Unpack, shower, change. After the shower lightly perfume and leave your hair loose to air dry.

Dress for this evening will be white cotton underwear, summer dress of your choice, preferably with thin straps and a low cut front. Slip on comfortable dancing shoes.

Your escort will be dressed in black leather shoes, black socks and slacks with black belt. A summer shirt of white and burgundy will be worn, short sleeved, open at the neck. No jewelry. Lightly scented with Azzarro.

Dinner is at eight. We walk at a leisurely pace to our dinning establishment. Dinner starts with a delicious Caesar salad and is followed by a light spaghetti served with the house white wine. After dinner we leisurely walk to a club that serves incredible dancing music. We dance in the summer night air until 11:00 p.m. We then stroll the boardwalk and watch the people, stars and enjoy the evening night air. At our leisure we return to our hotel for an evening nightcap in the establishments bar. For me a Drambuie and you a cafe ole.

Upon retiring to our room; we for as long as is bearable stand and look into the wonder of each others eyes. I ever so slowly run my hands through your hair. As my hands contact your warm skin the electricity begins to course through us.

My fingers lightly slide around the back of your neck at the hairline forward to under your ears then down your lovely throat to your collar bone. Trailing my fingers will be my lips kissing your brow down over your cheek to your ear. I place a warm kiss and breath of air on to the nape of your neck. I will inhale your femininity. Lovingly I kiss and nibble around to your collarbone and out over your shoulder returning to your brow to start again.

My hands, tracking down the sides of your body as my kisses travel your beautiful crown, softly outline your wonderful breasts, waist and hips. I hold you firmly by the hips and draw us together for the first mouth kiss we have shared. Glorious splendour as our mouths meet open to one another and our tongues slowly probe each others scented depths. My hands grasp your buttocks and I am surprised as your hands do likewise forcing our hips together. My hands love the cheeks of your ass through the summer dress and the slide of them against the cotton panties. I am consumed by the kiss and find myself swooning in the passion of the moment. As our kissing becomes more intimate and sharing our hands move on each others body lighting fires of excitement where they have touched.

Breaking away from the kiss, I drop to my knees. I press the side of my face into your torso as I find your feet and ankles with my hands. You stand quietly with eyes softly closed as I move my hands caressingly up your calves marvelling in their firmness. My lips find the backs of your knees as my hands move up under your billowing summer dress and I find myself tented in an aromatic paradise. Hands that are trembling continue to lead my lips up your spread thighs to the under cheeks of your buttocks. My head is swimming in the aroma of you as I lingeringly lick the tops of your legs at the panty line. Your musk has my heart hammering in my chest as I move my face directly onto your cushion of brown curly pubic hair. Turning my face sideways I rest my cheek on your pubic mound while my hands slide up into your panties to hold your ass.

Caressing your buttocks my fingers find and follow the crack separating your firm cheeks.

As my fingers touch your pubic hair my face turns once again into direct lip contact with your mound, covered only by the white cotton panties. Your aroma has become muskier. I move my hands around to lightly caress up the front of your legs until I find them at my cheeks and threading into your panties. My index fingers challenge each other as they slide knuckle up against your pubic hair. Hooking your panties they slide them down off your body to pool at your feet. My face has not moved and now is moving directly into your hairy yani, my hands again grasping your ass. I breath you in lingeringly, my nostrils directly over the apex of your yani opening.

I feel your hands on the back of my head through your dress urging me on as you tremble in expectation. My tongue at that moment slides out to make first contact with your pubic curls pushing through to your clitoris. Using my tongue I attempt to part a path through your curls to the lips of your yani and I feel you move backwards away from me. My face follows your movement for a moment and then you are gone leaving me on my knees watching as you move over to the end of the bed.

