tagSci-Fi & FantasyIt's a Dead Man's World Ch. 05

It's a Dead Man's World Ch. 05

byEvil Alpaca©

This is a LONG story. If you don't like long stories or stories driven by plot and characters rather than just sex, you might want to skip this one.

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Disclaimer: The following story is a work of (hopefully) erotic fiction. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of sexual activities, please stop reading now. Any resemblance between the characters (living or dead) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy or redistribute this story without the author's permission.

This story originates in the fictional city of Springfield, California several hundred years in the future. You might want to check out Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this series for background and character introduction.

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"It's a Dead Man's World" Part 5

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Eliza had never been the center of so much . . . silence . . . in her entire life. She and her father had been standing and staring at each other for almost a full minute, but it had seemed like an eternity. The surrounding crowd was acting as if they were watching competitive chess, wondering who was going to use which particular opening gambit. Eliza started to say something but the words died on her lips. Her father started to raise his hand as if to wave, but his strength failed him.

It had been over a year since they had last spoke, and those words had been angry in nature. Evlidone had been angry at his daughter for her refusal to take a more traditional and noble role in vampire society and for being disrespectful of her elders. Eliza had been angry with her father for trying to control her life and showing no regard for what she wanted to be. Then the gate between worlds had shut and both had wished for the ability to take back some of those words.

But on top of that, Eliza had endured some . . . life changes. Besides making her homosexuality public knowledge while on Earth (homosexuals tended to be shunned on her homeworld of Terra), she had been transformed by the Living Jewel known as The Alchemist's Dream into a Hybrid; a super-charged combination of human and vampire. She and her lover Veronica were the only two Hybrids in existence. In a world of vampires, trolls, succubae, lycanthropes, gargoyles, and other creatures of the night, Eliza was the one who had become a monster. She and Veronica may have looked like vampires with strange eye color, but Eliza's former species could sense their own.

Alyidana (Eliza's mother) was at a loss for what to do herself. She often felt she had remained too silent when her husband and her daughter had feuded, and past tensions were probably what were contributing to the current uncertainty. She glanced past Eliza at the woman she assumed was her daughter's . . . partner. The woman seemed almost as confused as Alyidana was. Finally, the mother in her had waited long enough.

[[ For goodness sakes! ]] she almost cried, moving past her husband and closing the gap between her and Eliza, wrapping her elegant arms around Eliza's body like pythons and squeezing the breath from her daughter.

[[ Mother, ]] Eliza said, actually on the verge of tears.

Eliza's father looked pointedly to either side, and the crowd parted even further. He summoned a local official and had a quick word with him. Then he turned back to his wife and daughter.

[[ Perhaps we could adjourn to another room? ]] he said formally.

'That's my father,' Eliza thought. 'A politician to the last.' As the local customs agent moved towards a side room generally reserved for official use, Eliza's mother finally and reluctantly let her daughter go and moved back to her husband's side, while Veronica took her girlfriend's hand.

[[ Perhaps we could have a moment alone, ]] he said, looking at the interloper.

Eliza clenched her other fist. [[ Where I go, she goes. ]]

Veronica's own knowledge of the vampire language was broken at best, but even she realized that she had just been involved in the conversation.

{{ Love, what's . . . }} Veronica started to think. She was a little disconcerted by a buzzing sound in the back of her head. 'Probably some aftereffect of dimension-hopping,' she thought.

{{ Just follow me. }} Then Eliza tried to get her thoughts calm again. {{ Please? Just back me up. I'll try and fill you in as we go. }}

Evlidone gritted teeth and fangs together. 'Why does she always have to make things so difficult?' he thought. What was worse, he could tell that Eliza and this other woman were communicating telepathically, and he thought it rude for them to be engaged in a sidebar. [[ Very well, ]] he said, forcing the words out. [[ This way, ]] he said. He led the three women into a small side room usually used for interviews with people of "suspicious origins." Evlidone had a seat at the desk in the room while his wife stood behind him. Eliza and Veronica sat on a long bench that wasn't exactly designed for comfort.

[[ You look well, ]] Eliza's father said at last.

[[ As do you. ]] As Eliza spoke, she began relating the conversation to Veronica mentally.

