tagNonHumanIt's a Were World Ch. 06

It's a Were World Ch. 06


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The next morning followed a similar pathway to the night before. When Sarah woke to her alarm going off in the morning, she only had moments to clear her eyes before Lucas' wet snout was pushed firmly between her thighs and her voice was moaning its praises. She couldn't believe how talented the dog was. It seemed to have a very good understanding of her anatomy and seemed very intent on listening to the little motions and sounds that indicated her passion level.

Sarah was arched off the covers, panting heavily, with her hands full of the thick fur of her adopted pet, when she heard a gentle rap on the door.

"Sarah?" Another rap followed. "Sarah, you'll be late for school," came the voice as the door handle turned .

Panicking the young woman flipped off the bed, leaving the large dog beneath the covers his tongue suddenly abandoned. Sarah's mom entered the room at the sound of the crash and saw her daughter climbing off the floor and the dog sitting happily atop her pillows, his tongue lolling from his mouth.

"What on earth," she muttered. Sarah's face was flushed and sweating, her hair a mess.

"Sorry, Mom. Turned off the alarm and the dog jumped on the bed when you knocked and I fell!"

Sarah grabbed a pair of jeans and t-shirt and darted past her mother to the bathroom without further explanation.

Sandra stared suspiciously at the dog and around the room. She had never seen her daughter so flustered and seeming so eager to provide an excuse. A pair of panties dangling from the bed sheets told her that maybe something else had been going on. And there was definitely a distinct scent of sex in the air. And all the while, that strange dog just stared at her, a Cheshire cat grin on his canine features. Something was definitely up.

Lucas stayed mostly beneath the covers, not wanting to give away the heavy erection hanging beneath him, but he was more than willing to stare happily at the press of Sandra's breasts against the thin encasement of an over-sized t-shirt that was apparently her pajamas. His sharp eyes also told him that her panties were probably in absentia. The young werewolf found his mouth watering at the thought.

Sarah's mother entered the room and picked the panties off the bed, all the while maintaining eye contact with the large dog. She quickly lifted them to her face, and gave them a quick sniff. Although a little scent of her daughter's sexual excitement remained, it was the obvious presence of cum that startled her. It only took her a moment to clue in to why the dog looked so happily at her. With a snarl she wheeled from the room.

Lucas waited on the bed until Sarah returned, now fully dressed for the day. She had been surprisingly quick getting dressed and finishing her hair. The few times he had come over to drive the eighteen year old to high school had resulted in long waits. But her mom startling her had obviously led to a bit of a fast forward.

Just before she ran out the door she grabbed him by his two long ears and planted a kiss on his nose. "See you tonight, lover," she giggled before she raced down the stairs and out the door. Lucas felt his cock throb beneath the sheets at the thought of being trapped alone with Sandra all day.

Once the door slammed downstairs, Lucas' sharp ears picked up on the sound of Sandra's feet tapping down the stairs after her and to the garage. A few moments later, the woman reappeared in the doorway to Sarah's room, a rope in tow. Lucas got a very bad feeling about that rope.

The woman knelt on the floor carefully and tugged her t-shirt lower on her thighs and whistled gently for him, attempting to get him off the bed. Lucas understood that he probably had little choice in the matter unless he really wanted to get himself in trouble. Gingerly, he slipped from beneath the covers and dropped to the floor. He could feel his erection swinging painfully beneath him.

He heard Sandra hiss angrily at the sight of the massive red shaft.

"I don't know what on earth she was up to, but it is not happening again," Sandra angrily whispered. Lucas realized she must have a decent grasp of what occurred and knew that it bode ill for him.

Once he was within range of her, she slipped the rope around his neck and began to work on tying it into a secure not. The action forced her up on her knees, causing his head to be pushed into her chest and her thighs to be bared. Lucas felt the urge to get a taste as his human mind related to his animal mind the deliciousness of those appendages and what lay between them just out of sight.

"You are not going to pervert my daughter. We're going to take you down to the pound right now and get your balls cut off and leave you up for adoption or to be put down. If she asks, I'll just tell her you ran away when I let you out to pee."