Your hands move up to the straps of your dress and slide them off your shoulders and your dress billows at your feet. I stand and follow you. My lips once again find the back of your neck as my hands circle you to cup your breasts. Your nipples pout into my palms as my fingers strum lightly over them. I lick your shoulders and spine sipping out of a bottle of wine you have reached off the dresser to keep my mouth moist. My hands follow down your front as my kisses track down your back. I stop again on my knee's face pressed into your ass. My hands are on the front top of your thighs with your hands lightly over them. You pull my hands up forcing me up to follow them as you turn around to face me. I stand quietly as you unbutton my shirt and slide it off my shoulders. My belt is deftly undone and your fingers work swiftly to unclasp my pants dropping them to the floor. My penis is pushing hard against the confines of underwear as you grasp it at its base while offering your open mouth to mine. As our tongues slide into the warmth of each others mouth you pull my underwear out and down and they slide the rest of the way down my legs.

Holding my scrotum in your hand, you firmly grasp the shaft of my penis. The pleasure is indescribable. I break the kiss and your grasp to still my hammering heart and to avoid coming into your hand.

We lay down together on the bed, our eyes expressing our emotions of the moment. Our hands lovingly caress every reachable inch of each others body. I lay you out flat on your back as I move into a crouch over you, kissing you as we move. You lay quietly knowing I must love you this way, accepting my timing this time. I straddle your waist and press into your mouth for a deep kiss. Softly I move my mouth down over your chin into the nape of your neck. My tongue trails a moist path down to your nipple on the crest of your breast. My tongue circles your nipple as my mouth lowers to consume as much breast as possible. I feel your nipple in the back of my mouth and your moan through it before I release it to move to its twin. Again I lick your nipple and suck in as much breast as possible and then release it to the air. My hands are caressing your sides and move onto your breasts as I tongue a moist trail down your torso. I linger to tongue wash your belly of the salt from our evenings dancing.

Your hands that have been quietly at your sides are on my shoulders as I move my face into your hairy yani. Slowly I lower my hands to grasp the tops of your thighs and caress your lower abdomen. I push my hands against the backs of your thighs just below your cheeks to force your legs into the air and your pelvis to tip up to my waiting tongue. No longer being able to wait I plunge my tongue directly into your yani, forcing your slippery lips apart and reaching in to taste of your depths. Only a moment and then I am out sliding my tongue into the area where your pubic hair meets your leg lapping around each side of your open yani. I feel your hands on my head as I shift you up higher to lick your ass cheeks and anus before dropping you back where my mouth is directly over your pungent opening. I broad tongue from the bottom to the top of your moist opening, pressing firmly on your clitoris. Slowly my broad tongue works back and forth over your clitoris, back and forth, back and forth before pointing once again to drive deep into your moist depths. Your legs slide down to the bed as your ankles press into the mattress to give you pelvic thrust into my face and the onslaught of my tongue, deeply probing and reaching into the walls of your clasping cunny.

My hands placed directly under your ass assist your legs, leveraged with my elbows into the bed as deep as your ankles. My tongue slides deep and forever moving inside you. Your aroma and liquids fuel me and I continue to eat your wonderful open cunny. Moving away again I trail my fingers down the inside of your thighs as my eyes look deeply into yours. I feel your hands reach out to grasp my hard and dripping cock. Our eyes are locked as I lean forward onto your chest as I feel you direct my cock to your open cunny lips now slick with moisture. As you run the head of my cock up and down your opened lips the sensation is incredible. I lift up onto my arms straddling your torso as our mouths lock in a sensuous tongue teasing kiss. Your hands leave my cock and I feel them whispering up and down my back and over my shoulders and down again to caress my ass cheeks. Your hands stop on my ass and I feel you pulling me forward into your slippery depths. As my cock head enters your threshold I feel pressure on it like nibbling and welcome the slow entry into your pulsating channel. There is hardly a breath of noise in the room as I raise from your mouth to look into your eyes as we enter each other. Completely sheathed I feel our pulses teasing one another. I am sure I will loose control at any moment yet we linger. I feel your mound pressed firmly into my groin as we begin a slow lateral grind into one another. I place butterfly kisses on your forehead, eyes, brow, cheeks lips as our pelvic grind continues to stir up a fiery liquid sloshing by our genitals.