[[ Valar informed me of some of your . . . adventures . . . when he came through with his prisoner. You seemed to have impressed him, which is no small feat considering your prior treatment of him. ]]

Eliza cracked her knuckles. She didn't notice her mother rolling her eyes. This is how conversations always went with her father. [[ Valar and I . . . came to an understanding, ]] she said, determined not to be the first to break their fragile truce. [[ He was a valuable ally. ]]

[[ Yes. In that war you started. Trouble just seems to find you wherever you go. ]]

Veronica didn't need Eliza to communicate telepathically at that point. Eliza's mind was open to her, and it was an angry place. She had always assumed that Eliza had been exaggerating about her relationship with her father. Now, Veronica was just waiting for somebody to actually throw something.

[[ I would say that trouble found me this time, ]] Eliza replied. [[ Despite rumors to the contrary, not EVERYTHING is my fault. ]]

[[ That's not what I was . . . ]] Evlidone started. Then he took a deep breath. [[ I just meant to say that you've always managed to get mixed up in things you should probably avoid. ]] Without actually meaning to, his eyes had drifted over to Veronica, a fact NOT lost of Eliza.

[[ I was wondering how long that would take, ]] Eliza said.

[[ How long what 'would take'? ]] He put his hands together and started in a placating manner, [[ Listen, I know things have been a strain on you this last year, but everything is back under control now. You could come back home and apply for that court sorceress position. And now that you and Valar are back on speaking terms . . . ]]

[[ Stop it! ]] Eliza said, standing up quickly. [[ I don't WANT to be a court sorceress, and there is no chance in the six levels of the underworld that I would EVER accept being courted by Valar again! I am with her, ]] she added, pointing wildly at Veronica who was wishing very much that she was somewhere else.

[[ Watch your tone young lady, ]] Evlidone said, his eyes narrowing. [[ Whatever transformation you underwent has clearly altered your perceptions and . . . ]]

[[ 'Transformation'? I can't BELIEVE this! The transformation I underwent when I was dying trying to save the woman I had been IN LOVE WITH for months? I was attracted to females long before I ever stepped foot on Earth. ]]

[[ Nonsense, ]] her father said. [[ You were too young to know what you wanted! Now that you've got all this foolishness out of your system . . .]]

Alyidana's eyes shot open and she stared at her husband. 'He did NOT just say that?' she thought to herself. But the expression of anger on her daughter's face told the story. She hurried out the door, grabbing a stunned looked Veronica by the arm and dragging her along. Even before the door closed, items in the room had begun to levitate and the furniture began to shatter as the two powerful spell casters lost some control of their wills and began to scream at each other.

[[ Foolishness?!? ]] Eliza bellowed as the door closed behind her mother and girlfriend. [[ I knew exactly what I wanted, you overbearing . . . ]]

[[ Watch your tone with me young lady! ]] her father responded, crushing the wooden bench in front of him with an angry clench of his hand. [[ Even if you're determined to show me no respect . . . as usual . . . at LEAST try to maintain a semi-professional demeanor for once in your life! ]]

[[ I've BEEN professional for years! You just never approved of my profession! You never approved of the way I CHOSE to live my life, and I don't know why I was hoping for you to approve of the things I CAN'T choose! You're such a self-absorbed . . . ]]

It was Eliza's father's turn to interrupt. [[ Self-absorbed?!? How many times have I bailed you out of messes? When you got in trouble at your academies . . . many times? When you were picking fights? When Earth police picked you up when you were visiting France and HAD to go insulting that silly tower of theirs? You are so bound and determined to do everything YOUR way without ever considering the consequences! Now I find that you've been gallivanting around Earth with another female, without showing even the slightest bit of discretion! ]]

[[ I'm a homosexual, you sanctimonious . . . ]] Eliza stopped and flung her hand to one side, smashing a lamp that was twenty feet away. [[ I'm not going to hide who I am for the sake of your convenience! I LOVE that woman, ]] she shouted, pointing her finger at the door and making it creak at the hinges under the weight of her will. [[ I wanted to introduce her to you. By the Gods, I wanted your approval, even though your approval is something you've NEVER given me! I almost died for her, and the only thing you give a DAMN about is that I might have made you look bad while doing it! ]]

[[ Eliza . . . ]] Evlidone started, but his daughter had spun on her heel and headed for the door.