Sandra's voice was filled with venom and Lucas knew she wouldn't settle for less. As he felt the rope cinch into place around his neck he knew he had to come up with something. But what! While his mind raced for answers or solutions to his problem, Sandra hauled him down to her bedroom and tied the long rope to one of the posts on her bed. Obviously quite satisfied with herself she flipped her t-shirt over her head and gave him a little curtsy as she entered the master bath.

For twenty minutes Lucas whimpered to himself as he failed to discover any immediate solutions to his problems. Sandra's happy humming filled his mind from where she stood in the shower. Slowly, his horniness won out over his need to find an answer and he carefully padded to the open bathroom door.

For several minutes, he watched as his teenage girlfriend's mother bathed herself. It was very much a sight to be hold. As he had already been privy to, she was in fantastic shape and her maturity had added a little size and weight to her ass and tits. Which did nothing to dissuade his erection from becoming even more painfully hard. God, he needed to fuck something, he growled.

Sandra turned off the shower and quickly rang her hair a few times to eliminate any excess water. Satisfied, she stepped naked and pink from the shower enclosure and bound a towel in her hair. In the relaxation of her daily ritual she had forgotten about the unpleasantness with the dog. With her first step back into the bathroom, it came crashing back into her literally.

Lucas had moved quickly to his original position by the bedroom door when he saw Sandra drawing to a close her shower. When she stepped naked into the room he was distracted for a moment. But not long enough to miss her feet falling into two large rope loops formed by his travels in the bedroom. A sudden flash of inspiration from an old Bugs Bunny cartoon sent him springing away and down the hall way, no clue if his little comical trap would work.

When he heard a loud crash in the other room, he knew that it at least partially had. The sight of Sandra sprawled naked across the floor, rubbing a bump on the top of her head in a daze told him that he did. Lucas sprung back to her, his mouth picking up a tangle of loose rope as he went. In a few short feet most of the extra strands were hanging from his jaws and Sandra was still no closer to understanding her predicament.

With a completely un-canine intelligence, Lucas dropped several more loops around her feet and then inserted his large body between her calves and heels and darted away once more. By now Sandra's head had cleared and she found her feet securely bound with the only way out being by way of a large snarling dog who seemed all to aware of what she had told him earlier.

The young wolf felt an upwelling of anger at his mistreatment and the intentions of his girlfriend's mother. He let out snarl after snarl and slowly closed the space between he and she.

Sandra curled into a ball, pulling her legs tight up against her chest. She had never been so scared or surprised.

Sandra's fearful withdrawal clued Lucas in on two more things. One, her feet were firmly bound to his neck and her movement had pulled tight the rope around him and that she was naked. Her bare ass was partially visible and the deep shadowed V of her thighs meeting only brought to mind his earlier thoughts. Once more he gathered the rope in his teeth and yanked.

Lucas' muscular body yanked Sarah's mother away from the wall. She shrieked as the wolf yanked her closer and closer. Her own fingers dug into the rope and she attempted to tug back, but because of her awkward binding her legs were useless and she was no match for the furry ball of muscle.

Once Sandra was in the center of the open space at the foot of her bed, Lucas closed in. Sandra only had a brief second to attempt to scoot away, but a snap of Lucas' jaws froze her in place. Lucas roughly pushed his head beneath her feet and flipped her unceremoniously up on her back, her legs suddenly up in the air.

Sandra was very caught off guard by the maneuver. It was far too intelligent for a simple dog. But she was even more startled by the next action.

As he had done with her daughter, Lucas buried his nose straight in her bare snatch. The sudden shock of the cold wet canine snout caused Sandra to yelp, but the follow up lick caused her to squeal. Once more she tried to shift away from the dog, but with her legs up in the air and bound to his neck, she could only move inches and his long tongue never lost contact.

Sandra was revolted watching the large head of the dog eagerly digging its tongue into her crotch. She felt more certain than ever that this dog needed to be put down. But what her mind refused to admit was that her body was experiencing the exact opposite.

It had been a long time since the older woman had received anything other than manual attention. She a good variety of plastic lovers in the nightstand beside her bed, but the deft skill of the long penetrating oral appendage was on a whole different level.