Your low moans match mine and our concentration centers on extending this moment into eternity as our bodies insist on progressing further. I move up onto my toes hovering between your legs to see if we can stand the sensation of a slow withdrawal that once completed reverses on its own as I feel your hips lift up to meet me pushing into your hot liquid depths. All time has stopped as our rhythm of slow pumping and grinding takes on a life of its own. I am aware suddenly of your hands at my neck caressing me and awakening sensations in my body I never knew existed.

I lower my mouth to your throat and lick down to suckle your breasts.

The sensation becomes too intense when I feel your calves lock around mine and your pelvic pressure intensify. Thrusting up as I thrust down without moving my penis an inch out I feel your vagina tighten on my cock as our pace quickens and our moans and movements take on a frenzy of their own. Feeling my orgasm fast approaching I allow my weight to settle full onto your body so that I may reach around and grasp your ass in both hands to assist your pelvic rubbing into me. I shift farther up onto your torso as your calves unlock from mine. Your legs are suddenly in the air on both sides of my torso. I see your hands grasp them as you pull them back to the sides of your face. Your cunt opens further and I proceed to grind and circle my hips onto this table you have made of your arched body. The sloshing sounds gurgling out of your cunny throw me into ecstasy. I press firmly into you not knowing if I am man or woman the connection being my only awareness. Our bodies move with a life of their own as our cries of sheer ecstasy rumble up into our throats. I feel your sheath clasping with a life of its own as my cock swells to greet it with a bubbling explosion travelling up and out my trembling shaft. I am aware of my own primordial scream as we orgasm.

As I fall into bliss, I pull you over on top of me knowing it will be some time before I reach any kind of awareness. I know I want to feel your body covering me as my body ebbs and flows. I am just aware of your head nestled into my pillow and shoulder and my hands holding your buttocks as I lose consciousness.

When I awaken it is the early hours of the morning, you are asleep at my side curled into me spoon fashion. I sit up to look at you as you sleep and slide my hands into the curls of your hair at your neck. I bend over closer to breathe in your perfume that is you. I find my-self becoming aroused so I slowly back away to let you sleep. I get up thirsty for something to drink . After a glass of water from the bathroom I walk over to the window. The curtains are parted and the moon outside our window is shimmering on the waters of the bay where many sail boats bob in the shimmering waters.

As I turn back to the bed I find myself wanting to touch you in your sleep, something that has been denied me all of my life; to caress a woman into wakefulness. I quietly slide onto my side of the bed and drawing the covers around me I snuggle up to your back. My groin is pressed fully into the firm roundedness of your ass. I feel myself firming merely thinking about caressing you. My left hand wanders up your leg and around to your lovely tummie. Your arms are open leaving me access to your breasts which I eagerly and gently caress. Your breasts are so warm and soft but firm in their fullness and the nipples react to this slight manipulation by firming into my palm like sprouts rising to the sun. I hold the nipple and roll each in my hand as I move back and forth between them. You sleep on.

I caress down your lightly furred stomach and into the higher regions of your pubic hairs. You murmur in your sleep and roll onto your back opening to my caresses. I firmly palm my hand down into your abundant curly pubic hairs and start some pressure directly onto your clitoris. You seem to relax more in your sleep or sexual awakening, your body opening, legs spreading slowly.

I caress from your clitoris up your downy stomach across your breasts with the firm nipples into your throat, allowing my fingers to encircle your throat; my thumb under and caressing your left earlobe while my fingers trail your throat up to your right earlobe.

Up on my right elbow I watch as my hand caresses back down over your body and directly into your thick pubic hairs. I linger and with pressure in the tips of my fingers, open the lips of your cunt. Inside your body is slippery and warm and as you open a pungent aroma drifts up to my nostrils. I slip my fingers out and linger them in the warm valley where your leg joins your pelvis. I lift my fingers to my nose to better smell your musk. My erection firms with the sensory pleasure.