---------- -----------

Outside . . .

---------- -----------

The crowd that had been waiting outside attempted to look like they hadn't been eavesdropping when the two women had come out the door. Alyidana had turned to Veronica and started to say something. Then she had remembered that the other woman probably didn't speak the language, so she pointed first at her head and then at Veronica's. Veronica nodded.

{{ It's . . . nice . . . to meet you, }} she sent after establishing a telepathic link. Once the link was up, she found Veronica's mind to be very clear. She had apparently become quite adept at communicating with her mind.

{{ Likewise, I'm . . . }}

Veronica had started to respond when they heard the sounds of furniture being roughly relocated in the room behind them. Even with the door closed, there were some pretty distinct and very unflattering words coming from inside. Within a minute or so, Eliza had come storming out and made a beeline for the portal. Veronica hurried after her lover as the crowd parted to let the two women through. She noticed the looks on the onlookers' faces, ranging from pity to disgust. She was beginning to wish that she hadn't encouraged Eliza to come back here.

The guards at the top of the ramp looked nervous as they stepped aside. Eliza just plunged through the barrier and onto the other side, where people didn't seem to pay her any mind at all. They were all too busy with their own lives to pay attention to one crying woman and her lover.

As soon as they hit the night air outside Point Terminal, Veronica moved to get in front of Eliza.

"Sweetheart, what . . ."

"Get out of my way," the white-haired Hybrid said. "I think I listened to you too much already," she added, pushing her way past.

"I didn't mean . . ." Veronica started, but there was no one there to listen. Eliza quickly vanished into darkness. Veronica felt the tears welling up as she headed for her hotel. She wanted to chase after her girlfriend, but she knew Eliza was in no mood to listen. As soon as Veronica got up to her room and flopped down on the bed, she heard a knock on the door from the adjoining room. "Go away!" she said. Then she heard the door opening. "What part of 'go away' did you have a problem with?"

"It's hard to understand you when you're crying," Vicky said as she sat down on the bed and stroked her sister's hair. "I was just waiting to see how things went with your lady-friend's folks. Not well I take it?"

"I'm not sure if she's madder at me or her father." Veronica rolled over and laid her head in Vicky's lap. How many times had they consoled one another just like that after a job or relationship had gone south? "I always thought she was making it up, you know? How things were between her and her dad. But she wasn't. He was just so . . . and I almost forced her into this stupid confrontation when I should've just let well enough alone."

"You thought that things between them should've been more like us. And you were right to do it. Whatever happened was inevitable, and at least now they've gotten it out of their systems. And don't be too hard on her father. He may actually not KNOW how to deal with this."

"From the sounds of things, he's NEVER known how to deal with her. Hell, I'm still having problems figuring her out, and I've been sleeping with her for over a year. I live in her mind half the time, so how come I didn't just believe her?"

"You wanted a happy ending," Vicky crooned. "And it's never too late for happy endings."

"I just want to go to sleep and wake up when everything's better."

"So why DON'T you get some sleep?"

Veronica sighed. "Damned Hybrid physiology. I don't sleep more than a couple hours a day unless I've expended a hell of a lot of energy." She looked up at her sister. "I'm glad you're back. Sorry I had to go and have a scene on you."

"It's okay. You've always been the one to want to see the best in people, but this time it kind of bit you on the ass." Vicky stopped and kissed her sister on the forehead. "By the way, are you comin' home with us? I think Mom and Dad want to smother me with love and brownies, and I don't think I can handle that much of either on my own."

"Yeah, I guess so. I'm going to stick around for Kelik's funeral services. I owe him that. Then . . . I just hope Eliza has calmed down by then." She stifled a yawn. "You should have seen her . . . I never realized just how powerful she was until she and her father started breaking things. Her mother seemed nice enough . . ." She rested her head on her sister's leg. Talking with Vicky usually helped calm her down.



"After we visit with the folks, mind if I come stay with you for a bit?"