The warm spittle from his jaws was lubricating the tongue's entrance into her snatch, allowing it to dig deeply into her. Sarah had only experienced a portion of its size and dexterity, but the positioning of her mother allowed Lucas much better access to her cunt and his tongue was now easily four or five inches within her. His jaws were partially open, his top teeth crazing over a small trimmed patch of hair and his lower teeth a gentle reminder on her backside that he was in charge.

"No! No! Bad dog! Bad dog," Sandra screamed as the perverse creature sloppily delved its tongue deeper into her channel. She swatted at the top of his head angrily but a guttural growl and a bit of pressure from his jaws quickly ceased the hits. "Get away from me you nasty fucker! Get! Get!"

Lucas almost wanted to laugh as he listened her voice grow hoarse with the vain attempts to dislodge him. He was firmly in control and was going to have his fill at least. Deeper and deeper he drove his tongue, until his jaws ached from the distance they were opened.

Sandra had fallen silent now, whimpering to herself in some surrender to her own helplessness in the situation. She received a momentary flash of hope when his long tongue beat a hasty withdrawal from her quivering cunt, but was only rewarded with flashes from her clit as the rough muscle repeated slathered over it. She became uncompromisingly aware of just how wet she was, and just how much her body was turned on.

"Noooo," she groaned, as Lucas slathered her erect nub with attention. Over and over the tongue beat across her sensitive outer lips and pleasure centers. She could feel herself on the brink of orgasm, extraordinarily close to experiencing one with a warm bodied partner for the first time since her husband had left her so many years ago.

The young man and the amazing sensitivity his new body possessed correctly read and processed how close she was. Which was exactly why the tongue abandoned its post above her clit and suddenly chose to lather the sensitive inner skin of her thighs.

When Sandra squeaked in shocked surprise, Lucas knew he was on the right path. The skin of her thighs was soon bathed in the glistening mess of his saliva as his tongue moved higher and then lower once more. By prolonging her experience, he hoped to force her to have the same sexual surrender that her daughter had only hours before. But he needed a more complete and total victory than what Sarah had offered.

His tongue traveled lower and he felt Sandra relax once more to the floor. But he only honored the leaking lips of her pussy with a few licks before his tongue moved lower to the soft flesh of her ass. There his tongue went to work once more darting from one cheek to another until he felt Sandra attempt to raise her legs higher over his head. If it was subconscious or intentional, it did not matter. The fit stretch of her lower back and thighs raised her trim buttocks from the floor and allowed his tongue to slip between them. There it found the tight pucker of her asshole and there it got the strongest response from Sarah's mother.

"Oh fuck," he heard her whisper in surprised disbelief as his tongue rimmed the outer edge of the muscular ring. Sandra had never had this done to her before and the alternating strokes between the edges of her hole and the sensitive expanse of skin between her pussy and it.

Sandra found herself squirming on the tongue, the last of her inhibitions slipping away as the focused bathing of her backside kept her lingering on the cusp of an explosive orgasm. Again and again she found herself praying for some sort of release, some sort of ending to the humiliation, but with little luck. The dog seemed intent to let her die in the agonizing rapture of her lust.

But Lucas' last trick was hanging beneath him and he was about ready to spring it. The last twenty minutes of vigorous oral attention had simply prepped the attractive mother for what was coming.

With her legs still above his tensed shoulders, Lucas pushed his head forward between her creamy thighs until it was firmly caught. Then he rolled to his right, with a forceful lunge. Sandra had been trying to catch her breath when the large dog had finally moved away from her cunt and asshole. The move caught her off guard and she struggled to move away from him, shifting her weight from her side, to her knees. With her hands still free she pushed herself partially off the floor.

Lucas had expected some sort of escape instinct to take over the moment he gave her body a break from the thorough tongue lashing it had been undergoing. When his instinct proved correct and she tried to lurch to her feet, ass high in the air, he pounced.

The heavily muscled body of the young shapeshifter forced Sandra onto her knees as his strong forelegs wrapped tightly beneath her rib cage and his rear legs waddled forward.

