very weird to her. She was definitely attracted to Sophie....damn she was gorgeous, but her personality was just so down to earth and being with her just relaxed her in every way. Celia had never truly been in love with anyone, so she was a bit confused at this moment. Was this the beginning of love or was she just being stupid? She definitely knew how to fuck a woman, but this felt like she was making love to Sophie. The moment passed as quickly as it entered her mind, but the butterflies in her stomach refused to go away. She climbed up next to Sophie, laid her head on her shoulder with her arm draped over her warm skin, and they both slept better than they had in a long time. But before she fell asleep, Celia was already thinking of how she could spend more time with this incredible woman in her bed.

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