tagBDSMIt's a Small World

It's a Small World


The restaurant was dimly lit, candles on the tables and sconces on the walls lending atmosphere. It wasn't a fancy place, but one she enjoyed on a night out. As much as she loved her child, an adult night out was called for every now and then. When her friends said it was her turn to pick a place for dinner she'd chosen a restaurant with atmosphere and no kids.

Now she sat, sipping white wine and enjoying the pleasant conversation and company of friends. It had been a long week. She finally felt the muscles in her neck beginning to relax, the tension slowly slipping away. One friend said something that made her laugh right out loud ...

He couldn't prevent His head from snapping up, His eyes from quickly scanning the room. That laugh. He knew her laugh. His gaze moved in the direction of her voice as she began to speak, sharing some piece of her week with her friends. His eyes feel upon her.

Tonight she wore a black cocktail dress that left her shoulders bare, revealing snow white skin that He suddenly ached to run His fingers over. Her curls brushed her shoulders and shimmered in the light as she laughed. He watched her cross her legs, the skirt of the dress riding up her thighs, and He caught a glimpse of the lace tops of her thigh-high stockings before she brushed her hand over the skirt. His chest tightened as He recalled how His hands felt sliding up along that lace. He could see her blue eyes sparkling in the candlelight as she lifted her wine glass to her darkened lips and sipped slowly. She was seated at the table so that His table was directly to her left, though several empty tables separated them....

Suddenly she felt as if someone was watching her, that gnawing feeling that you're the focus of someone's attention. As she listened to her friend, she slowly glanced around the restaurant. The glass she was lifting stopped halfway to her lips.

He knew the moment she saw Him. Her hand visibly shook and her eyes widened. Her cheeks flushed. He smiled and she simply stared.

He turned back to the conversation at His table as she continued to stare. She thought she might have stopped breathing. Her heart was suddenly racing. One of her friends asked if she was okay. She stammered a quick "yes."

She'd always known it was possible that they'd end up in the same place and the same time. They were, after all, from the same town. But the intensity of seeing Him here, now, when they were both with others, was almost more than she could take. She felt the rush of love for Him, the burning need, the power He had over her.

She had to get some air. She excused herself for a moment, saying she needed to go get her cell phone from the car in case the babysitter called. Standing on trembling legs she moved to the front of the restaurant and stepped out into the night air. Moving around the corner of the building, away from the windows, she leaned back against the bricks and closed her eyes, focusing on her breathing.

"Hello pet," He said quietly as He stepped close to her. Her eyes flew open and she bit back a startled squeal. She simply stared up at Him, unable to find words. He smiled. "Small world it seems."

"Yes Sir," she whispered breathlessly. She couldn't stifle the sigh as His hand brushed her hair back from her cheek.

"You know we both need to get back inside, but I had to follow when I saw you come out here," He said. "I'm making a call," He laughed.

She finally smiled, some of the shock wearing off. "i can't believe this," she laughed. She brushed a hand over His chest, along the lapel of His suit. "You look so handsome, as always Sir."

He couldn't resist running a hand over her breast, down her side and around to her ass, squeezing. "You look amazing tonight pet. I only wish I could take advantage of it," He growled, close to her ear. He felt her shudder and almost lost all sense of reason. "But we need to head back inside. You go first, and I'll follow in a bit."

He leaned in and pressed a kiss to her forehead, then her right eye, followed by her left. She felt her heart swell and the tears well up. She loved this moment, knew she'd feel those kisses for the rest of the night. "i love You," she sighed.

"And I love you pet," He said. And as she turned to go back inside He said "Pet, remember ... We are more than this ... but at the core ... we are this ... Master and His girl." Their hands slipped away from each other and she walked back in ....

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