"I GUESS so," Veronica said with exaggerated exasperation before managing a chuckle. "I'll have to warn you though, we have some WEIRD roommates."

-------------- -----------------

The next evening . . .

-------------- -----------------

Veronica stood next to Eliza, slightly separated from the rest of the crowd of mourners at the funeral services for Ambassador Kelik. The blonde woman had found her lover sitting on the steps of the hotel the next morning, her eyes having turned an indefinable shade after crying all night. Veronica had just sat down next to her lover, but Eliza took Veronica's hand and held it. There was no blame to be allotted or apologies to be made between the two women. Eliza knew that Veronica had only meant well, and Veronica finally understood her lover's frustration.

They had gone back up to the hotel room, gotten cleaned and dressed, then headed back across to Terra with the rest of Eliza's team in tow. Both women made it a policy not to meet anyone's gaze. They had gone to a teleportation station and almost instantly arrived in the small town that Kelik had lived in his younger days. They found that Thug and Tiny were already there. The trolls had been visiting some old acquaintances before the ceremony.

Things had been tense at first, when Eliza and her father saw each other, but they sat apart, didn't speak and let the procession go on without interruption. With two trolls directly behind her, no one was about to give Eliza any trouble. Kelik's body had been put in stasis until it could be returned to his homeworld, allowing for an open viewing and a traditional Whispering. The Whispering was a vampire tradition where mourners leaned in and told a secret to the dead so that the departing spirit could take a piece of that friend, acquaintance or loved one with him or her as they crossed to the other side.

Eliza took her turn, then Veronica. Neither asked what the other had said, and neither would intrude on each other's thoughts to find out. As soon as the service was over, the two Hybrids headed down the small hill where Kelik had been laid to rest, vanishing into the darkness to their carriage. But there was someone waiting at the base of the hill. Eliza's mother had whispered early so she could intercept her daughter.

[[ No matter what, I want you to know I love you, ]] the woman said. [[ And though you don't want to hear it and probably won't believe me, so does your father. ]]

Eliza hugged her mother, trying not to avoid crying again. [[ Would it kill him to say it? ]] she asked. [[ Just once? ]] Her mother gripped her hand for a moment then kissed her on the cheek before Eliza climbed into the carriage and signaled the driver to go.

"So you'll be going to your parents then?" Eliza asked, desperate to ward off her sorrow with conversation. She had buried a friend in enemy territory, and she wanted so badly to escape to the safety of her compound on Earth.

"If you like, I could . . ."

"No, go," Eliza said. "I'll be okay. I just need to see what the gang wants to do now that we don't have to save the world for a while."

Veronica stared for a moment, then kissed her girlfriend slowly and softly. "In case you had any questions as to whether or not I loved you," she said with an emphasis on "I." "By the way, Vicky wants to come stay with us for a while afterwards. I told her that'd be alright, since I didn't think we'd be taking any jobs anytime soon."

"That's fine, as long as you trust me around another lesbian that looks JUST like you," Eliza joked feebly.

"Don't EVEN go there," Veronica said. "Always check the eyes before sex," she said, pulling down on the skin just below her eyes. "And stay away from Terillia! If you start having any 'needs,' fall asleep between one and three o'clock in the morning."

"See you in my dreams?" Eliza asked.

"You can count on it."

--------------- -------------------

A few nights later . . .

--------------- -------------------

Eliza was pissed off at her mental error. She had planned on a dream meeting with her lover the previous night, but had completely forgotten the difference in time zones. She knew Veronica would never let her live that down. She felt a little foolish, having dressed for sex that would only happen in her head. Ever since the two women had established their mental link over a year earlier, their minds had gotten closer to the point where they shared very . . . explicit . . . dreams. This connection had allowed Eliza to help rescue Veronica from her kidnappers, though at a terrible price to her own health. But even while unconscious and recovering, the two women had managed to provide comfort for each other.

So while dressed in a tiny thong, a silk bra and with a faint waft of perfume floating around her bedroom, she lay underneath her covers and tried to get some shuteye.

"I just hope you're online," she said to the ceiling before closing her eyes.

---------------- --------------------------------

Somewhere in the dreamscape . . .

---------------- --------------------------------

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