Your body stirs as though it is missing my caresses. There is so much of you I want to caress but the stirring in me is so strong I feel I will be unmanned unless I wake you right now. I again place my left hand flat onto your bulging mound and press into your opening warmth. I love the feeling of my fingers slipping into your cunt. As I push two fingers farther in you are opening to them in an oily slippery way that allows deep penetration . I watch your legs rise up to shift your pelvis and realize you are awake and fully into my caress. I lean into your neck nuzzling you under your ear, sniffing your scent tracing down your chest to your breasts and nipples my fingers swirling in your liquefying interior. I feel your interior walls clasp and release on my fingers as they swirl. My thumb is rolling over your oily clit as my fingers enjoy your tight sheath. Your right leg comes up my arm and rolls onto my shoulder allowing me deeper penetration and easy access to your rosebud where I immediately insert my little finger. Your moans are bringing me to another dripping brink as I feel your hand slide down to grasp me by my shaft. Our mouths lock in the most open sensual kiss I have ever joined.

Our bodies meld together from mouth to crotch in a vertigo of sensation. I feel that there is no beginning nor end to our mouth connection as I drift deeper into your-my-psychic our total body being becoming one. My index fingers search out your g spot as I feel myself reaching another ecstatic orgasm. There is so much liquid squirting around my fingers from your vagina it feels as though you have peed. I am coming all over our bellies as you squeeze me rhythmically with the pulsations of your cunt. I quickly unhand you; swing my body around and down flat on the bed by your left hip, long enough only for me to pull your musky wet yani onto my open mouth to lick up all left over secretions. I run my hands up and down your back over your damp ass into your wet cheeks as I feel you suckle on my sticky soft cock. In your mouth I am hardening. I crawl up your body to enjoy your face once more as I slide my cock into your slippery, hot sheath.

It is no longer a needful drive to pump away into your body. Our organs are satiated for the time and we are enjoying the intimacy of the joining. We discuss the possibility of getting up, having a shower and going out for a light brunch Quebec style. The thought of being in public with you excites me to a firmness which persists in being fulfilled. We move slowly rhythmically like waves crashing on a shore. I feel your clitoris firm up into my groin and the pressure you exert on my ass shows me you want more pelvic pressure. My head lowers to your neck and I wetly tongue suck your ear and neck. My hands are on either side of your hips holding your pelvis in position for my thrusting and your thrusting up into me. I feel your teeth sinking into the fatty area of my shoulder and a chill goes through my body.

Your nails are biting into my ass as we thrust together and encompassing my neck when you want more thrust. You are now lifting up your head to tongue suck my mouth and I feel you arched almost entirely off the bed as you pendulum on my cock. I ride your clitoris high and feel myself in a depth I have never known. Your moans and grunts audibly tell me you are reaching your own peaks. Your calves are once more entwined with mine and your pelvis is locked onto me as though driven by a force of its own. Your sheath nibbles at the top of my penis which is moving only 1/4 of an inch as we thrash into an explosive orgasm. Your cunt tightens and ripples down my cock as your moans and grunts chorus with mine. The sounds of my cock stirring your orgasmic juices as they join mine is the final thing I hear as I feel hot liquids squirt out around my shaft.

I have never fainted from sheer pleasure. I am sure I am unconscious for my body is very still. I am aware of you being near by me in this other realm. I am not conscious of seeing you, just very aware of your presence with me. I must ask me when I awake if you are conscious of being here.

Floating, floating on the streams of life itself, this is the ultimate pleasure in reaching nirvana through passion and the complete human sharing connection. You are aware you can go together.

The sound of the shower running wakes me and I allow myself to drift back into consciousness. You are showering and I am breathing in the intoxicating smell of you and our hours of passion in the room and on my body. I immediately want to preserve this smell, moment, not wash off this scent these minutes, memories. Has anyone else noticed that as a couple age the aromatic pungency of their love making becomes very heady and full bodied. I am sure each paring couples scent is different but boy if this could be bottled...

Hi, your awake!

Well, I'm more like conscious.

You did seem to disappear on me that time. I was so energetic I felt like running but a shower seems to have worked for now.

I am sure once out of the shower I'll be ready for any activity that includes you.

Well get going. I'm starving.

As I move out of the bed and cross the room I realize that I am about to wash the smells of our time together off my skin and I already miss them. You are sitting on the edge of the bed nude toweling your hair. The sun is coming in the room and for the first time I realize that it is a hot summer day.

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