tagNonHumanIt's a Were World Ch. 01

It's a Were World Ch. 01


This story is a foray into a hybrid of two categories I really enjoy reading and writing. I'd love to hear feedback on it! Its a fairly open ended storyline and I have some ideas already, but feel free to comment with your own.

Please do not repost or redistribute the story in any form. And do remember to vote and leave feedback.


He stared down in curiosity at the large fur paw that seemed to be attached to his arm. Even more curious was the long furry arm attached to the paw. He tried shaking his head free of this strange vision, but only discovered that his vision was partially blocked by a wet, black nub that resembled a nose. Cautiously, he pushed himself up from the awkward curled stage that he found himself in. Laughing to himself at the silliness of his dream, he realized that his body stayed planted on four feet.

"What the hell," he thought out loud, only to hear a strange growl emerge from his throat. He tried shaking his head again, but with no better results than before. Instead, only a few twigs and other woodsy items dropped to the green grass beneath him.

Weird, he thought again. Weird, weird dream. Need to stop drinking so much caffeine before I go to bed.

Looking around, he spotted his house in front of him, the familiar scents of home drawing him closer. Awkwardly he paced towards the large white structure, the navy door, and azalea's his mother loved so much. His stomach growled hungrily, as he tried to conceptualize what his psychology professor would say about this dream.

It got even weirder when his mother and younger sister stepped out the back door, worried looks on their faces. Seeing him, both of their faces brightened.

"C'mere boy, c'mere Lucas," his mother whistled, watching him as he wandered closer and closer. His little sister Athena whistled repeatedly, and he found himself drawn inexorably towards the sound. Really fucking weird, he thought. The two familiar faces continued their little heckling calls, and if it weren't for the instinctive feeling to obey, he would have been insulted.

"That's my Lucas," she whispered as she knelt and scratched his head. This would be seriously insulting to any other twenty year old college student, but this dream made it seem natural. The gentle but firm brush of her fingers behind his ears put a shiver down his spine. Lucas thought for a moment that the sensation might be better than sex. "Let's go inside, shall we?"

He simply panted his happy reply, as long as her fingers remained behind his ears. When she rose to move into the house he let out a pained whimper. Please, he begged.

"C'mon. I'll scratch you more later. We need to get you inside before the neighbors see us playing with a big doggy," his mother answered his plaintive cry.

He would have thrown a fit if he were the full grown young man he normally was. But it was a dream, and he was curious what else it had in store for him.

The moment he passed over the threshold of the sliding glass door, a wave a familiar scents, sounds, and experiences assaulted him. His nose jerked this way and that, tracking cleaning products, perfume, sweat, dust, cooking, and so much more. His mind reeled as it tried to track all of the dozens of smells that filled the area. His sister and mother just laughed behind him as he put his nose to the floor and raced around the kitchen and dining nook.

Everything had a smell- half of them he could identify, and half of them he could discern made up larger more complex scents that was more familiar with. The smell of home was a bizarre combination of chemical, air, and lifestyle. It had him dizzy with interest.

He wouldn't stop until his sister grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and pulled him away from the gap beneath the fridge.

"C'mon. You can investigate later," she said as he gave him a big tug on his hair. He responsively whirled, his large jaw snapping at a hand that quickly evaded his bite. "Bad brother, very bad brother." She swatted him across the nose and his eyes watered from the hit. He snapped again, but his mother had him by an ear and was pulling it painfully.

"Even if you are one, we won't behave like animals in this house. You got me?"

He tried to tell her he would obey but all he could manage was a sad sounding bark.

"Let's not have to do that again, huh Lucas?"

He nodded his head as best as possible.

"What are we going to do with him," Athena asked.

"Same thing we did with you when you hit this stage. Try and talk him through it and teach him to control the change."

Lucas watched like some nonparticipant figure, not knowing his relevance or his reality. This was a very amusing dream indeed.

Athena squatted down beside him, her short skirt riding up her creamy smooth thighs and from his vantage point he could see the tight cut of her black thong. She swatted him when she saw him looking that direction.

"Bad boy. No looking at sissy's panties." Lucas let out a playful yelp. "Focus on me brother. Listen very carefully to what Mom and I say."

His mother also knelt beside him, her bare knees folding into the hardwood kitchen floors beneath her.

"Lucas, our family isn't like other families. In fact, its not like other humans. We're lycanthropes."

He just stared up at her puzzled by the word. It sounded vaguely familiar, but didn't set off any alarm bells. He wondered if it was a disease.


"Werewolves. Lucas, your sister, myself, and you are all werewolves." Lucas promised himself to have a hardy laugh when he woke. This dream was the most hilarious thing ever. His eyes started to wander again, this time down to his mother's crotch where a smell was emanating. He sniffed quickly, and the full blast of the scent washed up his nostrils into his brain and his groin.

Immediately his cock started to harden, and the young man was painfully aware that his attractive mother was aroused. The scent of her sex was addictive- pheromones produced by the part animal part human genetics were especially powerful. And an unprepared Lucas was caught up in it. He yelped and whined and squirmed uncomfortably as his penis continued to lengthen. More and more of the scent of desire filled his brain. His eyes began to blur and tinge with red as his heart raced.

Finally Lucas could take no more and thrust his long narrow snout down towards the leg opening of her shorts. His long tongue lashed out and tasted the salty brew of her skin and he let out another sorrowful yell as it failed to reach its goal. He pushed harder, his whole body hunching forward, knocking her to the floor.

"Lucas, no! Lucas, no!"