Sandra's eyes went wide when she felt the brush of the large cock against the back of her thighs.

"No, no, no," she screamed uselessly as she tried to scramble once more from beneath the dog. But her feet were still bound together and her thin body could do little to counter the weight of the large wolf.

The werewolf used the grip of its paws around her waist to help position his hindquarters. He began to pant eagerly, his tongue flipping droplets of sex scented saliva across Sandra's back. Almost there, he thought to himself happily.

When he felt his cock began to center between the soft rounding of her thighs, his bestial instinct took over and the rapid fire thrust of his hips speared the long saber like cock at her derrière. Sandra squealed senselessly as she felt the raging thrust of the hard on miss its mark and nearly find its way into her asshole.

But neither had long to wait. At the rate of Lucas' hard, randomized thrusting, he was bound to find his mark. And the fully flowered lips of her soaking cunt proved the perfect destination.

For the first time since Lucas experienced his transformation, he experienced the insane lust of mating as an animal. Never before had he experienced a more base and primal need fulfilled.

With a throaty howl, Lucas scrambled farther forward, his hips never stopping their rampant thrusting. Sandra found herself speared on a long burning piece of wolf flesh and her mouth went wide as her cunt exploded with pleasure.

She had been filled with lust before, bordering on accepting and even encouraging her animal lover, but once he was inside her, she could do nothing more than scream her approval and push back on his invading member. No man, no toy, no finger had ever so completely fucked her and Lucas' eagerness unlocked the more primal side that often idles just beneath the surface in all humanity.

"Fuck me you evil bastard," she shouted. "Oh fuck me, uhhh, fuuhhhck meeee!"

Lucas barely registered the words pouring from his new mate's mouth. All he could think of was the tight grip of her pussy around his long shaft. The sewing machine like pace of his hips and hindquarters made sure that he was only momentarily without its pulsing encasement.

Sandra's breasts hung low beneath her, swinging freely back and forth to the rhythm of her partner's energetic fucking. Her pussy felt like it was being penetrated by a steel rod, and she loved it. Her body rejoiced in the sudden remembrance of this type of activity and long pent up hungers flooded her mind and pleasure centers. Even the hard tips of Lucas' nails clinging to her thighs did not dissuade her. The pain of their scratches jumbled in her mind with the extreme pleasure of her sex with Lucas.

The room filled with the scents and sounds of urgent, animalistic rutting. Sandra had finally reached her peak, early when Lucas had taken her. Now, she was unable to come down, his eager penetration of her dripping cunt keeping her orgasmic experience going.

But Lucas himself was nearing his own peak, but his subconscious canine instinct told him he hadn't quite completed what he needed to. The lycanthrope tightened its legs grip on her waist and scooted its rear feet even closer until his back was painfully arched.

Sandra was not aware of the large knot that had swelled at the base of his cock, so lost was she. But with each bump against the glistening folds of her entrance, Lucas became more and more convinced that it needed to be inside of her. With several more successful lunges, the baseball sized structure forced its way in.

Sarah's mother nearly passed out at the sudden filling of her cunt and at the near impossibility of her body's accommodation of it.

"Ah, ah, ah," she gasped as she tried to squirm away from its intrusion. To her chagrin, she found herself tied to Lucas.

The sensation of her squirming and pulling on his cock and knot sent Lucas over the edge and soon both partners felt the torrent of his cum filling her pussy in a misguided attempt to fertilize her womb. Exhausted Sandra's head collapsed to the floor. The surface felt so much cooler then the fire burning in her body that it refreshed her.

Every little movement still sent pulses of pleasure up her spine and she intentionally allowed herself periodic twists of her hips just to ensure that they continued to come. As she lay beneath her newfound lover, she knew that was not going to part easily with him. Not to mention that her initial reaction to his presence in her daughter's bedroom seemed very hypocritical. Especially because she wanted him in hers.

Lucas had managed to save himself from one problem, he knew. He had turned Sandra into his bitch both literally and figuratively. He just wasn't sure where to go from here. He was no closer to finding his mother or sister and he had a strong suspicion that getting a break from the two women would be difficult if their desires for him proved to be repetitive.

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