Athena was grabbing at his collar, trying to drag him away, but he was desperate for a taste. The smell was addictive. His mother had him by the ears once more, and it wasn't until the sharp pain broke his obsession that he managed to move back from her tasty center.

The two women practically had him pinned to the kitchen floor, his sister on his back, and his mother's arms wrapped around his thick furry neck.

His cries were full of disappointment and of loneliness. Something urgent within him had been broken.

"Shit," his mother muttered. "Shit."

"Stupid boys," his sister added helpfully, her voice directed towards him. "What do we do now?"

"There's no way he is going to focus now. You see that thing he's got poking out?"

Lucas twisted his head in her hands and noticed for the first time the long, strange, red obelisk that extended painfully from between his hind legs.

All he could think about was his mother's sex, about clawing his way atop her and pummeling his new weapon home. The thought filled his mind like a catchy rhythm and there was no way the freshly changed wolf could control it.

Unconsciously his hips were thrusting against the air, in a desperate expression of lust.

"Marcus is here in an hour and a half. We can't have him running around changed. If he realizes that Lucas has matured, he'll be run off."

"So who has to do it," Athena asked. "Me or you?"

"Its common for litter siblings to...."

"I thought you would say that," Athena muttered unhappily. "C'mon boy, sister will take care of you."

Lucas' mind managed to register some sort of agreed intent between the two and his attentions shifted to his sister's crotch once more. This time she did not bother to swat his head away.

"Not here. Upstairs in your room," she commanded. She grabbed him by the nape of his neck and slowly stood and began to pull him up the many steps to the second floor of their home.

Lucas made things more difficult than he would have otherwise, but he couldn't help but sniffing and licking at the backs of her bare knees and calves. Her taste was divine and he desperately wanted more. He kept tripping her as he tried to get his head between her thighs on their way up. Behind them, his sharp hearing caught the sound of his mother's snicker.

For the time being, Lucas had forgotten that this was a dream. It was just too interesting and arousing an idea to accept that it might not be real. He had long recognized how hot his sister was and had, on more than one occasion fulfilled a fantasy into his bed linens with her body ingrained in his thoughts. But now, here he was in the shape of a wolf, being hauled into his familiar room with some lurid and bestial idea in his mind.

Athena plopped on the floor, her legs crossing Indian style. This left her panties fully exposed at the tip of a diamond of flesh and Lucas lunged forward at the opportunity. This time he did not find anyone fighting against him.

His long flexible tongue darted up and down her smooth thighs; devouring whatever tastes and flavors her body saw fit to produce. Her clutching fingers relaxed on his haunches and he felt her begin to softly pet him as his tongue danced over her.

"Go ahead, you little horn dog," she whispered, her voice beginning to drop in register as his tongue lashing flipped a switch within her. He could smell her sex beginning to moisten, could feel the subtle shift in her temperature as he lapped up her taste.

The wetter she became, the more her pheromones lured him in. Like some familiar perfume, he found his nose drawn inexorably towards her center. When it first lashed out over the tight lacy strip of cloth, he felt her hand freeze on his back. Slowly her ankles parted and she slipped down into a laying position as he licked over and over again.

"Maybe, ah, you're good for something, ah, brother," Athena gasped. One of her hands was holding his head down to her snatch, ensuring that he would finish what he had started. Her other hand drifted lower on his broad back and grabbed a fistful of hair. It pulled.

Lucas yelped in surprise- he was not expecting punishment for what he was doing.

"This way brother, this way," Athena coaxed as she draw his hindquarters towards her. With his head still locked firmly against her dripping sex she lured his cock into reach. Satisfied with her positioning, her hand loosed its hold on his fur and dropped beneath his belly.

The first brush of her hand against the long red shaft sent an involuntary shudder through him. When her fingers wrapped around his girth, his hips began an incontrollable hammer fall. Over and over they pounded forward into the soft grip of her palm. He was practically growling into her pussy as he thrust repeatedly through her fingers.

Athena, fearing her brother would lose some focus with the attention he was receiving, slipped two fingers into the crotch of her panties and pulled them aside. The first lash of his thick muscled tongue on her sex sent her over the edge. The cleanly shaven lips of her pussy were already amazingly sensitive and it did not take much to reduce her to a quivering mass.

Lucas buried himself in her sex, his tongue licking and lapping its way as deep as it could into her channel. A flood of flavors, thoughts, desires, and needs filled him and he could not get enough. He was hungry, starving even, for more of her sex. His feral eyes studied their prey, the swollen pink folds parted before his onslaught. Another growl sounded deep within him.

His sister's hand was tightening on his cock, stroking him more rapidly as her own climax rose and ebbed. Her little cries of release filled his ears along with her scents and flavors. He felt as if he were drowning amidst the flood of release she exuded.

The young wolf could feel his own orgasm beginning to build in his crotch. His testes twitched and pulsated as his tongue flicked deeper within her.

Suddenly, it was upon him.

With a startled yelp, he reared up from her, his paws clawing at the air as her hand continued to urgently stroke him off. He collapsed in a pile on his side, thick jets of his spunk squirting onto the floor and his sister's thighs. She let out a groan that would have made a whore blush, and he writhed beneath her unrelenting touch. For what seemed like an eternity his cock would erupt with his fluids, releasing years of pent up desire.

Finally, when all was finished, her sticky fingers slipped from his shaft. White ropes of cum draped them like some molten spiderweb.

"Stay brother. Stay here and rest. I'll be back in a while."

He heard her step from his room and close the door behind him. In the far off distance water began to run. Lucas realized he wasn't dreaming, just as he began to fade into a new sleep.

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